tagErotic CouplingsDonna Does it Right

Donna Does it Right


Donna was brunette, buxom and bossy. Not exactly traits you would associate with an accountant. She said she was 42 but do women really tell the truth when they divulge their age? I was 34 and had just started a new job in "operations". It was my first job in the "private sector", having worked for the government since I finished grad school. I first met her as I was summoned to the boss's office to discuss a new service we were about to offer our clients.

Donna was leaving as I was going in. Before I could see who was speaking I could hear her from down the hall, "Those are bullshit numbers and you know it Dave!"

Maybe a little outspoken for most business environments but there was no guessing about where she stood on an issue. When she saw me, she stopped and introduced herself. "You must be the new guy. Hi! I'm Donna. I work in accounting." Her hands were soft but her handshake firm. She whispered as she walked away, "Don't believe him. He's full of shit!" Although not obvious through her suit jacket, I took notice of Donna's substantial bosom as she walked past. She made an impression.

During the first couple of months in my new job, I would chat with Donna in the coffee station. I found her very direct and very attractive. Her assertiveness went well with her tall frame, wide shoulders and long legs. She dressed professionally but offered a glimpse into another side of her. In our conversations she would ocassionally refer to a need for a spreadsheet "bitch"; complaining about the spreadsheet templates the company used and how she had to always fiddle with them. Every now and then she would ask, "Wanna be my bitch today?" She new saying it embarrassed me a little but I came to laugh about it as I got more comfortable around her.

I was between meetings one afternoon and standing with the refrigerator door open, looking for something to drink when Donna seemed to appear out of nowhere. She came up behind me and leaned against my back putting, her arm on the door next to my shoulder. "What's up bitch?", she asked. I could feel her solid mounds pressing against me as I looked inside the fridge. My brief surprise to her presence quickly turned to arousal. She couldn't be teasing me, could she? I pressed back slightly, trying not to show too much interest as I began to hardened below. "Mmmm.. nice," she said, moving from side to side just enough for me to feel her pacifier sized nipples. What wonderfully solid, size Ds Donna had. I couldn't believe this was happening to me! "Lookin' for anything special?", she asked.

"Just checkin' out all my options.", I replied, flashing her a smile.

"Hope you find what you want in there. I gotta go process invoices. C-ya!" She left as quickly as she appeared. A brief encounter for sure but she left me with a spinning consciousness, churning stomach and a bulge in my pants. No time to ponder the moment though, I had to get back to the meeting.

The rest of the afternoon flew by and before I knew it I was saying good-night to what I thought was the last of the office staff. It was quiet. A perfect end to a crazy week. I eased into my office chair and was looking forward to a relaxing Friday night at home. Movies, popcorn and early to bed. I was about to log off when I noticed an e-mail from Donna. Damn! How could I have forgotten about Donna. I opened the note.

It read,[Please call or stop by before you leave. I need to show you something. Thanks! D]

I called her at her desk. "Yeeessss...." she answered slowly.

"Am I interrupting Donna? I got your note to call."

"Glad you did." she said. "Are you done for the day?"

"You bet I am, I answered. "Was just logging off."

"Would you like to get a drink?", she asked. I was suspicious of her offer, yet I accepted without so much as a hesitation. "Great! Get your ass over here bitch and lets go!" This had to be an office prank but I knew everyone else was gone. The office was locked up tight. Guess I would play along and see what was in store.

Her office door was closed when I got there. I knocked. "Come on in!" came from behind the door. I opened the door slowly but couldn't see her anywhere. I stepped in and the door closed behind me. Surprised, I turned around to see her smiling like the fox who cornered the chicken. She was bare except for the slim thong covering her most coveted regions. I wondered why she had it on at all until she turned around to let me see the whole package. The thong split and accentuated her heavenly buttocks. Perfectly sculpted, shapely and solid. She may have developed a little mid-life sag around the waist and hips but her ass was to die for. Her long legs were surprisingly tone as well. Turns out her apartment was on the 14th floor of her building and she never used the elevator. She turned around in a circle as if displaying a new dress. Her circle complete she asked, "So what do you think?" It was difficult to speak. Her bush was sticking out the top of the thong, her D size breasts were standing free. Her nipples were swelling, the size of silver dollars; thick, dark and expanding more every second. The image of her ass was swirling in my head. I wanted to see it again. She licked her bottom lip only making her sensuality all the more prevalent.

Words finally left my mouth, "I want to see the rest, that's what I think!"

"Not until you do some catching up and don't think of making me wait, college boy!", she challenged. She often referred to me as "college boy", even though I was long since done with school. She was on my hiring team so she new my background and for her it all added up to a "college boy".

It was casual Friday so dis-robing was pretty simple. I pulled of my polo in one motion, letting it fly from my hands after it cleared my head. One button, a zipper, a little push and hip wiggle and my pants dropped to the floor. "Don't stop now!", she exclaimed as she slid her left hand into her thong. As I pulled my bikini briefs down, the waist-band caught on my marble erection and it slapped against my lower abs. She smiled wider. "You really do like what you see college boy!"

"Your turn!", I said. "Your thong has got to go but I want to watch from behind. Turn around and give me a show!" This had to be some kind of prank. It was like nothing I had been a part of before but I was going along for all it was worth. I began stroking myself slowly as she turned around to display the rest of her attraction. A thin, steady stream of pre-cum was forming from my export down to my tightening scrotum.

The thong cleared her rump as she inched the waist-band down from side to side. When it hit the floor she spread her legs apart, bent over and and put her hands on the desk. "How's that view?", Donna asked. It was hard to breathe. So much to take in. I was focused like a laser on the shallow depression and puckered skin, outlined perfectly by her well developed cheeks. It was difficult to think straight. My whole body was tingling, my face on fire.

I sat down in one of the chairs against the wall, as if to ponder the presentation and gather myself. The seat gave me a different and even more enticing view. Her long legs were spread perfectly to frame her beautiful breasts as they hung freely but firmly. The lips of her womanhood were visible from behind, in the the view directly below her wonderfully taught hole. What avenue to pursue? So many options. My cock was throbbing, the head swelling and contracting as I pumped internally. It seemed like forever before I moved forward to partake of this awaiting pleasure. Again, my head swirled; thoughts flying through endlessly, impeding my desire to have what I knew I wanted. Do I need a rubber? What does she really want? Does she do this often? Will people find out? What if someone comes in?

I couldn't be derailed. I approached her and very gently placed my cock between her cheek's cleavage, reaching gently around her waist to stroke the inside of her thighs. The pre-cum made perfect lubrication as I slowly raised and lowered my pulsing shaft. A high-pitched, closed-mouth moan came from inside her. I allowed my finger tips to lead my hands ever so softly up each side of her rib cage. She began moving up and down, extending the stroke between her buttocks. It was getting very slick. We both let out a series of heavy breaths and moans. I was shaking inside. When my hands reached her breasts I slid my thumbs on each breast from the base at the side, forward to her exquisite nipples. I wanted to suck them so badly. I stroked her nipples gently with my thumb, then cupped both breasts. I slid her nipples between the knuckle of my first and second fingers and in unison pinched them, while now squeezing her mounds hard in my hands. We were both panting now. I kissed her deeply between the shoulder blades, as I squeezed her hard breasts. Finally, she spoke; "Oh god, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me!" She rotated her hips and pushed her rear back against me. I reached down to position myself and began rubbing the head of my well lubricated cock around her taught opening. I wondered if she was thinking the same thing I was. She moaned in agreement, bending her knees to lower herself onto me. I wanted to thrust it inside her luscious backside so badly!

But she offered so much more. There was so much to experience before we fully explored her tigthest spot. I dropped to my knees and clasped her right ankle, lifting her foot from the floor. I could tell she was surprised at my action. Tickling at first I began caressing her ankle with the tip of my tongue, slowly working it over the in-step where I enveloped the area much like a hard, deep kiss in the mouth. She bolted and expressed her delight with a playful squeal. I moved my tongue to the lower calf, doing my best to alternate delicate dry strokes using the tip of my tongue, with long, deep and wet kisses to her beautiful legs. When I got to the the bend in her knee, Donna's closed mouth expressions turned to clear, deep groans in conjunction with heaving exhales and shallow panting. She began riding herself with two fingers by the time I got to the first curve in her rump. Nature was reflected escaping from the lowest end of her slit. I had to taste her. In spite of what seemed to be a perfect escalation of passion , I slapped my tongue on her sweetness and began licking what I could reach. She jolted, trying to grab my head and bury it into her heat. She was grunting and groaning. Through her teeth, sounding almost bewitched I heard, "Yeah, suck my cunt you horny bitch! Suck it!" That sounded like the Donna with which I was familiar.

To take full advantage of the progression, Donna pushed my head away, turned around and sat up on her desktop; lying back and spreading her legs widely. I needed no direction and could see the next position developing. No sooner than her back hit the desk, I was moving between her legs, mouth watering and cock literally dripping.

I pushed my tongue as far inside her as I could, imagining that I could reach her G. She was frantically massaging her clit back and forth. The office walls were reflecting our sounds; grunts, purrs and gasps; even the delicate, wet sounds; testimony to the extent of our expression. There were no thoughts spinning in my head now, no wondering or second guessing. It was pure pleasure!

Between breaths and glances up at Donna, I could see her response leaking down to her rim. Oh god! The sight made me sick with passion. I began licking her rim, softly for a few strokes but my desire burst forth into deep kisses. I couldn't probe her with my tongue but she was getting a bombardment of sensation. We were both writhing in pleasure. Donna moved her fingers back into her slit and began stroking. I took her cue and began gently rubbing her rim with both thumbs; continuing to lick as I went. I would pull her fingers out her slit ocassionally and suck them to enjoy her sweet juice. I began alternating my licking between her rim and ever languid pussy. Her stroking quickened as did her output. Her taste and aroma were driving me wild.

Suddenly without notice, Donna began bouncing up and down on the desk, her legs kicking in the air. "Ugghhh OH FUCK!" A heavy sigh came from her torso. I could see and smell more of her output dripping from her pink pleasure. I enjoyed it all, every drop. She raised herself and pulled me to her; licking my face of all remnant produce. We kissed for the first time, sucking each others tongues; grabbing at each other everywhere. Grabbing my pec, Donna pinched my nipple so hard I let out a yelp. She paused only for a second to smile at me and growl. Again we enjoyed a series of tongue sucking kisses; trying to get our lower parts to engage. "I'm gonna fuck you now horny bitch!", she whispered into my ear through clenched teeth, my throbbing cock in her hand.

Donna grabbed her desk chair and quickly rolled it from behind the desk. With amazing efficiency she retracted the arm rests from the side and shoved it beneath me. As I looked up at her, I could see beads of sweat inside hear cleavage, her tight tits hardly moving as she threw her leg over and straddled me.

My mind was again a whirl: What would she feel like inside? Would she receive my long awaited propulsion? Would she again orgasm so profusely?

She paused long enough to line up our parts then dropped on me with a loud gasp, "UUHH!" She was so much tighter than I allowed myself to imagine. She squeezed my cock inside her! Once she settled from her initial pounce, she grabbed the back of the chair, pulling me into her in every sense. She began to ride me as I tried to get my mouth around her thumb sized nipples; grunting and growling like a primitive animal.

I was sure that my pleasure was to be short lived, after all that had lead up to this moment. No condom, both of us dripping, the ebb and flow of it all; I was sure to explode in short order. If so, I was going to go out with good measure. Her pussy was too hot, slick and tight!

My mouth found her sumptuous nipple and I sucked it hard, my lips smacking as I pulled off it. She smashed my face into her tits, again grunting through her teeth, "Horny bitch! Suck my tits while I fuck you!" I latched back on to her nipple, sucking and gently biting the tip. I pushed her tits together and began rubbing her other nipple between my thumb and forefinger. The combination of sensations produced a short, high-pitched whinnie from Donna followed by, "Oh fuck! Fuck me horny bitch!" Her somewhat odd but pointed verbalizations spurned me on. I began sucking and pinching her nipples vigorously as she pressed me harder into her; pounding up and down. I was doing all I could to hold off the inevitable, hoping she might release first. I slid my arms beneath hers, grabbing her shoulders from behind while pushing my open mouth into her neck. I began kissing it hard, drooling as I went.

"Oh god, Donna, I can't stop! I'm gonna cum!" Just then she slammed my head back, pulled herself stiff, and began a brief but violent spasm; groaning and growling through the motion. Her face was beet read, her thighs quivering. She wrenched her nipples as she nearly fell back off of the chair. I finished maybe two or three strokes and at the sight of this display, released myself fully and completely into her inferno. Our emissions mixing inside her I spasmed on my own; then again and a third release. We were both panting; her head all the way back and her bountifull breasts pushed forward. Her reddened nipples finally receiving relief after taking a protracted attack of pain and pleasure. I could feel the mixture from inside her making it's way down my tight sack. My cock was softening but still firm.

Donna brought me to her and began a series of long, succulent kisses. The aroma present for sometime was now more prevalent. It and Donna's kisses started to arouse me. "Let me suck you Donna!" I said softly.

"Oh god yes, suck my pussy!" she replied in a loud whisper.

She slid off me, grabbed my hands and pulled me out of the chair. Then she laid herself over her desk with a soft moan. Her thighs were gleaming with juice. I gently pushed her legs apart from behind and began licking the inside of her thighs, rising into her pink--enjoying it all but building my arousal as I went. Never fully relaxed, I was hardening again quickly. I began emitting low grunts and growls as my tongue savored every inch of her; from here clit to her puckered rim. The rim, what got my attention so early into this encounter, I had yet to fully explore.

Donna sensed my arousal. My sounds grew louder, my respirations increased as did hers. God! How could we be heading for more? I slid my first two fingers into her slit and began stroking her G. "I'm not done Donna! You're so fucking hot!!"

"Go for it college boy!"

My grunting and moaning was fairly consistent now. Donna began sliding up and down with my stroke. Without breaking rhythm, I slid my index finger past Donna's tight spot. She bucked, literally; kicking me in the chest. I continued without pause. She raised herself back off the desk top, placing her hands on her knees and spreading her legs further as I stroked her ass. "Your ass is so hot Donna! Damn your ass is hot!" There was no reply, except for the panting. She put her hands on the desk and pushed her feet back further, positioning herself to receive me. I sprang to my feet as fast as I could. My cock was releasing fluid again and we were both so ready for this next phase. Oh god Donna! I want to fuck your ass!"

"Go! Fuck me, stick it in and fuck me!"

I grabbed the inside of her thighs just below her rump, pushing my thumbs into her ass crack. I adjusted her slightly as the head of my dripping cock touched her pucker. It slid in easily as Donna exhaled completely. Receiving all of me, all at once. I thought I was going to faint. The room spun as she begun a steady rhythmic push and pull. I fought the urge to pump her madly. We were both taking in the pleasure with non-stop moaning, and whining. As I regained balance I started controlling the thrusts and measuring the part of my cock to most benefit from the taught internal ring of her sweet ass. I quickened the stroke and cut down the length of the cycle. The panting returned.

"Your ass is so sweet Donna! I'm gonna fuck you until my balls explode!"

She growled back, "Fuck me bitch! Blow your balls!"

I responded with a barrage of ass pumping I had never before delivered. Several times over the course of the next several minutes I feared I would simply fall out. The blood was going everywhere through my body except my brain. Donna was almost screaming now. Urging me on with quick breaths between her primitive exhortations. "I'm your whore college boy! Fuck me like a whore! Oh fuck! Fuck me!"

I could feel the eruption about to begin. I pinched it off at the base and positioned my head barely inside her pucker. With a loud grunt I released the dam and in a powerful squirt I groaned. Sliding the head in and out quickly several times as I convulsed; milking my member for all I could. When the pumping ended I could feel my cum moving inside her. I slowly massaged it into her rim with the head of my cock.

I slid myself out of her slowly. She turned around to embrace me. We kissed deeply. I gently licked the sweat from her breasts and cleavage. "Thank you Donna! I never expected anything like this when I came over here."

"You're quite welcome college boy. Wanna get that drink now? We've got the whole night ahead of us."

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