tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDonna's Bitch Ch. 03

Donna's Bitch Ch. 03


Author's note

When I originally came up with the idea for this story it was going to be a one-off and this was the only chapter. Then I decided to write an introduction to it which turned into a two-parter. Now I'm thinking of expanding it into a series. If you have any suggestions or requests or negative/positive feedback for me please feel free to e-mail me. Thank you for reading my stories and I hope you enjoy this one.


Donna Pinciotti had a long tiring day at her school. She hated the catholic schoolgirl outfit she was forced to wear for a variety of reasons, the number one being of course was the jokes her friends made at her expense while she was wearing it. Of course right now she had no intention of going to see them. She had spent the night secretly over in Eric's bedroom. The two had finally made up, as they always did, the make up sex had been good, but now she was eager to get home.

Walking into her kitchen from the back door Donna saw her father Bob Pinciotti there waiting for her. Donna loved her father with all her heart, but he seemed to be able to find new and interesting ways to unwittingly embarrass her every week. She couldn't help notice as he stood there with that uneasy smile he always gave her before he gave her some bad news.

"Hi honey, how was your day at school?" Bob Pinciotti said with his uneasy smile

"Very crappy, what's wrong Dad?" said Donna, putting down the school bag to talk to her father.

"Well I managed to convince Red and Kitty to come bowling with me tonight so I'm afraid I'm leaving you alone again with Jackie."


"I'm sorry honey, I'd love to invite you with us, but if you come then Jackie will want to come and then so will Eric and then all your friends will want to come and we just don't have enough room in the car." Bob said apologetically, "Besides then we would have... nine people and a bowling alley can only fit... like six people. I'm really, really sorry, I know you hate me leaving you alone here with Jackie. And I just want you to know I think you're being a really great friend to her in her time of need."

"I don't need Donna, and I don't need anyone!" Jackie said walking into the kitchen from the living room.

Donna turned to scowl at the newcomer, "Jackie, you have nowhere to go, if we hadn't taken you in..."

"I would have been fine... I always am. I'm Jackie Burkhardt and I don't need anyone's help!" Jackie said scowling back at the redhead.

"Oh come on girls. Let's all try and get along shall we? I'll tell you what, why don't you two go upstairs and talk about your day while I get my things ready to go." Bob said cheerily as he went about his business.

"Fine, come on Jackie, we're going to go upstairs so you can tell me all about your fascinating day of nail polish and make up!" Donna said in a mocking tone as she picked up her bag and headed into the living room and up the stairs.

"I've got a better idea, why don't we talk about what a fashion disaster that uniform your wearing is." Jackie said following Donna upstairs into her room. "Or how your makeup makes you look like a whore, or how last season those shoes are, or how fat your getting, or just how much prettier I am than you, or..."

On the last 'or' the door to Donna's room slammed shut and the girls fell into each other's arms their lips crashing together. As Donna pushed Jackie against the door, she thrust her tongue into the brunette's willing mouth and began to bully the other girls tongue into submission. They kissed with passion and hunger as they explored each other's bodies with their hands.

"It hurts me so much to have to pretend that I hate you mistress." Jackie whimpered when the kiss was broken.

"Not as much as I hate it my little pet." Donna whispered in Jackie's ear as she unbuttoned her friends jeans and slipped her right hand inside them.

"Mistress," gasped Jackie, "what are you doing?"

"Whatever the fuck I want." Donna said as she began to rub Jackie's pussy lips, "Do you deny me?"

"Never mistress. But, don't you think we should wait until your father leaves? I mean, we are trying to keep anyone from finding out about us, just yet, right?"

"Of course we are my pet, and that's why..." Donna said slipping two fingers inside Jackie's dripping wet cunt, "you're going to be very quiet while I fuck you! Aren't you Jackie?"

"Yes mistress." whimpered Jackie as she bit her lip to stop herself from crying out as her mistress's fingers moved inside her.

Donna loved to finger fuck her bitch. She loved to watch as her pets eyes glazed over with pleasure and watch the explosions in them as she made her girl climax. She loved the feeling of those tight walls wrapped around her digits, how they squeezed on her and covered her fingers in delicious girl cream. And most of all she loved the feeling of reducing this spoiled girl into a quivering mess with just her fingers. It made her feel so powerful.

Jackie was so happy, her mistress was inside her, she was complete again. Over the last few days Jackie had become aware of an uncomfortable feeling of emptiness whenever her mistress wasn't inside her in some way. Last night with out her mistress had been pure agony, but now she and her mistress were together again and they were connected, they were one.

Donna was anything but gentle with Jackie's pussy, but then again there was no need to be because the brunette's moist hole had done a good job of lubricating itself in preparation for the inevitable finger fucking she would receive. As Donna violently thrust in and out of Jackie's cunt, the submissive's juices dripped from her core, staining first her mistress's hand, then her panties and then her jeans in girl cream. Jackie's breathing slowly increased and her mouth hung open in a silent scream. Whenever Donna wasn't licking and biting on her bitch's neck she was watching her pet writhing under her power as her body prepared for the seemingly inevitable climax.

Jackie's mouth opened wider as she prepared to scream in orgasm when...

Knock, knock!

"Donna honey, it's me. Look I feel really bad about leaving you alone tonight... again... are you sure you girls are going to be ok?" Bob's voice came through the door.

"Oh don't worry dad, I think we're going to be just fine here tonight..." said Donna, never slowing her finger fucking of her bitch's pussy, "What do you think Jackie?"

"... We'll... be fine..." Jackie said, gritting her teeth to stop herself from screaming out with pleasure.

"Ok, if you girls are sure. Goodbye sweetie, love you." said Bob, turning to leave.

"I love you too Dad, bye." Donna said sweetly as she increased her already fast pace inside Jackie's cunt.

Un-able to hold off any longer the brunette opened her mouth wide to scream in orgasm, but before she could utter a syllable Donna sealed her lips over hers and swallowed her cries of pleasure. She pushed her fingers up to the knuckle inside of the spasming hole and used her thumb to rub her clit to make sure she could squeeze out every bit of her bitch's orgasm.

They stayed like that, passionately kissing with Jackie's pussy suckling on Donna's fingers, as they listened to the sound of Donna's father obliviously walk downstairs, picked up his stuff, and close the door behind him.

As they listened to the sound of Bob finally driving away, Donna finally removed her fingers from Jackie's pussy and brought them up to their faces. She gave her fingers along lick, before slowly taking them into her mouth, hungrily sucking Jackie's girl cum off her digits as her bitch watched. Their eyes were locked in a look that could only be described as pure unadulterated lust as Donna ate Jackie's cream like she needed it to live.

"Now the real fun can begin." Donna said taking her fingers out of her mouth, before turning to stroll over to her bed, "Ok slut, strip for me, and make it sexy!"

Donna jumped on to her bed and got herself comfortable. She then watched Jackie expectantly. Like the good little submissive bitch she was Jackie began to slowly strip off her clothes in such a seductive way that a stripper would feel envious. She kicked off her shoes, slowly pulled off her top, followed by her bra. She then pulled down her cum stained jeans leaving her soaking panties on momentarily. Jackie hoped that her mistress would like the surprise she had for her underneath her wet panties.

Jackie turned around so she had her back to her mistress, grabbed the waistband of her ruined panties with both hands, and slowly eased them down her legs, leaning so she was pointing her butt at her mistress.

Donna's eyes were wide and she gasps. Leaping out of bed she walked over to wear Jackie was bent over.

"Stay in this position bitch!" Donna commanded her pet as she went to get a closer look at Jackie's ass cheeks.

Donna ran her hands over the soft flesh of Jackie's buttocks. On the cheeks their was to words that had been freshly tattooed on the girl's butt. The words were maybe a day old. On the left cheek was the word 'Donna's' in clear Gothic writing. The word 'bitch' was clearly tattooed in the same writing on the right cheek.

"I got it for you mistress..." Jackie said softly, feeling the need to break the silence that filled the room, "I wanted some mark on my worthless flesh that represents what I truly am. Do you like it? If you don't then I can get something different, the tattoo guy said there was a lot of submissive's who came in looking to get marked for their mistresses or masters. He showed me lots of different choices and if you don't like this one..."

"I love this one. It's beautiful!" said Donna, her voice dripping with sexual lust. "but what about Hyde?"

Without moving from her bent over position, Jackie turned her head so she could look behind her at her mistress, "Until we decide... I mean, until you decide mistress, that we tell our boyfriends about us, Stephen doesn't get to see me naked. I don't want him touching what rightfully belongs to you without your permission."

Donna's pussy dripped at Jackie's submission, but then a thought crossed her mind, "You wouldn't be trying to emotionally blackmail me into giving you a treat would you Jackie?"

"No mistress, I would never ever do that to you."

"But you have in the past, haven't you slut?"

"Yes I have, and I am so sorry mistress. It will never ever happen again."

"I wish I could believe you slut, I really do, but we both know your a manipulating little bitch who will do anything to get what she wants no matter who it hurts! And we both know what a slut like you needs don't we Jackie?"

"I need to be punished mistress." Jackie said weakly, and yet lustfully.

"Yes that's right, good girl, there maybe hope for your spoiled little ass yet. And since we're talking about your spoiled little ass, how many spanks should I give you tonight?"

"As many as you think I need mistress."

"Good girl, you see, you're learning." Donna said, as she greedily groped her still bent over bitch's ass. "Now let's see, that's 10 spanks for trying to manipulate me, another 10 for not calling me mistress earlier, another 10 for being rude to me, another 10 for being rude to my father, and another 10 for denying me your slut body last night. That's 50 spanks altogether. Does that sound fair to you, slut?"

In her heart Jackie knew Donna was trying to be unreasonable. She had got the tattoo as a present for her mistress, and earlier she couldn't have called her mistress by her proper title because Donna's father was in the room and they were still trying to keep their secret relationship quiet. And she had to continue to be rude to Donna, her father and anyone else in public so they could pretend things hadn't change between them. Also, Donna had been away at Eric's last night so Jackie couldn't give her mistress her slut body. But Jackie was pretty sure that this was a test to see how much she was willing to submit to Donna and even if it wasn't the brunette knew that she wanted this, that she needed this. She needed her mistress to punish her.

"Yes mistress."

"Good, now kneel down on all fours and close your eyes. I have a surprise for you."

Jackie obediently got into position and closes her eyes. When she was sure her eyes were closed, Donna got up and went to her pets chest of drawers, opened a particular draw and got out the item she was looking for. She then returned to where Jackie was kneeling on the floor. Pointing the tip of the item to her cheek, Donna caressed her nervous pet's face, grinning to herself as she watched her bitch's body shake with fear and suspicion.

"Ok, you may open your eyes slut." Donna commanded. Jackie obeyed and gasped at what she saw. "Do you remember this slut?"

Jackie gulped and said, "Yes mistress, it's my old riding crop."

"That's right, it's your old riding crop. You remember telling me about all those times you use to ride your old pony before it died? I guess you used this to keep that poor animal in check, to beat it when it didn't go fast enough. Is that what you used it for Jackie?"

"Yes mistress."

"And what do you think I'm going to do with it now?"

"Beat my worthless flesh with it mistress."

"That's right my pretty little slut, I'm going to beat your worthless flesh with it and your going to remember to count and thank me for every single one of them, aren't you slut?" Donna said, moving round to Jackie's exposed rear.

"Yes mistress. Owwwwwwwww!" Jackie had been in no way ready for the first strike. Unlike Donna's hand, the crop was a much more concentrated lash of pain across her buttocks. But after the initial pain there was an after spark of pleasure for Jackie. Eager for more Jackie quickly starts to count, "One, thank you mistress, Owww two, thank you mistress, Owww three, thank you mistress, Owww four, thank you mistress, Owww five, thank you mistress!"


"Owww thirty six, thank you mistress, Owww thirty seven, thank you mistress, Owww thirty eight, thank you mistress, Owww thirty nine, thank you mistress, Owww forty, thank you mistress!"

Jackie waited for spank number forty one, but it didn't come. After what felt like an eternity her mistress spoke to her, "You know Jackie, it seems to me compared to what your old pony had to put up with, you're getting off very light. I wonder if there's any way we can change this, let me think."

Donna pretended to think for a minute before swinging her legs over the girl on her hands and knees and sat down on her back. If Donna had put all of her weight on to Jackie's back she would had probably collapsed, but, fully aware of this, Donna only put some of her weight on the girls back.

"Do you want to know a secret Jackie?" Donna said, leaning over so she could whisper in Jackie's ear, when I was little, I always wanted a pony, but I never got one. But today, you're going to be my pony. Have you got that slut?"

"Yes mistress."

"Good, now I'm going to continue spanking you with the riding crop as you carry me around on your back, and if you miss one single number, or if you dare to forget to call me by my proper title, will start again from one. Is that clear slut?"

"Yes mistress. Owww forty one, thank you mistress, Owww forty two, thank you mistress, Owww forty... Owww forty four, thank you mistress!"

"Oh not so fast slut, you forgot forty three. Start again from one bitch and you better not miss another number!"

"Yes mistress. Owww one, thank you mistress, Owww two, thank you mistress, Owww three, thank you mistress, Owww four, thank you mistress, Owww five, thank you mistress, Owww six, thank you mistress, Owww seven, Owww eight, thank you mistress."

"And now you dare to forget to thank me and call me by my proper title! In my room! The insolence! Start from the beginning, and every time you forget I'll start spanking you harder, so you better start getting it right slut!"

"Yes mistress. Owww one, thank you mistress, Owww two, thank you mistress, Owww three, thank you mistress, Owww four, thank you mistress, Owww five, thank you mistress, Owww six, thank you mistress, Owww seven, thank you mistress,"


Donna wasn't sure about just how long she'd ridden Jackie for. Jackie had crawled Donna about all around the room, Donna laughing and whipping her all the way. Jackie had been unable to concentrate on counting and moving at the same time and eventually just broke down and started crying hysterically. Donna immediately got off, and started gently rubbing her hand over her butt, using her hand to smooth the swollen, beaten flesh. She cooed in Jackie's ear until the brunette calmed down, using her free hand to rock her gently.

Donna bit her lip. She had never meant to go that far, but this girl just bought something out inside of her. But she never wanted to cause her serious pain. She knew Jackie was smitten with her but the truth was she was just as infatuated with the wonderfully submissive brunette as she was with her. She may not wanted to hurt her, but their entire relationship revolved around the idea of domination and if Donna let Jackie off the hook just once it might break the spell between them and Donna couldn't bear the idea of going back to life without her submissive little bitch Jackie Burkhardt by her side.

"Jackie, I'm going to finish spanking you now ok?"

"Ok mistress."

"But this time I'm going to use my hand instead of the crop. But I expect you to count and thank me for each one. Do you understand?"

"Yes mistress."

"Good... try not to mess up this time ok."

"Yes mistress. Owww one, thank you mistress... Owww two, thank you mistress... Owww three, thank you mistress... Owww four, thank you mistress... Owww five, thank you mistress... Owww six, thank you mistress... Owww seven, thank you mistress,"


"Owww forty four, thank you mistress... Owww forty five, thank you mistress... Owww forty six, thank you mistress... Owww forty seven, thank you mistress... Owww forty eight, thank you mistress... Owww forty nine, thank you mistress... Owww fifty, thank you mistress,"

By the time the final smack came down on her ass Jackie's backside was a angry, violent, swollen red. But Jackie hadn't uttered a word of protest since her previous crying and had taking it all without one more single tier. It was true that Donna had been going easy on her, giving her a moment to rest in between each blow, making sure she took plenty of time to keep count, using her hand to rub her sore behind in between smacks, but nevertheless Donna was still very proud of her girl's performance.

Leaning forward, Donna began to cover Jackie's bright red swollen butt with kisses, slowly when making her way down to the brunette's centre, which by now of course was soaking wet. Gently spreading her ass cheeks with both hands, Donna gave Jackie's pussy one long lick, collecting as much of her juices as possible in one go before swallowing them down.

It took all of Donna's willpower not to just very her face in this yummy treat, and eat her until Jackie filled her mouth with her delicious cum. But Donna had other plans for herself and the brunette tonight.

When she first felt her mistress's tongue on her pussy Jackie pushed her butt up higher in an attempt to make it easier for Donna to tongue fuck her. She mewed in distress when she felt her mistress's body move up until her mouth was at her ear again.

"Jackie, whose pleasure always comes first?"

"Yours mistress, always yours."

"So if you want me to pleasure you, what should you do first?"

"Pleasure you mistress."

"Good slut." said Donna, getting up and walking over to her bed.

As she went she stripped off her clothes, first her top, followed by her bra, before kicking off her shoes, stripping off her skirt and then finally pulling her panties down in one quick swipe. She sat naked on the edge of her bed and spread her legs wide before beckoning her bitch with a come hither finger motion.

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