tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDomination Island Ch. 05

Domination Island Ch. 05


The man who belonged to Serena woke with a start. It was dark and very warm and he was covered in sweat. Another nightmare, another recurring hellhole.

These dreams were all the same. Beautiful women running at him and he was unable to move. And they all had enormous penises, rock hard and dripping with gleeful excitation, poking at him, prodding him, filling every orifice of his body.

It had been nearly two months since his capture and he was surprised it hadn't got any easier to accept all the abuse and humiliation. He'd expected to become accustomed to what they did to him and all the horrible things they made him do. But it was still as disgusting as it always was.

He'd been stuck in a time-warp and most of the time he couldn't think properly and his emotions were always in a turmoil. It had gotten so bad he'd virtually forgotten his real name he'd been called his designated name of Fuckface so many times. They laughed whenever they called him that. Then invariably they'd do to him precisely what his name suggested. Sometimes his nightmares were interspersed with other types of dreams. Dreams of escape.

Wistfully, he looked through the bars of the small glassless window at the stars. The shining crescent moon was a few hours from disappearing. He shuffled in his chains across to the other side of the large cupboard, ducking to avoid the low ceiling and pissed in the bucket for a long time.

Serena had used him as a urinal a lot last night before fucking his throat a few times. He still couldn't get used to the smell of spunk whenever he burped. He hadn't eaten a proper meal since being on the island. He had found out the hard way the shemales didn't like to give their slaves food or anything else to drink but spunk and their piss. Serena had long since told him he'd get all the nourishment he needed from her cock. `It's your meal injector,' she'd said laughing, `and it's your drinks dispenser.' Then she'd given him a throat fucking with such ferocity he'd nearly passed out.

The only other peer contact he'd had so far was with another male slave he'd managed to whisper to in town a few weeks back. They'd been tethered to a horse-rail outside a beauty parlour and he'd discovered quite a few things before they were overheard by their Dommes and silenced. There were three main reasons why the shemales fed them like that. One of the reasons was to keep them weak enough to easily dominate. Another was for economical purposes, and the final reason was that it was sexually convenient. So to all intents and purposes he and all the other slaves were being kept alive by the high protein content of their captors' spunk.

He also learned that day why his voice could no longer be raised above the level of whisper. It was because of the constant pounding their throats and their vocal cords took.

`Fuckface!' Serena's voice called from the other side of the door. Then there came the sound of bolts being drawn back, and bright light stung his eyes as the cupboard door opened.

`Yes, Mistress,' he hoarsely replied, meekly.

`I need you now,' she demanded, unlocking his chains and dragging him out.

She wore a white negligee, with her semi-hard penis dangling between her strong, brown thighs.

`I can't sleep,' she explained, hauling him into her bedroom.

The time on her bedside clock said four-thirteen am. She threw off the negligee and slumped face-down onto her bed. He knew what to do, had done it countless times before. Once he hadn't done it precisely how she liked it so by way of punishment had secured his head to the dressing table stool and sat on his face and suffocated him for the best part of the entire evening. He always got it right after that.

He remained kneeling and began kissing her feet, sucking each manicured and purple-varnished toe. Small moans emanated from the Amazon shemale's throat as his mouth slowly and carefully worked it's obedient way up her legs to her chocolate-coloured muscled thighs.

`Kiss my ass,' she groaned throatily.

It was an unnecessary command for he was programmed to do this anyway, but she thoroughly enjoyed giving him the order. Her vast pronounced buttocks jutted up further when she pushed a pillow beneath her to enable easier access for him to worship her bottom. His lips skilfully caressed across each expanse of voluptuous ebony buttock, dutifully starting at the soft underneath and working up and across. Then he kissed inside her crease bringing gasps of pleasure from his dominating mistress.

`Lick,' she hoarsely commanded, her hands parting her cheeks to allow his tongue to seductively rim her sensitive anal muscle before it penetrated into her expectant passage. She turned on her side because of the discomfort of her erection pushing into the bed. She allowed him to continue the analingus for a while until she could contain herself no longer and turned onto her back, her enormous dark brown cock as hard as he'd ever seen. It rose straight upwards like a mast, impatiently awaiting its inevitable attentions.

`You know what I like,' she wheezed, grabbing the back of his hair and guiding his face to her scrotum.

Meekly, he kissed her ball's sack, her genitals swollen like small lemons, smelling the strength of her hormones.

`Open wide,' she moaned.

Then she pushed her testicles into his mouth, cramming them in so his mouth was completely filled and cheeks bulged. She smirked down at his sorrowful eyes, gleefully watching as he sucked them. Sadistically, she nipped his nose so all means of breathing had gone and clamped his head with her thighs, revelling in his slow asphyxiation. As if it wasn't possible her stiff penis increased in size, a small glisten of pre-come moistened its bulbous head.

She continued this torment for several minutes until her excitations became too overpowering and she let him go.

`Worship your Goddess, you cock-sucking little fucker' she told him.

He looked at her gigantic member with trepidation, swallowing hard. There was still fear in his eyes even after all this time and all he'd been through.

She grinned at his reaction, enjoying what she was making him do all the more.

`Adore it,' she demanded. `That's what you're here for.'

`Your cock is the most beautiful cock in the world,' he whispered, kissing it from its base all the way up its shaft and around its thick girth very slowly.

It was after several minutes of worshipping that he stretched his mouth to its fullest extent to enable him to work the grotesquely bulbous head into his oral orifice. Then he began sucking like she'd taught him as if his life depended on it.

Her eyes were dreamily watching him, her hands massaging her massive breasts, the nipples like bullets. While he sucked as hard as he could she grabbed him by the ears, thrusting her wide hips to savour the moment of her first ejaculation. He knew she was coming by the momentary increase in size of her cock's head. The ensuing explosion of spunk came so violently the force took him by surprise. It was like being sprayed by a hose inside his mouth and the steaming come hit the back of his throat in huge spurts of warmth. She ejaculated over and over, squirming in determination to get as much sperm into his mouth as she could extract from her testicles.

Then when she had finished her orgasm she smilingly clamped his wheezing nostrils to make his sucking motion clean off the residue sperm from her cock's eyehole.

`Dat's a good cock slave,' she praised, sighing in satisfaction, ramming her penis right down his throat as she turned on her side. `Ya knows, Honey, there's some folks in dis world dat likes dere cocks being sucked an' dere's dem dat does da sucking. An' you're my cock sucker.'

He lay beside her lower body, his throat crammed with her pulsating cock while she reached for the bedside light. `An' don't you dare move,' she said, switching it off.

Within five minutes she was peacefully snoring while he lay there listening to his stomach trying to rectify the massive influx of protein.

Outside, he thought he heard rustling as though someone was moving about in the garden. He could have sworn he heard murmurings of two people talking very quietly.

To him being in the same position was uncomfortable after a while. Although he'd been made to be like this on several occasions it was still difficult to get accustomed to having a huge prick filling your mouth and throat and being unable to move in the slightest. The discomfort proved to be too much and he moved slightly as if testing her reaction. She continued sleeping as if nothing had happened.

With his face wedged against her crutch the body warmth was making him sweat. There was a welcoming breeze drifting in from her opened window which cooled him slightly. He moved some more and as there was no reaction from her he plucked up enough courage to move his head back to extract some of her lengthy penis from deep down his throat.

Still no reaction. She was in such a deep sleep it seemed as though nothing would disturb her. He was finding only being able to breathe through his nose quite difficult so he inched backwards as carefully as he dared. It was several minutes later that he'd managed to withdraw all of her member from his throat so that just her cock-head was still in his mouth.

Just as he was inching the large bulging weapon out of his mouth she snorted and moved. He froze, the cock-head half in and half out of his mouth. What made the moment worse was there was a rising feeling of wanting to belch and if he did she'd surely awaken, find what he was doing and punish him.

Thankfully she returned to snoring and he was able to suppress the urge to burp. It was then finally possible for him to remove the huge penis-head from his mouth and he very slowly inched himself off the bed.

The flimsy floral curtains gently fluttered in the breeze and he thought he saw the fleeting shape of someone passing by. A sudden urge of freedom overcame him and he fearfully glanced back at the sleeping form of the giantess shemale.

He knew the risk he was taking. If he was caught it would mean a life of being orally and anally fucked not only by Serena but by every shemale on the island without a slave. He'd once had the misfortune to pass by the prison and heard the cries of begging and anguish by the captives. But now there was just a glimmer of a chance of escape and any chance, however faint, was worth taking to get away from this life of sex-slavery.

With heaving heart, he stuck one leg out of the window and as carefully as he could he pulled himself through by the frame until he was standing outside in the dark beneath the starlit sky.

This was the first time he'd been outside all by himself since he'd been on the island. The feeling of freedom shook him strongly by the roots and it took all his will power to not just start to run. He could easily make a noise and then the game would be well and truly over.

Cautiously, he tiptoed through the darkness of the garden, where there were flower beds on one side and a vegetable patch on the other. Serena also liked trees and the garden had many varieties, mostly of fruit. If he headed for the other side of the island he'd make it before it got light and he could hide and construct some kind of raft.

He'd just passed a banana tree when a shadowy shape came from behind the thick trunk of an old apple tree.

`Stop,' a female voice whispered.

He froze, recognising the voice. Just then vicelike hands gripped his shoulders.

`Got him,' another quiet female voice behind him said.

His heart sank like a stone. He was caught red-handed and now he'd surely end up in that Hades of a prison.

Lavina came up to him close, four inches taller and grinning down at him.

`Let's go,' she quietly rasped, holding his collar-lead and pulling.

`Pleassssse!' he whined. `Don't hand me in.'

`Don't worry, I'm not going to,' Lavina smirked.

When they were far enough away from the house the two shemales couldn't contain themselves any longer.

`Got you now,' Lavina said to him pushing him to the ground.

`Please don't hurt me,' he cried, looking at the huge bulge in her tight stretch-trousers.

`He's cute,' Michaella noted. Her dress was lifting up at the front by her own erection. She was a friend of Lavina's that he'd seen in town.

`I told you we'd get him if we were patient,' Lavina said, unzipping her slacks. She popped out her cock which was just as big as Serena's. It stood out defiantly aggressive pointing directly at him.

`On your knees,' Lavina barked, tossing her red hair into the breeze.

He could try and run but it would be of no use. He was weak and they were strong and much faster. There was nothing he could do.

Obediently he knelt before his captor. His eyes were moist but it wasn't the gently wind which was moistening them.

`Suck it,' Lavina hissed, pushing her cock towards his lips.

As his dominated mouth engulfed her pulsating penis he knew there would never be any escape from this life. He realised this was to be his destiny, and looking up into his new mistress's gleeful eyes he knew that this was going to be the cock he'd probably be sucking for the rest of his life.

`You're mine now,' she said down to him, enjoying the slurping noises he made while he orally vacuumed her throbbing member. `I knew you'd be mine just as you were always meant to be.'

And as she came into his mouth she shuddered as if this as the most delicious feeling she'd ever experienced. The amount took him by surprise as it was much more than Serena had ever produced, and the squirting hot semen seemed to jettison forever. It was seeping out of his nose and mouth and by the time she finished coming he was fighting to cope with the quantity.

After she withdrew her cock from his mouth he fell down coughing and choking, spunk oozing from nose and mouth.

`Come on,' Michaella cried down at him impatiently, holding her member out in anticipation.

She waited for a moment then realised he wasn't going to get up and knelt and straddled his head. Then she held his head and guided her penis into his gurgling mouth.

`Good lubrication,' she chuckled, holding his flailing arms from moving.

Lavina laughed as her friend shafted his throat while he struggled beneath her fighting for breath. Her own penis was now erect again and her balls had repleted themselves. She was proud of the fact she was a good repeater, probably the best on the island. Her slave was going to get all the nourishment he needed for the rest of his life, and much more than he ever needed. She was going to see to that.

She was happier now than she'd ever been, now that she'd found the perfect partner. Now that he was back where he truly belonged.

The end.

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