Not in physical size but where it counted, in his cock. That's why Jeff earned his nickname Donk years ago when he was just in his teens; Donk, like in a donkey cock.

The first time he changed for gym class one of his school friends noticed the size of his cock and yelled for everyone to come have a look. Jeff stood there while his buddies stared in awe at the size of his cock. This was the first time that Jeff felt special among his friends and someone in the room yelled out he has a donkey cock. Then everyone was yelling Donk, Donk, Donk! After that day none of his friends called him Jeff anymore and Donk became his new name.

Even the girls in school started calling him Donk and giving him special attention while staring at his crotch hoping to catch a glimpse of his now legendary cock.

Through the years Donk became something of a legend among his friends and they all loved to hear about his sexual exploits. Being blessed with such a large weapon permitted him to maintain a swagger that the girls seemed to love and Donk loved to love the girls.

The three of them had a very rough start in life, all due to a drunk driver who ran into his dad's car and instantly killed him. Donk was only 12 at the time and his sister, Wendy, was 9. It brought the three of them closer together as they relied on each other to continue going on.

Unfortunately his dad didn't have a life insurance policy so money was very tight and Donk did all he could to help his mom out. The neighbours were very good and soon Donk was cutting the grass of quite a few able-bodied homeowners who knew of their struggles. His little sister would tag along and help out as much as she could but mostly she just liked to be near her brother.

Donk's mom, Eve, tried her best to cope but most days found her depressed and lonely, it was the love for her children that kept her going. Eve worked at the local supermarket as a cashier and the manager always tried to make sure her schedule allowed her time to be with her kids at nights and on weekends. Her hours were only part-time so she never qualified for any benefits. Her greatest fear was one of the kids would get sick and she couldn't afford to care for them.

A huge cock wasn't the only thing Donk could brag about, his athletic abilities drew the attention of many colleges and he was offered scholarships at many of them for football, basketball and of all things golf. Donk could have gone anywhere in the Big 10 but he decided to stay in his own community and look after his mom Eve and his younger sister Wendy.

While enrolled in school Donk managed to hold down a full time job and still get good grades in college. Everything he made went to help his family survive and together they even saved up enough to take a special holiday when Wendy turned 18. Wendy had always wanted to swim in the ocean so they booked a room in a small motel a couple of blocks from the Gulf of Mexico in a small community not yet popular with tourists.

All they could afford was a one bedroom unit with two queen beds so privacy was a bit of an issue. Even so, they felt very fortunate to be able to enjoy the sun and the sandy beaches for a weekend.

Even though they were a very close family surprisingly this was also the first time Eve and Wendy became aware of Donk's larger than normal "equipment" and it actually came about by accident. Donk forgot to pack his boxer style swim suit and the motel manager said he could look through the lost and found items. As he looked through the clothing all he could find in his size was a speedo type bathing suit. Donk felt bad about forgetting his suit and didn't want to spend the money to buy a new one so he decided to go with the speedo one. When he came out of the bathroom and his mom and sister saw him in the tiny suit that barely contained his monster cock they both exclaimed out in surprise.

"Does it look that bad?" said Donk a little self-consciously.

Both his mom and sister were at a loss for words. Finally his mom said, "no Jeff, it is just, um well we had no idea."

"Oh, sorry I tried to hide it but with this suit it seems like everything is on show. Maybe I should just stay and you guys can go on your own."

All this time Wendy never said a thing but she couldn't take her eyes off of her brother's crotch. She had seen pictures of naked cocks before but none of them were as big as her brothers and he wasn't even hard yet. She could feel her nipples getting hard and her pussy was getting wet. She was flabbergasted that she never knew her brother had such a huge cock.

"It's okay Jeff, you just caught us by surprise that's all." said his Mom. "Okay grab your towels kids and let's go swim in the ocean!"

Together the three of them walked the three blocks to the water. Donk had a towel wrapped around his waist to hide his large cock encased in a much too small swim suit. Wendy and his mom Eve were wearing matching bikinis, Wendy in red and Eve in black, with their towels over their shoulders. Try as much as he could the sight of their cute little butts wiggling in front of him was giving him the start of a boner which he was unable to control. By the time they reached the sandy beach his cock had poked out of his suit and was reaching almost to his knee. Unfortunately Donk thought he was still contained in his suit so when the girls dropped their towels on the sand and ran into the water he dropped his too and went to join them.

"Holy fuck!" his sister said.

"Oh my god!" said his mom.

Donk looked down and then kept running into the water in an effort to escape the humiliation of being exposed to his mom and sister. As he ran his cock was bouncing through the air slapping his leg and then ricocheting off his six pack stomach. He stopped when he was in waist deep water and slowly turned to face his family.

Both of the women slowly made their way out to him. Donk watched as they approached and he could see that both of them had hard nipples straining against the bikini tops. His mom's tits were slightly bigger than his sisters but not as firm. Donk noticed Wendy had a large wet spot in the bottom of her bikini and she hadn't reached the water yet.

He didn't know what to say to them, he had always assumed that they knew about his cock and were okay with not saying anything about it to him.

When they were beside him everyone was quite for a long minute and then they all began to laugh.

"My god Jeff when did you grow so large?" his mom asked.

"It has been this size since I was about fifteen." he said.

"But how did I miss noticing all these years?"

"Me too!" said Wendy.

"Well tight clothes have always been a problem for me so I have stuck to sweat pants and bulky shorts."

"Can I touch it?" said Wendy

"Wendy!" exclaimed her mom, "Jeff is your brother!"

Donk looked around and noticed they were the only ones on this deserted stretch of beach. He put his arms around both of their shoulders and led them further into the ocean just in case anyone did come onto the beach.

He could feel cock growing as he touched their bare skin and he softly rubbed both of their shoulders. He didn't go too deep as he wanted to be able to see their tits.

"It's okay mom, I don't mind if she touches me. Lots of girls like to hold it. In fact they like to do much more than that." he laughed.

Wendy didn't need any more encouragement and she reached out. Her soft hands found a hard cock so big her fingers could not go even half way around. She marveled at the size but also how firm it was. She looked down into the clear water watching her hand stroke up and down, lifting her brother's cock up as it cleared the water.

"Look mom, look at how big Jeff is."

Eve was trying not to look but it was impossible not to. She had been a widow for almost 10 years now, missing the touch of a man and having to rely only on her own fingers for relief. The sight of a man's cock even if it was her son's stirred desires deep inside her pussy.

It seemed like someone else was controlling her arm as she reached out and placed a hand under her daughters. Together they gave Jeff a hand job, not in a rush but in a dreamlike state, both women not saying anything just enjoying the act. Watching as the mushroom head of Jeff's cock would break the surface of the water like a gigantic water snake.

The girls had their backs to the beach and with their bodies shielded Donk from any potential accidental exposure. He reached forward and pulled down both of the girls bikini tops freeing their breasts to the sea air. With one hand on each woman he tweaked their nipples, squeezing and pulling. He loved how both of their bodies were responding to his touch.

"Jeff we shouldn't be doing this," said his mom. Yet she knew it would take a hurricane to break their bonds.

Donk knew what was happening to his mom and sister, it was the same thing that had happened to so many other women in the past. Once a woman had touched his cock there was no turning back, the pull was irresistible, they all wanted more.

"Mom, I want you to call me Donk from now on instead of Jeff. I have a cock like a donkey and I am proud of it."

"Okay Donk but we still shouldn't be doing this. What if someone sees us?"

Donk liked to take charge and today wasn't any different. "Okay, here is what we are going to do. Mom, cover your tits and turn around and face the beach. Keep an eye out for any other tourists."

Eve looked down and didn't even realize her tits had been exposed she had been so absorbed in her son's cock. She quickly pulled her top up and stuffed her breasts in and then spun around to be on watch.

"Good, now Wendy I want you to stroke my cock with both of your hands while I play with your tits."

"Yes Donk," said Wendy.

Together they formed a close group with Donk's mom watching the shore and stealing glances at her daughter as her hands rubbed and pulled on her son's cock.

Wendy was oblivious to anything around her concentrating on the sight in front of her. She loved the way her brother was playing with her breasts and her nipples had never felt so alive before. She loved the feel of his cock in her teenage virgin hands. This was the first time she had touched a man's cock and she knew she needed more.

"Mom, is there anyone around?" asked Wendy.

"No why?"

Without another word Wendy leaned forward and took the head of her brother's cock into her mouth. Moaning loudly as she tongued the hole in the end and sucking hard on the tip.

"Oh my god Wendy what are you doing? Someone is going to see you." her mom said frantically. "Stop right now!"

Donk looked his mom right in the eye. "Mom, get a hold of yourself. Just keep your eye open for anyone coming. I mean other than me!" he laughed.

He grabbed onto his sisters long blonde hair and bunched it together. "Hang on sis I am going to fuck your mouth."

Donk went slowly unsure if his sister had every done this before. He was surprized that he met no resistance as he explored her mouth and throat, deeper and deeper. Well he thought looks like little sister is not as naive as I thought she was.

He could see his mom struggling at what to do, she had now lost all control of the situation. "It's okay mom, you can have a turn soon too," he said.

Eve's eyes flew open even wider than they already were and she stuttered to speak but all that came out was something unintelligible. She no longer watched the shore but focused on her daughter sucking her son's cock even getting a little jealous.

Donk was no longer being gentle as he thrust up hard pulling his sister's head down onto his cock. She was good, maybe a little too good as he could feel his orgasm approaching. After what seemed forever he pulled her head off his cock and told her to stand up. He grabbed his own cock and stroked it until he was coming, he shot a stream at his sister hitting her in the chest and then at his mom where he matched the aim. The two women watched as stream after stream of cum hit their bodies, both amazed at the volume he could produce.

Wendy was thrashed, emotionally and physically. While she was sucking her brother off she had her own orgasm, a deep one as she imagined his monster cock filling her pussy. Her face was beat red and her long blonde hair looked a mess.

"Thanks Wendy, you did good for your first time but I think you are going to need a lot more practice."

"Thanks Jeff, I mean Donk, I can't wait to do that again!"

"Both of you come closer now." he said. "I want to see who has the tightest pussy."

The women were at a loss to explain why they obeyed Donk, it just felt like the right thing to do. When Donk reached down under the water they both spread their legs open wide. His big fingers pushed aside the thin bottom of their bikini's and without any warning he pushed his middle finger hard into their pussies. The suddenness of it caused both women to lean forward grabbing onto his shoulders to stop from falling over.

"Now I want you both to squeeze my finger as hard as you can." he said. "That's it like a light switch off and on, off and on."

The two women were trying so hard that they both started to hump his fingers trying to get it deeper inside them.

Donk leaned into his mom and kissed her full on the lips, his tongue driving into her mouth. She returned his lust with her own, sucking his tongue and moaning.

Wendy watched her mom and brother kissing and it was the most erotic thing she had ever encountered. She reached over and pulled her mom's tit loose and then started playing with her nipple. Donk saw what she had done and he pushed his finger deeper into his sister which made her moan out loudly.

Donk finally realized maybe this wasn't the best time or place for this and besides he badly wanted to fuck both of them.

"Okay girls, I think we need to take this back to our room. My cock needs more attention and I think your pussies do as well. But before we go I think mom needs to come. Wendy keep an eye out while I finger her pussy."

Donk pulled his finger out of his sister's pussy and she turned sideways toward the beach to keep an eye out but also so she could watch her brother and mom.

Donk had his left finger in his mom's pussy and because he is right handed he switched so he could give his mom the best he had. His mom had loosened up so he had no trouble getting two fingers in her pussy. With his left hand he reached around her and slipped it inside the back of her bikini squeezing her bum. Donk's fingers became possessed as he thrust them fast and hard into his mom. She was fighting a losing battle and soon if it wasn't for her son holding her up she would have collapsed.

She was screaming out loud as her son assaulted her pussy and she didn't care who heard her. Wendy tried to get her to stop screaming and when her mom wouldn't listen she started kissing her mom to keep her quite. Her mom responded by sucking in her daughter's tongue, sucking and sucking like it was a cock.

Donk knew his mom was close to coming and he pushed a finger up her ass as hard as he could. At the same time his mom's pussy clamped down on his fingers and once more let out a scream that could be heard down the entire beach.

"Well, that was fun," said Donk, "I think you both did fine for your first time but I need to fuck you both. Let's head back to our room and we can continue this. Mom before we go you might want to put your tits back in your suit." he laughed.

"What? Oh yeah, I guess I should." she said as she pulled her top up. "Donk, thank you. That was better than anything I have ever done or had. And Wendy you are a good kisser!" They all laughed at that as they casually headed back to the shore.

Only when the water became shallower did they all realize that Donk's cock was still hanging out of his swim suit. Once more they all had a laugh as both Donk's mom and sister tried to stuff him back inside his tiny speedo suit. Neither woman was shy anymore as they pushed and pulled on his donkey cock.

"Please ladies, you are making it worse with all your fussing." laughed Donk. By the time they reached the shore his cock was once more semi hard and there was no way on earth the small suit he was wearing could hope to contain it. Donk wrapped the towel around his waist and with an arm over both of the women's shoulders and they in turn had their arms around his waist they headed back to their room.

As he walked them back to their room Donk took control of the situation once more. "So, now that you both know what my cock feels like I expect you to take care of my needs. I will be using both of you to stay satisfied and to relieve my stress from work and school. I will be expecting you to suck me, fuck me and just be there for me. Do either of you have a problem with that?"

Donk had stopped them in the middle of the sidewalk and looked deeply into his mom's eyes and then his sisters. Neither women said a thing but all of a sudden they both gave him a big group hug.

"Okay, then it's settled," he said, "let's get back and have some fun!"

As the years went on the three of them had what could only be called an "arrangement". Donk never got married and neither did his sister or mom.

They all saw other people but at the end of the day they all slept, played and fucked together in their giant king-sized bed.

After college Donk still liked to stay active and his winter passion was a recreational hockey league. It was the same every week after their pick-up game was over, they would all get undressed and head to the showers to get all the sweat off them. The rest of the guys on his hockey team couldn't help themselves as they looked on in envy of his massive cock.

"So Donk, any new conquests this week?" one of them asked.

They all loved to hear about Donk's escapades. Being single and with word of mouth from the women he fucked he was never short of opportunities to take advantage of.

"Yeah," he said, "a mom and her daughter this week. I was fucking the daughter in her room and the mom came in to see what all the screaming was about. I thought she was going to faint when she saw my cock!" he laughed. "Then she started hitting me on the ass and telling me to stop hurting her little girl."

The laughter in the room was so loud Donk suspended his story until everyone settled down.

"So, I pulled my cock out of her daughter and turned to face her. Listen I said to her, I wasn't hurting your little girl I was fucking giving her the best orgasm of her life. Now sit on the bed and watch and if you hit me once more I am going to fuck your ass with my donkey dick."

"No way!" someone yelled.

"Way!" said Donk. "I could see the mom was mesmerized by the size of my cock and I wanted to have some fun with her. I told her if she helped me get my cock back in her daughters pussy I would give her a reward later. She asked me what kind of a reward and I told her I would let her clean my cock up with her mouth after I came in her daughter's pussy. Then, if she could get me hard again I would fuck her as well."

Donk paused and he could see that all the guys were waiting to see what happened next.

"I didn't really care if she agreed or not I just wanted to continue fucking her daughter. So, I grabbed the mom's hands and put them around my cock and she guided me to her little girls pussy all on her own. I told her to rub it along her little girls slit and just put the head in. I was tempted to stick it in her little girls ass just to see what the mom would say." he laughed. "So anyway I told her to keep one hand on my cock while I fucked her daughter. So her daughter is on her knees and I am doing her doggy-style while the mom is giving me a hand job at the same time."

"Fucking amazing!" says one of the hockey players.

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