tagNonHumanDominic Ch. 27

Dominic Ch. 27


Dominic was ushered into a well decorated hall with high domed ceilings. The room was very bright, though not naturally lit. He was more dragged than led to a girl sitting at a long table. She appeared to be moving food on the plate around, but not eating it. She glanced up with black eyes at Dominic as she took a sip out of a goblet. "What is this you bring me, Marcus?"

The vampire smiled broadly, "Mother, I bring you Rousseau..."

"That is not him! This child isn't even nearly him. Not even of the same blood line!" The girl threw her cup at Marcus.

Marcus bowed, "But, he was sitting at the desk, where you said he would be. He spent the day signing papers, and addressing members of the elders. Who else could he be?"

The female vampire stood up from the table and walked over to Dominic. She raised his face with firm fingers to his jaw. She turned his face sideways then pierced him with her black eyes, "One parent was a made wolf, right?"

Dominic wasn't going to say one word. He'd been bound in this awkward position, before. He'd learned to hold his sharp tongue. By the way that this girl/woman was trying to probe his brain, he would come out with it eventually.

"Yes, you don't need to say, Halfling. He's probably one of Rousseau's many offspring. He was probably left there to see after Daddy's fortune, while he was away. Where, Halfling?"

Dominic focused on a chip in the tiled floor.

She dropped down to kneel in front of Dom, "Odd. You don't smell like a Halfling, why is that?"

He tried to go back to the spot of imperfect tile, but there was something enticing about her gaze.

"Marcus, does this man have red hair?"

The blonde dropped his shoulders, "Why no, Mother."

"And, his build. Is he larger than any of the other wolves, we've made into pets?"

"No, Mother," his voice dropped.

"I thought not. You will send a message to the elders. Tell them, we have something that belongs to Rousseau. Say that he will be untainted. Make sure that you make known that there should be an exchange."

"Yes, Mother," Marcus made a quick bow and turned to go.

"Oh, and Marcus, I'll be a little busy for the next few hours. See that your brother is managing."


With Sebastian's hand on my back, I walked through the corridors to the safe room. Toshi hadn't shown himself since I'd been fucked. I think he knew that I was going to go, and he didn't want to make things harder on me. I looked in the mirror as an afterthought, as I was collecting my creams and lotions from the vanity. My eyes had changed. They were this strange light brown. They weren't yellow, but they were definitely on their way there. I looked at Rousseau as he watched me packing.

"You know I can buy you new ones," he quietly said. 'I should have anything he ever gave you burned, anyway.'

I though that he'd been directing the thought at me and responded, "Quit it. I'm going with you. Let's leave it at that."

He seemed startled by my response, "I can't. As soon as you are home and settled, he'll have to forget all of this happened."

"You can't make him forget me," I laughed at the absurdity of the idea.

'Oh, but I have people who can,' I collected from his mind, again.

I dropped a blouse into my suitcase and walked over to him. "Please, don't think like that. I don't want you doing anything to him. He was good to me."

He studied my face for a moment and looked away. I sensed that he was holding onto something as he slowly said, "I'll be waiting for you outside."

I knew what he was going to say. I chose everybody else, but him. He had to take me. He'd wanted me to give myself to him. He'd wanted a willing partner. A coregent. I also felt this undercurrent of fear. Why would Rousseau be scared?


Dominic felt the little nips at his brain as the creature ran her slender fingers over his shoulders.

"Don't fight it, child. I can make this stay worth your while," Slipped through her lips as she studied the blood vessels of his neck with her tongue. She settled a finger on his right ear. "This scar. It took some time to heal. Where did you get it?"

Dominic couldn't stop the thought of Ellen.

"Strange. She's very pretty. A bit out of your league, I think, little man," the girl woman's voice seemed to fill his brain. "Oh, I see. The one that got away?"

A door behind him opened. He wanted to turn and see who had come in, but he was held in the woman's vice like gaze.

The Mother said without looking at the person standing behind him, "And, how did they receive the message?"

Marcus's tentative voice responded with a quiet, "The elders were quite open to conversation. I didn't hear the word once."

"Yes, well. The Dogs are learning their manners fairly late," the Mother's hand slid through Dominic's hair.

"They are all small, Mother. I did not see the Rousseau."

She sighed, "Of course not. If I know Rousseau, he's probably found that bitch you were talking about. Probably mating her as we speak. He'll have a lot of explaining to do if he's responsible for her existence."


I tried not to intrude on the calls that Rousseau seemed to need to make on the ride through New York. The only words that came from him were to ask if I needed anything. He was obviously still pouting because I didn't come back on my own. When we passed by the brown brick gatehouse to his home, it surprised me. I'd been sure, I would finally see the inside of that giant columned stone house down the driveway.


"I'm taking you to the main compound. After what happened there with Ronald, I decided that the unpaired mature wolves should be moved to a more central location," he said as he drove the car down the winding, tree lined streets.

He drove past the red brick house that my mother used to live in. Apparently, I would be seeing her in the complex as well. I felt my nerves on edge. The closer I got to our destination, the worse it got. Rousseau didn't tell what the buildings that we passed were. He didn't even speak. It was as though he was nervous, too.

When he stopped the car in front of what I thought looked like an auditorium, there were two burly men waiting. They didn't hide the gun belts on their hips.

"My lord," one of them bowed as the other opened my door.

Le Rousseau got out of the car and started walking to the entrance without me. He didn't even look back. I was guided out of the car and moved to a small entry corridor. They looked through my purse and frisked me. I opened my mouth to ask a question, and was greeted with a finger inches from my nose.

"Ok, bitch. You are here for the test. You know the rules, but since you tried to break one, I will restate them. There is no speaking, not even thought speech, unless you are addressed by a member of the council. You will not kill your opponent, or bleed the mate presented to you. You will complete the tasks as presented. If you are not able to complete a task, you must assume the position, or turn your back on the task. Your rank will be decided at the completion of the test, and you will not be given a second chance to rank up, until the required 7 month period has expired. If you understand, nod your head."

I looked down and away from the finger and nodded. Rousseau had taken me straight to the test, right off of the plane. I didn't get a chance to rest, or prepare. And the position. I had absolutely no idea what the position was.

I was pressed through a small door into a dirt floored circle. It was brightly lit in the center, but the high wall surrounding it, was dim. I could feel that there were a lot of people watching from beyond that wall. I saw an obstacle course of some sort twisting its way toward the center of the dirt ring. I wasn't wearing sportswear. The dress I wore was loose, and my bra kept shifting. I knew the crowd would see a lot more than I wanted them to. I felt an urge to start the course. Someone was being rude and pushing me toward the start. I turned, but there was no one there. I crossed my arms and made my best defiant pose. I heard an audible murmur from the crowd.

'Naughty girl. You felt that push. Go to it,' I felt Sebastian in my head. 'You've done this before. The bramble patch, remember?'

I looked at the course again. It wasn't meant for a person. The openings in some of the tunnels were too small. I shook myself. It had been a while, but I remembered how to change. Once my paws touched the ground, I raced through the twists jumps and weaves. It felt demeaning, but there must have been a purpose. At the end of the course, there was a wolf waiting. By her posture, she was very full of herself. I didn't know why I thought that. The grey wolf lunged at me before I got my legs through the last obstacle. She sank her teeth into the fur over my neck. If I hadn't ducked away, she would have done some serious damage. She made another lunge and I knocked her feet out from under her. We circled each other for a moment. I knew we were meant to fight, but I didn't feel like it was fair. But then, it struck me. I could take her out. She made another rush for me and I jumped straight up on to her back. She seemed surprised by this, but wasn't quick enough to change course. I bit into her scruff and pulled up. She let out a placating whimper. I was just about to take a piece of her ear off so she could remember who beat her ass, but Rousseau interrupted me.

'Ellen, that's enough. She's submitting. Good fight. It only took you 30 seconds.'

Good fight. I wanted to show him a good fight.

A voice came from above my head, "You are to change back and be seated at the table."

There was a table just beyond where I'd been attacked. It was a chair and a small table with four cards face down on it. It took me a long time to be strong enough to sit at the table. I wasn't sure how long. I sat there naked at this little table at the dead center of the ring with the bright lights beating down on my skin.

The loud speaker boomed again, "What is your family name?"

"Ellen Beauvais." The crowd rumbled. This was not the right answer. The crowd above me seemed to pulse. Then, I remembered my mother's voice drilling me at the kitchen table. I took in a deep breath and gave the answer, "I am a Beauvais. Second of the line. I am sister to Lucy Beauvais , queen prime. Daughter of Miriam Beauvais and ..." I heard my mother's voice in my head, 'Michael Fortier of the family Montrose. This was not a sanctioned union. Michael was not one of my mother's pack. I am aware of the lowered status this will afford me, and await recognition by my father.'

"Ellen Beauvais. You will choose a card."

I looked down at the four playing cards and moved my hands over them. I thought this would be for my next task. I pick the one in the middle right and turned it over. The 3 of spades.

'I thought we'd have more time to maneuver, sweet girl. You've chosen well,' was all that I got from Rousseau. 'Try not to get too carried away, please.'

A large door opened and a tall black man with nothing on entered the ring. He lifted his nose to the air and smiled. I took a few tentative whiffs, to try and figure out what was going on. It immediately put me on notice. There was a heavy odor that I recognized from my time with the newly changed.

This man's only purpose in this place was to fuck me. He loomed over me as I sat at the table. There was something about his deep black eyes that told me he would take it, if he wanted to. He made a reach for me, and I slapped his hand away. He let out a hissing growl and snapped his teeth at me. I stood up and hissed right back at him. He smelled good. Really good. That didn't mean I would just let him have his way. I still had my pride, right?

Rousseau's voice sounded snide, 'Why not, cher. You've done it with so many men. Why not one more?'

Before I could respond to Rousseau, the man grabbed me while I was distracted and tried to kiss me.

I turned my head, which made him incredibly mad for some reason. The man head butted me. He pretty much knocked me out. When I regained my senses, he was holding my arms over my head and trying to get inside of me. I growled and hissed at him, but there wasn't much I could do. He finally got his cock in me and rode me for a few moments and pulled out.

He seemed satisfied with showing that he could get inside me. He got up and smiled at me. That smile was too much for me to handle. I jumped up and punched him. He hadn't been expecting me to respond in that way, because he let me punch him in the face again. I jumped up and sank my teeth into his shoulder. He screamed, as I felt my teeth tearing through muscle and sinew.

I felt a glancing blow to the side of my head. I dropped off of him as he backed away. I felt my body shaking. I wanted to rip out his throat. I was going to see the color of his spleen.

'My queen. Remember the rules. You can not bleed out your mate.'

'He is not my mate!'

The loud speaker came alive again, "Why do you not submit to your mate, Ellen Beauvais?"

"You are not my mate," I spat at the man that stood clutching his shoulder.

"You refuse your designated mate?" The voice behind the loud speaker seemed confused.

"If he's it, I refuse him. I'd sooner die," I yelled for the unseen crowd to hear.

There seemed to be some sort of a scuffle for the microphone before I heard Rousseau's voice on the speaker, "Do you claim the right to choose your first mating partner?"

"I..." I felt like this was extremely unusual. The crowd started to grumble and protest. "I do!"

Rousseau spoke again, "Who do you choose?"

"I choose you, my lord. I choose Le Rousseau," I called out. I didn't know anyone else to name.

A strange silence descended over the people I couldn't see. The mate they chose for me was escorted out. The man was whining and complaining about his shoulder feeling numb. I didn't bite him that hard. It was just a puncture. I could have ripped a chunk out of him.

I was left under the light for a pretty long time, before the door opened again. He was a magnificent male specimen. His deep red hair fanned across his shoulders as he walked out into the light. His pale skin glowed as he stood proudly naked in front of me and all of the unseen masses. God, he was a big boy.

He seemed to hesitate for a moment before he took me in his arms. He scanned my face. I wasn't sure what he was waiting for. He gave me a throaty rumble and kissed me. His tongue tangled with mine as I felt him grip my arms. He shoved me down to the ground and growled at me.

I growled right back at him without a thought. He tried to kiss me again and I caught his lower lip between my teeth. He jumped away then gave me this strange sound. It seemed to be a mix between a growl and a laugh. It made me so hot.

Sebastian ran his hands over my body. When his hands came close enough to my mouth, I gave him a little bite. He seemed to enjoy that, because I felt his cock jump on my leg. He looked up at me and grunted, "Are you ready?"

"Yes, Sebastian," I whispered as I moved my hips to make contact with his leg.

He smirked, "No, you're not, but I'm gonna help you, anyway."

He gripped my hip and pressed his penis at my hole. It just rested there outside of the entrance. He pressed gently, then more forcefully, until he gained entry. I spread my legs to try and make the burning go away. He breathed into my ear, "When I get you alone, it'll be better."

I wasn't sure what he meant, until he started to drill into me. It was so much force, I couldn't catch my breath. I forgot all about my little discomfort and focused on this big thing thrusting through my insides. I wrapped my legs around him and tried to keep up. He was moving deeper and deeper with every powerful stroke. He'd been holding back on me, just like Lucy.

I could still feel that he wasn't completing his thrusts as he stretched me to my limits. I didn't feel his balls slapping my ass. There was more hanging outside of me. Sebastian grunted with a little shake of his ass and moved into me again. I was building up to a really forceful come and I think he knew it.

He leaned back and smiled down at me as he pulled almost all of the way out. My pussy was quivering but not quite over the edge yet. He looked down at my pussy lips moving along his cock. I was trying desperately to get him back in there. He let out a low chuckle.

He looked back up at me and I saw something flash across his eyes. It seemed like the snap of the shutter on a camera. Then, he plunged into the deep forceful thrusts again. My legs dropped from his back and my arms dropped like dead weight to the ground as my hips convulsed to accept what he was giving me. He made my eyes roll up into my head.

I couldn't stop the arch of my back. He managed a few more deep thrusts before I felt myself going over the edge. He froze, deep inside me. I could feel my orgasm massaging his big, jerking dick. I was completely exhausted. Every nerve ending in my pussy was reacting to his sperm shooting deep inside me. I lay there with my eyes closed and my pussy clenching. I couldn't even close my mouth.

Rousseau slid out of me and massaged my stomach. He didn't say anything until my abdomen stopped tensing under his fingertips.

He lowered to kiss my ear, "Are you okay?"

All I could do was nod. My throat was so dry. I must have been screaming, but I don't remember.

The silence of the crowd was suddenly broken. A rolling howl seemed to race in waves around the ring.

"I think they approve of the match.," he smiled down at me as he ran his palm over my belly and up to capture one of my breasts. He turned away and stood up. He raised his hand above his head and the howling died down. "Can we please suspend with the rest of this nonsense? She took my seed. She lives. She is my queen."

I live. I wasn't sure what that was supposed to mean. Sebastian pulled me up to my shaking legs and supported me.

"We have one more introduction, then I can let you rest from the plane," he said as he led me out of the arena to a changing room. "You have to understand, if I waited, your reactions would not have been genuine." A man with oddly pointed ears offered Sebastian a robe. Rousseau snatched the robe away and placed it around my shoulders. He let out a series of grunts and growls to the attendant and donned a robe of his own.

He spoke as though he hadn't just fucked me silly, "There will be banquets and council meetings, when you've rested. I can go over some things about the elders that may be useful. As coregent, there will be many things that you will be asked to decide on. I'm sure you're curious. If you have questions, now would be the time."

I wanted to get some answers, but I wasn't sure of the questions, yet. "I live. What was that about?"

He dropped his head and waved away, "You lived. It should be self explanatory."

"What happened out there? I should be embarrassed. I did that in front of a bunch of people..."

He shushed, "It is the nature of things, here. You didn't seem to care. As a matter of fact, you seemed to be a bit more affectionate, this time."


Rousseau raised his hand to stop me from talking, "But, nothing. You are their new queen. They would look on it as an honor to watch your next run." He smiled subtly as he guided me through a series of corridors. "If you want, I'll tell them to avert their eyes when I mount you over the breakfast table."

I think he was joking, but it didn't sit well with me. "Sebastian, I don't think..."

"At that point, you won't be thinking, love. You'll probably be too busy. That's how it is. This is our wing," he said as he nodded at a guard.

The man stared into my eyes. Rousseau let out a rolling growl and he dropped his head, as we walked to a wooden door. Rousseau opened the door to reveal a large elevator with a wide door on the other side. We got in and rode up to some high level in silence.

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