Donna, Poker Party Hostess


Just as I walked into the room, Chuck said, "Gentlemen this is Marie." That was news to me, but far be it from me to argue with the director.

There was a hush that fell over the room. Ten eyes staring at me. Twelve if Chuck was looking. I couldn't see him and the other five at the same time.

"Damn man, she's fine," one of the men said.

"No sir," another one said wetting his lips. "Fine just don't do the lady justice!"

"Chuck, where on earth did you find this creature?" The heavy set one said. He was sitting directly in front of me at the table. "I raise my bid to two-hundred."

"Shit man," a slim man at the end of the table said, "I'd give that much just to get seconds."

"Well boys," Chuck said, taking my arm and steering me toward the table, "We'll discuss that later. Marie, that man on the end is Phil. Next to Phil is Hal. The man sitting next to him is Jeff. Next to Jeff is Steve. Next to Steve is Dan."

Oh my god. Chuck had invited Dan, my other sister's husband to the game. Dan and I were already fuck-buddies, but Chuck wasn't aware of it yet. At least I had a familiar face there, and I knew Dan wouldn't let things get rough.

Dan then broke the ice and said, "Marie, are you just going to hold that beer or are you going to hand 'em out?"

Chuck nudged me and I took the men their beer. When I got closer, I could feel their eyes on my half naked body. I felt a shiver overtake me as they stared at me. Fear, excitement, or some combination of both I guess.

"Come over here, Marie," Chuck said from his place at the table. I went over to him. "Have a seat," He said indicating his lap. I sat and Chuck put his arm around me and cupped my breast. "Hey Jeff," Chuck said, while stroking my boob. "How long has it been since you had a woman?"

"Fuck You Chuck!" His voice sounded flat and lifeless.

"Well then you'll be glad to know that Marie here loves cock more than anything in the world. Ain't that right Marie?"

I didn't know what to say. My voice had left me anyway. Chuck pinched my nipple causing me to start talking.

"Yes that's right," I croaked.

"Then tell the man," Chuck insisted.

"I love cock," I said more firmly then I would have thought possible.

Chuck said, "You think you may be able to help him out?"

I nodded and felt Chuck searching for that nipple again, "Yes I can help," I said quickly

"Good," Chuck said. He reached behind me and unfastened the top, letting it fall to the floor. I could hear the men sitting at the table gasp when my titties came into view. "I thought you might be able to help my friend out. But that's later. We're going to play some cards right now. You go get us another round of beer, and when you come back, I want to see them tits bounce."

I got unsteadily to my feet and made for the door. "Marie, stop,"Chuck commanded. "Bend over and pick that up off the floor."

I didn't have any idea what he wanted me to pick up, but I knew what he wanted. I bent over and felt the short skirt rise up. I knew the six men could see my puffy pussy when I did. I made the "pick-up" a long slow process.

In the kitchen I hurried to the freezer and got some ice to put on my face. I knew it was red because I could feel the heat.

"Man that is some fine looking lady you got there, Chuck," I heard one of the men say. I thought it might be my brother-in-law, Dan.

"I sure have to agree with the man," another voice said. "I assume that Jeff is going to tap that, but what about the rest of us?"

"Now it remains to be seen if Jeff gets to dip his pole or not," Chuck said. "Like I said, we are here to play poker. I'm looking for the ante and I don't see one."

"I see," a voice said, "Just how much ante were you thinking?"

"Well now seeing that the floor show was kind of special to procure. I'm thinking three hundred apiece."

"And just what does that ante get us," a voice asked. "And what the fuck's her story?"

"Everything and anything, except her ass. That's up for grabs!"

I smiled at Jeff, and he smiled and raised his beer toward me. He said, "Marie, you truly are a remarkable beauty", to which I replied, "Thank you Jeff. And I want you to be the first to enjoy me." He was a little uncomfortable, I could see, so I turned to the others and said, "Why am I the only one who's naked? I'm not going to undress each one of you, so please?" As the others were hesitantly shedding their clothes, I approached Jeff.

He sat with his beer in hand. I took the beer and handed it to Chuck, then straddled Jeff, my tits very close to his face. He admired them, and not knowing quite what to do, he looked up at me. I said "Sir, I am yours. I will do whatever you want me to. I want to make you happy."

He replied softly, "Go lay across the table. Just watching you would make me happy. Enjoy yourself".

I did as he said, and the others leaned over me and began to feel my body. Chuck stayed in his seat watching and I looked at him in the eyes to make sure he was seeing what he wanted to see. He just nodded to me once as if to say, "Do whatever it is that you want to do". So I lay across the corner of the table, looked back to Jeff standing above me and said to him "I want to suck your cock". By this time Phil was burying his face in my pussy, and the others were either feeling my body or watching closely. I felt Jeff's cock against my forehead, and I laid my head back off the edge of the table so he could fuck my mouth. His cock was rock hard, and long, but not too thick. He slid it into my mouth slowly. As I tried to accommodate his full length, I gagged a couple of times, but he pulled back to allow me to relax. Before long he was pumping his cock through my mouth and into my throat. I sucked as hard as I could in that position, but he seemed to enjoy just pumping it in and out of my mouth.

By now I was about to cum from Phil eating my pussy, and just as I began to focus on that I felt him stop, and a cock was sliding into my pussy. I heard the men talking and making comments, but I wasn't paying any attention to what they were saying. I was just relaxing and getting into it! At first I assumed it was Chuck in my pussy, but he was not fucking as hard as I remembered him to enjoy. Also it seemed bigger. Soon found out, it was Hal. Anyway, there I was, on my back with this wonderful cock in my throat, another in my pussy and nothing in the world to do but fuck like a whore. It was wonderful! Within a few minutes, I felt Jeff's cock swelling and I knew he was about to come. I reached my head back and down for him to fuck my face better, and he did. Hal was pounding away at my pussy pretty well now, and with each thrust he made, Jeff's cock drive further down my throat. When Jeff came, his cock went wild in my mouth. I could feel it spasm and explode, but I never felt or tasted his cum on my tongue. I opened my throat and he shot directly into me.

When he was done, I sucked for a moment, then he pulled out and I swallowed hard. His load was huge, and I felt it go down in one big gulp. When I looked up and saw that Steve was now fucking me, I let out a little laugh in surprise. This seemed to confuse and upset him. He stopped for a moment, but I said, "I didn't know you would be such a good fucker Steve. Fuck me hard again, Please?" With that he began to pound away again. I raised myself up on my elbows, and spread my legs further. I came twice within the next minute or so. The thought of these men watching me fuck sent me over the top and I let out several loud screams of pleasure. I don't know what other things I said, but I know I want begging for it. Within a couple of minutes he was ready to cum. I said to him "I want to taste your cum. Please shoot it in my mouth. He looked down at me as if to say, "I don't know if I could stand it", but he pulled out, so I slid off the table, hit my knees and began sucking for all I was worth. Within another few seconds he exploded in my mouth.

Since his cock was thicker than Jeff's, I felt his load hit the back of my throat, and sucked it down as best I could. I've found that thick cocks are harder to suck, but he seemed to enjoy what I gave him. I held him in place, and felt his cock begin to go limp in my mouth. I love the feeling of a hard cock exploding in my mouth, then sucking it as it goes limp. With that, I just stayed on my knees, eyes closed and sweaty playing with my clit as I awaited the next man to take me. I was really enjoying getting myself off with these guys watching, but my state of nirvana was interrupted by Chuck who knelt down and said to me "That's only two down. You still have a few to go". I opened my eyes and could see that he was ready. His cock was hard and he was looking for somewhere to stick it, so I took it in my mouth. I've found that I can usually get a man off fairly quickly if I want to by sucking the end of his cock while pumping it with my hand. This was what I wanted to do with Chuck, just to get it over with him, but that wasn't going to satisfy him.

He fucked my mouth hard only for a minute, then he pulled out and told me to stand up, which I did, and he pushed me face down over the table. I spread my legs and he clumsily stuffed his cock into me, grabbed my shoulder with one hand and my hip with the other and began to fuck me hard. I wasn't really into it with him until I saw the others' faces. They were really enjoying watching him pump my pussy. At that moment I decided that I'd just forget it was him (such an ass he is) and just fuck like a porn star for the guys to watch. I lowered my head and began to thrust back at Chuck with each stroke. I moaned loudly, and told him to fuck me like a man! I looked at each of the others and gazed deeply at them, trying to look as if it was them I really wanted, and they responded. They began to shower me with hot, sexy comments; "Marie, you are fucking unbelievable! You are the hottest fuck I've ever seen!" and so on. Chuck likes to fuck me like he wants to hurt me, and I played along.

I moaned, groaned, whimpered and told him how hard and big it felt. I became really vocal, and the boys really seemed to like that. They responded in kind and it got pretty loud in that room. When Chuck announced that he was going to shoot me his load, I told him I wanted him to cum on my face. He got right to the edge of cumming, pulled out and I spun around and hit my knees. He pumped out a HUGE load on my face, and I licked what I could reach with my tongue, and spread the rest around my face with my fingers. When he was done shooting on my face, I took his cock into my mouth and sucked for a few seconds, then gave it a gentle bite as I pulled him out. He let out a loud "Ow! You little Bitch!" and I just smiled at him. "I hope you enjoyed that Chuck, because that's the last time you ever touch me!"

I was quite a mess, and I hadn't done Dan or Phil yet. I looked over at them, and they were dressed. I asked, "So, who's next?" They looked at each other, and Dan said, "Why don't you go clean up!" I said okay, and walked out of the room leaving all of my clothes behind.

When I returned, Chuck told Dan it was his turn and he wasted no time at all getting behind me and driving his cock into the depths of my pussy, the squishing sounds of his cock driving into me was making me even hornier. The pressure building up in my pussy was so intense I thought I was going to pass out. All I remember then was Phil kneeling in front of my face and offering me his cock, which I sucked on frantically while Dan was pounding me from behind. Phil was sliding his cock deep in my mouth trying to match the rhythm of Dan's strokes to which Phil pulled away for fear of me biting his cock, because I started slamming backwards onto Dan. Hell, if I could of, I would have stuffed his balls up in me because I needed fucked and I needed fucked hard. After about 10 minutes of Dan constantly pounding my pussy, he announced he was about to cum and he unloaded his semen deep in me. After he pulled out, Chuck told Phil to get some of my sweet pussy, and he wasted no time.

I don't even think he pumped my pussy more than three times, because he dumped his load in me mixing it with the five others that were deep in my pussy. My pussy was so lubricated at this point and was just begging to feel his huge cock throbbing deep in me. Phil rubbed his cock up and down the crack of my ass, smearing his cock head with my juices. He then grabbed his cockhead and slowly put it in my tight pussy stretching it to its limits. He slid forward with no resistance at all. I could feel some of the cum dripping down my legs from seeping out of my pussy as he slowly pushed his cock forward until I felt his big balls hit my swollen clit causing me to shudder. He slowly pulled out until I could feel only the head of his cock. Then he just lunged forward and drove his cock deep in me and he didn't hold back at all. He started smacking my ass calling me a little slut wife. He was driving my face into the floor sliding his huge cock deep in me. He had fabulous control, because I could hear the other guys commenting on how long he was lasting this time.

I had no track of time, because he was literally fucking me senseless. He then said he was about to blow his wad deep in me. When he did, it felt like fire was coming out of his cock and he seemed to cum forever. I could feel the hot jets of cum shooting out of cock. When he finally pulled out of me, it made a popping sound, and I just laid there going limp. As I lie on the carpet catching my breath, there was a knock at the front door. Chuck got up to answer it, and when he returned, there was a burly muscular man with him. Chuck announced that "Big Jim" was going to pound Marie with his 14 inch cock and rip my pussy. I watched from the floor and Jim removed his clothes and stood there with this massive limp cock. He began to masturbate it until it stood erect and looked as big around as a liter bottle. I squirmed around on the carpet and looked up at Chuck and protested my concerns with its size. Chuck commented that my pussy was already dripping and gaping wide and he wanted me to take on Jim.

Once I started to settle down, Jim stood and spread my legs wide apart. I could see his cock; it was standing straight out, having been rock hard the entire time he arranged my position. Kneeling on the edge of the carpet, he pushed on my butt, sliding me further on the floor. He pushed my legs back toward my head, bending them at my knees. This caused my pelvis to tilt backward, bringing my bottom up. "Hold your legs there," he told me and I complied. Using his hand, he stroked his penis all over my labia, slipping between them, watching intently as they spread apart fully for his thickness. He slid himself back and forth between my lips. On one of the back strokes, he let the head of his cock catch in the entrance to my pussy and then slid back up to my clitoris again. He did this several times, and each time I got wetter and wetter. Finally, he let the head stay at my hole and he slowly pushed it into me. Sucking in air through my teeth, I said, "It's too big, it's going to hurt."

I thought for sure that he was going to break me in half. Smiling, he said "It might hurt for a minute, they say that it always does the first time, but it will be quick and then it won't hurt anymore; it will just feel good." Biting my lip, I reluctantly nodded my head. He leaned down and kissed me gently. When he rose back up,

he began moving his head very slightly in and out of me. Reaching up with his hand, he stimulated my clitoris with his finger. This felt good and I felt myself getting horny again. The moisture made his entrance a bit easier and he slowly pushed himself in and out, going in a bit further each time. After he had gone about a third of the way in, he pushed himself all the way to the hilt. Gasping and crying out with pain, I felt certain that he had ripped me open. It burned and it hurt, it felt like he had pushed himself up into my stomach. With tears in my eyes, I looked at him. His eyes were closed and he had a bit of a smile on his face. I could see that it felt very good to him. Confused, I wondered how something that hurt me could make him feel good.

He slowly began sliding out of me and I felt relief that he was finally out of my stomach. He got to where just his head was still inside and he began pushing back in. In fear I tensed up, waiting for the pain to hit me again, wondering how anyone in the world could enjoy this torture. But this time it didn't hurt as bad. He slid back out again. On the next push in, it actually felt a little bit good, as my muscles began to relax and stretch. After a few more very slow strokes, it began to feel good and I pulled him down on top of me so that I could kiss his neck. He began thrusting in and out of me faster and faster. I felt the pressure of orgasm starting to build, but this time it was different. It still felt very good, but it was a deeper feeling, and I knew that this orgasm was going to be different than any I had ever had. He was moaning louder and louder and this turned me on even more. With each thrust and grunt that he made, I felt the intensity of my feelings build higher and higher.

I felt a strange sort of wave start at my g-spot and flow over my entire body. Unable to control myself, I cried out in extreme pleasure. I felt my little canal tighten around his huge shaft as another wave, more intense than the first one, washed over me. My eyes closed and I stiffened, arching my back and locking my legs around Jim's back, pulling him deeper into me. The feeling was so good and I couldn't make him go deep enough, so he started slamming into me very hard. I felt like I was inside of a cloud; a cloud that was touching me all over. My entire being became one large nerve-ending, twitching with pleasure. Shuddering, I came, and during the final release, I really saw fireworks. Jim came at the same time, the squeezing of my muscles being more than he could withstand. Crying out, he thrust into me and held himself there. I felt his cock throbbing as his juices shot out, combining with mine and filling the small space inside me, gushing out from around his shaft.

He slowly started sliding in and out of me again, our cum dribbling out, between my cheeks and onto my bedspread, making a large wet spot on the carpet. Finally he slowed to a stop, letting himself relax and lay on top of me. We held each other for a few long moments; then he slid down, pulling his now soft penis out of me and meeting me with a long, slow kiss. He then got up and helped me to the couch. My cum-filled pussy was on display for all the men to see. Jim's organ had opened me so wide that there was actually a large gaping hole oozing semen between my swollen lips. I told Chuck he better get me a towel or his friend's wife would discover a large cum-stain on their couch.


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