tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDonna Goes Camping Pt. 01

Donna Goes Camping Pt. 01


My buddies were planning a river rafting camping trip to celebrate our graduation from college. It was being organized by my closest friends and was going to involve a week of fishing, camping and canoeing on a beautiful river. As with all of our leisure time activities at that time in our lives, we would also be drunk out of our minds for most of the trip. I was in.

My plan for the summer was to work a summer job near the campus and to hang out with my gorgeous girlfriend, Donna, while she went to summer school. I was totally in love with her and we had plans to get married in the following year while I was in graduate school.

Donna was 19 years old, had dark brown hair down to her shoulders, big blue eyes and a wonderful smile. She was one of those rare women who was gorgeous and unbelievably sexy, but didn't know it(or, at least wasn't sure she was).

I was a pervert at an early age, so at age 23, my thoughts were dominated by Donna' skinny body and enormous tits. She literally looked like she could fall over at any time as a result of her magnificent chest. She was sweet and kind, but my thoughts were dominated by wild sex acts we could do. She loved to have sex with me and was almost always willing to try anything I suggested.

When it came to Donna, I was always torn. I was always crazy about her and would often wonder how I was so lucky to be dating her. Sometimes I would feel jealous and possessive. At other times, I would want to show her off to other men and even had thoughts of sharing her with other guys. If you can believe it, sometimes I felt jealous about other guys paying attention to Donna at the same time my cock was hard thinking about her with another guy.

Donna and I had just moved in together when I told her about the camping trip with the guys. She started to cry. My heart was breaking as I tried to comfort her. I had not expected this reaction.

Donna told me how much she loved me and how much she had been looking forward to living together. What really got my attention was when she said, "Who am I going to have sex with for a whole week?"

That was a pretty scary thought for me given that most any man in town would have volunteered for that role on a moment's notice. We almost always had sex twice a day. I did not know what to do. I was so much in love with Donna that I was practically incapable of telling her no on anything that came up.

"Why don't I come with you guys?" Donna suggested. "I will cook for all of the guys and I could bring along some sexy nightgowns and lingerie to wear at night in our tent!"

That sounded pretty good to me, but I knew the other guys would not like the idea of me bringing my girlfriend on a "guys only" fishing trip. I told Donna I would talk to the guys and do my best to convince them to let her go.

I went to talk to two of my friends, Don and Shawn. They were my best friends and had been for our college years. They were not happy about me suggesting that I bring Donna. They liked her, but they thought I was pussy whipped. They also thought a girl would interfere with our drinking, fishing and story-telling.

I told them about Donna volunteering to do the cooking. They liked that, but it wasn't enough to get their okay. I was getting desperate because I really wanted to go on this trip, but I did not want to leave Donna behind. So, I said to Don who always lusted after Donna, "Donna is going to bring along some sexy nightgowns and underwear. What if I have her do the cooking in her sexy nightgowns?"

Don, who was always horny, immediately turned to Shawn and said, "I think that is a great idea!"

Shawn, who was a big, tall guy with curly blond hair and a great smile, got all the women he wanted and had a girlfriend. So, he was not as enthusiastic about it as Don, but even he agreed that seeing a sexy girl in lingerie around the camp could be fun.

The guys made me promise that Donna would wear the sexy clothes around the camp and that her presence would not put a damper on any of the guy stuff. I promised and said, "Don't mention the sexy clothes deal to Donna. I want to tell her. "

I gave Donna the good news that she could come and I wondered how I was going to tell her that I had promised to show off her body to my friends. She gave me a big kiss and excitedly started packing for the trip. I reminded her to pack her sexy lingerie.

The group for the trip included my buddies who had been my college football teammates for four years, Don, Shawn and Dave. Don was a big burly linebacker and a super nice guy. Shawn was a great friend and smart guy who was our designated chick magnet. Dave was a gigantic guy who was constantly goofy and funny.

I considered backing out of the trip when I found out that Dave had invited a guy named Ross to come along. Ross was on the football team, but none of us liked Ross. I particularly did not care for him. Dave thought we needed his canoe and a bunch of camping equipment that we did not have at school. Ross was arrogant(for no apparent reason) and unpleasant. He was a lousy football player and I thought he went out of his way to be an ass. I gave Dave a lot of shit for inviting him, but the others convinced me that I could put up with him for a week.

We bought food and lots and lots of beer, tequila and whiskey for the trip. I went to pick up Donna and we headed to the river.

On the way to the river, I told Donna that I would think it was exciting if she would wear her sexy clothes around the camp when she cooked in front of all the guys. She gave me a funny look and said, "Have you seen the nightgowns and bras I brought?"

"Yes," I said, "You will look great in those."

"Everyone will see my boobs if I do that," she replied. "Are you sure you want me to do that?"

"Yes, you will be so sexy!"

"I am not sure this is a good idea, but I will do it for you," Donna said eventually. "Just remember that this was your idea."

I had some serious second thoughts about this plan, but said, "I love you so much. It will be great!"

One last time, Donna said, "Are you sure you have seen the lingerie I have packed?"

The question sent chills down my spine and I was regretting the offer to show off Donna, but I said, "Yeah, sure! It will be great!"

We loaded up the boats and started down the river. We had a flat bottomed boat full of supplies. Most of the "supplies" were coolers of beer. Before the trip started, Don, Shawn and Dave drew straws to see who would have to ride in a canoe with Ross. Don lost.

It was hot as we started down the river. Donna had on the only bathing suit she owned that still fit her. Donna had developed quite late and had gone from an A cup bra to a DDD bra in her last year of high school and her first year of college. A lot of her clothes no longer fit and she could not afford to replace her entire wardrobe.

I had seen Donna try on all of her bathing suits. It was a wonderful sight. In her old suits, her boobs stuck out everywhere. You could easily see the top, sides or bottom of her boobs depending on how she pulled the top. Only a large string bikini would work at all. The bikini showed a lot of cleavage and was probably too small, but it at least it came close to fitting.

Donna looked spectacular in her bikini. At one point, she had jumped in the river to cool off and was getting back in the boat. Her top was barely covering her huge boobs as she came out of the water. Dave was nearby in another boat and said with a laugh, "Wow! Look at those things! I can't wait to see her in a nightgown."

Donna looked at me and said, "Do these guys know I am going to be wearing my underwear at the camp?"


"You planned this with them and told them I would do it before you asked me?" she said.

"Yes, but it is not like it sounds!"

"It sounds like you and your friends think I am a whore." Donna said.

"No, not at all. They just think you are sexy and so do I," I said as I tried to think of a reason why everyone knew she was going to be showing off for the camp.

Donna said okay and did not get too mad, but she clearly did not like what I had been doing. I felt like a sleaze for getting her in this spot. I was hoping that she would wear a nightgown one evening at the camp and this would blow over.

We floated and paddled down the river for most of the day and picked a spot to camp for the week. We were in the middle of nowhere. We unloaded the gear and set up our tents. Donna worked on setting up a camp stove and talked some of the guys into gathering firewood. All of us were drinking heavily.

As darkness approached, Donna asked me to come to our tent. In the tent, she said, "We have talked about getting married this year and I can't wait. Are you sure you want your future wife to wear these nightgowns, bras and panties around these drunk guys for a week?"

Although I was not at all sure about it, I said, "Yes, darling. I want you to do it for me."

"Okay, but just know that I am doing it just for you."

With that, Donna took off all of her clothes and put on a blue, sheer, baby doll nightie. It was not transparent, but it was easy to see her breasts shift and sway under the fabric when she moved. It also showed off her long tan legs and skinny little ass. She came out of the tent to hoots and screams from the drunken campers. Donna was definitely a hit.

Donna cooked dinner with help from all of the guys. Dave and Ross made many comments about how great Donna looked. I laughed when Dave did it and didn't when that asshole Ross said something.

We built a big campfire and switched to hard liquor after dinner. Everyone, including Donna, was getting looped. We somehow started playing some variation of Truth or Dare. Most of the questions were directed to Donna who answered all but the rudest of the questions(like, whether she swallowed cum).

The guys all learned Donna's bra size and when she lost her virginity and many other interesting facts about her. She was embarrassed, but was a good sport about it. On the bra size, Don claimed he did not believe that she wore a 34F bra. He asked her to prove it. Donna said she would. She stood up, grabbed the bottom of her nightgown like she was going to flash them, but giggled and ran to the tent. She brought back a bra to show Don the size. It was a 34F.

I noticed that all of the guys stared at Donna in her flimsy nightgown every time she moved. When Donna stood in front of the fire you could easily see through her nightgown.

We were listening to Jimmy Buffett tunes. This included the song "Fins" about a girl who was surrounded by sharks who lived on the land. We decided that the guys in our camp were the sharks and Donna was the only bait in town.

As the night wore on several of the sharks suggested that Donna take off her clothes or perform some sex act on everyone, but all in all it went pretty well. Donna looked incredibly sexy in her short nightie, but nobody did anything that completely offended her.

We went to bed before any of the sharks. The second we closed the tent Donna pulled off her nightgown and told me to fuck her. She usually did not talk like that, so I knew she was drunk or very horny. I think she was both. She climbed on top of me, grabbed my cock and jammed it into her very, very wet pussy.

Donna started moaning loudly. Much louder than usual. Of course, in a tent everyone outside the tent could hear everything. After a minute or so, the music was turned off and I knew the guys were listening to Donna ride my cock and moan loudly. Donna seemed oblivious to the show she was putting on. I loved it. It made me fuck her even harder which led to louder moans and screams from Donna.

Donna came loudly after being fucked for a while. Everyone in the camp could hear her orgasm. I was watching her giant tits jiggle and sway as she pumped up and down on my cock. I managed to hold off and cum at the same time Donna did. It was awesome.

I went to sleep thinking how horny the other guys were going to be before this trip was over.

The next morning Donna woke me up by sucking my dick. Once I woke up, she climbed on top of me again and loudly fucked me again. If anyone was asleep when we started, they weren't for long. Donna had another orgasm as I fucked her and she screamed even louder than she did the first time. I decided that she had to be making all of that noise on purpose, but I wasn't sure.

Donna went to take a bath in the river. I went out to make coffee.

Don was starting the fire. When he saw me he said, "We heard Donna fucking your brains out this morning and last night. She is unbelievably hot!"

I agreed. Then Don said that it would sure be nice if I shared.

I laughed and said, "I don't think Donna would go for that!"

He said, "She will do whatever you ask her to do."

I wasn't sure that was right, but it was interesting that he thought that.

About the time we were having our first cup of coffee, Don said, "Oh, my God!"

I looked up and saw Donna walking into the camp wearing only her bra and panties. The bra and panties were white and lacy and partially transparent. It was easy to see her nipples through the lacy fabric of the bra. This must not have been her newest bra because it was stretched to the limit and a huge amount of cleavage was showing. Her mom had been buying her new F cup bras to replace her DDD cup bras, but she did not have enough of the bigger size.

Donna looked a little embarrassed as Don stared. She smiled and said, "I did not have a real towel, so I thought I would just put these on until I dry off. Anyway, this doesn't show any more than my bikini anyway and I thought everyone would like me in this outfit!"

Don said she looked great.

I thought to myself that it did show more than her bikini, but I didn't say anything. It made my dick hard to see her in public like this. It clearly made Don's dick hard too.

Donna fixed breakfast in her bra and panties . All of the guys complimented her on how great she looked. Several also pointedly asked Donna about the noise coming out of our tent.

Donna just laughed and seemed to enjoy the attention.

We had a great day swimming, fishing and boating.

That evening Donna put on a long, very sheer nightgown that was very low cut. Her big breasts were mostly exposed. The nightgown left little to the imagination. Every time she bent over a little we could see most of her terrific tits. I had a hard-on watching her fix dinner.

I saw several of the guys grab her tits while she cooked. Donna did not seem to mind. She would just laugh and tell them to be good.

After dinner, Don and Dave came to me and said that they were going insane looking at Donna and listening to Donna get fucked. Don said that they were so horny they were about to burst. I felt sorry for my friends. I knew they really were going crazy.

Don said, "I know you are in love with this girl and I can understand why, but do you think she might be able to give us a hand job or something? Please? We won't tell anyone she did it."

That did not sound too bad to me, so I told them I would talk to Donna about it. They asked me to hurry.

After a great deal of liquor, I pulled Donna aside. She was drunk and horny and gave me a big kiss as soon as we were alone.

I told her that she was driving my friends crazy.

Donna said, "Really! I thought they liked seeing me show off for them!"

"They do. They like it so much that they are unbelievably horny."

Donna giggled. "Should I go put some clothes on?"

"No," I said, "They wanted to know if you would give them hand jobs."

"I haven't done that since junior high!"

I did not know she had done that in junior high. But I said, "if you don't mind, just quietly slip off with my friends, Don, Shawn and Dave, to their tents or down by the river and give them a little relief with your hand."

"Okay, if my future husband wants me to. Those poor guys!"

"Don't include that asshole Ross and try not to make it too obvious what you are doing," I said. "It could be a little embarrassing to me."

"Okay, Darling," Donna said with a beautiful smile. "Where do you want these guys to shoot their sperm when they, you know, finish?"

I had not thought about that. I suggested, "Just do whatever you did in junior high and then tell me all about it later in our tent."

"You are such a good friend to these guys!" Donna said. "I will take care of this for you!"

With that, she gave me a long passionate kiss and went back to the fire. Even in my drunken state, I was surprised how easy it was to talk Donna into the hand jobs.

When I returned to the campfire, the sharks were thinking up the most ridiculous reasons in the world for Donna to bend over so that they could look down the top of her lacy nightgown. Donna was playing along and laughing as she exposed most of her big tits for them.

After a while, Donna whispered something to Don and then they quietly slipped into the darkness in the direction of Don's tent. I was excited at the thought of my sweet little girl touching the cock of another man because I wanted her to do it.

Just a few minutes later, we all heard Don screaming loudly, "Oh Donna! Oh Donna! I'm cumming!" This was followed by a primal scream from Don and then silence.

Everyone at the campfire looked at me. I did not know what to say.

Ross snickered and said, "I knew that girl would cheat on you, but I did not think she would do it in such a humiliating way."

"Fuck you, Ross," was all I was able to get out of my mouth before Donna came out of Don's tent.

Donna's entire chest was soaked in cum. Her cleavage was wet and the lacy top of her nightgown was wet and now mostly transparent. Everyone could easily see her nipples as she tried to rub the cum off of her chest with her hands.

Donna smiled at me and said, "So much for being subtle about this!"

I had to agree.

She then turned to Shawn and said rather meekly, "Would you like me to give you a hand job, Shawn?"

Shawn eagerly agreed and they headed down by the river in the dark. My dick was hard as I watched them go.

I focused on drinking tequila with Dave and Don as we waited for Donna to return.

Donna and Shawn came back together in just about 15 minutes. Donna had more cum on the top of her big tits and on her hands. Shawn received high fives from the other sharks and Donna tried to locate all of the spots on her body that had globs of cum.

With all of us looking, Donna stood in the light of the fire and scooped a glob of somebody's cum from between her boobs. It was dripping off her hands and she looked around for a towel or something. Without thinking, she licked her fingers like she would when she was cooking or eating fried chicken.

Dave noticed instantly. "Oh, my God, she is swallowing your cum, Shawn!"

Donna looked at her hand and blushed. "I guess I let the cat out of the bag as to whether I will swallow!"

Dave announced it was his turn and quickly escorted Donna to his tent. I remembered from the locker room showers that Dave's dick was as big as the rest of his island sized body.

My cock was hard when Donna returned in just a few minutes with cum on her face and in her hair. It did not seem to embarrass her at all that the guys were seeing her with cum all over her. As she said, "It's their sperm."

I was so ready to fuck her! I grabbed her hand and said, "Come with me to bed."

Ross said, "Hold it. It is my turn."

I grabbed Donna's hand and continued to our tent. Donna stopped me and whispered, "Shouldn't I give Ross a hand job too?"

"Hell, no. He can go fuck himself."

Donna stopped me and said, "That would not be nice for either one of us and one reason I love you so much is that you are nice and kind to people."

I couldn't really say no to that with Donna staring at me with her big blue eyes. So, against all of my better judgment, I said, "Yes."

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