tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDonna Carter Ch. 02

Donna Carter Ch. 02


Donna's husband and son were out of town fishing the next day, and Donna called Danny over. She dressed very carefully in a button down dress that buttoned all the way to her throat and did very little to accentuate the thirty five year olds voluptuous body.

Danny knocked on the door, and strode boldly to the couch. He sat down, and then without preamble peeled off his shirt and shorts. His monster cock was already half hard, and it twitched as Donna stared at the young man in shock.

"Danny, what do you think you're doing?" she gasped, staring down at him as he sat on the couch. He grinned up at her cockily, and his penis straightened further. "It would be nice if I could get another blow job," he said, then reached up and pulled her to him. Donna walked forward on wooden legs.

"Danny, I called you over here to tell you that nothing like that can ever happen again," Donna said as the young man led her till she was standing between his widespread legs. He smiled, and reached up and undid the top button on her dress.

"Come on, Mrs. Carter, you know you enjoyed it. Don't you want to suck on my fat cock again?" Danny smiled, and smiled wider when she ignored him undoing another button.

Donna felt her mind whirling; she had called the young man over here to take charge of this situation, and she was feeling like some schoolgirl. She shook her head, and sat down on the couch as Danny's agile fingers unfastened the third button, exposing the upper slopes of her cleavage.

"Danny, we can't do anything like that!" she said, and tried to brush his hands away as he undid the fourth and then the fifth button, exposing the edge of her bra.

"Kiss me and I'll go, then," Danny said suddenly, grabbing her wrist in his. It was obvious that it was not going to be as easy as it was yesterday, but he had her bra almost all the way exposed now, and he could tell she was shocked that he was so aggressive. Danny had realized something about Donna that her husband of fifteen years did not know.

"Just one kiss," he said, leaning forward, at the same time drawing her resisting hand to his rampant hardon.

His lips touched hers at the same time her soft palm came in contact with his rock hard shaft, and Donna moaned involuntarily, and then gasped when Danny's tongue slipped inside her mouth.

One kiss can't hurt, she told herself, and allowed herself to relax as Danny's tongue probed deeper into her panting mouth. Without thinking she had wrapped her long fingers around the bulk of his cock.

He backed off, then bent back down and kissed her again, their lips meeting. He tilted his head, and felt her hand start pumping his fat cock, felt her tongue pushing against his now. He pushed his tongue deeper, and then just flicked it, at the same time working another three buttons loose on the woman's dress.

Donna was finally able to pull away: "Danny, please. We can't let this happen," she gasped, but his mouth just trailed down to her silky, slim throat. His hot breath and tongue sent shivers of preorgasmic lust racing through the older woman's lush body, and she suddenly realized that he had undone her dress almost all the way down to her belly button.

She watched in a daze as the young man casually reached inside her dress and began mauling her large, heaving tit globes; a moment later and his quick fingers had found the small catch of the bra, releasing her big tits. They wobbled on her fine boned chest, almost perfectly round and with just a hint of sag to them.

"Danny, please, Ohnnnnn, ughhhh, mnnnnn," Donna's lithe body pulsed as the young mans hot fingers closed around her sensitive flesh, and then he was bending down, sucking as much of her soft, shuddering titflesh into his mouth as he could.

Donna cried out again as the young man sucked and bit at her right breast, and she worked her hand up and down Danny's fat cock as his mouth drove her crazy. She could not believe she was this turned on just from getting her breasts felt up.

"Ohnnn, no, Danny, please don't make me suck your cock again," she gasped, and realized he was laying her down on the seat of the couch. She barely protested as he finished unbuttoning the dress so that it opened all the way. Her body was perfection, her breasts rising and falling slightly to the side, her belly with the gentle curve of woman hood and her hips sublime perfection. Her thighs were slim yet muscular, and in between her legs her shaved pussy lips were already pouting outward.

"Could I touch your pussy, Mrs. Carter?" Danny asked.

"No, that would be a mistake, Danny, no, please stop this before it's too late!" Donna gasped. She squirmed about on the couch, but Danny's hand went straight to the hot, steamy junction of her thighs.

"Ohn, fuck, noooo, please, don't do this, Danny!" Donna cried out as the young mans hand rubbed against her pussy, causing the middle aged wife's body to twitch and shudder. She felt her clit being rolled beneath the young man's hand, and then let out another long moan as he pushed his long middle finger into her tight wet pussy.

"Ohn, no, ohn, no, ohn no," Donna gasped and shuddered softly as Danny began slicing two fingers in and out of her juicy, tight cunt. Donna was not even making a token effort at trying to push him away now; in fact, she was squeezing her own breasts as the young man played with her pussy, and she realized with shame that her hips were rolling up against his hand as he finger fucked her and rubbed her clitoris.

Donna moaned loudly as the most powerful orgasm of her life struck her, leaving her twitching and gasping for breath as the waves resided. She blinked, and realized that Danny had levered himself upwards, that her legs were over his shoulders and her pussy spread out for his straining meat.

Even as she realized all this she felt his bulbous knob pushing into her mushy cunt and her body twitched again. She looked down her body, and saw his giant cock slowly bulling its way into her tight cunt.

"Ohnnnn, Danny, you shouldn't do that!" she wailed helplessly, and then grunted as he pulled out and then fucked more of his fat shaft into her tight wet cunt. Donna was going out of her mind with pleasure - she had never felt so stretched as the young man worked his hips, gradually working his fat, long piece of meat into her twitching pussy.

She was barely aware as she shuddered into another orgasm that finally Danny was all the way seated; when he began fucking her harder she screamed and bucked up against him, her body sweating and twitching as the young man pounded her.

Danny grinned down at the gorgeous face of his neighbor, and laughed as he watched her firm, full breasts bouncing on her chest in time with his strong thrusts. He felt her body churning beneath his, twisting and bucking against him, and heard her gasping moans as she clenched and spasmed her way through another shuddering orgasm. Seeing her beautiful face twisted in lust, feeling the soft pillow of her breasts pressed against his chest, her nipples sharp points, feeling her silky, wet cunt clenching on his fat cock was to much for Danny; he roared, pulled out of the twitching woman and shot a stream of cum that left its mark across her face and neck - the next two hit squarely on her heaving, shiny titties.

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