tagRomanceDonna & Kevin at Christmas

Donna & Kevin at Christmas


Besides being one of my entries in the Winter Holiday Contest, this is the fifth story in the Donna and Kevin series. It's mostly about a supremely happy new family celebrating their first Christmas together in a traditional way, but there is also quite a bit of sex in it.


Donna and Kevin and Kerry and Kate O'Brien were about as happy as a family could be. Every day, either of the adults marveled that they could have been so undeservedly lucky as to have found the other, and felt eternally grateful that the other had been willing to marry and cast their lots together. The children, alternately ignored and abused by their birth mother, absolutely adored their stepmother and their father, and the feelings were completely mutual.

Six year old Kerry was looking forward to his first Christmas as a Big Boy, in particular to the Winter Holiday program to be put on by the school where he attended Kindergarten. He had a speaking part -- a four line poem he would render with three of his classmates -- and he constantly rehearsed it until he would have been capable of reciting it in his sleep. Two year old Kate didn't know exactly what was happening, but she knew it was something special, and she was eager to be a part of the festivities too.

Life had been exceptionally good to the adults since the previous Christmas. They had met, fallen head over heels in love and, as soon as Kevin's divorce became final, sworn eternal fealty to each other in a church full of friends. Not only their personal lives, but Kevin's career had flourished. A month earlier he had been informed that, after the first of the year, he would be recommended as the replacement of the retiring branch manager of the large regional CPA firm where he was a partner. That recommendation by the current manager would be certain to cinch for Kevin the corner office in the second floor of the tall commercial building where his firm's local branch was located.

That was a great advance in the world for him but, of more importance to the entire family, was the way he and Donna and the children all felt about each other. Within a few days of starting to live together, they had developed a morning routine. Kevin would arise the earliest and prepare coffee for himself and his beloved wife and warm milk and fruit, to be combined with whole grain cereal for the children.

After kissing Donna's cup where he knew she would be placing her lips, he took it to her and they enjoyed a few special minutes of togetherness in their room before preparing to start the day. After everybody had eaten breakfast and was properly scrubbed and clad, Kevin drove Katie to Mrs. Ortiz's Day Care Center, along with Donna, who worked there. His next stop was to drop Kerry off at Kindergarten, followed by driving himself to work.

The day care center would send somebody to fetch Kerry when his classes ended, a service for which they charged extra, and Kevin would stop and pick up everybody after his day at the CPA office ended. Neither of the adults ever felt like starting to cook dinner after working all day, so they would stop at one of the family-oriented restaurants they preferred, after which they would all go home and enjoy one another's company until it was time for bed. It was an unexciting life, but one all of them would have chosen over any alternative.

On December 18, which was the Friday before Christmas, there was to be a change in the usual routine. That was the big day for Kerry, when his class and his school would be putting on their Winter Holiday pageant, followed by no school for two weeks. Both Kevin and Donna would have chosen to cut off their own right hands rather than miss such an important event in their son's young life.

The last two weeks of the year tend to be quite slow at a CPA office, as most of their clients prepare to close out their books at the end of the year, and the CPA's get ready for tax season, so Kevin left work at noon on the 18th. He had also arranged to take the following week off. His first stop was at the school to pick up the budding entertainer and, from there, he went to Mrs. Ortiz's day care establishment, where Donna had also arranged to be off that afternoon. Most of the children would be with their own parents attending performances such as the one that Kerry's school was putting on, so there was no urgent need for her to stay with Mrs. Ortiz that afternoon.

Following a pleasant family lunch, they returned to Kerry's school, and he joined his fellow performers. Loving all children as much as she did, Donna had gladly volunteered to help out with the last minutes of the production, and the teachers and others at the school were happy to have her. Her reputation as a person who could keep youngsters in line through mutual respect and affection was widely known to all those who dealt with children. Kevin tended to the companionship and other needs of the youngest member of the family.

Finally, after some coughing and blowing into microphones and moving around of folding chairs, everything was in readiness. Having finished her labors of love, Donna rejoined Katie and Kevin and, minutes later, the school principal came out to welcome all parents and friends to the Winter Holiday program. He spoke for only a few minutes, because he was aware that everybody in the audience was there to see the children, especially their own, and he announced that the Kindergarten class would go on first.

Kerry and another boy, both wearing white shirts and corduroy pants, and two girls in colorful dresses came onto the stage first and recited the short poem to welcome everybody. The other boy stumbled slightly, but Kerry and the two girls had obviously memorized the piece perfectly, and everybody applauded the efforts of all four children, Kevin and Donna perhaps louder than anyone else. In small groups, others of the youngest children followed them, ending in "Frosty the Snowman" being sung by the entire class and accompanied by their teacher on the piano.

That concluded the Kindergarten segment of the show and, for the next 90 minutes, the other boys and girls followed in order of age, culminating with the Sixth Graders. Nobody could possibly have mistaken the program for a TV network variety show, but everybody, including the O'Brien family, was happy about it and enjoyed watching or being a part of it. At the conclusion, Kerry joined his proud family, and they all headed for home, where they told Fred and Wilma Brown, next door neighbors and honorary father and mother and grandparents, of the afternoon's events.

Christmas was on the following Friday and, for the next six days, there was a whirl of decorating and food preparation and, especially, Christmas shopping and wrapping the results of those expeditions. Being too young to really get involved with that part of the experience, Katie stayed at home with her mother or her father or with the Browns, while her big brother and the others went on their shopping excursions.

There was a great deal of secrecy involved, with closets and under beds and other improvised hiding places being employed. The adults were honor bound to avoid prying, and Kerry had the threat of stones and lumps of coal in his stocking and nothing under the tree from Santa Claus if he did any snooping where he didn't belong, so most of the secrets remained intact.

There was no fireplace by which to hang the Christmas stockings with care, so four of them, made of felt with seasonal decorations sewn on, were suspended by magnetic hooks from the sides of the entertainment center. They were in plain sight of everybody while the whole family watched some seasonal specials on the television until it was bedtime for the children, and time for the adults to complete their secretive work. When they were sure visions of sugarplums were dancing in Kerry's and Katie's little heads, they started to get out the gifts they had stashed away.

The expectation was that the four members of the O'Brien family would get up fairly early and open their gifts from each other and from Santa Claus, and the neighbors would come over later for brunch and more gift exchanges. The first thing the loving and happy parents did was to share the milk and cookies left out for the jolly old elf, and this was followed by stuffing an orange in each of the stocking toes. On top of the fruit, they added candy and nuts and small gifts until each of the stockings was bulging with the largesse. Not wanting Santa Claus to appear unfair or stingy, each of them was equally full.

The gifts to and from the Browns were already under the tree. Piled on top of those packages were presents for the children from their parents, gifts being exchanged between Donna and Kevin and, ostensibly, from the children for their loving parents. What needed to be added were presents from Jolly Old Saint Nicolas, including gifts intended for the children and the adults as well.

Katie and Kerry would receive toys and games and, just like frugal parents everywhere, their mother and father had bought and wrapped shirts and socks and other new clothing for both of them. Neither of the adults knew what "Santa Claus" would leave for them. Especially because this would be their first Christmas as a family, the happy couple wanted everything to be as close to perfect as they could get it.

One of the things that would help them achieve that ideal would be making love that night, and Donna had something special she wanted to do for her beloved husband. On the afternoon after they took out their wedding license, they had played hooky from work and gone to her former apartment to make love. As part of their carnal adventure, she had kissed his cock and, for the first time, he had eaten her pussy bringing his fiancée to a tremendous climax.

Ever since then, the latter had been a regular part of their love-making. Donna wanted to do the same thing for Kevin, as a demonstration of her devotion to him, and had even practiced with frankfurters. She had decided almost two months earlier that Christmas Eve would be the time, as sort of a special gift for the man who had given so much to her.

As they did every night, the loving couple checked on Kerry and Katie, smiling at the sight of the children peacefully asleep, before entering their room and closing the door. They stood beside the bed, hugging and kissing, until they started undressing each other, which was another thing they did every night. After being unbuttoned, Kevin's shirt and Donna's blouse were removed, and she turned her back on him so he could unhook her bra, a task he relished and had become quite adept at doing. When her big, succulent breasts were free, he reached around and lovingly fondled them, gently fingering her nipples, which were already erect. This was also a part of their nighttime ritual, and something that they did every night.

Donna enjoyed the caresses nearly as much as her man did, maybe even more but, when he pulled his hands away, she turned to face him and maneuvered his body so his back was to the bed. After another embrace, accompanied by a long, passionate kiss, two pairs of hands busied themselves unfastening the blue jeans being worn by the other person. Her fingers were more nimble, so Donna finished first, and got to her knees to pull Kevin's pants down to the floor, where he could step out of them. When they were out of the way, she looked up to smile at the way his cock was stretching his boxer shorts. The happy bride had been looking forward to this moment for months.

After unsnapping the fasteners on its waistband, Donna let the last garment fall to the floor. Kevin stepped out of them and stood naked in front of his kneeling wife. During their previous sessions of making love, she would have gotten to her feet and they would have both gotten onto the bed where Kevin would finish divesting Donna of her clothing. He would then have eaten her pussy until her climax, but she had something else in mind that night.

Still kneeling, she straightened up until her face was at the same level as his cock. With one hand, Donna moved it gently aside and kissed its base, in the middle and on the head. She grinned impishly at her surprised and delighted husband and treated the other side of his cock the same way. Following that display of affection, Donna held the rigid shaft in one hand and gently rubbed it against the side of her face, followed by leaning back and forward again to caress him the same way with her other cheek.

She kissed the head several more times, followed by licking it, relishing the fine, velvety texture against her tongue. Slightly unsure of herself when she started, by that time Donna had no doubts whatsoever about what she wanted to do for the man she loved, and she made a suggestion: "Why don't you sit down, My Love? It'll be a lot more fun for both of us."

Kevin had no difficulty in doing what she suggested. He had seen porno films in which men had their cocks sucked, even to cumming, frequently ejaculating onto the woman's face, but he had never experienced it himself. His shyness and the poverty of his youth had kept him from gaining much experience with girls or women, and his first wife had adamantly refused the only time he had, quite timidly, suggested the possibility to her. However, the woman kneeling in front of him was about as much different from that woman as it would be possible for one human female to be from another.

When he backed up to sit on the edge of the bed, Donna followed on her knees, one hand holding to his erection as if afraid he might reject what she so much wanted to do. As he sat with his legs spread, she moved to be between them, put her elbows on his thighs and grinned eagerly up at him again. Still holding his cock, she took the head between her lips and started licking it. The texture felt even better to her than it had a minute ago and, while continuing the wet caresses of her tongue, Donna's mouth enveloped more of the hard shaft.

It tasted much different and better than the frankfurters she had practiced on. The sausages had been cold and seemed rather slimy after being in her mouth for a few seconds, while the cock gliding into the same place was warm, and tasted very slightly salty. It felt much better too, with the greater thickness giving her lips a thrill as it stretched them open. Instead of being slimy, the head felt infinitely better to Donna's tongue and, as she licked the shaft that was filling her mouth so pleasantly, she loved the hard roundness and smooth skin that was stretched so tightly over it.

Although the experience was new to her, Donna knew enough to be careful and to move slowly, especially while she was enveloping Kevin's cock in her mouth. As she felt the tip lightly touching the back of her throat, she stopped there, taking it in no farther. She knew that trying to fit too much of its length into her mouth at once might cause her to gag, and that was the last thing she wanted to have happen while she was giving the loving and different gift to her much adored husband.

After taking his cock as far into her mouth as she dared, Donna left it there, feeling the love that was flowing back and forth between him and her. When she began moving her face backward, maintaining pressure with her lips but withdrawing her mouth from around Kevin's cock, she watched him and was elated to see the grimaces of pleasure that flickered across his face. The sight was such a thrill to her that Donna focused her eyes on his visage when no more than the head was still between her lips, and kept them there as she began engulfing the hard cylinder again.

Once again, her mouth enveloped Kevin's cock until the head brushed against the back of her throat. Donna let the welcome visitor remain like that for a few seconds, while her tongue curled around its hardness, caressing as much of it as she could reach. When she drew her mouth back, her tongue kept laving as much of his cock as was inside her mouth, especially the head, which was still nestled between her lips when she reached the end of the stroke Reveling in the knowledge that she was giving pleasure to the most wonderful man in the world, Donna continued slowly sucking him off.

Besides her happiness as a result of that knowledge, Donna was very much enjoying the sensation of having her man's cock in her mouth. As she slowly stroked with her lips, everything felt good, from the way its thickness forced her lips so far apart, to the way the tip felt against the back of her mouth, to the texture of the skin under her tongue. Knowing he was receiving immense pleasure by the way Kevin's body squirmed in front of her and in his murmurs of happiness at the gift she was giving him also filled her heart with joy. All things taken into consideration, it was one of the best experiences of her life, comparable to the first time they had made love or the first time her husband to be had eaten her pussy.

Everything about it gave great pleasure to Kevin too. He adored his wife even more than he had a short while ago, and couldn't keep his eyes off her sweet and beloved face, especially with the way she was continually gazing up at him. He knew, with absolute certainty, that sucking a cock was something she had never done for anybody, and that it was contrary to the tenets of her religious upbringing, and that combination made it the most wonderful gift she could ever have given him.

In addition to those wonderful details about her act of love, Kevin was deriving tremendous physical pleasure from what Donna's mouth was doing for his cock. It was a visual treat to see his shaft slowly moving in and out of that pretty face, but nothing was nearly as good as the sexual thrill he was getting from her that night. It was so good that, after a long time of the slow strokes of his wife's mouth, Kevin knew he was close to cumming, but he was not sure what to do or say about it. In porno movies, he had seen men squirt their semen onto the woman's face, but that didn't seem like the appropriate thing to do for a woman who was performing such an extreme act of love for him.

"I'm almost ready to cum, Sweetheart," he told her, after having decided to let her make the decision.

Donna knew what she wanted to do when he climaxed. Kevin had squirted his cum into her pussy many times, and she always loved the way if felt, and knew he did too. She wanted him to do the same thing to her mouth - to fill it with his love juices.

The possibility that she might spit out his cum had never occurred to her. To Donna's way of thinking, his semen would be something her loving husband would be presenting to her, but into her mouth instead of her pussy, and her obvious response would be to accept his gift by swallowing it. As she moved her face rhythmically back and forth, enveloping and releasing his cock, she felt it start to jerk against her tongue and lips, and was sure he would be presenting his gift of love momentarily.

She was right. "I'm cumming, Sweetheart," Kevin announced.

Donna started sucking faster, for she knew that was what Kevin liked to do just before he climaxed into her pussy. His cock stopped jerking inside her mouth, and a big gob of thick, viscous fluid landed on her tongue. It was slightly salty and seemed to smell or taste a bit like chlorine bleach, but it had a pleasant flavor to her, and she relished it even more for what it represented. Donna kept sucking, and felt and tasted two similar spurts of what she knew to be his cum, but nothing after that, although she continued to caress his cock with all parts of her mouth for another two minutes.

When she was certain that Kevin was through cumming, Donna drew his cock out between her lips and held it in her fingers. His semen tasted better to her than it had at first, and she swirled it around in her mouth and enjoyed the flavor and texture, before letting it slide down her throat. She noticed there was quite a lot more on his cock, which was just starting to soften, so she licked everything off, including what was oozing out the end, loving that the same way as she had the first mouthful he gave her. When Donna was finally done, but not really knowing what to say, she smiled rather shyly up at her husband.

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