tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDon/Dawn of the Dead Ch. 02

Don/Dawn of the Dead Ch. 02


I really like these white thigh highs I have on today. Coupled with the tall red pumps, the plaid little school girl skirt and the rest of it... I look hot. As I stand and shop, I stop to raise one leg and rub it long and slow against the other one, feeling the wonderful fabrics slide together across my shaved legs. I take a sample of black lipstick and try it on, puckering my cocksucker lips in the tiny mirror on the counter.

Jerry, the blonde cop, is watching from his post behind the counter. Not that real stores would have cops behind the counter but this is zombie land and we're playing today. I raise my skirt up slightly and press my throbbing hot sissy clit against the cold, hard glass of the display case and wink at Jerry. He laughs. We can never stay in character.

I pick up a small bottle of perfume, look around nervously and drop it into my purse. Flipping my hair back, I head towards the door.

"Miss?" Jerry says getting up from his seat. I can see his cock outlined against his pants. He's already hard. He loves this game. "I'm going to have to take a look inside your purse."

I stop and cock my ass to the side. I've grown my hair out and curled it; I pull at a dangling strand as I rub my legs together some more. "Why officer? Did I do something wrong?"

"Well," Jerry says as he walks towards me, "I think you've been shoplifting ma'am. I'm going to have to take you in the back for questioning."

"Oh no," I feign. He takes my purse and sets it on the counter. Spinning me around, he cuffs my hands behind my back. When he's done, he lingers for a moment running his hand up the back of my leg. Over the hose, across the garter strap straight into the crack of my ass. He slips a finger into my sissy pussy and leans in closer.

"No underwear today. You are a bad, bad girl." His finger is buried all the way in me. I fondle his cock with my handcuffed hands, squeezing the head ever so lightly. He bites me softly through my blouse on the shoulder. As his teeth rake through the material against my flesh, I can see the zombies still outside the glass doors at the far end of the mall. Just for a moment I imagine my favorite one with the big blue dick biting me and stick that monstrous undead cock in my ass. "Come on you," Jerry says and starts dragging me to the back of the store.

We've moved a single bed with a wrought iron frame into the back office. Jerry throws me on the bed and I pretend to curl up in a ball on my stomach. He takes out a second pair of cuffs and handcuffs my ankles together. Pulling my hands through my legs he secures them to my ankles so that I am bent over and on my knees. I can hear him getting undressed and soon the bed squeaks and his hairy naked legs appear on either side of my head. "It is time, young lady, that you learned that crime does not pay. I sentence you to be my cum slut for the remainder of the afternoon. Now," he sighs as he folds his hands behind his head, "suck."

I tilt my head up and run my tongue on the underside of his prick all the way up to the head. A small pool of pre-cum is there and I tongue the slit in his fat cock head. Again I run from the base to the top and back down. I plant small kisses all over the head as I begin to put more and more of it in my mouth. I bob up and down popping my lips around the edges of his mushroom helmet and he begins to moan. I never bother with dancing my tongue around on the head, I just keep a nice steady rhythm of up and down, in and out. His cock is only about 6 inches but that means I can get almost all of it into my mouth without gagging. I deep throat him and let tip of his dick touch the back of my throat with every down stroke. His beautiful cock is totally enveloped in my warm, wet and willing mouth.

After a while, Jerry pushes my head up and holds it there. Repositioning himself with his legs in the air, he pulls me down by the hair into his ass. "Lick it you fucking whore," he commands and I comply. My tongue begins its dance around his puckered ass, using just the tip. He moans even more and I feel his hand come down on the back of my head. "I want to feel your tongue in my ass bitch," he says and I stick my tongue out further.

I begin to moan now just from the sheer excitement of it all. I feed as much of my tongue into his ass as I can, fucking him and out, curling my tongue into a jutting tip. Every so often he pulls me up slightly and that is my cue to take his balls into my mouth. I roll them around, being gentle while Jerry strokes his cock.

Without a word he's up and I'm being swung around so that my manacled feet and hands dangle off the edge of the bed. My skirt goes up and I feel Jerry's cock begin to slide up and down the crack of my ass. He dribbles a small amount of lube on us both and begins working the head in. He teases me with it, poking the head in a little and then taking it out. I arch my back as best I can and push back onto him. He slides in a tiny bit further with every stroke. His rock hard dick pauses as he hits my inner muscles and then with one fluid stroke, he's in. I can feel his balls against mine as he stays there a moment, grinding his cock into my sissy pussy. He moans again and then sets about the business of fucking me properly.

Hands grab my waist and his pace picks up. I lay my head flat against the cool sheets of the bed and enjoy the vulnerable feeling of being shackled and bent over, his piece of ass for however long he wants. Occasionally he smacks my ass cheek hard with his hand and the fucks me faster. His balls slap against mine and I feel filled and desired, degraded and decadent. "Are you going to fill my mouth with cum officer?" I ask.

"Not today missy," he says. He buries himself in me as far as he can and stays there. He groans loudly and I can feel him ejaculating deep inside me, shot after shot of spunk filling me up. His body shakes and rocks slightly as he cums. When he is done, he remains in me for a while. "I do have a little surprise for you though." I turn my head slightly and wrinkle my eyebrows slightly. A surprise? He is very still for a moment and I feel him pushing slightly. Without warning, a warm sensation begins to fill my bowels as hot fluid empties from him into me. "Always wanted to do this," he says.

I moan as my belly distends from the piss that is flowing into me now. His hand grabs me by the hair and pulls my head up roughly. He groans as the seemingly never ending flow of urine mixes with the cum inside of me. "Now don't you spill a drop when I pull out of you," he tells me. He pulls out and I clench my ass checks together tightly. The dull pain in my stomach is growing but my cock is rock hard.

"I'd say you get, 10 lashes before I let you go potty," he tells me. I stay where I am as I hear him get his belt out of his pants that are lying crumpled on the floor. "Now be a good girl and count them and maybe I'll let you cum today." The first lash falls without warning but I can hardly feel it because of the burning sensation within.

"One," I say quietly between clenched teeth.

The next several fall and in between each stroke of the belt, Jerry stops and teases my over-filled balls with the tip of his belt. "Eight," I count and then grind against the belt tip. "Nine," the heat in and on my ass spreads. "Ten."

After the last stroke, Jerry uncuffs me and I shuffle to the bathroom. As I release everything inside, I hold onto my painfully erect sissy clit. I slide my hand over the end of it and taste my own precum. It won't take much to get me off today.

"Back up on the bed sweetheart," Jerry commands and I resume my position on all fours minus the handcuffs. "You ready to shoot your little load today?"

"Yes officer," I answer in my most lustful feminine voice.

I feel something hard pushing against my ass but this time it isn't his cock. It must be his night stick. He twists it slowly in to me and then back out again. "Have at it girl," he tells me. My hand flies under my skirt and I begin to furiously stroke my cock as I hump the big black night stick buried in my little girly ass.

"I'm going to cum," I tell him and he withdraws the stick from my rear. Shot after shot of my own jizz sprays into my left hand as my right hand furiously pumps away. My sore ass clenches and I can still taste his cock in my mouth.

By the end of my orgasm I am spent and laying on the bed panting. Jerry pats my ass and laughs. "See what happens when you steal shit?"

I exhale loudly. "Yeah, tell me about it."

Jerry gathers up his things and sets out to leave. "You better rest up darl'n. You get Stillwater tomorrow night. And he is in a foul, foul mood." My heart skips a beat with both fear and excitement. Today was fun, tomorrow will push new bounds.

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