tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDomination Island Ch. 01

Domination Island Ch. 01


The heat of the sun beat down hard on his back as he lay washed up on the sand. He was close to exhaustion.

At first he didn't know if he'd died. Then he managed to raise himself to his elbows and look up and decided he had and he'd arrived in heaven.

The beach was a mile long. White sand, palm trees and green sea. The storm had come from nowhere and the hull of his small yacht had splinted like matchsticks. The rocks hadn't been charted and there was no buoy. He'd taken on water quickly and only survived by clinging to some wood.

Through the shimmering of the sun's glaze he saw a shape in the distance coming towards him, running over the dunes. It must have been an apparition. It was a creature of beauty and he thanked whoever his maker was for bringing him here. She was a black goddess, with long black hair tied in a ponytail and an Amazonian figure to die for. She ran easily and gracefully, gaining speed as she neared him.

`Hi,' he called weakly, his voice full of gratitude for his safe deliverance.

The glaring sunlight impaired his vision but he could just make out eight or so other large females also running in his direction not far behind the brunette. They were mostly dressed in skirts and their mammoth breasts all looked in danger of spilling out from their constraints. They were yelling and whooping and it looked as though they were racing each other.

`He's mine,' the brunette gleefully shouted, nearing him.

`Thank God,' he gasped, happy to be alive.

Just then a redhead raced to catch up with the brunette and they were neck and neck, both hell-bent on reaching him first. They sprinted frantically, each trying to outpace the other. They both reached him at virtually the same time and each made a grab for him. The brunette's strong hand grasped him a spilt second before the other's.

`I got him first, Serena!' the redhead cried, making to haul him to his feet.

`No way, Lavina!' Serena retorted, pulling him in an attempt to prise him away from her rival. `I saw him first and I got him first.'

`He's mine,' Lavina insisted.

Just then the other females arrived, panting.

`This one's mine,' Serena persisted, turning to the others for confirmation. `You saw me get him first.'

While the two women pulled him in both directions he helplessly staggered towards whichever Amazon was dragging him towards herself. He went back and forth, barely able to stand. Then his legs crumpled and he half-fell, only held from completely falling by the two women holding onto an arm each. Although dazed and dehydrated, he began to feel consternation at the thought of two women fighting over him.

Another black beauty stepped forward.

`I'll back you if I can I use him, Serena?' Janine negotiated.

`Okay,' Serena agreed.

The other women grouped round chatting, drawn to the interesting standoff.

`Can I use him every day?' Janine bargained.

Serena considered the question thoughtfully, then: `Three times a week.'

`Hey, this isn't fair,' Lavina protested.

`Five,' Janine continued bartering.

`Three,' Serena said, pulling him against her and trying to push the persistent Lavina away.

`Four,' Janine said.

The scorching midday sun burned into him and he was close to passing out.

`Three,' Serena replied.

`Four,' Janine persevered.

`Bitch!' Serena laughed. `Okay, four it is.'

Janine grinned, slapping her friend's back then helped Serena to lever the protesting and angered Lavina away from her vice-like grip on their catch.

`He's ours,' snapped Janine to the scowling Lavina.

`Mine,' corrected Serena.

`I won him fair and square and you cheated,' Lavina angrily hissed. `You better look after him well,' she threatened. `Don't let him out of your sight.'

As Serena and Janine manhandled him across the baking sand he noticed the other women disbanding disappointedly. He wondered that all these women had been fighting to have him as their own.

Now the two biggest had won him. And from the sounds of things they were going to have sex with him. Christ, he hadn't had a good shaft for months. This could really turn out to be Paradise.

`Look at that mouth,' Serena chuckled mischievously, running her finger around his lips.

`Yehhh,' Janine sighed, longingly. `And he's got such a cute ass. My, I haven't had one for so long.'

Then he lost consciousness and the two tall, strong negresses carried him effortlessly across the hill, and through a grove of sprouting mango trees, towards the other side of town.

He must have slept a long time because when he came to it was dark and there was light coming from under the crack in the door. He could make out some stars through the louvered windows. But there was a problem. He couldn't move.

The sound of two women chatting drifted in from next door, and their laughter sounded almost mocking. He could make out what they were saying but it didn't make sense. The words were wrong coming from women, it sounded like the type of things men would talk about, like what they were going to do to a woman. He listened for quite a while becoming even more confused. Then the door burst open and when the light came on he was temporarily blinded.

`Our little fun machine's awake,' Serena excitedly announced.

`An' he's gaggin' for it,' Janine laughingly suggested.

They were both grinning wildly but there was something very wrong and if his hands were free he would've rubbed his eyes to clear the awful image which befell him. Maybe he hadn't woken up and was really still asleep.

He now discovered he was shackled naked in some kind of stocks. He was bent over horizontally, with his head and wrists immobilised. He was compelled to stare at them, not quite believing what his eyes were telling him. This was an absolute nightmare. Fear gripped his every pore.

`Just look at that mouth,' Serena enthused. `That little iddy-biddy ting was just made for fuckin'.'

Both beauties were wearing skirts but the material of each female garment had lifted up in the front exposing the biggest hard-ons he'd ever seen. Their testicles hung like sacks of dual walnuts. They were women but they had huge cocks, at least fourteen inches in length. And their swollen penis-heads, like purple helmets, were pointing directly at him!

Serena moved towards him, thrusting her penis aggressively at his mouth. He turned his head as much as he could and clamped his teeth.

`Get that thing away from me,' he managed to utter through gritted teeth.

`Come on, Honey,' Serena hissed. `Open ya mouth for yer new mistress.'

He smelled the acrid excitement from her prodding penis-head as it pressed into his face assertively. Jesus H! How did he come to find himself in this situation with freaks who wanted to use him for sex?

`Open I said!' Serena barked impatiently, strongly holding his head and forcing his lips against her penis. It was so big he couldn't imagine its size could even fit into his mouth.

Janine was behind him now and had roughly parted his vulnerable buttocks with her hands. Then he felt something like a ramrod being pressed hard to his anus and he became very frightened indeed. Then he felt excruciating pain like a red-hot poker as the rock-hard object rammed into his backside and there was nothing he could do to contain his scream. Just at the moment his mouth opened Serena took the opportunity to push the head of her giant penis into his mouth, forcing it wider. She couldn't quite get it in at first but by thrusting forcefully managed to shove it in. Now his mouth was filled with just the head of her cock and could only breathe through his nose. There wasn't a thing in the world he could do to stop them.

`That's a real tight fit, Honey,' Serena breathed. `An' you're making me one horny girl.'

His mouth bulged grotesquely with the intruding shemale's swollen organ filling it. She roughly pulled the back of his head, frustratedly urging her cockhead to go in further.

`He's got do tightest ass I ever shafted,' Janine gleefully exclaimed, pumping him from behind.

He was in a daze now, unable to fully comprehend what they were doing to him. He was being fucked at both ends. Nothing like this had ever happened to him before.

Janine had managed to invade his backside with at least half of her penis and was gamefully trying to pump it in deeper. Her face was a mask of determined enjoyment, opening and closing her eyes in blissful pleasure. They fondled each other's massive beasts, the nipples hardened like cork-stops.

`Dis is the tightest mouth I ever had,' Serena complained, trying to ram her member in deeper to go down his throat. The noise of his nostrils panting in terror and his utter discomfort only excited the girls even more. Cruelly and deliberately, Serena pinched his nose between her manicured fingertips. The gasping, wheezing noise stopped.

`Don't breathe,' she ordered, even knowing it was an unnecessary command.

She continued to thrust aggressively but his throat was an obstacle to her salacious desires. She desperately wanted to ram it deeper but it became stuck at the u-bend. Just then all the movement of his futile struggles and of his complete discomfort got to her and her whole body shook with an explosive orgasm. Jets of warm creamlike cum spurted down his smothering throat. Jet after jet of her spunk cascaded into his body, descending his gullet.

`Jackuzza!' she exclaimed in delight. `Take this ya' fucking bitch!'

The intermittent jettisoned sperm continued to stream down his throat for what seemed like any eternity. Before it had completely finished hosing his throat Janine's body jerked and she exploded in her own climax, squirting copious amounts of her hot body fluid inside his invaded anal passage.

Both panting shemales savoured the ebbing moments of their salacious enjoyment, their curvaceous bodies wriggling to extract any remaining pleasurable sensations from their sex slave. His face was becoming crimson from lack of air and just as he thought he was going to pass out Serena unclasped his nose. The sound of his desperate nostrils snorting in air made her grin.

`Ya mouth was made fer fuckin', Honey,' she told him.

`It's nice to cum togedder,' Janine joked, wriggling to extract her prick from his ass.

`What's da time?' Serena asked.

`Seven-thirty,' Janine replied, wiping any remaining cum residue from her declining hardon onto his buttocks.

`Make the supper, Jan,' Serena said, leaving her diminishing erection firmly in place in his mouth. `I'm goanna fuck `is throat agan' an' sex makes me hungry.'

The sound of Janine's laughter rang in his ears as she exited, leaving Serena to survey her `catch'.

`It won't be long, Honey,' the black Amazon smilingly informed him. `Then we can start your throat-stretching exercises.'

The smell of her spunk permeated up from within him. His auto-reaction to vomit was hampered by her cock-head blocking his breathing passage.

`Dis is da first time ya tasted cock, I can tell,' she chuckled. `An' ya my first virgin for a long, long time. Ya have no idea how much I'm gonna enjoy dis.'

Wriggling her broad hips, she manoeuvred her penis further into his mouth. Although it wasn't fully erect it was still enormous, but had reduced enough to allow her to feed it bit by bit down his protesting throat. Then by shoving it and holding his nostrils to force him to swallow it she finally had him positioned exactly as she wanted. Her entire ten inches of semi- erect member was now blocking his whole throat, with his nose pressed up hard against her underbelly. She had impaled him right up to the roots of her cock.

Muffled groans of pleadings came from somewhere inside him and he tried with all his strength to move but to no avail. All this did was to make her chuckle.

`Ya makin' me horny, ya liddle cunt,' she laughed. `Yeh, ya my liddle cunt.' She shifted herself to make herself more comfortable and felt round his face. `We'll grow ya a beard so's it feels more like a cunt.' This made her laugh out louder.

A part of him knew what was coming and he was filled with dread. Soon the inevitable would happen and she'd get a full erection. And when that happened he didn't dare to imagine what it would be like. Then it wasn't long before he felt her bulbous cock beginning to inflate. Now he was frightened more than any other time in his entire life.

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