tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDomination Island Ch. 03

Domination Island Ch. 03


At last the shemale came out from the cells. She had a great big smug smirk on her face. Lavina had been as patient as she could be, but now she was so randy beads of pre-come moistened her swollen cock-head.

The shemale had gone over her time but it wasn't worth complaining. Most of them did. It was one of the drawbacks of using an escapee.

'Have fun?' Lavina asked sarcastically.

The shemale glanced at Lavina impatiently hurrying to the door, and gave her the one finger before heading out of the door and into the humid night.

Three more shemales had come in since and the one next in line after Lavina looked up from her women's magazine.

`Don't let him get away like the one on the beach did today,' she called, chuckling.

The other two shemales smirked. Word had got round the island quickly.

Lavina hurried into the cell area, her mighty erection pushing her skirt up before her like a beacon. The Asian night warder was behind her desk just outside the cells. She lazily looked up from her book, pointed towards a cell door, then flipped over a sand-timer. Lavina noticed a pair of feet behind the panel of the back of the desk as if someone was kneeling under the desk. Lavina couldn't make out what was going on as the front panel obscured her view. Then the warder dropped her book, clutching at something, and moaned as if in deep orgasm. Scrambling sounds came from beneath the desk and the feet banged desperately at the panel. The sounds continued as Lavina closed the cell door after her.

The slave lay on the stone, hay-strewn floor, curled up and wheezing. His wide-opened mouth dribbling spunk and poppy-eyed expression indicated severe trauma.

`Fucking bitch!' Lavina exclaimed. `She's filled you up to the brim.'

Angrily, she dragged him across the floor to the toilet in the corner, holding the back of his head to point his face down into the bowl. `Sick it up,' she commanded.

By way of assistance she poked a finger into the dazed man's throat and made him retch. White sperm-filled vomit projected into the toilet. She continued this process with him bringing up creamy vomit for a few moments. When she was satisfied he'd brought up as much as he could she sat on the toilet and pulled his head between her muscled thighs.

`Suck it,' she ordered, guiding his mouth to her huge dripping cock-head.

Her eyes closed in bliss as soon as she felt his mouth opening to its extreme and curling round her cock-head. Then she couldn't control the inevitable explosion of ejaculation and grabbed the back of his head to shove her penis further into his captivated mouth. She squirted and squirted her thick come into the slave who began to choke from the voluminous amount. Lavina held him tightly while he struggled to escape this tortuous hosing.

She'd been so horny and had come so quickly and so forcefully her spunk dribbled from his nose like snot. Finally when the ebbs of the orgasm receded she pushed him off and dragged him to the fucking-table and strapped him down. One strap across his chest immobilised his top half and another across his legs stopped him being able to kick. His dazed face looked up to the dirty tiled ceiling.

`You let some of my come escape, didn't you?' she said accusingly, straddling the low narrow table, facing his feet, and squatting over his face.

He was so clogged up with her come in his throat all he could do was gurgle as he tried to get rid of it.

`Didn't you?' she said again, lowering herself so her bulbous bottom was close to his terrified face.

He knew what was going to happen, have experienced it so many times before. That was why he was so frightened. He instinctively tried to turn away but was forced to look straight upwards by her holding tightly onto both his ears. Her voluminous muscled buttocks stared down at him ominously. He was finally able to clear the creamy sticky fluid from his throat.

`P. p. p. l. e. a. s. e.' he managed to whine.

She grinned down at his petrified expression and slowly sat down on his face, submerging it beneath her soft and firm flesh. Her large scrotum dangled over his chin and spread across his throat.

Immediately his air supply was stifled and he began to struggle. She sat there on his face enjoying the domination she was subjecting him to and the power of being able to control his breathing.

`Kiss my ass!' she told him, rising slightly, but deliberately keeping her bottom out of his range making it impossible for him to be able to comply. His tortuous gaspings amused her.

`Right,' she said, plonking herself back down on his helpless face. `Now you're really in for it.'

She remained suffocating him until his lungs were fit to burst then allowed him to inhale, again raising her posterior out of range of his mouth. `I thought I told you to kiss my ass,' she hissed.

He desperately tried to reach her buttocks with his mouth, was more than willing to do so. But this was a game several shemales enjoyed playing.

She sat back down on his face, comfortably reposing, pleased while he suffered oxygen deprivation because of her superior position. The more he smothered the more excited she became. After a while her erection was again fully swollen and her testicles had more than replenished themselves.

`You disobeyed me,' she told him. `Now I'm going to fuck some sense into you.'

As she got off his reddened face he choked and gasped at the release of her weight. She stood behind his head, her enormous cock poised and ready. But before he had a chance to properly recover she impatiently twisted his head back on itself and plunged her rock-hard penis into his mouth.

`You little fucker,' she cried, pushing her prick deeper into his ensnared mouth.

Her throbbing love muscle filled his mouth and throat with its mightiness, overpowering him. Eagerly, she shafted his throat while he choked on her plunging organ. Her eyes shone with glee as she noticed the shape and progression of her cock bulging on the outside of his throat.

Beneath her, the helpless captive could do nothing but suffer this oral raping by his shemale domininatrix. He could barely breathe through his nose, his nostrils giving out faint snortings at each of her strong thrusts. It wasn't long before the familiar itching stirred in her loins and she cruelly and deliberately aimed her cock-head into position and clamped his nostrils with her manicured fingers. All air had now been cut off for him and just a few more thrusts with her wide hips and the vinegar-stroke was upon her.

`Oohhhhhhhhhhh. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. ` she went at the moment of ejaculation, whilst letting go of his nose at the same time.

The result was just as she had anticipated. While copious amounts of thick creamy sperm jettisoned down his throat, his epiglottis opened and her spunk burst into his lungs. She came and came, her semen spurting powerfully down his trachea. As he tried to choke, but stifled by her member, more of her ejaculation gushed into his lungs.

The orgasm seemed to last for ages. At each jettison Lavina clutched handfuls of his flesh, digging in deep with her long, varnished nails.

His reddened face had now become crimson, his widened eyes rolling, with her rapidly emptying scrotum resting on his forehead.

After a while she went: `Mhhh,' blissfully sighing, and slowly withdrew her sticky cock out from his gurgling mouth, wiping it across his gagging face.

He struggled and writhed in his constraints, desperately trying to rid his lungs of the suffocating fluid. She stood watching amused at his predicament. She found it both entertaining and stimulating.

She was what was known as a good repeater. It wouldn't be long before she was ready again. There was enough time to give him another one or two fucks before leaving and he'd be close to really drowning. She'd like to see the expression of the face of the sarcastic cow who was waiting after her.

Then she'd go and meet the girls for supper. She'd have a good appetite after finishing here. Sex always made her hungry.

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