tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDonna Goes Camping Pt. 06

Donna Goes Camping Pt. 06


It was dawn on the last day of our campout. I woke up in my tent with my girlfriend, Donna, asleep by my side. I am normally not a very emotional guy, but I was so happy and relieved that Donna was still my girl I could barely control myself. I thought I had lost her the night before, but here she was asleep and looking beautiful lying next to me. I wanted to start kissing her, but I knew I should let her sleep.

I had sex with Donna just about every day. I am a morning person and always wake up with a hard dick. Donna was not really a morning person and was sometimes a little grouchy until my tongue or cock got her going. Donna always liked sex and had become a real fan of starting her day with a hard cock inside her. She used to joke that it made her cheeks rosy when she went to class.

I was relieved to be with her because I thought we were finished the night before. Losing the most beautiful girl I knew was bad enough, but losing her to an ass wipe like Ross was more than I could stomach. I had a vivid memory of feeling physically ill at the thought of losing her to Ross. It was even worse because I had encouraged Donna to show off for the other guys on the trip and it had spun out of control.

Then, in a remarkable change of direction, I punched Ross in the nose when he was holding Donna against her will and Donna came to bed with me. As I thought about it, the adrenaline ran through my veins again. I beat up my hated rival, I got the girl and I fucked her like an animal. I felt like King Kong just thinking about it.

I couldn't control myself any longer. I started passionately kissing Donna to wake her up. As I did, I was rubbing her pussy. She was sleeping in the nude. I was overcome with emotion as I spread her long legs and licked her pussy. It had a strong smell of sex from the previous evening. Despite my regrets, the thought of my beautiful, sexy girl having sex with another guy still turned me on.

After licking Donna to wake her up and warm her up, I climbed up on top of her, kissed her passionately and rammed my hard cock into her very wet pussy. Donna was almost always instantly wet and her pussy would get wetter than any other woman I have known, before or since.

I was completely into fucking Donna and fucking her hard. I was a highly conditioned athlete and I put every ounce of energy into fucking her. She could sense and feel the difference and was soon moaning and calling my name as I pounded her.

I felt like a conquering hero or Viking as I took the lovely princess. Donna was making more noise than usual and was soon having a loud, excited orgasm. Hearing Donna moan and yell as she pushed back against my cock was too much for me. I came and came and came.

I lay there sweating in a tangle with gorgeous Donna periodically rubbing her massive tits.

Donna looked at me and said, "Wow, you were really excited today! Thank you. That was wonderful, Darlin'."

I gave her a hug and a kiss. As I did, I realized that Donna was not as emotional about last night as I was. She was her normal, gorgeous self. She smiled at me with her pretty smile, but I could tell she was a little surprised by the intensity of the sex.

I thought I would remind her of the night before and said, "We ought to turn the asshole Ross into the police for rape or sexual assault for what he did to you last night."

Donna looked stunned and said, "Oh, no, we shouldn't that. Ross went too far, but it wasn't rape or sexual assault."

Any defense of Ross made me mad. "Why not? He was holding you against your will trying to have sex with you. He had also forced you into having sex with him earlier before you tried to escape."

Donna looked worried and said, "Can we just drop it?"

This wasn't going the way I wanted, so I said, "No, what is wrong? Why are you defending that scumbag who was hurting you last night?

Donna looked sad and worried and said, "Let's just drop it, okay?"

"No, Donna. What is wrong?"

Donna looked at me and said, "Do you promise not to get mad if I tell you the truth?"


She looked very serious and said slowly and hesitantly, "I told Ross that I like it rough. I told him that I wanted to be taken anally and I told him to make it rough. I let him know that it turns me on. He just kept doing it a little too long when I was ready to come back to our tent."

I felt completely deflated. I thought I had saved her from a rape and all I did is interfere with my girlfriend's kinky sex.

I thanked her for telling me the truth and told her that I thought she shouldn't have sex with the other guys anymore.

She didn't look happy about that, but she said, "Okay Baby. I only did it because it turned you on when I acted naughty and the I told you about it."

"I know, but I think we have had enough."

As I said that, I was mad at myself because hearing my beautiful 19 year old girlfriend admit that she asked to be fucked in the ass and treated like a slut made my dick hard. This was exactly what got us into the current bad situation. At least it was the last day.

After a few minutes, Donna threw on a t-shirt and shorts and went to take her bath in the river. All of the guys loved her morning bath time because she came back to the camp wearing nothing but her lingerie. I was anxious to see what she had in store for us on the last day. I loved to see my busty girl show off. Her breasts were some of the best I had ever seen. I think Donna liked it too, but she always said she did it for me.

As Donna walked off down the river to a private spot to bathe, I started some coffee. I sat and talked to my friend Shawn as we had some coffee made over the campfire.

We talked about what an asshole Ross was and how we hoped that today would be the last day we would ever have to see him.

Shawn said, "Last night after you went to bed Ross kept saying that Donna wanted him to rough her up. He claimed that it was all her idea. Can you believe that scum bag would blame Donna?"

I said, "No. That is the kind of bullshit I would expect from him."

Shawn looked at me and said, "She did let him butt fuck her, but I can't see Donna really wanting to be roughed up by him or anyone else. Almost any guy would treat her like a queen."

I tried to avoid eye contact with my friend when I said, "Yeah, you are right. Every guy we meet seems to lust after her."

I did not want to admit to my friend that Donna had asked for the rough sex and the anal from Ross. The way we all felt about Ross, I was happy to just let everyone believe that he was trying to rape Donna and I saved her.

Thankfully, we moved on to other subjects and made some more coffee.

As we were sitting around the fire talking and drinking coffee, it occurred to me that Donna had been gone a long time. She had taken a bath every morning in the river, but had never taken as long as it did that morning.

I waited a little longer and when Donna did not come back, I started down the path she had taken to check on her. I did not really know where she went to bathe, but I did not think it would be very hard to find her.

I walked down the path which followed the river and heard some talking ahead. At first I could not imagine who it could be in the middle of nowhere, then I remembered the fishermen we had met the day before. They were camped near us and had shared dinner with us the night before. They had also seen Ross have sex with my girlfriend.

Sure enough, when I rounded a bend in the path, I saw Donna in the water talking to the fishermen, Bob and Jim, who sat in their little fishing boat near her. They were all laughing when I came on the scene.

Donna was clearly naked in the water. She was making no effort to cover herself in front of the older fishermen even though the water was perfectly clear. At least her giant boobs were under the water.

The guys gave me a friendly hello and when Donna saw me, she seemed excited. "Oh, good! I am glad you are here. I need to ask you something."

I said, "Sure. What is it?"

Donna looked at Bob and Jim and then said, "Maybe we should talk privately for a minute."

I said okay and Donna stood up in the waist deep water and started walking to the shore. Her big round breasts were jiggling and swaying as she walked toward me. I remember watching the water drip from her beautiful boobs as she walked. Jim and Bob were obviously loving it.

I said, "Donna, you might want to cover up a little."

She smiled at me and said, "Oh, sure. I forgot."

Donna then tried unsuccessfully to cover her big round tits with one hand and her pussy with the other. It was impossible to cover those F cup boobs with her hands. She could only partially cover her nipples. Pressing her boobs against her chest made them look even bigger.

Bob and Jim were staring at the giant boobs on the little skinny girl. They were both grinning lustfully at the young busty girl.

She came up to me and kissed me rather passionately while pressing her boobs against my chest. She was so sexy, I was immediately aroused again. I felt like Donna was already horny again despite the fact she had just had an orgasm a short time before.

With the middle aged fishermen staring at us, Donna whispered to me, "Would it turn you on, Baby, if I messed around a little with these guys? I would tell you all about it when I get back to the tent. We could make love again while I tell you.

She was making my cock hard, but I had had enough of the casual sex. I immediately said, "That would be hot, Darling, but I think we have done enough of the sex with other guys."

Donna looked at Bob and Jim with a worried look on her face.

She said, "If I tell you something, will you promise to not get mad at me? I love you with all my heart and I can stand it if you get mad at me!"

I had a sudden sick feeling as she asked me about it, but said, "I won't get mad at you. What is it?"

"I sort of promised those guys that I would suck their dicks."

"What? Why would you do that after what we just talked about this morning?"

"You said you wouldn't get mad. I was a little bit horny having those guys who are my Dad's age looking at me naked. Jim looks like my Dad. They talked me into showing them my boobies. Then, they showed me their bulges in their pants. I felt like I should at least go down on them after I made them all hard."

"I have had enough of this, Donna. I don't want you to have sex with anyone else on this trip or after this trip for that matter. I want to get married and have a normal marriage where we only have sex with each other."

Donna smiled broadly and said, "I can't wait to marry you! You are so sweet."

She kissed me and said, "This will be so exciting for us. You go back to the camp and wait for me in the tent. I will come tell you all about it in detail as you make love to your future wife. I will tell you everything."

As she finished, she grabbed my hard cock and squeezed it gently. She gave me a kiss and said, "Wait for me in the tent, husband. You will love it."

I stood there with my naked girlfriend in my arms in public and didn't speak.

Donna took my silence as consent and said excitedly to Bob and Jim, "He said it is okay!"

They cheered and started to scramble out of their little boat.

She kissed me again and said, "Wait for me in the tent and I will tell you all about your naughty little girl sucking their dicks."

I wasn't sure I had agreed, but I was too turned on to do anything except start back for the camp. At least this time it was just going to be blow jobs.

I alternated between fantasizing about Donna sucking the dicks of these older men and wondering how in the hell I ended up in this situation again.

I was mostly horny about Donna sucking some more dicks as I neared the camp when it hit me that I could go back and watch. It would be easy to watch from the brush and it made me hard to think of my pretty young girl bobbing up and down on a couple of cocks. Especially the cock of the guy who looked like Donna's father. It made her seem even more nasty.

I turned and ran back down the path. When I got close, I got down low and slipped through the thick brush at a spot close to where Donna was, but above the river. It was a great spot to watch and I couldn't wait. It had only been a couple of minutes and I had not missed much.

Jim and Bob were now naked too. They were taking turns kissing Donna and feeling her up. Her tits were breathtaking. I loved to titty fuck her and cum all over her big tits and face. Donna liked it that guys enjoyed her big breasts and were so turned on by her giant boobs.

I could tell that Donna was getting horny. Both Jim and Bob had stiff cocks as they played with Donna's awesome rack.

Donna got on her knees in the sand in front of the two guys. I thought she was going to start sucking their dicks, but instead, she looked at the two men and said, "I want to be your whore. You can do anything you want to me as long as you call me nasty names while you do it."

Her big blue eyes sparkled as she looked up at the older men.

Both guys quickly agreed to talk dirty to her. Donna started sucking Jim's dick as soon as he said to her, "Suck my cock, you little cocksucking slut!"

I watched Donna's lips go right to the base of the cock. Jim gasped as his dick disappeared in her mouth. She had no gag reflex and could deep throat any cock. The sight of her lips wrapped tightly around the base of his cock made my dick as hard as a rock. It is a scene that you seldom see.

Bob said, "Look at that nasty cocksucker. She must have had a lot of dicks in her mouth!"

With the cock still jammed into her throat, Donna mumbled, "Yeth thir!"

I really did not know that she had sucked a lot of dicks, but I thought to myself that she must have sucked a lot to learn how to completely swallow even big cocks.

Bob laughed and said, "Speak up Donna! I can't understand you with a cock in your mouth!"

She tried again, "Yeth thir!"

Both guys laughed and Bob said, "Donna, tell us you are a cocksucking bitch!"

With her lips on the base of Jim's hard cock, she said, "Ah am a cocksuthing bith"

Both guys laughed again and Bob said, "I can't believe your boyfriend lets you suck dicks like this. I guess there is nothing he can do to stop a whore like you from putting dicks in your mouth."

Donna mumbled, "Yeth, thir!"

I felt like a complete dumbass for telling my girlfriend it was okay to suck other dicks.

Bob said, "Donna, have you ever been fucked by two men at once?"

"No thir," she mumbled.

Bob said, "Jim, why don't you fuck her while I butt fuck her from behind? I saw it in a porn movie and Donna is perfect for that."

Jim smiled and said, "I can't wait to fuck this hot piece of ass!"

Donna pulled her mouth slowly off of Jim's cock and said shyly, "I told my boyfriend that I was only going to give you guys head. I can make you cum with my mouth."

Bob said, "You stupid whore. You just told us that you would do anything we wanted if we call you nasty names. Your boyfriend probably already knows you will do anything for cock."

Donna looked nervous. She said, "Sir, you can put your penis as far into my mouth as you want. You can pound my mouth as hard as you want. I like that!"

Bob said, "Donna, sweetie, we all know you like to be fucked by men and just last night you showed how you like to take a dick up your ass!"

I was sure that Donna would discourage that but she said, "I have never tried two men at once, but I will."

In the bushes, I was torn. I had come back to see my pretty girl suck two dicks. That turned me on. But, now these guys were talking about double fucking my pretty 19 year old girlfriend. I wasn't sure I wanted her to do that. It seemed so nasty. I thought sure she would take care of them with her mouth.

Instead, Jim jumped down on the sand and Donna straddled him. I saw Donna groan as Jim's cock entered her. That girl loved to fuck. She had already passed what she told me they were going to do.

Next, Tom came up behind her and started rubbing her ass as she humped Jim. Tom said to Donna, "We all know you will take a hard cock in your ass so I am going to give it to you hard, bitch."

I kept waiting for Donna to say no or mention her boyfriend, but instead, she kept on taking Jim's dick and was sticking her ass out for Tom to begin buttfucking her. Donna was going to try to take it up her ass with no lube.

Tom had a big cock that he held in his hand as he rubbed the wetness of Donna's hot pussy on her asshole and inserted his cock up my cute girl's ass. Soon both men were pounding her and cute little Donna was moaning like a whore.

I tried to walk away. It turned me on that my girl was being fucked by two men like a porn star, but I wasn't sure I could watch it. I wanted to cry, but at the same time I wanted to beat off! It pissed me off that watching my girl get fucked turned me on so.

The sounds coming from Donna were low, animalistic moans. She had lost control and was clearly about to have another orgasm. Her huge tits were swaying with the pounding she was taking.

I had my cock out now and was beating off to the sight of my girl getting buttfucked and fucked at the same time.

As I was about to cum, Tom said, "Donna, you nasty cunt, my cock has your shit all over it. Are you going to clean it up?"

"Yes, sir."

Tom pulled his long cock out of Donna's ass and walked around to her face.

"Clean it with your mouth. cunt," he said as he stuck his cock in front of her face.

Donna looked as his dick in front of her face and hesitated a moment. I thought sure they had reached her limit. She surely wouldn't put a dick covered in shit in her mouth.

Just as I had that thought, Donna leaned forward and swallowed his big, nasty dick. I could not believe it as her beautiful lips sucked on the base of his big cock.

Tom moaned loudly and said, "Jim, look at that nasty whore sucking a dick that just came out of her ass! Can you believe this beautiful, big-titted girl is such a nasty whore?"

"She is one easy slut with a very nasty mouth."

Then to Donna, Jim said, "Be sure to give your boyfriend a big kiss when you get back!"

Donna mumbled, "Yeth thir," with Tom's big dick in her mouth.

At that, I came all over myself and started immediately to have regrets about this entire trip. I couldn't stand to watch any longer and quickly slipped out of the bushes and hurried back to camp.

I said hello to my buddies back at the camp and avoided questions about Donna. I went and sat by myself near my tent.

I could not stop thinking about Donna. I thought about her with big hard cocks in her mouth. I thought about her moaning as she took two dicks. I thought about her lips at the base of a big hard cock. I pictured her sucking and fucking as two older men called her a cunt or a bitch. I thought about me kissing her lips that had cleaned her shit off of another man's prick. Mostly, I thought about how much I loved her and wanted to be alone with her again.

I sat there in a daze wondering what was taking Donna so long to come back. It seemed like it took a really long time for her to appear.

I didn't see her first. I heard one of my friends say something about her and looked up at the path down the river.

There was Donna in white lingerie bouncing as she walked down the path. The lacy white bra was stretched beyond the limits of the material and she was showing huge cleavage that almost bounced out of her bra on every step. She was smiling and laughing as all of my buddies whistled and called out nasty things to her. Her big blue eyes were shining and her beautiful dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

She came straight to me. I stood up and tried to decide what to say to her. But, before I could say a word, she kissed me and stuck her tongue in my mouth. After a long, hot kiss, she said, "Let's go to the tent and I will tell you about sucking the dicks of those two old guys!"

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