tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDomme-in-Law Ch. 03

Domme-in-Law Ch. 03


This is the third chapter in a series. All characters are fictional.


Discovered masturbating by his Mother-in-Law, Jim is made to be her sissy slave. Now, having discovered his wife's complicity in the affair and the depths of incestuous depravity in her family, he prepares to meet the patriarch of this lustful clan.


Much to my surprise, I returned to my wife's bedroom to find slacks and a dress shirt laid out on the bed. I used the adjoining bathroom, the room that started this whole journey with one slightly out of hand masturbation session, to get cleaned up. Once I was done, I looked like the man I had been a day prior.

I felt like something more.

I went downstairs and joined the family in the den. My wife and her mother were dressed in complimentary outfits, grey and black solid color skirts and crisp white dress shirts, open just enough to threaten decency. Mr. Jones sat in a leather club chair. He was a strong, handsome man, slightly heavy in his years.

"Girls, why don't you go to the kitchen and get Jim a drink. Refill mine as well. Doubles, all around."

He stared me in the eye and we waited for our social lubricants. Once Tammy and her mother had returned with the alcohol, I gulped mine to half out of sheer nerves. The warm, harsh assault of the liquor relaxed my tongue.

"Thanks, Mr. Jones. I appreciate the drink. It's...um...been a long day."

He laughed suddenly at that, nearly spilling some of his drink.

"God damn, son. Ha! I'd say it has, indeed." He shook his head a little. "I heard about what Catherine did to you this morning, and honestly, I'm ashamed. This part of our life isn't really for anyone to know about, married-in or not. Nothing against you, son, it's just a matter of trust that goes to blood."

I squirmed in my seat.

"Now, though, you've got a choice. You're all in, Jim. All in. Catherine gave you the initiation in a manner I would have objected to, but it's a choice you made, too. I heard the details of your time in her boudoir, Jim. I heard...how you liked it all."

I finished my drink in a gulp, turning bright red.

"Yes, that's what I heard. It's okay. We'll get you what you want. I want you to go back to your room and see what the girls' can do for you. As long as you're in those clothes, you're Jim. Once you let yourself go with them, you'll be something else. Come back here then if it suits you."

I stood up and walked, shell shocked, to the upstairs bedroom.

The whole conversation couldn't have taken 10 minutes, but my world was off its axis.

Tammy met me at the top of the stairs. Her eyes were dark with pensive, desperate lust, barely in check. I had never in my life seen her this way. I wanted, more that anything, to give her whatever desire brought this part of her out.

"Jim, what's the choice, then? It's not forever, but it's going to change you. Do you want it, baby?" She licked my neck and nuzzled me as she waited for my answer. In a shaking, quiet voice I whispered, "Yes."

We entered the room and her mother began undressing me. I felt like I was floating, half out of my body. The stockings slid up my thighs and encased my flesh in sex. The satin panties had a frayed spot in the ass, primed and ready to be torn apart should a girl need a lustful cock inside her cunny without delay. The corset bound me into the shape of a fuck toy, my own fantasy made from my flesh. I was ready to fuck me. I was ready to fuck anything. The wig placed on my head like a crown was garish and slutty, the abstract idea of Whore made real by the power of synthetic dye. My lips dripped red with the blood of test animals, the victims of an industry-wide quest to bottle sex.

I was ready for my close up.

We went down the stairs slowly, my heels pacing me, swaying my ass in the skintight hose and garters. I batted my fake lashes and swallowed nervously. My entourage of cougar and wife presented me in the den, lowering me to my knees in front of their husband and father. He smiled down at me as he unzipped his trousers. His musky scent, cologne and hard sweat, poured out along with his massive and real penis. "Don't disappoint me, baby girl. I hear from the Missus that you know exactly what you want." He laid his member across the wide palm of his calloused hand and put his other hand on my cheek. I reached up, pulling away from my mother-in-law's watchful guard, and took his cock in my hand.

I winked at him and said "Yes, Daddy" as I began sucking my father-in-law's dick.

He sat down, pulling me along as if I were a part of his cock. I slid up and down his shaft, mapping his manhood with my soft whore's lips, longhair bobbing up and down as if I were nodding yes again and again. Yes, my Daddy. Yes, my Daddy. Yes, my Daddy. After a while he pushed me away. I wiped the spit from my chin and smiled.

"So nice. So fucking nice. Oh Catherine, I shouldn't have doubted your choices. And Tammy? Is this how you want him?"

"For now" I heard my wife say from behind me.

"Good. Then bend over, Petit, and let me see that boycunt I've hear such wondrous things about."

I turned and tore open the spot in my panties that my Mother-in-Law had cut earlier, exposing my ass to him. I presented as sluttily as I could, trying to move like every stripper i'd ever seen. I looked over my shoulder and saw him stroking himself back to a rock-hard state. He patted his thigh. I looked forward and saw my wife and Mother-in-law guiding me back and down onto his manhood. A real, live cock entered me and three sets of hands caressed my body. My tiny dick leaked into my panties and down my stocking-clad thighs. I grinned though lipstick, batting my eyelashes as this man filled my cunt. I tried to hold back my panic and savor each inch of veiny invasion. I felt soft hair against my ass as the stroke stopped, and the scent of aftershave was in my nose.

"Petit," said a voice in my ear, "you have a wonderful ass."

I began to panic a bit, tears welling up in my eyes as self doubt finally presented itself. What was I doing? A sexy woman with a strap-on was one thing to deal with, but this was beyond reason. My eyes flicked around the room in a fright, and Tammy moved closer to take up my field of vision. "Shhhhh....shhhhhh, baby. Just take it all in....I know you liked the dildo, and I know you like this. I know I like this, too....he's a good lover. You'll learn a lot."

Her father, a ruggedly built 5'8" powerhouse of a 62 year old, thrust his cock a little deeper into me as if to make his daughter's point. I wept, because I knew I wanted it. He spoke into my ear again.

"I was saying your pussy is so good, son, that I feel you must be our little girl instead. I'm going to pick out a little girl name for you tonight, and call you it while you're here. I'm so glad my lovely wife found a way to bring you into our happy little fold." He began to stroke into my asshole with a completely different position and rhythm than his wife.

Tammy kissed me as my cock grew hard from his affections.

"Are we ready then?" he asked aloud to the room. My mother-in-law finished fastening her straps to the dildo and stroked my neck as she took her daughter's place in front of me. She guided her faux-manhood down my throat, her long cock surely touching her husband's dickhead somewhere around my navel.

My wife knelt and stroked my cock inside my satin panties, stopping to lap up the secretions occasionally. After an eternity of depraved frictions, Mr. Jones let our a grunt and my ass was suddenly full of warmth. He pulled out and quickly popped something in, something shorter, like a pacifier. I knew it was holding his seed in my fuck-loose ass. I sat up to face the family.

My wife, Tammy, stood with a face shiny from my cum. She still licked her hand a bit, tiny strands of jizz caught between her lips and fingers. My mother-in-law, Catherine, stood stroking her strap-on, almost animal in her wanton, sweating lust. Mr. Jones stood confidently with a still massive, though softening, cock. I looked up into his eyes and he smiled at me.

"Such a good pussy." he said.

"Such a good sissy." said Catherine.

"Yes." said Tammy. She held out her hand and I licked my cum from her fingertips as Mr. and Mrs. Jones kissed. I couldn't help myself, my fingers found their way back to my fucked-out hole and I sat blissfully before my in-laws...before my wife...before the cock and cunts that had overtaken every shred of decency in me and shown me a path to bottomless, crazed lust.

I pushed the buttplug in and out a little over and over, diddling myself like the girls do, and smiled as i lapped the sticky semen from my love's hand. Mr. Jones was beginning to stroke his cock back to life, and the gleam in his eye as he watched my sanguine self-exploration told me my bowels would be running white with cum for a while. I turned without him saying a word and lifted my ass in the air and removed the plug, fingers making obscene slurps in and out of my fuckhole.

"Take me, all of you. I am your girl to fuck as you like!"

"Oh, honey" said Mr. Jones as his fuckstick's purple head slid back into me and ground out the last of his previous orgasm against my prostate. "I think we may need to invite the neighbors for brunch tomorrow....Ted and Wendy would absolutely love our darling new sissy-in-law!"

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