tagRomanceDonna & Kevin Go to the Zoo

Donna & Kevin Go to the Zoo


Winter had ended and spring was in full bloom on the Friday morning when Kevin O'Brien looked at the calendar in the kitchen of the apartment where he and his family lived in loving closeness. It was April 15, probably the hardest working day of the year for him, as managing partner at the local branch of the big CPA firm where he had worked since graduating from college. He also noted the following Friday, April 22, was Earth Day, and decided the day following that, since it would be Saturday, would be a good time to take Donna and the kids on an outing to the zoo as a celebration of the occasion.

It was one of the favorite places of Kerry and Kate -- his daughter especially liked Monkey Island -- and they hadn't been there since the previous fall. Shauna Stevens, the young African-American girl who was Katie's best friend and whom they were fostering, had never been there. A few minutes later, when everyone had assembled for their usual healthy breakfast of milk and cereal with fruit, he announced the idea to everybody at the table.

"Monkeys!" Katie announced gleefully. "Lions and bears and tigers!"

"What's the zoo?" Shauna asked.

"They have monkeys!" Katie explained to her friend. "And lions and bears and tigers."

She got up and went to get a picture book she had, and the two little girls spent the rest of their time at the breakfast table huddling together over it, while Katie pointed out some of the exotic creatures, zebras and rhinos and giraffes and, especially, monkeys. In all his six year old sophistication, Kerry ignored the pictures and concentrated on his food. Shauna oooed and aaahed over the strange beasts and, when it was time for her and the other people at the breakfast table to leave for work or day care or kindergarten, she piped up.

"Can I go zoo too?"

"Of course, Sweetie," Donna answered. "You're part of this family too." She bent over and kissed the adorable child, just to eliminate any doubt of her status that might have been developing.

The goal of Donna and Kevin in regards to Shauna, besides providing her what material things she needed, was to make her as welcome a member of their family as they could, while not usurping the place of her real mother, Dorothy. The little girl's mother was being held in the city jail in lieu of exorbitant bail, charged with possession of drugs with intent to sell them.

Whenever she could, Dorothy called on the telephone and talked to Shauna, as well as to Donna, who was a friend and coworker, to get the latest news about her daughter and to pass on anything happening about her charge, which she said was bogus. The concerned single mother told anybody who would listen how a previous conviction was for something she did when she was young, foolish and not the mother of a delightful three year old child. She was still on probation for that conviction, which was why her bail had been set extremely high. Donna was supportive of her friend, but neither she nor Kevin knew for certain where the truth lay, and they had decided to let the case work out the way it would.

Shauna had come to live with them on Valentine's Day and, one evening two weeks later, a social worker from the County Child Welfare Services came to see the new foster parents. Donna and Kevin were surprised when she showed them the approved applications for foster parenthood, which they had never seen before. Neither of them said anything, because they realized some good and clever person had cut red tape to bring about the best result possible. Later that evening, Donna told her doting husband about her employer's good friend, who had no qualms at all about breaking some unreasonable rules or even laws when a child's future was at stake. Even before that, he just grinned at the forged application and the approval, both having happened on the same day, and both appearing to have been completed by the same person using the same pen.

The social worker also presented them with a check which was the first of the stipends to be issued monthly to help pay the expenses of Shauna, and which they were reluctant to accept. Both foster parents were very fond of the sweet child, and didn't want to accept the money, which they didn't need, for what they thought of as an act of love, for her and for her mother. When the social worker insisted, they finally accepted it and, at first opportunity, used it to open a trust account for Shauna. The next check was deposited directly into that account, and future payments would be too. They never gave a thought to the matter after that.

Except for a break to bring Donna and the children home from Day Care, Kevin worked all day on April 15, arriving home well after midnight, glad to get the day and the tax season over. He slept late the next morning, and Donna got the children presentable and prepared breakfast for them and herself before taking all three members of the youngest generation to the apartment of the oldest.

Fred and Wilma Brown had known Kevin and his two children since before he met Donna, and thought of themselves as honorary grandparents of Kerry and Kate, and they had no trouble adding Shauna to that group. As grandparents often do, they had asked permission to take all three children to a Walt Disney cartoon marathon that day. Donna freely gave it, because she wanted to let Kevin sleep, and she had plans for after he woke up. As much as they loved all three children, sometimes they liked to have a few hours of privacy.

The first thing she did after the children left with the Browns was to prepare large cups of coffee for him and herself and, before bringing them to their bedroom, she divested herself of every stitch of her clothing. After setting the steaming cups on the nightstand, she crawled into bed with her equally nude husband and cuddled up against him. Although not yet awake when she joined him, he was unable to continue sleeping with his wife's voluptuous, bare body snuggling against him.

"Good morning." He greeted her. "This is certainly a nice way to wake up."

"I have an even better way for you."

"I know. I smell the coffee."

Donna punched him playfully on the arm. Coffee was not what she meant, and he knew it and she knew he knew it. Not wanting to let anything come between him and something as important and delightful as making Saturday morning love with his sweetheart, Kevin rolled over on his side to face her and wrap his arms around her and plant a long, passionate kiss on her puckered lips. Before he continued, however, there were two things he needed to attend to. The first involved going to the bathroom and, when he returned from there, he took a sip of coffee and got back into bed with Donna to ask about the other thing.

"What about the kids?"

"Fred and Wilma took them to an all-day movie marathon. They'll be gone until late this afternoon." As she spoke, Donna grinned lasciviously, because she knew what that would mean.

Kevin knew too, and he grinned back just as lewdly and, with their next kiss, their tongues said "good morning" also. For the next few minutes, they mouths continued what they were doing, while their hands explored each other's nude bodies, until Donna started kissing her loving mate's neck and throat. She continued from that point, her lips and tongue slowly traveling down his body, while she burrowed into the light covering over them.

His cock was her goal and, when she reached it, Donna cupped his balls in one hand and held Kevin's stiff shaft in the other. It was dark under the covers, but she had no need to see where she was going or what she was doing, which began with kissing and licking the head. With her mouth a fraction of an inch away, she extended her tongue and started fondling. As always, she reveled in the texture, like warm velvet, and her tongue traveled in concentric circles until it was caressing under the hard ridge. Slowly, she enveloped as much of the rigid cylinder as she could, licking the shaft as she eased her mouth over it.

Both quite inexperienced before they found each other, the happy couple had taught themselves some of the physical aspects of making love. Until the first time she shared a bed with Kevin, Donna had never even seen a cock. Her first husband had insisted on trying to "make babies" with her in the dark, because he was afraid she would become too excited if she ever saw him nude and, for a similar reason, never saw her when she was not fully dressed. When their once monthly sexual couplings were unfruitful for a year and she was diagnosed as having a uterus that was not fully formed, he was able to get their marriage annulled on the grounds of "undisclosed barrenness."

Although older at the time of their meeting, Kevin had little more experience, mostly with prostitutes and watching pornographic movies. His first marriage resulted when he impregnated a woman during a drunken office party and did "the honorable thing" of marrying her to give their son, Kerry, a surname. She was actually much more attracted to other women, and never had any affection for the man she had married, using him for financial support and to help cloak her lesbian activity.

They had a second child -- Katie -- by accident. That marriage blew up when he surprised her in a sexual romp in their apartment with the woman who should have been minding the children. She bragged about her previous affairs and announced her dislike of the children without knowing her audience was using his miniature audio-tape recorder. Her divorce attorney, when he heard that surreptitious audio-tape, advised her to settle for whatever she could get, in lieu of trying for more in court.

Eventually, these two found each other, and their love blossomed wildly, as they made up for the time they had lost with the wrong people. Kevin had seen men eating pussies in porn movies and, when he tried it with Donna, it was a truly joyful occasion for both of them. Some time later, she emulated him, surprising Kevin one day by sucking him off and swallowing his semen, and they both derived tremendous enjoyment from her special display of her love. Since that time, oral sex has become a regular part of their love making.

It was definitely part of their love-making that morning. After locating Kevin's cock under the covers and taking it into her mouth, Donna started stroking it slowly between her lips. Since the children would be away all day, she was taking her time and making the pleasure last as long as she could for both of them. The cock going in and out of her mouth that day was looked on as a symbol of the love and devotion they felt for each other, besides being a giver of pleasure, and Donna considered it to be close to an object of reverence.

Kevin thought the same of her pussy and, after he filled his wife's mouth with his cum and she swallowed it, he would eat her until she climaxed, and they would decide after that what else they wanted to do. Whatever that would be, her thoughts at that time were on his cock and how good it felt, in every way, to take it in and out of her mouth, and his thoughts were on her mouth and how much pleasure it was giving him and receiving from him.

And, that was a very large amount. To make it even better, he pulled the covers away so he could watch her mouth slowly enveloping and releasing his cock. She knew what he wanted, and moved slightly so Kevin would have a clear view of the thick shaft gliding in and out between her lips. Donna looked up at him too, and there was nothing at all phony about the adoration in her eyes. The pleasure her slow strokes were giving him was intense, and he could feel his climax mounting, seeming to collect from all over his body, even his toes and fingers, and concentrate in his groin.

Moving her face back and forth, she sucked and licked until she felt his cock throbbing against the inside of her mouth. Donna knew what that meant, and tightened her lips and began stroking faster. She very much didn't want his love juices leaking out of her mouth, nor did she want them shooting down her throat without her having the chance to fully relish their taste and texture.

"Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!" Kevin murmured. "You're going to make me cum."

"That's what I want to do," Donna thought to herself, but she didn't open her mouth and say anything; she just sucked faster.

"Ah! AH!" Kevin grunted as his climax exploded, and he launched a big gob of cum into his wife's mouth.

Donna's tongue was placed perfectly, and she caught the viscous liquid there, but kept sucking. She knew there was more yet to come, and her effort was rewarded by two more bursts of semen from her loving husband. When he was through cumming, she knew that too, and Donna took his cock out of her mouth, holding it upright so the juices inside it wouldn't drip out, and swirled her reward inside her mouth, relishing its flavor and the way it felt against her tongue and the insides of her cheeks. She let that delicious mouthful slip down her throat and started to lick Kevin's cock to get the semen that was clinging to the outside.

When it was clean, she went after what was still inside, placing a thumb right in front of his scrotum, with the fingers of that hand on the opposite side, and squeezing lightly as she drew her hand toward her mouth, her tongue catching everything that oozed out. When she was done, and knew she had caught every drop of his juices Kevin had for her, she treated the second mouthful as she had the first, until it slipped down her throat the same way. Smiling happily, she slid back up on the bed until she was facing her sweetheart again.

It was his turn to go down on her, and he started by kissing her fully on the lips and continued down her throat until his lips reached Donna's luscious breasts. They were his first goal, and he started by holding one in his hand and licking its nipple, elated at how it was so erect, he could feel the individual ridges. He knew she was highly excited already, from sucking his cock and swallowing his cum, but he wanted to bring her to as high a state of arousal as he could, so he continued licking her nipples, alternating between them, while she cooed happily and writhed in bliss on the bed.

The aroma of her pussy became so delectable, Kevin could no longer resist, so he began licking and kissing his way down Donna's body, starting with the cleft between her succulent breasts. He pressed the soft mounds against either side of his face while his tongue caressed between them and down her sexily plump belly until he reached her pubic hair. He loves the texture of her fluffy bush against his tongue, but he moved around her, pushing the sheets and blanket out of the way so he and his wife would be completely uncovered during the rest of their love-making that morning.

As she saw him creeping up between her legs, Donna raised them, and Kevin ducked under so they rested on his shoulders and wrapped his arms around her thighs until his fingers met on her Mount of Venus. He leaned in closer, stopping when his face was inches from where his tongue would be giving and getting pleasure in a few moments. To him, Donna's pussy is a thing of beauty, with its soft, sparse light brown hair and the ivory skin under that bush. Her inner lips were swollen with her desire and blossoming through her slit, and he gently reached closer and spread the soft edges of the lovely pink opening.

As he knew it would, a cloud of fragrance arose from her, the most delightful scent he knew of, and his cock started to stiffen again from its power as an aphrodisiac. He would have a full erection and put it to good use later, but he would eat Donna's pussy first and bring her to her first orgasm of the day. Besides the aroma, her flavor is delicious, as he again proved to himself by leaning in more closely and licking up the juices that had trickled onto the insides of her thighs and down her crotch. Donna's blissful cooing grew louder and started evolving into moans.

As wonderful as it was to all his senses, that of touch was the one being most gratified. The skin of her thighs and crotch had been soft and smooth, and the outer lip where he started had an even more delightful texture. Donna's soft pubic hair and her flawless skin felt like a warm satin pillow to his tongue. Moving very slowly, Kevin licked all the way to her Mount of Venus and kissed her there. Her body was writhing under his face and her head was rolling back and forth on her pillow, with her eyes closed in bliss and her lips parted in a smile of joy.

He didn't delay more than a second, before licking up the nectar Donna had just produced and transferring his attentions to the other lip. This one was treated the same way, with Kevin taking a long time as he used his tongue to caress every bit of the soft flesh, reveling in the way her body was rocking from side to side, and she started thrusting her pussy up into his face before he even reached her mons. He kissed her there again, and gazed, enraptured, at her beautiful and sexy body and the way it was churning up the sheets.

Wave after wave of incredible pleasure swept over Donna from what Kevin's mouth was doing for her. She completely gave herself over to it, and let him know in every way she could what an incredible time she was having in bed that morning. As fabulous as it was, it got better, as his tongue started licking between an inner and outer lip. Even while her body thrashed all over the bed and her moans of bliss filled their bedroom, she watched while his face again came into view, with his mouth smeared with her fresh juices. Kevin raised his face, smiled at her and spoke to her, quite unusual when he was eating her pussy. Usually his mouth is too pleasantly engaged for him to stop to chat.

You seem even more delicious than usual," he said, before bringing his mouth back where he had started, feasting on the fresh nectar and starting between the other pair of lips.

Once again, his journey began between their origins, licking the small, ultra smooth area between the two lips and traveling upward until he reached the place where the labia were close together. He canted his head slightly and thrust his tongue into the seam, reveling in the wet slickness of the outer lip and the spongy texture of the inner one. When he reached her clit hood this time, he paused for a few seconds to appraise the level of excitement Donna had achieved.

It was a very high one, and the succulent morsel that was usually sheltered by that hood had pushed its way entirely out, and resembled a lovely pink pearl. Donna's body was bucking and tossing all over the bed, besides her pussy seeming to be trying to wrap itself around his face, and he knew her sexual arousal was as high as it was going to be. Leaning forward, he enveloped her clit in his mouth and started to suck. His lips formed a seal at the base of the morsel, and his tongue caressed the swollen sides and top. Donna's erratic movements became even more frantic, until she warbled the beautiful sound he could never tire of hearing.

"Oh, god! I'm cumming!"

Donna never held anything back when making love, and that morning was no exception. Her legs clamped around the head of the man who had just brought her to that glorious condition and her hands tangled themselves in his hair and pulled his face even more tightly against her body than it already was. Her legs swung from side to side, and she continued jamming her pussy against Kevin's face, whole he clung to her thighs and reveled in the wild ride. For as long as Donna was in the throes of cumming, his mouth sucked and his tongue licked her clit. When she climaxed, she sang out ecstatically; all her muscles clenched and she rammed her pussy against his face for a final time.

After her orgasm, which was as intense as it always is, she completely relaxed on the bed, seeming to melt into a pink and white puddle. Her hands released their grip on Kevin, and so did her legs, but they were still draped loosely over his shoulders. He backed away slightly to feast on the plethora of nectar on her thighs, crotch and all around her pussy, but he left the juices still in the lovely hole that had produced them. His cock was as hard as it had been while in her mouth, and would soon be inside that beautiful pink place, so the juices would be needed for lubrication. After devouring as much of the delicious treat as he would allow himself, he leaned back on his knees to wait for Donna to catch her breath and be ready for more love-making.

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