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Don/Dawn of the Dead


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I did all of the 'normal' things first. Checked all the doors, checked all the stores, closets, back hallways, stockrooms and bathrooms for zombies. Made sure everything was sealed off. Established a base inside the mall to operate from. Made an escape plan. Hid some of my guns and ammo in a cache with my INCH bag (I'm Never Coming Home bag).

And then I waited. I'm not sure what I was waiting for. This was the part that wasn't like the movies. I wasn't with anyone. The whole time I was running I didn't see anyone... well... no one living. Just all of the walking dead. Now they watch me through the shatter proof doors. All rotting and drooling. The plague had spread quicker than any science fiction writer or horror movie buff could have ever predicted. I had plenty of food and water to last a while. I was secure from the Z's. I had things to keep me sort of busy. But the thought that kept haunting me was the idea that I was the last man standing. I kept thinking that I'd never see another living person again.

I kept thinking I'd never get laid again.

I'm what I call hyper-sexual. I love sex. I love fucking. I love women. I love lingerie. But really, I'm a mass of contradictions. Sure, I'm a manly man who can shoot, fight and fuck with the best of them but I'm also... well... uninhibited. And curious. And well... I love lingerie. Love it. So much that yeah... I used to wear it once in a while. And when I wasn't getting laid regularly, then it turned in to more often. A couple of nights I got drunk and hooked up with strange guys from Craigslist and let them treat me like a fuck slut all night.

There was something about being desired so much by another human being. I wasn't attracted to guys but I loved the attention. And the humiliation. I liked the idea of submitting to someone else after submitting to my own darkness. I loved the feeling of big cock shoved in my mouth with somebody's hand pushing my head down on it. I liked being bent over, panties pulled down and waiting for that touch of the cock head probing my asshole. Big, hard prick pummeling my ass, beating the hell out of my prostrate. I didn't give a shit about the guy, guys are fairly ugly. But the pain, the pleasure, the desire, the humiliation... it was all sort of cleansing in a way. I never let any of them kiss me... we never talked really... I'd just go over to their hotel room, get changed and then get on my knees.

The last guy I had fucked was a skinny little white guy with a long one. After he fucked me, he made me jerk off in his hand and lick it off. It was so fucking hot. I already had the taste of his cock in my mouth, my ass was blissfully sore from being fucked for half an hour and there I was... on my knees, holding onto my heels behind me and licking my own cream out of his hand. I was in a mood that night. Thinking about it now, I can almost relate to the zombies. Overwhelmed by lust, the hormones and adrenaline coupling in my brain to remove all fear and inhibition. I'd been thinking next time I wanted him to bareback me... maybe shoot it in my mouth...

But I'm sure he's a Z now. Like everyone. Everyone but me.

The shopping mall that was my new home had the usual shit. I hadn't noticed how useless shopping malls had become. No gun shop like in the movie, no hardware store with cool things like axes and propane tanks. But there was clean water running still. And enough food here and there to last for several months if I was judicious about it. And of course, a lingerie shop.

I tried to avoid it at first. But like a cigarette smoker, orgasm is my addiction and in times of stress, my desires usually go to the darkest places they can find. Considering all of the recent events, I was feeling pretty god damned stressed. And really horny.

But the idea of dressing in the mall and just waking around in public was too much at first. What if I got caught? What if... but then I realized, fuck it. A place isn't public when people don't exist anymore. And if someone did find me, so what? How shocking would a cross dressing bi-sexual be in a land populated by half dead cannibals? The old world was dead and with it, all of the constraints of normalcy. I could be whatever I wanted from day to day... hour to hour even. If I wanted to be my bad ass self in BDU's with full tac gear, pistol and knife, then I would be. If I wanted to walk around in heels, hose and teddy and fuck myself in the ass with one of those big scented candles from the bath shop, why not? Chances were, I wasn't going to live that long anyway. Why in the fuck would I want to spend my last several months fearing the judgment of people who were all now dead... ish?

I won't bore you with the details but let's just say it was pretty exciting. I'd always thought about shaving my legs but there'd be no explaining it at the gym or to a new girlfriend. I wasn't a bodybuilder; I just liked to look good in my thigh highs. So when I actually sat down by the mall fountain and had a go with a razor, it was pretty exhilarating. From there I walked buck ass naked down to the lingerie shop and picked out what I liked: tall black heels with the little strap that goes around the ankle, black thigh highs with a seam up the back, a black teddy that was all lacy with little white bows on the front and a black curly wig off one of the mannequins. Over this went a short black one piece dress. And I even picked up a purse to carry my .45 in.

As time went on, I started visiting the department stores and working on my make up. I painted my nails and toes. I was sort of passable except I looked like a big chick... like a muscle chick. But I loved looking at my ass in the mirror. I'd stand with just my ass in the reflection and slowly slide the panties down. Then I'd take a big purple candle that I'd whittled a head onto and slowly start working it into my ass. Right as I was about to cum, I'd turn and shoot it all over the mirror.

Some days, I'd take my show down to the mall front doors. The Z's were always there looking in. They were all fucked up and I was glad I couldn't smell them through the glass. Eyes gouged out, limbs missing, clothes tore to shreds. There was one Z down by the south end whose pants had been torn off. You never see that in the movies, a zombie with a big ol' zombie-johnson swinging in the breeze. My new favorite thing was to get on my knees right in front of him and open my mouth. I'd sit and rock on my home made dildo and imagine him fucking my mouth. There seemed to be some sort of distant recognition in his eyes. Sure they were all fucked up in a zombie kinda way but he'd always grind that big cock up against the glass and look straight down at me. He'd tease me with that big blue dick and I'd tease him with my ripe delicious flesh. I was glad there wasn't a glory hole in the door. I'd be tempted to put a couple of rubbers on him and let him fuck me. But that would be suicidal. One spray of zombie jizz and I'd be as good as infected.

I was down on my knees one day around noon, imagining zombie dick in my mouth and ass, same as usual. I guess it was because of all the moaning that I didn't hear the chopper land on the roof at the other end of the mall. And he must have been moving quietly when he walked up behind me. But when I saw his reflection in the glass I nearly had a heart attack. Leaving the candle in my ass I rolled over onto my side, grabbed my purse and yanked out my .45.

He was too stunned with the whole scene to do anything. He was a tall black guy dressed in a police uniform. He was carrying his shotgun loosely in one hand and he never even budged when I pointed my piece at him. He just stood there with this confused look on his face.

And who could blame him really? My skirt was up around my waist, I had a big candle jammed in my ass, my wig had gone slightly askew when I rolled over and it was easy to see my dick jutting up hard as a rock. I was very obviously not a girl, I had been very obviously fucking myself in the ass and there was absolutely no way to say that I had been doing something else.

We just looked at each other for a while and slowly, I lowered my gun. As nonchalantly as possible, I pulled the candle out of my ass and stuck most of it in my purse. I pulled my dress down and straightened my wig a little. Finally, I managed to spit out the word, "Hi". I talked to myself all the time but it was strange to be talking to another person.

"You the only one here?" the cop asked.

I nodded. "Yup. Just me. And my adoring fans," I said and made a sweeping motion towards the Z's outside the doors. "I uh... how the fuck did you get in here?" I asked.

"Chopper," came the reply. "Me and my partner landed on the roof. Ran out of gas."

"Are there... other... people... out there?" I asked slowly. I had assumed the whole world had gone to hell in a handcart but maybe I was wrong.

"Nah," he said and slung his shotgun up on his shoulder. "We've been flying for days now. Every place is just... fucked." He was checking me out now. I'm sure he could have done better back in the world but judging from the look in his eyes, he hadn't been laid in a long time.

"You, uh..." he said and pointed at me.

"Yeah," I said and sort of curtsied, "no internet, no television. Whadya gonna do?" I laughed a little bit but he didn't. He still couldn't quite process everything going on. I started to feel embarrassed. "I guess I should go change into something... less... comfortable."

"Nah man," he said. "Fuck it. Do what you like. I don't give a shit. After all the shit we seen over the last couple of weeks, this here..." He smiled for the first time but it wasn't a mocking smile. It was just sort of warm and friendly. "I'm Stillwater" he said.

"I'm Don," I answered. Although I figured after today I could start spelling it 'Dawn' instead. "Are you uh... hungry? Thirsty? Anything I can get you or uh..." my eyes went to his crotch... "do for you?"

"We've got food and water, ammo..." his eyes were scanning up and down my legs. "My partner is checking out the other end of the mall. So I uh..."

I took a long deep breath and exhaled fully. My heart was racing and I was shaking a little. The load I had been working up was unrelieved and I still wanted to get off. "Let's make a deal you and I. It's a brave new world so let's just agree to speak our minds. I'd really like to suck your cock. Would that be alright?"

He smiled and scratched the back of his head. "I never uh... been with a... anything but a girl before. I'm not gay or anything but..."

I walked forward, my heels clicking on the floor. I wiggled my hips slightly as I approached him. Dropping into a husky feminine voice I told him, "Honey, I know. But I may be the closest thing to a girl left on the earth. Believe it or not, I like girls too but right now it'd be nice to forget the world and just get off. So whadya say? Wanna shoot a big load into my mouth? Wanna make me your whore?"

He shook his head and laughed a little. "Yeah, sure. Why not." His face went into a mock seriousness. "Get on your knees bitch."

My cock was rock hard and making my dress stick up in front. I held it down as best I could and dropped in front of him. With shaking hands I unzipped his fly and undid his belt. He held his pistol belt up with his free hand so I could unsnap the waistband and pull them down slightly. Reaching in I grabbed him by his dick. It was a big dig. A big beautiful black dick. It was bigger than anything I had ever seen in person. It was at least 8 inches long and snapped out at me, hard as a rock.

There would be no foreplay this time. No teasing, no licking, no fondling. I opened my mouth and rammed as much of it down as I could. My head went back and forth while I held the base of his cock with my right hand. My left hand began massaging his balls with just the fingertips. The cop's moaning mixed with the moaning coming from the Z's outside as his hand came down on top of my head. It felt strange through the wig but I'm sure from his view of the world, I just looked like some slut on her knees blowing him and that was all that mattered.

Within a minute or two I felt his cock get harder and he began thrusting into my mouth, fucking it. "Oh shit," was all he said and blew a giant load of semen into my mouth. I pulled back to the tip so it couldn't slide down my throat without tasting. All of the previous guys had worn condoms. This was my first taste of jizz and I wanted to enjoy it. No sense in safe sex now. Old age wasn't in the picture.

His dick spasmed again and again. I rolled his cum around in my mouth and let a little leak out of the corners. He must have not had any time to jerk off lately. Especially with his partner...

I looked around the side of his legs. Another cop, a blonde white guy was leaned up against the wall watching. His arms crossed his chest and a smile crossed his face. "Hey, me next, yeah?" he said and leaned his rifle up against the wall.

I showed him the cumshot in my mouth and then swallowed it. "You probably want to know a thing or two about me first," I said as the first cop zipped up. Stillwater looked kind of ashamed and turned away from me. "I'm a little different..."

The blonde cop walked towards me. "You look like a guy in drag."

"There's a reason for that," I said, still on my knees.

"Sweetheart, you look great to me," he said. He was already unzipping his pants as he walked up to me. "I've been needing relief in the worst way."

So maybe living at the mall wasn't going to be so boring after all...

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