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Donna's Awakening


I am a young female Doctor doing my internship at a major east coast hospital. I tell you this because you need to know that I am not a stupid woman, even though the story I am about to share with you might suggest otherwise.

This happened when I was twenty-one years old just before the start of my senior year as an undergraduate. I was always a nerdy type and a late bloomer. You know the type, four point gpa, thick glasses and bad skin. I had a boyfriend named Bradley and he took my virginity during my senior year. We did it in a classic nerdy fashion. We read a lot of books, watched a couple of XXX porno movies and then stripped down and began our experimentation. The most significant thing that happened was that I lost my hymen after a great deal of effort on Bradley's part. About twenty seconds later he had his first orgasm inside a woman. It didn't do much for either one of us and we never tried it again. I had a couple of boyfriends during my first three years in college and had sex with them both. The experiences were not much more fulfilling than my first experience and I began to wonder what all of the fuss was about.

In my normal systemic manner I began to compare what I had experience with my three unsatisfying lovers and what I read in trashy novels and had seen in a few porno flicks. The first thing was that the male members I had come in contact with were rather puny and lacking in stamina compared to their fictional cousins. And the men, well, they could not be considered hunks or athletic in anyway. They were smart, smart young men. But in the bed they seemed to remain cerebral, where what I wanted was a stud.

During this time something miraculous had happened to me. My flat shape had become very rounded on both top and bottom. I had always been a tall girl with long legs but now my bosom had swelled to a full tight 36C and my hips were a very round 38. A college roommate took me under her wing and with a cosmetic and hair makeover. My shoulder length brown hair got a few blondish highlights and I became a lot more attentive to my mascara, blush and lipstick. I began to turn quite a few heads and hear a whistle from time to time. I was on a tight academic premed program where references and networking played a key part of consideration and admission into the best med school. Even though the whistles and even an occasional groping got a wonderful tingling going in my belly I could not allow myself to take the hedonistic plunge I longed to make. There were entirely too many potential repercussions possible.

I spent the summer working on an internship program while living with my parents and hanging out at the pool. The attention I got from the men including open lustful looks and very frequent propositions were unbelievable. I knew that I had to let myself go and see if the uninhibited sensual sexuality that I believed existed was achievable or purely fiction. I had a month between the end of my internship and the beginning of classes and I decided that I was going to see what kind of trouble I might get in. It was becoming a greater and greater obsession for me and I did not want to face my last year of school and the beginning of med school as a closet nympho. The first of August I packed up my car, told my parents that I was headed out on a trip to the northwest with one of my girl friends from college and began driving to the unknown by myself. I guess it is the influence of TV and the movies but I thought Montana was the perfect place to find a man's man so I headed that way with my female antennas on high alert for possibilities. Two days later I arrived in Deer Lodge, Montana and checked into the Holiday Inn. I had noticed a cowboy bar down the street called the GiddeUp with quite a few pickup trucks in the lot and figured that that would be as good a place as anywhere to take a peek and see what providence might offer.

I changed into a maroon sweeter with a nice deep scooping neckline that showed a bit of my creamy white breasts that I left unfettered and braless. My skirt was black and tight through the hips with a cut a few inches above my knees. I wore a black thong instead of panties just in case. I put my hair back into a ponytail and put a drop of my favorite perfume behind my ears and in the cleft between my breasts. I didn't want to look like a whore so I wore a simple pair of black pumps on my feet.

When I walked into the GiddeUp I immediately realized that I had probably made a mistake. I was the only woman in the place and the dozen or so men inside stopped what they were doing and starred at me. The bar was one medium sized room with two pool tables, a few four chaired square tables with checkerboard table cloths and a long bar with a couple of TVs tuned to ESPN over the well worn bar.

I went to the bar and took a stool and ordered a vodka and tonic. The bartender made the drink in a water tumbler and placed it on a napkin in front of me. When I asked the cost he just gave me a lustful grin and told me it was on the house. A sip told me the drink was ninety percent vodka with barely splash of tonic. I had barely taken a drink when what I could only call a cowboy came over and sat down next to me. I turned towards him, my back to the door and smiled. He asked me a few questions, told me a little about him and then told me that I was a pretty filly, how charming. I heard the door slam shut behind me and saw a funny look come over the cowboy's face. He excused himself and went back over to the table where before he joined me he had been sitting with a few other cowboy types.

I swiveled around in my chair to find a man standing next to me bedecked in leather biker garb. He was huge and behind him were two buddies similarly dressed, maybe not as big, but just as imposing. He had to be at least six foot four with the widest shoulders that I had ever seen. He had piercing blue eyes and a full brown beard and moustache. His hair was clean and reached down to his shoulders. He smelled of leather and the road. The man took the stool next to me with his legs on either side on my stool. He did not say anything to me but placed his hand on my right knee and then bent forward and kissed me on the lips. I felt his tongue push into my lips and I opened my mouth to give him entrance and he sucked on my tongue. He had a clean taste and an enticing smell. I had never been so excited. He had simply walked in and claimed me as his bitch without a single word. I felt my pussy begin to get wet as his hand pushed under my skirt and up my thigh.

Breaking the kiss he told me his name was Tom. He rose from the stool took my hand and led me out of the bar to where three Harleys were parked. He lifted me onto the back of one of the bikes and then climbed on in front of me and fired up the engine. I didn't know where we were going or what I was getting myself into. I had never expected things to happen so very quickly or decisively but there I was on the back on a motorcycle, my head buried into the leather clad back of an enormous man with two more choppers trailing us up a steep unpaved trail that ran through thick tall trees. The vibration of the bike and bouncing on the dirt track was rubbing my swollen clit and I knew that my juices had certainly seeped through my skirt. I held on tightly around his waist to keep from falling off. My hand came in contact with a large hard roll that went up to the top of his thigh under his jeans. My arms would not reach around his waist and I had hooked my left hand into his belt. It finally dawned on me what it was that I was touching and held on to it . Tom shifted his weight and the log in my hand grew larger. I could feel it throb with his heartbeat as blood filled his erection. The way I was sitting on the bike had caused my skirt to ride up my thighs and half way up my butt. My legs were bare and my fanny was sticking out for the riders behind to enjoy.

My hormones, anticipation and curiosity had gotten me to this point but suddenly I realized that I was in way over my head and I was terrified. I felt the throbbing of his cock through the denim of his jeans and the enormity of what I had done and what could potentially happen to me hit me all at once. There was no doubt that Tom was going to fuck me and probably his two pals too. But would they hurt me, maybe even kill me? And what about stds. I was on the pill so they couldn't impregnate me but they could definitely mess me up real bad. As the bikes took a hard right and climbed up a steep bank I pushed my head tight against his back and began to cry. I had definitely crossed the line. There was no turning back and I had no options. I found myself praying that they would not hurt me.

The bikers skidded to a stop in front of a rustic cabin. Tom got off the Harley picked me up in his arms and carried me up the steps, across the porch and into the cabin. He put me down in the middle of the room and I stood and watched as the other two guys took a coffee table and kicked it away across the room. I stood in front of a cold large rock enfaced fireplace. There was a couch, a table with four chairs and a kitchen area. There was a doorway leading to another room and an open stairway going up to a loft. The floor was covered with a thick but well-worn shag style carpeting. One of the guys put a paper sack on the table and pulled out a couple of half gallon bottles of Wild Turkey and Black Jack. Getting four water tumblers he filled them half full of the caramel colored bourbon.

I was handed a glass. The three bikers stood around me and looked at me like wolves about to devour a lame wounded deer. I took a deep long drink and felt the burning sensation of the whiskey going down my throat. I also felt a burning sensation between my thighs and knew that my nipples were hard and evident though the cashmere sweeter. I took another long drink almost emptying the glass. Tom took it out of my hand and handed it to one of the other men before taking me in his arms and kissing me deeply. I wrapped my arms around his neck and opened my mouth to him as felt me up and began to rub my ass with his huge hands. Even though I tried to ignore the vulgar comments of the men that were watching I found myself getting more excited by their observations of how hot, horny and ready I was for what I was about to get.

Tom pulled my sweater up and off of my head and then took my breasts in his hands and roughly manhandled them. He squeezed the soft cushions and pinched and twisted my nipples sending intense sensual sparks flying through my body. I felt someone come up behind me and pull my skirt and thong down my hips and legs. He knelt behind me and I felt his tongue nuzzle up into the crack of my butt and begin to lick at my asshole while he rubbed the soft full muscles of my ass. I never anticipated that having my bum licked would excite me but as Tom began to chew on one of my nipples I found myself having an orgasm when the tip of the other bikers tongue probed into my ass.

The men pushed me down on the carpeting onto my hands and knees. Tom went behind me and spread my knees far apart. He began to first kiss my ass and then took his large tongue and started to lick my pussy from behind. My juices covered my cunt and the insides of my thighs and he licked me like a dog trying to get every morsel of cream from a bowl. I heard myself moaning and knew that I had had a number of orgasms as his tongue slipped between my folds and lapped deep into my vagina. I watched as the other two men discarded their clothing. Both men were in their thirties and had cocks much bigger than I had ever seen before in person. They were at least eight inches long and as thick as a half dollar. The men were lean and strong but not like weightlifters. Their strength came from the hard lives they led. They also appeared to be clean which was a relief to me.

As Tom pulled away from me one of the guys went behind me and took his place licking my swollen and seeping pussy. I was disappointed because I wanted Tom to fuck me badly. After refilling his glass of bourbon he went over and sat down on the couch and watched as the third biker reached down and pulled my head and lips up to his cock. I had only seen it done in porno movies and had never sucked on a cock before. This man was so much larger than the three boys who I had fucked and I didn't think he would fit his cock in my mouth. I let my pink tongue lick at the purple plum head of his penis hoping that would satisfy him. That did not please him at all and he grabbed me by my ponytail. When I opened my mouth to complain he slid his cock into my mouth and down my throat and began to fuck my face. I thought that I would choke but found after a few seconds that if I relaxed he could slide down my throat and I could take my breaths as he drew back.

Meantime the biker behind me pushed the head of his cock into the opening of my vagina, probed a few times and then slid all of the way inside me until I could feel his rough pubic hairs rub against my ass. I had never felt anything so large in me before and was thankful that my juices had made my cunt so slippery and slick. The man, and he was a man, grabbed my butt in his hands and began to fuck and hump deep into me. It took only a few seconds for me to cum. I felt the muscles of my cunt grab onto his erection and begin to massage and to milk him. This went on for almost a half an hour before the cock in my mouth began to twitch and jerk. I felt the biker's penis begin to swell just before beginning to spurt hot salty cum and sperm into my mouth. The biker held me by the back of my head so that I wouldn't pull away as he emptied himself. I couldn't breath and his spunk started to leak out of my mouth and down my chin. At last he pulled away and took a seat on the couch next to Tom while the man imbedded in my cunt continued to aggressively fuck me.

Tom stood up and I watched him take off his clothes while I was being viciously screwed from behind. His chest was wide and hairy and he had a slight beer gut. He kicked off his boots and dropped his pants and boxer shorts. I couldn't believe my eyes. His cock was at least a foot long and as thick as my wrist. I heard my self moan and begin to whimper in fear and lust. I think that my reaction put the biker over the edge because his breathing got ragged, his pace changed and he began to ram even harder into me. A hot feeling began to spread inside me and the man began to grunt and curse as he shot his load into my belly. As he pulled out of me I collapsed on the rug on my tummy.

I only laid there a few short seconds before Tom rolled me over on my back. I was very exhausted and pretty drunk. My thighs fell apart. The inside of my thighs were coated with cum and my juices and the other biker's sperm was leaking out of my cunt. My eyes could not leave the sight of the huge phallix between Tom's legs. I begged and pleaded for him to not fuck me as he drew closer and closer. He had seen my reaction when I first saw his cock and knew that I didn't mean what I was saying. He told me to hush and relax as he bent over and took one of my nipples into his mouth and began to suck on me. He inched closer and I at last felt the huge head of his cock come into contact with my opening and begin to nuzzle between the swollen lips of my cunt.

It was apparent that the man because of his size had had to develop some techniques over the years to prepare a woman and not split her in two when he bred her. I now understood why he had had the other biker fuck me first. It was sort of like taking a smaller drill bit first into the wood to make it easier for the bigger bit when it dug in deep. Tom's beard felt rough on my tits as he chewed on the tender sensitive flesh. He inched further up my body and began to kiss my neck and chew on my ears. As he did so his cock slid a few inches into my cunt and I cried out in terror and pain. He told me again to hush and then began to kiss my mouth smothering my screams as he slid deeper and deeper into my belly. It seemed to take forever. The pain was excruciating but yet exquisite. I found my screams ending and my begging begin. This is what I had been searching for, what I had, though blind luck, found and what I never wanted to end. At long last I felt his pubic bone come in contact with mine and his huge hairy balls nuzzle into the wet crack of my ass.

He stayed like that for many minutes letting me grow used to and adjust to his size while he kissed my lips and sucked on my tongue. When he pulled back out I thought that he was taking my insides with him. All I know is that over the next minutes my whimpers became moans, which then became screams of pleasure as he began a steady fucking and humping of my ass. I tried to wrap my long legs around him but found it to be impossible and I simply arched my back and let the man take his pleasure from my body. I don't know how many times I came as he ravaged me for what seemed like hours. I tried to count them, to maintain my sanity, but lost track of the number of times I came after about a dozen with each one building on the previous level and becoming more irrepressible. When his rhythm changed and he began to thrust deeper into me I totally lost control and began screaming almost insanely with pleasure and as his sperm flooded my cavities I mercifully at last fainted.

It was dark when I awoke, I do not know how much time had passed. I was in a bed covered with a heavy blanket. I reached out and felt a man's hairy naked back next to me and knew it was Tom. He rolled over. I heard him grunt. He raised himself over me and wedged his legs between my knees. It was an out of body experience. I felt his huge cock begin to slide back into my body and I heard myself screaming in pleasure and fear as he went deeper and deeper into me.... And then I was where I always wanted to be.

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