tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDonna, Oh Oblivious Donna

Donna, Oh Oblivious Donna


I had been dating Donna for a while before we finally went to bed together. She was an attractive blonde with a tiny waist and big hips. We had sex twice, but both times she was very conservative – lights out, under the covers, would let me let me play with her tits but not touch her pussy, and definitely wouldn't give or allow oral sex.

This made me hot thinking about how I could really get at her goodies.

The only time she would drink a glass of wine was when we went dancing. So that's where my plot would have to begin. I kept her out very late dancing one night, plying her with wine between dances, until I brought her back to my place. She was exhausted and wanted to go home but I convinced her to have one more glass of wine that I bought especially for her. What made her glass "special" was the ground up pill I added to it.

We sat and talked for a short while as I waited for the druggeddrink to do its work. She was very groggy when I helped her up and started to bring her to my bed. She was out cold before we got there and I took some liberties squeezing and feeling her tits as I laid her limp body on her back on the bed. It only took a minute or two to remove her dress and pantyhose getting her down to bra and panties.

I decided to slow up and enjoy the moment. First I lifted the material of her bra and peeked under each cup at her nipples. I pulled her bra down so that when I let it go it propped up her tits. They were long boobs that I was able to hold together and suck both nipples at the same time. They grew to hard little erasers.

I then turned my attention to her panties. First I lifted up a crotch band and looked at her pussy from the side and was able to confirm that she was a real blonde. Her bush was as blonde as her head and there was lots of it. I then lifted up her waistband and peered down from that angle. Through all this she didn't move a bit. I pulled her panties down and off her legs and there in front of my eyes for the first time was her beautiful cunt.

Her blonde bush formed a triangle at the top and then ran down each side of her pussy, but did very little to hide her slit. I leaned in for a close look and memorized every fold and detail of a sight that she had kept a secret. To get an even better look, I slowly eased her legs apart until she was spread as wide as her legs could go without me tying them to the bedposts. I then lay between her legs staring up into her slightly spread pussy lips.

Using my middle finger, I slowly traced a line from the bottom of her slit up to the top and then through her bush. Soon I was using fingers from both hands to probe and squeezed her warm cunt flesh, occasionally glancing upwards at her sleeping face.

At one point she started to close her thighs, so I stopped fingering her hole and gently but firmly held her legs spread and waited for her to relax again. It was time to taste her pussy. I planted my tongue at the bottom of her slit and then moved up to the top, but I stopped there and zeroed in on the little bump I found there – her clit. She wouldn't let me do this reviously, saying it was "nasty", but now she was out cold and my face was buried in her crotch with my hands gripping her ass cheeks to hold her in place. I worked her inner pussy lips with my tongue and enjoyed every bit of her tangy taste. Her pussy became soaking wet and it wasn't just from my saliva. It was my turn for release.

She hadn't wanted to have sex doggy style, so now that was exactly what I wanted. I got two pillows, folded one in half as I stacked it on the other, and then flipped her hips over them. This left her ass obscenely sticking up in the air. I put a condom on (no point in leaving any evidence if I wanted to do this again) and then mounted her from the rear. She was tight, but because of my fingering and tongue work, I was able to work my cock into her fat pussy. At first I held onto her wide hips as I worked into a rhythm, but then ran one hand up and underneath and grabbed a tit.

Her juicy ass provided a nice cushion for me as I pounded her upturned pussy for several long minutes before I came. I fucked her one more time that night before dressing her back up, putting her back on my couch and then waking her up an hour later to take her to her place, already planning my next date with her.

We dated for another few months and she remained conservative in bed, but that was okay, as I got to do her a few more times in some interesting positions without her ever knowing. She was always whining about something and I would have broken up with her sooner if it wasn't for the fact that she was so naïve and had such a delicious cunt. There was something exciting about "making love" with Donna in a dark room, under the covers one night while she prudishly kept certain boundaries, and the next night having her blissfully sleeping with her butt draped over the back of my couch, with all the lights on while I held her in place by her tits and pounded her defenseless pussy.

I couldn't get her to suck me off, either while we were "love making" or when she was passed out, but being able to tie nylons to her ankles and then to the headboard to hold her legs up high in the air so I could suck and fuck her while she was out cold made it worthwhile. She's married now and I wonder if her husband knows her pussy as well as I do.

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