Donna & Dean


Nick sat in the bar, having a coke. He let his eyes wander over the room to find someone interesting to strike up a conversation with. The door opened, and a girl came in, stopping in the doorway to look at the crowd. She was a real looker, tall and slim like a model, with long, brown hair and big, dark eyes. She dressed in expensive clothes, and seemed to be of a good family. She moved in that special way that comes from good upbringing, financial stability, and self-security from travelling a lot. He got off his chair, and started walking towards him. She saw him coming, and to Nick's surprise, she turned around and left the bar. What the... He had had some refusals in his days, but never before had a girl run out of the room when he approached! Pissed off, Nick went over to the bartender and ordered a beer.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

-Did you have a good time? said Dean, Nick's roommate, as Nick got back late that night.

-The greatest, said Nick. But there was this weird thing that happened... I saw this girl in the bar, right, a real babe, classy and stuff, and I walked up to her to offer her some Nick Spencer, but before I've even get there, she just runs out of the place!

-Probably smelled the after shave, said Dean. Try using only ONE bottle next time!

-Ah, fuck off! said Nick.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The next time Nick saw his dream-girl, she was shopping in a bookstore. By now, he was really interested in this girl, and decided to go in and talk to her. He went into the shop and searched in every isle, only to see through the window how she just crossed the street and disappeared into a mall. By the time he got there, there were no trace of her. What the fuck was this girl's problem?

* * * * * * * * * * *

-Shit! Nick exclaimed.

He was at the movies, had stood in line for 15 minutes, and NOW he realized that he had left his wallet back in his room. Well, that was the end of that night, he thought. There was like no way that he was going to get back to campus, get his wallet, and get back to the movies in time. He headed back home, in a shitty mood. He walked up to his room, unlocked the door, and got into the room... and there was his dream-girl, standing right there, in a short, white linen dress, with a little purse over her shoulder, looking at him in terror.

-You! he said. What are YOU doing here?

The girl didn't say anything. She looked around as if she was hoping to find a way to escape, but the only other door led to the toilet. Nick leaned back against the door, blocking the way, determined not to let this beauty get away from him this time. Then the thought hit him.

-No! he said. Don't tell me..! Did DEAN bring you here?

It couldn't be. Tall, scrawny Dean, country-boy, blue-eyed Dean, nervous, freaky, can-never-make-up-his-hind-Dean, had managed to score with this beauty? Nick's dream-girl? For crying out loud... He sat down on his bed.

The girl sighed and sat down on Dean's bed.

-It's me, Nick, she said, with Dean's voice, and pulled her wig off, laying it on the bed beside her.

-Dean??? said Nick. What the fuck is going on here?

-I'm gay, Nick, said Dean. I've never told anyone, because I didn't want to be treated like a freak, or get beaten up, or something. I'm also into cross-dressing. The girl you saw at the bar... it was me. I had to run away from you then, and in the bookstore, because I didn't want to risk you recognizing my voice.

-But... said Nick. But... it can't be you! That girl didn't look anything like you! I mean, the way she moved...

Dean got up and moved over to Nick's bed, swaying his hips seductively as he walked.

-When I'm Donna, I feel so much more secure, he said. The world is mine. I can do anything.

He sat down next to Nick, and ran his hand down Nick's chest.

-So, did you find me attractive – as Donna? he said.

-Yeah, said Nick. But...

Dean went back for his wig and put it back on. He unzipped the white dress and threw it on the bed. Nick looked at the expensive French underwear.

-Do you want to fuck me, Nick? said Donna.

-I... I... but you're a guy! said Nick.

-Not now, said Donna, and gently pushed him down on the bed. Tonight, I'm Donna. And I'm all Woman.

Still taken back by this unexpected revelation, Nick let Donna open his trousers and take his dick out. He had never been with another guy, he found it disgusting! But Donna was a babe, and he had lusted for her for weeks... It didn't count as gay as long as he didn't do anything, did it? Donna's painted lips wrapped themselves around his cock, sucking on it, licking its head, giving him a better blowjob than he had ever got by a real woman before. Nick leaned back in bed, and moaned as he filled his roommate's mouth with his cum.

He then got up, pushed Donna away, and ran into the toilet. He leaned over it and emptied his guts. Outside the door, he could hear Donna giggle...

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