tagRomanceDonna from Day Care Ch. 02

Donna from Day Care Ch. 02


The next morning, Kevin was awakened earlier than he really wanted to be by Kerry climbing on top of him. He had been having a beautiful dream, in which he was snuggling with Donna in that same bed, and he hated to have it end so abruptly. His son didn't seem to mind, though, and was eager to get his own day with Donna started. Kevin was too, but he would have preferred to have been allowed to sleep a little longer. However, the thought of spending a whole afternoon, and maybe an evening too, with the sweet lady spurred him to get up and start doing what was necessary. After completing his own morning ablutions, he helped Kerry with his, and in getting him dressed, and bathed and dressed Katie. He chose something festive for both children and for himself, because he hoped the day would be a festive one.

Following a healthy breakfast for everyone, Kevin began marinating five steaks in barbeque sauce, with the smallest one being intended for Kerry. Two were for Fred and Wilma Brown, the friendly neighbors, whom he had induced to join him in a conspiracy. They had moved into the apartment next to his about a month after the departure of Carla, and treated Kevin like a son. Their own son and their two grandchildren were thousands of miles away, and he had no objection to him and his children being their substitute family.

Donna did not wake up early, because she had little to do, except get herself ready. After her shower and breakfast, she went to her favorite grocer, selected the best vegetables there and brought them home to prepare the salad she had promised. She still had some doubts as to just where she stood with Kevin. Even after telling him her terrible secret, he still seemed interested in a relationship, although Donna couldn't understand how or why he might be interested in a failure of a woman, such as herself.

At a few minutes after twelve, Kevin arrived, and Donna invited him into her studio apartment, assuming he would be accompanied by his children. They greeted each other with a warm embrace and a long kiss, until she realized he was alone.

"How are the kids?" she asked. "Did you bring them with you?" Donna didn't actually believe that Kevin would have left them on their own, either at his apartment or in his car, but she did wonder where they were. Even as she wondered, she took advantage of their absence to hug and kiss their father again.

"The kids are fine. I left them with the neighbors."

"The neighbors? Are they okay?"

They're more than okay; they're really great. They're grandparents themselves, and their own son and his kids are a long ways away, so they try to spoil Kerry and Kate instead. The kids love them too, almost as much as they love you."

She blushed slightly. "Kerry and Kate are a couple of real sweeties."

"That they are. I love them, of course, but they can be a handful.

Donna decided to try to find out a little more about Kevin's views on any more children. "Did you ever think about having any more?" In order to avoid letting Kevin know how important she considered his answer to her apparently casual question, she asked it while she had her back to him, going to the refrigerator to remove the bowl of salad.

"Well, Carla was absolutely dead set against it. I don't know that I'd want any more either. Like I say, the two I already have are quite a handful."

Her heart soared when she heard his answer, but Donna was still playing it cool, and she kept her back to Kevin while she set the bowl on the counter by the sink. He stood behind her in the entrance to the kitchenette, admiring the flare of her hips and ass under her tan Bermuda shorts. His ex-wife had kept herself as slim as possible, especially back there, and her hips had already been narrow. He wondered why anybody would do such a thing, and why anybody, any man at least, could regard a figure like Carla's as attractive. He stepped into the kitchen, directly behind Donna and rested his hands affectionately on her shoulders.

She really liked the feel of Kevin touching her, especially when he started gently kneading her shoulders, and she leaned back against him so he would continue. For a few minutes, neither of them said anything, and the impromptu massage continued, both of them enjoying the intimacy. Donna finally turned around, with her face raised to be kissed. It was the longest and warmest kiss they had shared yet but she was puzzled about something. Kevin seemed to be trying to poke his tongue into her mouth, and she couldn't figure out why.

"We'd better get going," she said after moving away.

Kevin agreed, although he would have preferred to continue with what they had been doing. While Donna carried her vegetable creation, he opened the doors ahead of her and closed them behind her, including the one to the passenger side of his car.

On the drive to Kevin's apartment, she leaned as close to him as she could while safely belted in the bucket seat. They chatted, mostly about the children. Both of them seemed to feel that a milestone of some sort had been reached that day, but they couldn't explain what and how, so neither said anything about it. She held the salad on her lap, until Kevin pulled up into his covered parking space outside his apartment building.

Donna was quite impressed with his apartment. The living room was bigger than her whole studio, and his kitchen had all the conveniences and appliances that her tiny kitchenette lacked. The view from the balcony, where he would be doing the barbequing, was sweeping, rather than being a blank wall. Neither Kevin nor Carla had ever had much interest in the view, and they had selected the apartment for its other qualities.

While he did the cooking, Donna got to know Fred and Wilma, and they mostly talked about Kevin, his children, and children in general. When she mentioned working in a day care center, they expressed a certain amount of envy, at the way she was around the little darlings all day.

"Yes," Donna replied. "I really love children, all of them, and Kate and Kerry are so sweet."

The older couple had noticed that Donna was not accompanied by any children of he own, but were tactful enough to refrain from asking why, although they were a bit curious. It was about that time that Kevin announced the steaks were ready, and that everybody had better dive in, or he would pig them all down.

Wilma had prepared a big bowl of macaroni salad and, with the steaks and Donna's salad, they all ate enough to feel stuffed. Even Kate especially enjoyed being fed her more conventional baby food by Wilma, who had insisted on being allowed that privilege. Shortly after everybody had finished eating, and were sitting around talking about how good the food had been, Fred put Kevin's plan into operation.

"Why don't you young folks go out somewhere by yourselves?" he suggested. "Wilma and I can clean up here, and keep an eye on the wee lassie and laddy while you're gone."

"Oh, I couldn't ask you to do that," Kevin demurred. That was part of the plan too. He was hoping Donna might want to go to a movie, or something, and they could continue developing their relationship.

"Don't be silly, Kevin," Wilma chimed in. "You now how we feel about the kids, and it's no trouble to us. If we didn't, we'd just sit around and watch television and rot our brains, and we don't need that."

Kevin turned to ask the object of the scheme. "Well, what do you think, Donna?"

"I think I'd like that, if you want to," she said to Kevin. "And if it isn't too much trouble," she added, directed at Fred and Wilma. She knew she would like that, and where she would want to go with Kevin, but didn't want to say it out loud. She didn't know the older couple all that well, and didn't want them thinking of her as loose or immoral.

"That's settled, then," Fred announced. "Now, you two, shoo, and let us get started with the cleanup."

With pretended reluctance, Kevin got up, helped Donna with the light sweater she had worn, put on his jacket, and escorted her out the door. The plan had worked perfectly, but he didn't know just where she would want to go, and what she would want to do. Wherever it was, being there with her would make it the right place.

Donna knew, but she was embarrassed to say it out loud, even to Kevin. After they were seated in his car, but before he turned the ignition, he asked her. She leaned over, whispered into his ear, and sat back in her seat, embarrassed at even whispering it, but not regretting her action.

Kevin didn't regret it either. He smiled at her suggestion; it would have easily been his first choice too, but he wouldn't have dared suggest it. He backed out of his parking space and pulled into the street, hoping he wouldn't get a ticket for driving too fast, he was so eager to reach their destination.

He had driven from there to his apartment several times lately, but that morning had been the first time he had ever driven the opposite direction, and that afternoon was the second. Kevin parked his car in one of the visitors' parking spaces and opened Donna's door for her and closed it after she exited. She opened the doors to the apartment house and to her studio, closing and locking the latter behind them. Donna reached down and pulled off her sneakers, as she usually did as soon as she entered. Also wanting to be comfortable, Kevin removed his shoes and went her one better by peeling off his socks as well. Donna giggled, and matched him, and they laughed at each other's bare feet while wiggling their toes against the thin carpet.

The first thing that caught Kevin's eye was the love seat where he had spent some happy moments, but not enough of them, the night before. After hanging up her sweater and his jacket on the hooks fastened to the front door, they sat there together, holding each other so closely they only took up half of the space on the seat that was designed for two. Their first kiss was the best one yet, and they both hoped it would be the first of many, and they would get better. Kevin hoped they would get much, much better and, hopefully, lead to more, preferably in her bed, because the love seat would really be too small for what he was thinking of.

Donna didn't know exactly what she hoped. Definitely, she wanted to continue with what they had been doing the previous evening and that morning. She thought she knew what Kevin would want to do, and the notion both excited her and frightened her. Although she was sure of her feelings for him, and thought they were the same as his feelings for her, she still had some misgivings. Donna had been brought up in a church that preached that sex was the most sinful deed possible, unless it was for the purpose of "making babies", and even then was not to be enjoyed any more than could be helped.

Although she no longer had any connection with that church, and wanted none, a lifetime of conditioning is not easy to break, even when she very much wanted to break it. Donna hoped that the man in her arms would be patient and gentle and considerate, and would make her want to do what was contrary to her childhood indoctrination. Knowing Kevin would be calling on her, she had folded the legs on her bed and lifted it up to swing it into the adjacent closet that morning, but it could be easily swung back out.

He was well aware of her religious upbringing, and Kevin wanted to overcome it, and help her overcome it, but he wouldn't try to force Donna to do anything she wasn't ready to do. Just as she hoped he would be, Kevin was patient and gentle and considerate, and he regarded the woman in his arms as being too sweet and beautiful and wonderful to risk losing through trying to push her into something she wasn't ready to do.

Whatever happened that afternoon, and however far they went, they were truly enjoying themselves getting there. On the second kiss, Donna once again felt Kevin trying to insert his tongue into her mouth and, this time, she parted her lips and let it slide in. She was amazed at how good it felt, and how erotic and, when she licked the underside with the tip of her own tongue, how it got so much better. Donna hoped Kevin would continue, and that they would open that door and unfold the bed legs again.

Kevin hoped much the same thing. He had never seen Donna's bed, but he was aware of how Murphy beds operate, and had surmised that she had one at the end of the short leg of the "L" shaped room. Perhaps even more than Donna, he hoped the bed would be on the floor, and they would be on it before the evening ended. Certainly, her licking his tongue while it was inside her mouth was a good indication that it would.

He soon got another very good indication. They continued kissing, Donna's tongue quickly matching the aggressiveness of Kevin's. On the next kiss, they met in the center and in the next one, hers was inside his mouth. She had seldom kissed Daniel, certainly not with any passion, since both of them considered such things to be improper, even between a husband and wife. However, sitting side by side as they were, with their bodies twisted toward another wasn't as comfortable as she would have liked. She solved this by swiveling on her ass and lying down with her upper body across his lap. This quickly became less than optimum when she saw how much Kevin had to lean forward for the kissing they were both enjoying so much, so with one arm around his shoulders, she pulled herself upright so she was sitting on his lap.

That was much better, because their faces were closer together, and they could kiss more easily and more intimately. However, her exertions had caused her blouse to become partially untucked from her shorts, and some of the buttons had loosened. She pulled it out the rest of the way and, when that wasn't good enough, unbuttoned it the rest of the way. Donna was very glad she had made the adjustments because, when Kevin resumed his embrace of her, he slipped his arms under the open garment. His warm hands made her tingle wherever they touched her bare skin, especially when they moved around in gentle caresses.

Kevin enjoyed it too, of course, every bit as much as she did. Her skin was soft and smooth, and the flesh underneath was firm, but not so firm that he couldn't tell she was all woman. He looked at her exposed bra, and the small amount of cleavage showing, and wondered how to get that unfastened and removed, after first getting her blouse the rest of the way off. She would definitely have to take off the bra herself. He had never in his life removed a bra from a woman.

"Does it seem rather warm in here?" he asked.

Donna, whose temperature had been steadily rising, replied. "Now that you mention it, yes it is."

"I hope you don't mind if I take my shirt off." Kevin was already unbuttoning it.

"Not at all. I'll help you."

Donna held the nearer sleeve while he pulled his arm free, and reached around to pull the shirt off his other arm and hand it to him. He tossed it onto the unoccupied part of the love seat and quickly took hold of the shoulders of her blouse, so she could pull her arms free. That garment joined his shirt. He was bare above the waist, while she was still wearing her bra, but Kevin hoped to change that before very long.

Their kissing continued. Both of them knew they should be using their time together to talk about personal things, and to get to know each better, but they were having too much fun to want to stop. Donna especially enjoyed the way Kevin was caressing the bare skin of her sides, back and even her belly. Sometimes she thought of herself as fat, in comparison to the svelte working mothers who left their children at Mrs. Ortiz's or the other day care center she had worked for. Kevin, however, seemed to enjoy running his hands over her, and didn't seem to think of her body as unattractive. He seemed to be having a problem stroking her back, however, because her bra strap was in the way, and it was too tight for him to slide his fingers under it. It felt rather uncomfortable for her anyhow, and Donna had a sudden daring thought.

"Do you want me to take it off?" she whispered, as his fingers fumbled under it.

"Yes," Kevin whispered back.

Donna reached up behind her back for the catch to her bra. As she unhooked it, she realized that this was a big step in their relationship. No man had ever seen her breasts. All her doctors had been women, at her husband's insistence, and he avoided looking at her body for fear of arousing sinful lust. The catch was unhooked, but she had a sudden attack of shyness, and held the cups over her breasts.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Only if you want to. Only if you're comfortable doing it."

She was comfortable with Kevin, Donna realized, more than with any other person who had ever been part of her life, even including her parents, who always seemed so judgmental. Last night, she had told him her darkest secret, and he had taken it in stride. After deciding she didn't want to keep anything secret from him, she smiled, pulled the cups away from the treasures they had been hiding, and added the bra to the small pile of clothing.

Kevin was enraptured. On the previous night, he had noted her breasts were large, and they looked firm, but he hadn't realized until that moment just how large and how firm, and how they jutted from her body, and how pretty and pink her nipples were. Gently and carefully, not wanting to frighten Donna by any abrupt moves, he cupped his hands under either of the twin beauties. The skin was exquisitely soft and smooth, but her breasts were firm and vibrant in his hands. Slowly, he bowed his head and kissed her nipples, noting they were more rigid than he had expected.

"Do you like them?"

"I love them. They're beautiful. And you're beautiful." Kevin bent his head to kiss Donna's sweet pink nipples again, before raising his head and sharing a long kiss with her, with their tongues caressing each other.

During Donna's legally non-existent marriage to Daniel, there had never been any kind of foreplay before sex. It was forbidden by the church, on the grounds that it might turn a solemn occasion, a man impregnating his wife, into fun for the couple involved. There had never been any hugging or kissing, except for an occasional peck on the cheek in public or on the lips when in the sanctity of the couple's own home. Caressing of any kind was strictly forbidden. Of course, there had been no way for the church to enforce those dictums, but Daniel had been a true believer, and had followed their rules as closely as possible. Even during their efforts to make babies, he had sometimes chided Donna for seeming to enjoy the effort too much. As a result of these bans, she had never actually been sexually aroused, not even on their wedding night when she lost her maidenhead.

That was changing that afternoon, and Donna relished the strange feelings that were filling her body, which seemed to emanate from her nipples, where Kevin had started licking her. She liked it so much, she wanted to help him so, rather than continuing to sit on his lap, where he had to bend his neck to get at them, she moved up to sit on the arm of the love seat. This put her breasts level with his mouth, and she also cupped them in her hands, so his tongue could reach them more easily. Kevin very much appreciated this, and he put his arms around her to hold her steadily in place, while his tongue and lips continued their caresses.

The strange, new, and wonderful sensations continued for Donna. She felt moisture collecting between her legs, and there seemed to be a connection between her nipples, where Kevin was licking, and a place just above where she felt the moisture. She had accidentally touched herself there a few times, and had been dismayed by the tingling she had felt. The feelings she was getting from Kevin's mouth were something like the others had been, except so much stronger, and she wanted them to continue. Donna thought about getting down the bed so they could lie on it together, and Kevin could more easily continue his ministrations that were making her feel so good. She would have done it, but she didn't want to interrupt what they were doing.

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