tagRomanceDonna & Kevin Forever

Donna & Kevin Forever


PLEASE NOTE: This is a continuation of the stories "Donna from Daycare" and "Donna and Kevin Together." Unlike most of my stories, there was a limited amount of sex in those earlier parts, and there isn't very much in this one either.


Kevin O'Brien woke up and smiled at the sweet face of Donna on the pillow next to the one he was using. He loved her so much as to almost constitute worship, and he knew that she returned his feelings. Both of them had been involved in extremely negative earlier marriages, but those unions had ended, and they had found each other. That day was an important one to them, for they were planning to start a series of events that would banish the negatives from their lives and commit either of them to the other forever. Before he could do any of those things, however, he had to go to the bathroom.

After washing his hands and face, Kevin padded out to the kitchen in his slippers and pajamas and turned on the coffee pot, which had been prepared the night before. While it was brewing, he poured milk into two bowls, one for Kerry and one for Kate, and added blueberries from the freezer. The bowls went into the microwave and, while the fruit was thawing and the milk was warming, he got out the whole grain cereals the children always ate for breakfast on weekdays, along with spoons.

When Donna moved into the apartment with Kevin and his two children, the adults found it necessary to set up a routine for weekday mornings, and it had been working quite well. He was the one who prepared breakfast for everybody and, by the time he had placed the bread in the toaster and gotten the fruit and other ingredients out of the refrigerator, the coffee was ready, as was the fruit and milk for the children. After filling the cup marked "Donna" and the one with his name on it, Kevin added the proper amounts of cream and sugar to both of them and kissed the rim of Donna's cup where he knew she would be placing her lips. With a cup in either hand, Kevin returned to their bedroom, nudged the door open with his foot, and went in to greet his beloved.

She was still asleep, or pretending to be, so he set the coffee on the dresser and went to the bed to gaze on her face again. This time, he did more than just smile, bending over and gently kissing her lips. He grinned at the smile that spread across those same sweet lips, and kissed her there again. This time, Donna opened her eyes, sat up in bed and spread her arms wide for the good morning hug she expected and received. After another long kiss, Kevin brought their coffee over to the bed, and they sat there, enjoying each other's presence and talking of their important plans for that day.

"Today's the big day. One of them anyhow, Kevin commented.

"I know. Are you sure you want to go through with it."

"As sure as I am that debits go to the left and credits go to the right." Kevin enjoyed his career as a partner in a large regional CPA firm, and it paid well, but it wasn't as important to him as he sometimes pretended.

Donna knew that, and she also knew that her man was saying that he was more sure of what they were doing than he was of anything. She felt the same way. Since moving into his apartment with Kevin's two sweet children, all four had been almost deliriously happy. On that day, the divorce from his bitch of a first wife became final, and they could finally start the process of their getting married. He would also no longer be responsible for any maintenance of his first wife, but that was far less important than the freedom to marry the woman that he considered his soul mate.

The first thing they would have to do would be to get a marriage license from City Hall. They had talked over the rest of the process, and had decided that a wedding at that same place was too impersonal so, since neither of them was affiliated with a church, they would hold their wedding where their neighbors and very good friends and neighbors, Fred and Wilma Brown, were long-time parishioners.

Fred and Wilma thought of Kevin as a substitute for their own offspring, who were thousands of miles away, and they loved Kate and Kerry as though they were their own grandchildren. Their affections were warmly returned, and the three O'Briens had a very close relationship with the Browns, who saw the only problem as being that Kevin was not as happily married as they were. He had told them of his bad marital experience, but they still believed that women and men should be together and that Kevin and his two kids would all be better off if he remarried the right woman. When Donna came on the scene and they saw the obvious love among Kevin and her and the children, the oldest generation conspired with the youngest to get the whole group together, where they obviously belonged.

It had worked even better than anybody could have hoped, and everybody's expectation was that, as soon as his divorce became final, Kevin and Donna would get married, and everybody would live happily ever after. They weren't really naïve enough to believe in such fairy tales, but the happy couple did believe that their love was so strong that they had an excellent chance of achieving that ideal. So did Fred and Wilma and everybody else who knew both of them.

After breakfast and everybody's morning ablutions, which were done like clockwork, and all four dressing or being dressed, they all piled into Kevin's sedan. In the back, two year old Kate was securely buckled into her baby's seat. Kerry, who had recently celebrated his sixth birthday, thereby achieving the distinction of being a Big Boy, was safely held in place by his seat belt, which he had learned to operate by himself. The first place they stopped was at Mrs. Ortiz's Day Care Center, where Donna worked at the job she loved and was almost superhumanly good at, taking care of children. She unbuckled Kate, lifted the little girl out of the car and, after sharing a long and passionate kiss with her betrothed, escorted the child to the front door, where she let Kate ring the bell for admission. Kevin watched until the door closed behind his fiancé and daughter and drove Kerry to his kindergarten class, which would end at noon.

As he had every day since working out their morning schedule with Donna, Kevin arrived at his CPA office at 8:30, although he was not due to arrive until 9:00. He would also not leave until 6:00 PM, because he would need to arrive at the day care center fairly late to pick up Kate, Donna and Kerry, who would have been transported there from his school by one of Mrs. Ortiz's employees. Little extra services such as that made her establishment the best in town, although also the most expensive.

As a partner, Kevin was not paid by the hour so, rather than sitting around drinking coffee during the extra time, he worked on whichever of his accounts could use his attention. Such diligence did not escape the notice of Darren Hodge, the district branch's managing partner, who was on the verge of retiring, and was quietly evaluating the other partners there to determine which of them would merit his recommendation to be his successor. Kevin had at least as much seniority as any of the other candidates and an excellent record overall. His unusually high level of recent production had made him the leader in Mr. Hodge's consideration, although that fact would not be made public until his actual retirement was announced, which would be followed by his recommendation. Although he was aware of his seniority and of Darren's age and eventual retirement, Kevin was not considering those facts in scheduling his weekdays. All he was doing was taking care of his family.

Early that afternoon, by prearrangement since it was a comparatively slack season for the CPA firm, Kevin took the rest of the day off to pick up Donna and both children from Mrs. Ortiz's and drove to City Hall. They had decided that, since Kate and Kerry were so much a part of their lives, and had been so instrumental in their meeting and falling in love, they should also be involved in all the processes that would culminate in their wedding. At the marriage license window, Kevin presented his divorce decree on the grounds of incompatibility, and Donna showed her notice of annulment on the grounds of her barrenness. After some routine questions and showing of identification and collecting of a fee, the precious license was issued. The first step had been taken on the journey that both of them fervently believed would last forever.

Since beginning her job, Donna had willingly worked long hours for Mrs. Ortiz without ever asking for any extra time off, so her employer had no problem letting her take that afternoon for such an important personal errand. Once the license had been secured, they had no need to return to work, and there was nothing they really had to do that day, but there was something they very much wanted to do.

Donna had always been rather low paid while working for her first employer, who operated a day care center that was cheaper than Mrs. Ortiz's and not as good. She hadn't minded, because she loved the work so much and her needs were simple. They included an inexpensive studio apartment, and they had decided to keep it as a place where they could sneak away sometimes for some private time together, especially in the afternoon. When Donna moved in with Kevin, she notified the building management in writing of her intention to leave, but she later notified the same people she had changed her mind. Since that time, they had been mailing a check for rent every month, and they had used it a few times, mostly on weekends. The only furnishings there were the Murphy bed and some pillows and bedding, but that was all they needed.

They were both aware of this as they left the license office, and Donna turned to Kevin, grinned slyly and asked: "Do you want to play hooky for the rest of the afternoon?"

Kevin knew what she meant, and he grinned back. "Yeah, let's do that."

Leaving the children with Fred and Wilma posed no problem. The older couple liked spending as much time as possible with Kate and Kerry, who were also in favor of the idea. They never asked why the children were being dropped off, figuring that Donna and Kevin would tell them if they wanted and, if they didn't tell them, it was none of their business anyhow. Sure the two children were in good hands and having plenty of time to make love, the happy couple drove to their alternate home.

A parking space was not included with the studio, so Kevin parked on the street as close as he could and they walked the rest of the way to their destination. Donna had always been the custodian of the keys to the front door and to the apartment, and she let them in and closed and locked the doors behind them. Besides being a handy getaway, the small apartment held many happy memories and, on that day they intended to add to that stockpile. Once they were inside and away from any nosy neighbors, Kevin and Donna shared a long, loving embrace and an even more loving kiss. When it ended, he shucked off his coat and tie and they walked, their arms around each other, to the bed where they had first truly learned of and later celebrated their deep love for one another.

Because they wanted as little delay as possible when they came to use the apartment, the Murphy bed was left unfolded from the wall, and they always made it up with clean sheets and pillow cases after using it. They sat down and removed their shoes and stockings, then stood beside it, hugging and kissing, while they started undressing each other. Donna was wearing what she usually wore at work, a long cotton smock, in case somebody threw up on her, and old blue jeans. Kevin took hold of the hem of the protective garment and pulled it off over Donna's head and off, tossing it onto the floor and out of the way. That left her wearing a bra over her ample breasts, and she turned her back to allow Kevin to unhook and remove it.

The first time he performed that operation, Kevin had a great deal of difficulty, but he'd had a lot of practice since then. Every night, when they were getting ready for bed, he removed Donna's bra and fondled her succulent breasts while they were snuggling together before falling asleep, whether they actually had intercourse or not. On this day, of course, that was their intention, and he caressed her there, especially relishing the way her nipples turned erect under his loving ministrations. Donna relished the intimate feel of his gentle hands on her almost as much as he did, but they had other things to do, so she turned to face him and started unbuttoning his shirt.

He turned around to let her remove it, and the shirt joined their other clothing on the floor. Both nude above the waist, they started working on each other's belt and pants. Donna finished first and knelt in front of Kevin, pulling his pants down with her, and stripping them off. Still on her knees, she smiled at the sight of his cock bulging inside his boxer shorts. Donna didn't waste much time looking, before unsnapping the waistband and pulling his last garment off and adding it to the growing pile. She lightly held his cock in her hand and kissed it, blushing slightly at her daring, because she had never done such a thing. She hoped Kevin wouldn't think less of her, but it seemed right to her, considering the many wonderful things his organ had done for her and how it was going to give her more pleasure that day.

However, before it could do that, Kevin would have to remove the rest of her clothing, so Donna stood up to let him do so. He could never think less of her, and actually loved her even more, although he wouldn't have believed that was possible. As a part of their usual lovemaking, he kissed her breasts and licked them, and the enticing aroma of her pussy had been luring him to experiment by going farther down on her body with his mouth. Encouraged by what she had just done with her lips, he decided that he would do so that day and, if either of them didn't like it, he wouldn't do it again.

He removed her pants as she had removed his and, while still on his knees, hooked his fingers into the elastic waistband of her wet cotton panties and pulled them down and off. When Kevin straightened up again, his face was inches away from Donna's pussy, and her delectable female essence filled his nostrils. He leaned forward and kissed her on her Mount of Venus, on one of her outer lips and, finally, directly on either of her swollen inner lips. It felt wonderful to his mouth, even over her pubic hair and, when he licked his lips, the few drops of her juices were about the most delicious thing he had ever tasted. Kevin resolved that he would kiss and lick the entire area that very afternoon, but they embraced and smooched in the more conventional way before climbing, both naked, onto the bed.

As she usually did, Donna lay on her back with a pillow under her head and, as he usually did, Kevin started by kissing her eyes, ears and mouth. They weren't in a rut; they both immensely enjoyed making love with each other and doing certain things in certain ways, wanting to give the most pleasure possible and receive it as well. However, they were willing to experiment with new ways of showing their devotion and giving one another pleasure. Donna had done so earlier when she kissed Kevin's cock, and he had reciprocated, and was going to do something even more different in a few minutes.

After many kisses on the mouth and letting their tongues renew their acquaintance, Kevin's mouth started down Donna's throat, on its way to her lovely breasts, which he was already fondling with his hands. When he reached that destination, his tongue became even more active, caressing her nipples with broad strokes or short jabs of the tip. Donna's cute pink nubbins quickly became erect, so much so that Kevin's tongue could actually feel the individual tiny ridges. Still paying homage to her luscious breasts, he drew one into his mouth and began sucking, while his tongue continued licking her nipple and areola.

Donna's arousal was growing, and she made no effort to conceal that fact. She was murmuring her pleasure at what her man was doing, and her body was writhing under him, thrusting her breasts up against his mouth as he alternated his attentions between them. Even more important to Kevin, her pussy was producing more of the juices that were so delectable to his nostrils and that had been so delicious before. He decided the time had arrived for his tongue to travel farther down her body, as he had made up his mind earlier to do.

Kevin started by licking the channel between her gorgeous breasts and rubbing them against his face as his mouth started down her body. Taking his time and really enjoying himself, Kevin's tongue caressed Donna's plump, womanly belly, while his hands stroked her sides and hips. Any small trepidation he might have felt was overpowered by the incredible aroma of her juices, which were flowing freely at his destination. He hoped she wouldn't tell him to stop. He was aware that some women thought of themselves as being ugly or bad-smelling there, bui he was even more aware that his beloved was neither, whatever she might think.

Donna didn't know what to think. The man she loved more than anything was doing something he had never done before, but it felt so good she made no effort to stop him. When he tickled her navel by swirling his tongue inside, she giggled, which seemed to encourage him. Even as she watched, he continued to lick and kiss his way down her body until his lips and tongue were caressing her soft, curly pubic hair. At that point, he raised his head and looked back at her, as if awaiting her permission to go farther.

"I love what you're doing. Don't stop now," she told him.

He didn't stop, but continued farther downward, leaning over to lick the inside of one thigh, sending thrills of a new kind swirling through her body. She spread her legs, giving him easier access to what he seemed to really like doing, and what felt so great to her. He leaned farther over and tried to do the same thing to her other thigh, before straightening up, smiling back at her and getting off the bed to get right back on between her legs. He smiled at her again, his lips and chin shiny with the juices he was apparently enjoying licking from her soft flesh.

He was not just enjoying it, but reveling in the feel of Donna's body and the taste and the aroma of her juices, but the best part was how it was obvious that Donna was receiving a great deal of pleasure from what he was doing. Even besides her encouraging words, Kevin could tell how much she was enjoying his actions from the way her adorable pussy was squirming under his ministrations. He was extremely eager to do much more, but it was an awkward position, until he thought of a way that it might be much better. He got off the bed and got back on between her legs, wanting to bring the wonderful woman in front of him to a great orgasm, followed by another that would be simultaneous with his own.

"Raise your legs," he instructed Donna and, when she did, he ducked under them so they could rest on his shoulders.

Kevin leaned forward and breathed deeply of the incredible aroma of Donna's pussy. He had always relished her scent, but this was the first time he had ever smelled her from so close, and it was even better than he had expected. She was sparsely covered there with light brown hair, and the surrounding skin was clear and the color of ivory. Her inner lips were a dusky pink in color, and were swollen so much they were blossoming out of her pink slit. Kevin had seen a few porno movies, and they had usually included some close-ups, but this was the first time he had ever gazed on a live pussy from inches away, and he was awed by its beauty.

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