tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDonna Carter Ch. 03

Donna Carter Ch. 03


Donna Carter had a hard time believing how she had acted when Danny had made his advances towards her. The fact that she had acted like a wanton slut made her shut her eyes; it also made her nipples stiff with desire.

Three days after Danny fucked her on the couch she had computer problems, and called the company that did the on sight service. She had been drinking all morning, and had been trying on a sexy dress that she was planning on wearing for her husband. She had another drink, and tried on another dress; one that was scandalously short, ending just above her thigh high stockings and low cut enough in the front where the edge of her bra was clearly visible and her deep, pale cleavage was pushed up and out.

There was a knock at the door, and Donna did not even think to put on a robe. She walked to the front door and blinked at the two black men standing there. "Umm, hi, guys, can I help you?" Donna asked. One was older, perhaps in his forty's with fierce brown eyes and a chiseled face. The other was much younger, in his early twenties perhaps, lighter of skin and with piercing blue eyes.

"I'm Sam and this is Ed," the older one said. "We're here for the computer," he said, finally looking up from her cleavage.

For a long moment Donna was frozen in time. He had been looking at her like her neighbor looked at her, and she realized with a shiver that the man's younger helper, Ed, was staring at her the same way - as though she were a piece of meat.

"Umm, come on in guys, I think I'll go change into something more appropriate."

"Oh, that dress is really great on you, you could leave it on," Sam said smoothly, reaching out and touching her bare arm lightly. He saw her blush and look away from him.

"Well, thank you, Sam, that's more of a compliment than my husband has given me in a month."

"Shit, you wear that stuff around me and I'll give you a lot more than compliments," Ed said, and then looked as though he could not believe he had said it.

"I apologize, Mrs. Carter," Sam began, but Donna waved him off.

"Don't worry about it guys, that was actually a pretty good compliment," she said, and tried not to slur. She missed the look they shot each other as she turned to lead them to her husband's office. She pointed to the hard drive, and then showed them where the note was her husband had left.

"You guys want a beer?" Donna said.

"Yeah, that would be great."

Donna nodded, and went to the kitchen. She poured herself a martini first, and then grabbed two beers. Change your dress, something said to her. Those men aren't like your husband - they're like Danny. They will just take what they want, that little voice said, but Donna was to drunk to notice.

She set the beers on the desk, and then went and sat down on the wide leather couch. A moment later Ed joined her, sitting right next to her. He sipped his beer, and looked at her out of his hard blue eyes. Donna met his gaze for a moment, and then looked away.

She looked down, and looked at his crotch, and then almost gasped when she saw a large lump in the boy's crotch.

"I've gotta go out to the truck for a moment," Sam said, taking something from out of the inside of the computer.

Donna Carter tried to keep her hands from trembling as she sat the drink on the table, and as though by magic she found herself staring right at his crotch again. His cock had grown, and was now easily visible

through the thin fabric of his trousers.

"You wanna feel it?" the young man asked insolently. He reached out, grabbed her wrist, and then guided her small hand to his thick, muscular thigh. "Come on, Mrs. Carter, you know you want to feel it," he said softly, and dragged her hand another inch up his thigh.

Donna shook her head, but her breath seemed to be frozen in her throat. She could feel herself blushing deeply, and finally choked out, "Ed, please, I'm nearly old enough to be your mother," she said.

She blinked, and looked away from the boys cock.

"It's your fault I'm this turned on," Ed said. "I mean, you're wearing that little dress, flaunting your body all over the place. If I was your boyfriend, I'd fuck the shit outta you with my big old cock - come on, just give it a quick feel, Sam don't have to know," Ed said, and pulled her hand up his thigh until her palm was resting on his fat rod.

She heard Sam coming, and jerked her hand away from Ed's cock bulge. She could feel the fat rod all to clearly through the thin pants the boy had on. Sam sat down behind the other side of the desk on the floor, out of sight, and staring into her eyes, Ed reached out, grabbed her hand, and guided her sweating palm back to the huge, hard lump in his trousers.

Donna pouted and twisted on the couch, but when the young man took his hand away hers stayed, pressing and rubbing the thick, hard tube of flesh through Ed's pants. She encircled the thing with her fingers, and tried to ignore it when his hand slipped up and began rubbing her proud, firm breasts through the thin dress. She finally came to her senses, snatched her hand away and lurched to her feet. She grabbed the half empty martini glass and fled upstairs to her bedroom.

She sat down on the edge of the bed, trying to stop her hands from trembling and drinking the rest of her drink. She had just set it down on the small bedside table when she heard a sound, and looked up to see Sam standing in the doorway looking at her.

"I just wanted to make sure you were OK," Sam said, stepping into the room. Donna smiled nervously, her hands crossed on her lap. Her breasts felt like they were going to come right out of the dress, and she could just barely see the edge of the dark line at the top of her stockings from the short skirt.

"Umm, yeah, thank you for checking," Donna said softly. Sam sat down next to her on the bed, and Donna cut her eyes towards the door as Ed walked through it.

"Ed said he touched you in what might have been an inappropriate way, Mrs. Carter, I just wanted to check that everything was OK."

He laid one hand on the back of her shoulder and smiled down into her eyes as Ed walked a bit further into the room.

"I really am sorry, Mrs. Carter," the younger man said, but he could not tear his eyes away from her exposed cleavage. He could actually see the edge of her little bra! Donna swallowed, and looked down in time to see Sam's big hand come to rest on her knee. It felt perfectly natural for him to do that.

"That's OK, Ed, I mean, I am . . . umm, well, I can see how you might have gotten the wrong idea from this dress," Donna finished lamely, and glanced back at Sam. His big right hand was rubbing gently up and down her back, and he switched his gaze slowly from her legs upwards, past her taut tummy, heaving breasts and fine throat till he was once again looking her in the eyes.

Donna swallowed again as she felt Ed sit down next to her on the bed, so that she was stuck between the two men. She shifted slightly, and once again it seemed perfectly natural for Sam's hand to slip up above her knee, and slightly to the inside of her thigh.

"I think it's a really nice dress," Sam said softly, and squeezed the soft flesh of her thigh gently.

"It is but, I don't know, I guess it makes me look like a . . . ."

"Like a slut?" Ed piped in, and then quickly said, "Or a whore?"

Donna blushed brightly, thinking that Sam would say something about the young man's language, but he just smiled at her and squeezed her thigh again, then pushed his hand a bit higher on her silk stockings.

Donna bit her lip and nodded silently. "Um, I think maybe you guys should get back to work," she said softly, but Sam just smiled - "We're already finished with the computer, Mrs. Carter - so, let me get this straight, you are saying it's OK that Ed felt you up because your dressed like a little fucking whore - does wearing that dress make you feel like a little whore, Mrs. Carter?"

"You . . . you can call me Donna," Donna stammered, trying to think of something to say. She felt her stomach twisting, and the feel of Sam's big hand rubbing up and down her back was making her warm, and making her big, firm tits swell slightly. "I . . . I don't think I meant that, but I could see how he would get the wrong idea." She shifted again, and again his hand slipped a bit further up her thigh; then he began rubbing her thigh lazily from about mid point down to her knee and then up again.

"I mean, I don't normally wear this type of thing, I was just trying it on - I just got this dress, and my bra and panties." Donna bit her lip as Ed casually reached out; he gripped her right wrist in his big hand.

"Why don't you show us?" Sam asked. "Wouldn't that be good? We could tell you what we think of it," he said, and Donna was still staring at Ed's hand as he moved her hand to his lap. She tugged feebly at her wrist, but then he was pushing her palm once again against the large bulge in his pants.

"She was feeling my dick earlier to, Sam," Ed said, rubbing her hand up and down his stiff rod through the pants.

"Please, just let me show you my bra," Donna said, and somehow wrenched her hand away. She was breathing heavily, her breasts rising and falling as Sam's hand found the zipper at the back of the dress and slid it down smoothly, right to the top of her ass. His hand squeezed her thigh, and pushed a bit higher. Donna could now see almost the entire dark band at the top of her stockings.

Then Ed was helping her peel the dress down her arms, exposing the light blue half cup bra she was wearing; her large, round breasts pushed against the silky fabric, looking as though they were going to come out of it. The edge of her right nipple was barely visible.

Donna looked around the room as she automatically drew the dress off of her arms; it was gathered around her waist now, and her breasts heaved with her breath. She continued to ignore Sam's hand as it pushed a bit higher up her leg, and shifted slightly, making a soft protest when Ed once again grabbed her hand and guided it back to his lap.

He made her once again start rubbing his fat cock through his jeans, and Donna said in a soft voice, "Well, what do you think?"

But she thought she knew already - both men were staring at her hungrily, and Sam's hand began squeezing and rubbing her thigh a bit harder; his thumb was now pushing all the way under her skirt, but she still managed to ignore this. "It looks really soft," Ed said, and reached up casually, began rubbing his fingers over the tip of her breast, rubbing the fabric as though he were not rubbing her stiff nipple as well. Donna shifted on the bed, unsure of what was going to happen - surely the men would not go to far since there were two of them there.

She stifled a moan when she felt Sam's hot fingers now brushing the naked skin of her upper thigh, and shifted again which caused her legs to part just a bit further. "Umm, I . . . Oh, god, Ed, I wish you wouldn't squeeze it that hard, it makes it hard for me to . . . ohnnnn, Sam, I don't think you should be touching me like that!" Donna moaned; his fingers were literally inches away from her now thoroughly wet pussy, and the thin silk panties would be of not protection.

"Now, don't you worry, Mrs. Carter, we just want to make sure that our customers are satisfied," Sam said, and then Ed flipped the little catch of her bra that rested in between her heaving bosom.

"Ohnnnn, nooo, ohn, I - I ummmmmnnn," Donna moaned as Ed scooped her soft, firm breast up in his hand and began squeezing it in earnest, sinking his fingers into the big, soft globe until Donna's eyes rolled up into the back of her head.

She dimly felt Sam's hand now against her pussy, and in a daze simply spread her legs a bit wider. Then he was pulling her panties to the side, and before she knew it he was sinking two thick fingers into her sopping cunt.

She tried not to moan as Sam began sawing his fingers in and out of her tight, wet pussy - but she could not keep herself from panting into Ed's mouth as bent and began frenching her deeply. She surrendered to the feelings, trying not to think about what was coming next, for she was sure of that now. Sam's thumb found her clit and began mashing and flicking it as he finger fucked her.

Donna moaned into Ed's mouth, and then somehow found herself laying down on her back. She felt her legs being spread, and watched with slitted eyes as Ed quickly shed his clothes. She saw Sam bending between her splayed thighs, and let out a low grunt when she felt his hot, wet mouth begin to plant kisses high up her shapely, muscular thigh.

Ed straddled her chest, his big 9" cock felt red hot against her naked breasts. "Ohn, god, I can't believe this is happening!" Donna cried out softly. Ed scooped her breasts up, and pushed them over his rigid length of meat. It felt huge trapped in between her swollen, sensitive knockers and it did not even occur to Donna that she was not protesting at all as he began mauling her big tits and thrusting his cock in and out of her sweaty cleavage.

And all the time in the back of her mind she was sublimely aware of Sam, licking and kissing and sucking at her innermost thigh, pushing her knees further and further apart - and then all thought fled as the older man slipped his mouth up that last little bit and began parting her clean shaven lips with his agile, muscular tongue.

Donna bucked her hips and shut her eyes as he ate her out; his big hands were now cradling her ass, putting her pussy at just the right angle for his skilled mouth. He moved up a touch and began nibbling at her clit; Donna's hips rolled at the demands Sam's tongue was making on her body.

She felt tiny, with Ed straddling her petite body, his big hands cupping her throbbing breasts, and iron hard, ridged cock sliding in and out of them. Had he not been grasping the silky globes so strongly they would have shuddered with his efforts.

A strong pulse went off in Donna's body, beginning in her belly and peaking in her heaving bosom and twitching, twisting crotch. She was unaware of how loudly she cried out, of the fact that her lithe body was twitching helplessly from the force of the orgasm. She heard the men talking and laughing as her eyes rolled up into the back of her head and her body bucked beneath them.

She came out of the orgasmic daze to see Sam naked, climbing onto the bed and then sitting against the back board. Reaching out, he guided the panting, gorgeous housewife between his legs; he grabbed her ears, and guided her half open, gasping mouth to the fat, leaking plum sized crown of his nine inch cock.

Donna kept her mouth shut at first; she felt the precum leaking onto her silky, full lips, felt them rolling against his plum sized purple cock head. She shivered, and she realized her mouth was watering at the same time that she realized Ed was not going to wait for Sam to finish with her.

She moaned involuntarily as his big hands gripped her hips; he adjusted her slightly, and then was sinking his long, fat cock into her twitching pussy.

Donna moaned again, and Sam pulled forward, smiling at the sight of his bulbous cock head slipping between the woman's pouting lips. Ed took another long stroke, and pushed Donna forward so that more of Sam's cock slid into her wet, silky mouth. He saw her eyes widen, and then slip shut - then her cheeks collapsed around his manhood, and she began slurping softly at the hard staff trapped in her hungry mouth.

By the fifth stroke Ed was in her all the way, and then began fucking her in earnest, his taut loins slapping against her plump asscheeks, making them ripple with each thrust. His driving motion made Sam's fat knob bump into the back of her throat, and one time she made a swallowing motion by instinct, and moaned louder when he slid into her throat.

"Jesus, look at that shit!" Sam exclaimed - he had seen this shit on video's, but had never thought to experience it. He had let go of Donna's head; she was rocking back and forth between the two men, grunting and moaning, and taking his entire cock into her mouth and throat with each gasp.

He reached down and began rubbing her swaying, soft tits; Ed slowed his strokes, and reached around her hip; his knowing fingers once again found her clit as he slowly, forcefully drove his stiff shaft in and out of her trembling, abused, juicy pussy

Donna was not sure when she got off again, or when the men switched places - first one time, and then another - she was not sure how many orgasms she had before both of the men stood over her shiny, sweating body and finished jerking off on her heaving tits. They had fucked her in every position she could think - except the ass, she realized, both alone and together.

They let themselves out while she rubbed their cum into her silky skin, wondering what was happening to her.

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