tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDonna Needs a Drink

Donna Needs a Drink


Author's note: This is a contest entry, so please give it a vote. It's a noncon about a girl that gets drunk and has sex in a blackout. I hope you like it.

It was late.

The party was wrapping up.

Donna was drunk. Her boyfriend had broken up with her a few weeks ago and it had been devastating. Then, tonight, just as she was getting past her feelings of uselessness and depression, he'd shown up at the party. She'd actually considered going home but had a few drinks instead. Four drinks, all of them within a few hours of learning that he was in the kitchen.

She was a cheerleader. Blonde, attractive.


The smallest girl on the squad, she was often the one tasked with climbing to the top of human pyramids. Her body was too small to process liquor swiftly, but she didn't know that yet. She lacked experience with booze. Her inhibitions were fading, her basic motor and cognitive skills seriously impaired.

She didn't realize any of that either.

She sat on the couch, watching in a daze as the last of her girlfriends left the party. She needed to go herself but a wave of lightheadedness anchored her to the seat. Drawing her legs up, she sat Indian style. The room began a lazy spin, so she held onto the armrest. That didn't stop the room, so she placed one foot on the floor.

Mark grinned down at her.

She snorted.

She liked Mark. He'd hung out with her tonight after her boyfriend had showed up. Mark had brought her drinks and convinced her to stay. But now she was splayed out in front of him like a drunken bitch. Donna tried to coax herself into an upright position. She knew what happened to cute girls who drank too much at parties, but she wasn't worried about anything like that happening to her tonight. That only happened to sluts.

Mark put his knee on the couch near her hip, taking her breast in his hand. It felt good. Better than it should have.

"Mark," she whined. It came out Maaaa hrrr.

She pushed his hand away. He wasn't a bad looking guy-- wiry and dark --but she didn't want him to think she was easy. Not a slut. Sitting up, she pushed the hair from her forehead. He pressed his lips against her mouth and his tongue darted inside. His hand was on her breast again.

"I shu ghoo," she mumbled around his tongue.

Mark pulled back a tiny bit. "Don't ruin it," he cautioned.

Ruin what? She didn't want to ruin anything. Tilting her head to accept his kiss, she parted her lips. His tongue filled her mouth. Hot breath warmed her cheek. She wished someone would open a window.

Suddenly Dave plopped onto the couch between her and the armrest, forcing her to scoot closer to Mark. Dave put his hand on her tummy, then slid his hand right up to her breast, pressing her whole boob into her ribcage. It hurt a little.

She was about to say something but then Dave met her eyes and smiled. His square chin and blue eyes totally disarmed her. Taking her hand, he pulled it into his lap. He was hard, but Donna didn't realize she was holding his cock. She clutched it, squeezed it. He'd been going out with a girl named Natalie since middle school. Donna felt flattered that he was even interested in her. Natalie was one of the most attractive girls in Carnal.

Dave grinned at Mark.

Donna teetered.

Both boys looked at her, a secret in their smiling faces. She wondered why they were looking at her that way then suddenly realized she was holding Dave's cock. She immediately let it go, apologizing in a drunken slur. She didn't remember that Dave had pulled her hand into his lap. She only remembered thinking he was attractive and feeling a little aroused. And then she had her hand on his cock, stroking its thick length.

Oh God. What could she--

Her mind abruptly went blank, as if a TV were snapped off. She remained conscious but her brain stopped recording memories.

Donna was in a blackout.

She raised her hand to her head, rubbing her brow. She may have nodded off for a few seconds. When she pulled her hands away, her t-shirt was up over her bra. Looking at her bra, she forgot about holding Dave's cock. Instead she examined the state of her outfit as if she were an archaeologist analyzing some important new find.

What's this?

She'd worn a button-down blouse over a clingy tank top. Mark had unbuttoned her blouse and shoved her t-shirt under her chin. Oh, I see, she thought, seamlessly folding her new circumstances into her current reality. She was sitting on the couch in just her bra. It was the black lacy one with the bows. This bra, she thought, wasn't the best choice for the outfit she was wearing.

Suddenly her head was tugged back, over the couch. Looking up at the basement ceiling tiles, she mumbled a confused protest.

A guy named Scratch loomed far above her, smiling down. She smiled back. He was tall and lanky and wore his hair in a ponytail. He was older than she was, older than Dave or Mark. Under her chin he'd looped a bolt of fabric and used it to tug her head back. Now he lowered his hands. Her shoulders went over the top of the couch and her back bent awkwardly. She found herself staring into his crotch. This position was a challenge but not too different from the stuff she did with the squad. Her cheer training kicked in and she automatically suppressed her discomfort.

Her bra unexpectedly popped open, freeing her breasts. Dave had popped the clasp. Now he pushed the empty cups up under her chin along with her t-shirt. Her tits wobbled on her chest.

All the guys made lusty noises, murmuring their approval.

With her bra open, she found it easier to breath. The air in the basement felt cooler. Everything was a little better. She laughed suddenly but couldn't say why. She tried to sit up, but Scratch kept a firm hold on her head. Dave and Mark pinned her upper arms to the back of the couch.

Hands rubbed her small breasts.

Soft probing hands that felt warm, sliding up and down and all over the sensitive surfaces of her boobs. Hands that cupped her breasts, squeezing and stroking. Fingers tweaked her nipples, first one and then the other. Then both nipples at the same time. Fingers pinched and teased those tight little nubs of flesh, coaxing them to rise from her chest.

She closed her eyes. It felt kinda good, she thought blearily.

Really good.

"Suck this baby." She heard the words but couldn't be sure if they were coming from inside her head or from someone in the room. Then she felt something pressing against her lips. She opened her eyes. She wasn't sure what it was at first. Then Scratch pulled back slightly and she realized it was his cock. It was long and red with a big fat head.

"Suck it."

He pushed his cock against her cheek. Her mouth opened automatically, surprising her, and then his cock was past her lips.

His hand went under her ears, his fist closing around her hair.

She tried to think, but it was hard. He had a scraggly beard that she didn't find attractive. It was his party, but she didn't know him all that well. He could get hard drugs.

He tightened his fist. "Suck."

She whimpered and began licking his rigid cock. He didn't have to say it that way, like an order. If he would have asked, she probably would have sucked him. She told herself she didn't mind sucking. She was sucking him now, wasn't she? He pushed his cock to the very back of her mouth. Her cheeks went concave as she did her best to pleasure him, swirling her tongue around his big cock.

Donna spread her knees to counterbalance the pressure on her back. Dave took advantage of her position, cupping her pussy and giving it a lusty squeeze. Mark petted her ass cheeks through the thick fabric of her jeans. She'd made out with plenty of guys, but never with three at the same time before. Mark took one of her nipples in his mouth and Dave licked her breast. She narrowed her eyes, blindly rolling her hips.

It felt really good.

Scratch went deeper. His pants fell to his ankles, exposing skinny, hairy legs. His ass crack peeked out from under his shirt tails. She made mild protests, but they were muffled by his cock. Her position allowed his cock to pass beyond her tongue. Suddenly his cock was inside her throat.

Donna strained, lifting one leg.

She'd sucked cock before, but no one had ever shoved one down her throat. She wasn't sure what to do, and finally decided to retreat into herself, letting her leg sink to the couch. He was going to fuck her throat. Too drunk to be scared, she spread her legs wide, throwing her head back. She was a vessel tonight, a sacrifice. The alcohol was immensely helpful in this regard. Her mind remained blank while the boys ratcheted up the pleasure in her body. Her face went bright red, her lips stretched around the big cock.

Mark sucked at her neck, his hot breath near her ear. He whispered vulgar curses. He gave her hickeys on her neck as Scratch worked his cock deeper into her throat.

"That's it, baby. That's it, that's it," Scratch grunted.

He kept his head down, fixed on his union with her mouth. He finally raised his head, grinning triumphantly at the others. He'd buried his prick to the root, and now he was gloating.

Donna clutched the back of the couch, legs spread wide. His cock had created a small lump in her throat. He moved his hips, the lump moved too. He'd violated her, but the violation was also a physical challenge, and she was an experienced cheerleader. Muscle memory came into play. She summoned all the talent and competitive spirit that drove her on the field.

He held her head and grunted.

Dave undid her belt and popped the button on her jeans. Lowering her zipper, he tried to get his hand in her pants, but the best he could do was get his first three fingers into the waist of her panties.

Scratch backed his cock out of her throat and it made a little pop.

She drew in a shuddering breath of air, pushing her chest out. Dave's eyes widened with delight. He and Mark put their mouths back on her tits. She groaned from their effort, and soon Scratch sent his cock back into her mouth. She accommodated him more easily this time, and soon his balls hung in her face, his pubic patch rubbed against her lower lip.

Mark tugged her pants down her hips.

Dave helped.

They had to work her jeans down inch by inch, sliding her bikini panties off at the same time, exposing her tender pink flesh and those toned thighs. Her pants got stuck at her ankle and she panicked a little, flailing to free her leg. Popping her foot out, she immediately spread her legs. The hot little teenager only meant to support herself but created a lewd display instead. Everyone saw her gorgeous honey-blonde bush and swollen gash, all wet and glistening with secretions. Except for sneakers and socks, she was naked from the waist down. Her shirt and bra were up at her neck, and her blouse was still wrapped around her shoulders.

Dave sat next to her and pulled her leg onto his lap. He reached for her pussy, but Mark already had his hand between her legs. He slipped his middle finger along her crack, searching for the fuck hole.

Dave rubbed his thumb between her ass cheeks and her bottom rose. Mark sank his finger into her cunt, and she instinctively began rocking her hips. She'd been sexually active since she was fourteen, but she didn't fuck a lot so her pussy was still tight. Rolling her hips, she bucked against both boys' hands.

Mark came in his pants.

A great stain spread out on the light-colored material of his shorts. He continued to finger fuck her tight cunt and suck her tit.

Scratch pumped away at her throat, using a slow, easy stroke. He was masturbating himself, but instead of his fist, he was using her throat to squeeze his cock. She pressed her tongue against the top of his swollen shaft. Juice from her throat ran down her cheeks and into her eyes. Squeezing them shut, she clutched the back of the couch. Little gurgles of confusion and pleasure came from her mouth.

"I'm going to regret this," Dave said, rising from the couch.

He took off his pants, his hard prick dancing in front of him. He mounted her while she sucked Scratch's cock. Mark grinned as his friend climbed on Donna, the drunken little cheerleader.

Dave found the entrance to her cunt and thrust himself inside. Taking her in his arms, he kissed her throat as Scratch worked the other end. Dave sent his cock deep into that young pussy, palming her ass cheeks as he used her cunt.

Donna emerged from her blackout.

Her head felt all tingly and then suddenly she was back in the world again. She found herself stretched out over the couch, her throat filled with cock. She could see a guy's balls and hairy ass but didn't know who it was. Someone else was humping her pussy. Her cheeks shook with each stroke. A deep sense of shame swallowed her up.

What could she do?

Her body was way ahead of her mind, and she needed the relief only a slippery cock could bring. Setting aside her shame, she focused on her pussy. She arched her back, pushing her hungry cunt against the man pounding away between her legs. She assumed it was Mark fucking her, and this knowledge provided her with some small comfort. Earlier tonight, she'd decided she would sleep with him, and now they were doing it. His cock was big, his strokes powerful and satisfying. But it wasn't just the size of his cock. His lap also provided her with the physical boost she needed to receive a cock in her throat. Her head, shoulders, and neck were all perfectly aligned. It was such a relief! She wrapped her legs around his torso, grateful to relax her weary thighs. Help had finally arrived in the form of a big, fat cock for her to sit on. Mark had fetched her drinks to relieve her hurt feelings, and now he was giving her just the support she needed to tackle this new challenge.

But it wasn't Mark fucking her.

It was Dave and he bucked his hips, driving his cock between her legs. His ass rose and fell with powerful strokes that rumbled up through her tiny frame. Her cunt made little sucking noises.

Donna sucked furiously on the cock in her mouth. With all the restrictions, sucking was her only real outlet, the only way to express the delirium building inside her. Dave had folded her legs up, so that he could spear her pussy. Her entire body tingled, her skin moving into a super sensitive state from the pounding to her face and lips. Dave's shirt rubbed her nipples, his big hands spreading her ass cheeks. She stretched her arms along the back of the couch, hands clutching the fabric. Mark licked her underarm while Scratch buried his fingers in her scalp, holding her head fast.

Hot liquid suddenly filled her throat. Of course it was cum.

She swallowed that load and another immediately followed. She swallowed again and again just to keep up. She didn't know who was filling her mouth, but it really didn't matter. She'd accepted a cock in her mouth and now she was just getting what any man would have given her. Hot fuck juice seeped from her lips, running in rivulets down her chin.

It was all so wrong and forbidden, Donna convulsed, writhing against all the forces holding her down. She came, bouncing her hips in Dave's lap, moaning around the fat cock stuffed in her other end. As she swallowed cum into her belly, Dave pumped more cum into her cunt. He cupped her shoulders, shoving his spurting cock deep into her fertile young pussy.

"Fuck yes, you dirty little slut! Fuck yeah!"

Donna gave a final heave of her hips, lifting her ass high off the couch. Dave rose with her. She hovered in the air for a full moment, her head thrown back, still impaled on Scratch's fat cock.

And then she collapsed in utter exhaustion.

Scratch staggered back, letting go of her head. The head of his soft cock dragged across her face, leaving a sticky wet trail. Dave nuzzled into the crook of her neck, breathing heavily.

Donna's face was a mess of spit and semen. Letting her arms fall around the shoulders of the man that had filled her pussy, she blearily opened her eyes.

She saw Dave.


She'd thought it was Mark, but it was not Mark.

Dave had fucked her.

It should have shocked her to see him, but her mind couldn't manage shock. Instead she just wearily accepted this new information. His cock was still inside her wet, sucking pussy.

She'd fucked Dave.

She blew air from her mouth.


You dirty little fucking slut.

Dave rose shakily to his knees. His cock popped out of her, semen leaking from her cunt. Donna watched him put on his pants. She was still sprawled out, her head tilted back. Her chest was covered in sweat, her hair a messy tangle on her shoulders and around her face.

Mark knelt next to her, kissing her neck.

She still liked Mark. This thought came to her as a dull realization. In her confused state, she still gave him credit for helping her take the cock in her throat. She couldn't remember how she'd ended up deep throating a man, but it didn't surprise her, given that she'd just fucked Dave. Mark was her hero, but she was at her physical and mental limits. She rolled away from him, lying on the couch and drawing her knees up to her chest.

He followed her to the couch, kissing her shoulder, her neck.

He stroked her head and it felt nice. He petted her hip, then his hand was on her inner thigh. He squeezed her cunt. Donna made a contented hum but didn't open her eyes. She allowed herself to drift.

"Nice ass," Dave said wistfully.

"Fuck that ass," Scratch said. He looked at Dave with confidence, then made a nod to Mark, raising a brow.

"Harsh," Mark laughed.

"No really," Scratch said. "Fuck her asshole. You'll love it."

Dave chanted ass fuck ass fuck. He pumped his fist in the air.

Scratch joined the chant.

"Ass fuck! Ass fuck! Ass fuck!"

Mark rolled Donna onto her stomach, her pink body limp. He slapped her ass to get her to comply. "Kneel up, baby. Kneel."

"Ow," Donna complained sullenly.

She could hear them laughing but couldn't make out what they were saying. She understood they wanted her to kneel. Pulling her legs underneath her, she couldn't keep her balance and sagged face first into the seat of the couch, her ass high in the air.

"Stick it up her cunt first," Scratch pointed with the beer. "For lubrication."

Mark sank his cock into her pussy, as instructed. He looked up and Dave nodded his encouragement. Donna moaned in happiness, glad to have her cunt filled again. She was barely conscious, and what little awareness she did possess, she kept focused completely on her pussy. She made soft little grunts each time Mark thrust his prick into her.

He pulled out and pressed his cock against her tight asshole.

Donna squirmed, but he crowded forward against her, maintaining the pressure on her tight little asshole. He broke past the sphincter muscle, sliding his cock inside her ass tube.

She gasped loudly.

She waved one arm clumsily in the air behind her, groaning. She squirmed, knowing where the pain was coming from and trying to scramble away but unable. Mark had an arm around her waist and a fist in her hair.

"Fuck," Mark laughed. "Holy fuck!"

"Told you," Scratch smirked.

They watched her squirm, making soft little gasps. Grunts. The room smelled of sweat and cum.

"Rub that pussy." Scratch sneered.

Mark let go of her hair and slid his hand between her legs.

With the comfort of Mark's hand, Donna relaxed. Her mind moved into a strange dream-like state where she imagined she was in a dark woods taking a big shit in front of a bunch of men. It was humiliating, but on some level she knew it wasn't real, so she contented herself by making loud animal-like grunts and moans, pulling the energy to do so from somewhere deep in her gut. Mark thrust his hips in a nice even rhythm.

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