tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDomination Island Ch. 02

Domination Island Ch. 02


The warm night air was lightened by a gentle breeze drifting in from the ocean. The sky was clear and a multitude of stars pinpricked the blackness.

The town was crowded that evening, bustling with shemales enjoying themselves shopping, dining or relaxing. The noise of music drifting through opened windows filled the hot night air. It was a one street town, with shops, restaurants and bars on either side of the baked earth road. It was lit by several kerosene street lamps and the light was supplemented by the glows from the local businesses. Those shemales lucky enough to have slaves proudly paraded them on leads. It was good kudos to own a slave, who were both female and male and in short supply.

`Evening, Lavina,' Sandra said, trailing her slave on a dog leash secured round his neck by a studded collar.

Lavina stopped in her tracks while heading towards an alleyway between a dress shop and a bistro.

`Hi, Darling,' Lavina replied sweetly. `What a lovely outfit. Is it new?'

`Do you like it? I got it this morning.' Sandra smirked. `I saw what happened on the beach this afternoon. What a shame.'

`Yes, wasn't it,' Lavina said, controlling her anger at the other's snidiness. `I was cheated, but these things happen.'

`You'll have to run faster next time.' Sandra was still smirking. `Are you going to the prison?'

`As it happens, yes,' Lavina coolly replied. She looked down enviously at the slave resting quietly and obediently on his knees behind his mistress.

`I hear an escapee was caught yesterday so there's two there now.' Sandra said, noting Lavina's gaze, pleased at her friend's covetousness towards her own slave ownership.

`Really?' Lavina said, a fixed smile on her face.

`So you shouldn't have to wait too long.' Sandra informed her. `Probably only an hour.'

`An hour!' Lavina exclaimed.

`I saw Brenda earlier and she said there's a rush on,' Sandra giggled. `She had to queue for over an hour. There must be something in the water.'

`I don't suppose I could.' Lavina started. `I mean you wouldn't let me borrow yours.'

`Kiss!' Sandra hissed down to her slave.

Subserviently, he kissed both of her voluminous buttocks. She looked smugly down her nose at Lavina.

`No way,' Sandra replied. `Sorry. Anyway, must go. I'm having dinner with Josie and Mary. Bye and good luck.'

Sandra tugged the lead and her slave obediently stood and followed his mistress at a respectful distance.

`See you, Darling,' Lavina called after her, then: `You fucking bitch!' she added under her breath, before strutting off down the alleyway.

The prison was a large wooden building just on the outskirts of town. It was run by the island's two shemale police officers, Captain Aisha, an Afro-Caribbean, and her Sergeant Kiomi, a Latino. The prison comprised of full living accommodation at the back for the two officers, with four cells and an office at the front. The police officers were relaxing in their office as Lavina entered.

`You'll have to wait,' Sergeant Kiomi said. `In there.'

To Lavina's consternation there were four other shemales sitting in the waiting room. Overhead, the propeller-type ceiling fan whirred, cooling the night air. She picked up a magazine and sifted through the pages. The sounds of muffled cries came from the cells area and the shemales tried to ignore the noises of distress. It would only stimulate them further and interfere with their patience while waiting.

The rules of the island were quite clear and any escapee knew exactly what the consequences would be if they were caught. The sentence was one week in the cells, which meant any shemale could use them for a half-hourly session. The owner of the slave would be allowed one session per day with the slave at any time. It was usually chosen by the mistresses to be in the morning before the other shemales hired them. That way they could have a good shag before the slaves filled up too much with spunk. There was a lot of demand for an escapee, such was the shortage of slaves.

It was twenty minutes before two shemales came in from the cells with those satisfied smiles and tired-round-the-eyes look one gets after a good session of sex. Lavina watched the two shemales next-in-turn hurry into the cells, leaving her and the other two waiting for their turns.

When the moanings from behind the door started and Lavina became very randy indeed. She noticed the other two skirts in the waiting room were also lifting from their expectations. She was going to give one of the little fuckers such a `seeing to' he wouldn't know what hit him. She dreamily imagined coming inside his mouth so much he would be drowning in her sperm. She'd like that. She'd like it very much indeed.

`Ya makin' me excited, ya liddle cunt-slave,' Serena chuckled down at him.

She stood before him, wiggling her hips, legs apart, her giant member invading his ensnared mouth, forcing it wide open. Its length encroached deep into his stricken throat, causing it to bulge outwards grotesquely.

`Welcome to ya new way of life, Honey,' she told him. `Dis is how it's gonna be from now on.'

Her balls had recovered from the previous onslaught and had fully replenished themselves ready for the next onslaught. Her erection was rapidly inflating now.

`Some folks like ta have their cocks in other folk's mouths,' she chuckled, `and some folks have their mouths full o' cock. It's da way of da world.'

He looked devastated, his eyes bloodshot and protruding from the discomfort of her vast intrusion. Not only was it extremely uncomfortable and difficult to breathe just through his nose, but the humiliation was completely demoralising him.

Her expanded penis had become rock hard now, compressing painfully against the walls of his throat. His gullet felt like it was being stretched beyond all limits. Then she smilingly began to slowly fuck his throat.

With quickening breath, she grabbed the back of his head for extra thrust and began to pump his throat harder, her cock shafting its captured prey with gay abandon. Her swollen testicles banged contemptuously against his chin at each powerful thrust. Gurgling sounds emitted from within him while she salaciously fucked him faster and faster. The walls of his throat tightly encompassed her plunging penis, causing her considerable pleasurable sensations to reach her very nerve-endings.

There wasn't a thing in the world which could stop her doing this to him, while she used him for her selfish gratification. Her sexual drive increased the more she pumped and her breath quickened to such a degree she was panting loudly. She must have continued to shaft him for fifteen minutes, lost in her own world of licentious debauchery. She held back for as long as she could, fighting the increasingly overwhelming urge to come.

`Ohhh!' she cried in ecstatic glee. `Ohh, my fuckin' Jesus!'

Suddenly she threw her head back just as she exploded. Voluminous streams of spunk jettisoned like a fireman's hose from her weapon, spurting copious hot liquid down inside him. Spurt after spurt hosed his insides, her cock-head caught momentarily in his windpipe, expanding at each squirting gush. The spunk acted like a lubricant, intensifying her enjoyment exquisitely. Then greedily striving to extract the most enjoyment from his predicament, she continued to shaft his throat until her testicles ran dry. Behind her, her ponytail bobbed wildly around.

Gurgling noises emitted from him as his body tried to cope with the influx of some much gooey liquid. If he were able he would have choked but the momentum of his difficulty caused his eyes to bulge like cork stops.

`Dat's more like it!' she told him, patting his head in appreciation. `Dat's a good cunt-slave.' She started preening her hair just as Janine came in.

`Supper's ready,' she proudly announced.

`Give me a hand, Sweetie,' Serena said, unlocking one end of the pivoting board on the stocks. She raised it to release his wrists, careful not to move from her dominating stance of having his mouth impaled on her cock. Janine handed her friend a leather- strapped device which had been hanging on the wall.

He was still dazed and shocked from the bombardment, hoping at least he would now be released from this abuse.

`No, ya gonna stay wid me, Honey,' Serena told him as he vainly tried to extract himself.

He was weak, exhausted and devastated and could do nothing to stop them doing whatever they wanted with him.

Both shemales knew exactly what to do next, they'd done it before. They held him firmly whilst Serena secured the strapped-device round his head then buckled it round her waist tightly. His head was now fixed in position to her body, her now partially flaccid penis wedged firmly down his throat.

Janine took a couple of leather wrist restraints from the wall and buckled them round Serena's thighs and strapped his wrists into them. Then Janine unlocked his ankles from the stocks, grabbed them, and the girls shuffled with their victim out into the dining room. They sat Serena in a carver chair at one end of the oak table, while Janine plonked herself down at the other.

Janine busied herself with serving from the steaming dishes while Serena poured from a jug of local brew into two tall glasses. She passed her friend's glass as far down the table as she could but was hampered from being able to make too much movement.

He knelt helpless under the table, his face wedged hard up to Serena's crutch. His nostrils were oozing come and as this was the only means of him being able to breathe, his breathing was laboured and his face was reddening.

`Don't do dat, Honey,' Serena chided him. `Or you'll make me horny again.'

Carefully, she wiped his nose with a serviette and took a long drink before tucking into the meal.

`Dis'll flush you out,' she said to him, pausing as if to concentrate on something. Janine knew from her look what was going to happen and finished her mouthful before laughing.

Serena closed her eyes as if the action would give her so much enjoyment she had to give her whole attention to it. Then she released her bladder, pissing down his throat. He didn't need to swallow, so deep down his throat was her cock. She urinated for what seemed ages, eventually watching his horrified eyes with great amusement. She ended by wiggling her hips as if to give it a shake.

`Dis is fine food, Sweetie,' she told her friend, before replenishing her glass. She raised it. `Here's to a good sex life.'

`A good sex life,' chorused Janine.

Then they both laughed for a very long time, the sound of their mocking merriment ringing in his ears.

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