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Donna Plus 3


Donna was to meet Paul at this nice little country inn outside of town in a secluded and romantic spot. She had been looking forward to some private time with him and maybe they could enjoy the scenery and each other over the next few days. Paul would be leaving work late so she decided to meet him there and enjoy the pleasant drive earlier in the day. It was sunny and warm and she was having a pleasant ride to the scenic spot Paul had chosen.

The Inn was beautiful and set in a wooded area with a large field behind the inn and a brook setting it off beautifully. She checked in and loved the way the room was so nicely appointed with a huge four poster bed occupying center stage. Looking at the bed she knew that Paul would probably tie her to the posts and use her as he wished. She shuddered at the thought and felt the excitement surge through her as she daydreamed of the ways he would take her body. She dropped her bag and went down to ask if there was a walking trail where she could go and explore. The attractive female innkeeper told her to walk behind the inn to the back of the property and along the brook past the barn.

The walk was pleasant and calming but she was still focused on the things Paul would do to her body and she could almost feel his strong hands on her breasts and his power as he would open her legs and plunge inside her. He loved abusing her big tits and sometimes would tie them and torment her erect nipples which always drove her crazy with lust. Sometimes he would slap them and make them sore yet so erotically sensitive. She also knew how much he liked the way she sucked his cock and longed to feel his big hands grab her hair and pull her mouth onto his cock. She loved his size and taste and knew that at some point over the weekend he would fire his hot cum onto her face and tits. Her thoughts preoccupied her as she continued beside the brook and approached the old barn. Her erotic thoughts had made her cunt begin to moisten and her hard nipples were clearly visible through the low cut tight tank top she wore on this warm day. Her short skirt was always required by Paul when they were together with thigh high stockings and heels. She could tell her thong was damp already.

Walking past the barn she could hear the faint sound of men's voices inside and the big door was wide opened so she glanced inside to see who was in there. Not being able to see anyone but still hearing muffled sounds she slowly walked inside and continued toward the back. Then hearing a sound behind her she turned and saw a man in his late 20's walking to her.

"Oh, hi," she said, "I heard voices and came in to see who was in here."

"Did you," he smiled back at her, "What did you plan once you found us in here?"

"Nothing really," She said as she felt herself become defensive.

"Keep walking and you can see what is going on back there," he told her as she suddenly felt uncomfortable but seemed to have no choice but to walk further into the barn. She then came upon two other men who looked up from their chore of putting away some tools and equipment. Both men were a bit older than the young man she first met and they seemed to smile at the welcome sight of Donna dressed in her sexy outfit. She felt the presence of the first man close behind her but not quite close enough to touch her.

"I like to way you're dressed. We usually get the blue jean and flannel shirt types back here, but you are definitely not that," he smiled as he closed the distance to her and stood so close she could feel his breath on her shoulders. His hand reached out and took her shoulders and pulled her back against him.

"Please let me get out of here. I am waiting for someone and he should be here very soon," she told them as she twisted her shoulders and tried pulling away from the young man.

"Well, I guess we can keep you occupied until he arrives, can't we guys," he breathed onto the skin under her ear. The other two men nodded and walked toward her.

"Please, I want to leave now," she demanded but was only met with hands dropping from her shoulders to her large breasts and rubbing her nipples through the thin fabric covering them.

"Not before we have some fun with you. I like these big tits baby, and look how hard your nipples are," he said as he quickly pulled down the top and exposed her braless breasts with very aroused nipples. He then grabbed the erect flesh between his fingers and began to pull on her nipples and pinch them. The other two men we very close now and watched as her breasts got mauled.

"Please don't do this," she breathed out as she felt the mix of discomfort and pleasure rush through her as he held her nipples and squeezed them. Her big tits were very sensitive and Donna loved it when they were treated rough. But this wasn't consensual and she needed to stop it. Her hands reached up to stop him but he quickly took them and held them behind her back as the other two men took the opportunity to begin working on her tits as well. She knew they were much too strong and that she was at their mercy. She struggled against the three men but it was hopeless to stop them. Her breasts were being mauled and pinched and finally sucked as the two men in front increased their aggressiveness.

A hand was pulling up her hem and then ran directly to the thin thong that protected her. She knew the material was already wet from her thoughts earlier and from the hard treatment her tits were receiving.

"Please let me go," she pleaded as they ignored her and refused to stop the attack on her body.

The man behind her reached up and unzipped her skirt. She felt it drop to the floor around her ankles. Donna was totally exposed except for this tiny patch of moist fabric as the man behind reached in front of her and put his hand down onto her shaved cunt. His finger went into the wet slit and she knew he had to know she was becoming aroused. The finger moved back and forth in the juice and the other two were sucking her nipples and lightly biting them as they did it. Donna was getting more aroused as time passed and the men were relentless with their assault on her naked body.

Then suddenly she felt a large object push against her swollen cunt and it began to vibrate. The man behind her had placed a vibrating massager with a very large head directly on her clit and the sensation was overpowering. Donna moaned as it pressed onto her and gently vibrated and extended her already hardened clit. As this was happening, her tits were squeezed hard and her nipples were pinched by the other men. This mix of pain and pleasure coursed through her body and she began to gasp and groan at the intensity of the feeling.

"Oh God, oh yes," she said in a strained voice, "Please, oh please, oh, oh, oh...." escaped from her red lips. Her hips moved in a rhythmic cadence as if she was being fucked.

"Tell me you like it, slut," the man behind her told her. "Tell me, you want more, you whore," he demanded as he turned the speed higher on the vibrator causing her to cry out.

"Oh, yes, don't stop. Please don't stop. I need to cum, please make me cum," she pleaded as the vibrator took her so close to orgasm. Then the two other men were slapping her tits as she fucked her cunt up against the humming object between the folds of her wet cunt. Her submission to them and their treatment was overwhelming as she reached around and took the shoulders of the men in front to help her stand up. She held on as they slowly slapped her hard nipples and tits. With each slap she seemed to push her tits out even more as if asking for another slap.

"Yes, like that. Hurt my tits....please hurt them," she told the farm hands as they continued their attack.


"I think she has had about enough gentlemen," a powerful voice came out of the shadows. She snapped her head to see Paul approach her as all three men seemed frozen. They had stopped touching Donna's violently aroused and nearly naked body.

"I may let you have her later but for now, she is coming back to the inn with me," he said very casually but with total authority. The men just pulled away from her and seemed to fade into the background as Paul took her hand and began to walk back outside with her beside him. She had managed to pull her top back down and quickly pull up and zip her skirt before they exited the barn.

"I am so sorry, Sir, they made me do it. I begged them to stop but they wouldn't stop," Donna said as she tried to explain the scene that he was met with.

"Silence, slut," he said as they mounted the steps of the inn and he took her down the corridor to their room.

Once inside the suite, he told her to get his light leather satchel and open it.

"Bring me the ropes and strip off your clothing, whore," he commanded. Donna did exactly as he asked, first handing him a large wrapped up mass of rope and then shedding her clothing and standing in front of him. From past experience she knew to obey and never question his desires. She was afraid but she was also so highly aroused from the entire scene with the three men and her fear of what was going to happen that her wet cunt pulsated with each word he spoke. He walked to the large lounge chair in the corner and sat down.

"Come here and get my cock in your mouth, cumslut," he said pulling down his zipper and undoing his pants and belt. Donna was at his feet and took his cock in her mouth and began to suck on it as her hands stroked him. The feel of him getting bigger and harder as she worked her oral magic on Paul got her very excited and needy all over again.

"Put your big tits in my hands so I can tie them as you blow me, Cunt," he said. With him still in her mouth she lifted her breasts up onto his lap' feeling his hands on the very sensitive flesh. Her nipples were hard as rocks and just the touch of him hefting them caused her to moan.

"Enough, cock whore," he said pulling her off his cock and forcing her up so her incredibly aroused breasts were fully presented to him. Taking the left one in his hand he began to circle the rope around it so it felt snug and somewhat tight as he wound it around and around the fullness. When he was done with that one, he started on the right one and did the same. They felt so constricted and hard under the ropes but so amazingly sensitive and aroused. Looking at her he began to lightly slap each bound breast and nipple as she did not move. Her moans were a mixture of deep pleasure and pain and she was panting and holding her body in that position so he wouldn't stop.

"Tell me whose tits these are, slave," he asked her.

"Yours, Sir, they are yours. Oh, Oh, Oh, please Sir, take my tits," she groaned up at him as he took her nipples and pinched them and pulled them causing Donna to almost cum from the feelings running through her body.

"Get on your back on the bed. I want your body opened to me. You need this don't you Cumslut?" he asked her as she positioned her body on the white bedspread with her arms above her head and her legs wide opened.

"I need it, Sir, please use your whore. I need you so much, Sir, please, please," she whined as he came to her and started tying her hands and then her ankles to the top and bottom rails. Before tying her legs on the bottom bed posts he took a pillow and positioned it under her ass which had the effect of raising and presenting him with her moist cunt.

She watched him undress as he looked at her while taking off his shirt and then dropping his pants. Her eyes locked on his fat cock and she knew how much she needed it. He climbed onto the bed and was kneeling between her legs and placed his cock directly onto her wet cunt. Donna tried to move closer so she could trap him inside her open pussy but the ropes would not let her get it into her. Taking his cock in his hand, he began to rub it up and down her wetness and teasing her hot cunt with each stroke. She needed him to take her, but she knew she was on his time schedule.

"Please, please, I need you to fuck me. Please fuck me, fuck your slave," she whined as the feeling of his big cock head drove her wild with lust. Then with one sudden and violent push he buried himself deep into her and she screamed from the invasion and the white hot pleasure that fired through her body. He continued to move into her over and over again and Donna was so close to cumming when he suddenly stopped and pulled his cock out of her.

"No, oh God, no, please don't stop. I need your cock. Please, Sir, fuck your slave, fuck your bitch," she said as she almost was crying from the built up tension in her body.

"Not yet, whore. I am not close to allowing you to cum yet," he said as he moved up to a kneeling position beside her face and she could see his glistening cock only an inch from her lips.

"Suck it, cumslut. Show me what a good cocksucking whore you are," he said as her face moved forward and her mouth engulfed him. Donna wanted his cock so badly that her mouth was frenzied and aggressive as she used her tongue and lips and worked his big dick very hard. She loved the taste of him mixed with her own. It was so erotic and sexual and incredibly arousing that she almost came while she sucked him. Paul then slapped her open cunt with his hand and Donna moaned around his cock. Again and again he slapped her this way and she felt on the very edge of her orgasm. She had finally developed a steady sucking pace with her mouth when he suddenly pulled away from her and she immediately felt empty and lost.

Paul then got between her legs again and plunged deep inside her as his hands found her bound tits, squeezing them hard as he roughly fucked her. Donna was ready to cum as he used her helpless cunt, and pounding it until she was on the edge of cumming once again.

"Oh, yes, fuck me hard, Sir. Yes, please, do it hard. Fuck your slut. Please make me cum," she pleaded as he continued. He watched his whore explode beneath him and scream and cry while bucking her hips against him. Her orgasm was both powerful and continual as he kept up his aggressive pace and rode her cunt through a series of orgasms. The intensity felt like she was plugged into an electrical cord. With every nerve in her body reacting and going into overload, she screamed and humped her naked body until she finally felt the last of it release her as she slowly settled back onto the bed.

Pulling out of her spent cunt he got over her face again and she took his cock in her mouth and sucked him again. She was exhausted but she wanted his cum and she knew he was close. He grabbed her hair and used it to leverage his assault on her mouth, fucking it and then finally erupting with a huge load as she sucked and swallowed it. As he pulled away, he could see cum drip onto her beautiful face beneath him. Her tongue reached out to take the liquid and pull it back into her mouth. She lay there looking so satisfied and used and so totally beautiful.

"That was a good start, but now those barn boys need their piece of your ass too," he smiled as his hand reached for the phone.

"Send them to my room," was all he said and then dropped the phone back into its cradle.

The knock on the door was followed by the three men entering the room and being confronted by Donna on the bed and tied helplessly in front of them. Donna saw them standing there and knew that the next part of this evening was about to begin.

"She needs more hard cock, men. I want you all to use this slut in front of me," Paul smiled as the men approached the bed and began to reach for her helpless body. Donna's body was still very sensitive and aroused from the first orgasm Paul gave her. Now, as the first man's hands found her extended nipples, she moaned from the contact as he pinched them and pulled on them.

Another man who was rougher and older looking was beside her on the opposite side of the bed and ran his hands up and down Donna's thighs. He moved up a bit higher and was lightly touching her very wet pussy with soft easy strokes. A finger found her slippery cunt lips and he moved it up and down along the liquid entrance and up to her swollen clit. Her body twitched from her sensitivity to his touch in the aftermath of her climax.

Feeling the bed depress near her left shoulder, Donna turned in time to see the hard cock of the third man who was young looking. His big cock pressed itself to her red lips and she instinctively opened her mouth and felt the hardness move into her sucking mouth.

"She loves sucking cock," Paul said as he watched her take to young man's hardness between her red lips. He wrapped his hand with her hair and began to slowly move his thick meat in and out of her red lips.

"Untie her hands so she can use them when she takes your dick in her mouth." Paul instructed as the man reached over and did so. She rolled slightly to her side and grabbed his cock with one hand and stroked it as when lowered her mouth back onto him as her other arm reached around so she could pull him into her mouth.

The man who was working on her firmly tied tits was being rough with the large, sensitive nipples that stood out hard and throbbing from his assault. He body was being stimulated from the abuse and the cock in her mouth and also by the three fingers that pounded her wet cunt. She felt someone untie her ankles and freeing her completely.

And then as she was on her side like this she felt a hard cock push into her wetness and she groaned around the deep invasion. Her ass moved back to capture the fullness of him as he drove all the way inside her wetness. His hand held her hip as he picked up the pace and fucked Donna with hard steady strokes.

"Oh, yes," she cried out, "fuck me hard."

Her mouth was being used just like her cunt and the young man with the fat cock grabbed her hair and went deep enough to cause her to gag and lose her breath. Then he withdrew enough to allow her to catch her breath again before repeating his assault on her cock hungry mouth. Donna was moaning as the cocks worked on her without stopping. Then the man inside her pulled her legs up and flipped her on her back and then plunged into her again. Her legs were on his chest and her feet were on each side of his head as he fucked her furiously.

The young man repositioned himself over her face and leaning forward on the headboard began to face fuck the submissive slut beneath him. Her arms stretched out wide beside her as if she was telling the men that she was their whore to use. Her cunt was about to explode again and she sucked the cock in her mouth as if it were her life support. The third man was pulling and pinching and twisting her nipples and driving her crazy as she finally was overcome by a massive orgasm. Her body jerked and spasmed under him and then he fired his hot cum deep into her convulsing cunt until he was totally empty. He then pulled out of her cunt and moved away while the younger man in her mouth pulled back and moved down her body to position his big cock at the entrance to her used and dripping cunt. He rubbed it up and down the wet slit and she jumped every time he came into contact with her swollen clit. The other man untied her swollen tits as the young man took her.

"Fuck me you bastard," she begged, "don't tease me with your big cock. Fuck me."

He did as she wanted and plowed into her and began a steady pace as her body seemed to come back alive and meet each firm thrust. Donna was in a sexual place where she needed this to happen and needed these men to fuck her senseless. Then, just as suddenly, she felt the sharp slap across her tits as the young man began slapping her tits and nipples as he used her with his big cock.

"Oh, yes," she moaned as he continued to spank her big sensitive tits. As if in a trance, Donna moved her hands to her tits and held them up for him to continue to maul and slap.

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