Donna's Bitch Ch. 03


Obediently Jackie slowly crawl towards her mistress, her eyes glued to the paradise that lay between her mistress's legs.

"Ok listen up slut." said Donna when Jackie had finally arrived between her thighs. "When you've lick me to orgasm I want you to catch my cum in your mouth and spit it into this cup. You will continue this process until the cup is full. When the cup is full you will eat me to one final orgasm which you will be able to swallow as a reward. Don't you dared try and swallow any of my cum before the cup is full or I'll give you an additional 50 spankings. Is that clear bitch?"

"Yes mistress."

"Good, now begin."

Without needing to be told twice the pussy hungry brunette opened her mouth as wide as she could and glued her mouth to the tasty treat in front of her. Jackie would have liked to have savoured her mistress's pussy, taken a moment to enjoy the smell, gently licked the lips, tease her clit a little, but she was far too horny for foreplay at this point. She buried her tongue as deep inside Donna's dripping wet love hole as she could and began to frantically thrust it in and out, desperate for the juice inside it. She soon got what she wished for as the cunt cream she craved oozed from her mistress's channel, on to her tongue, and slowly slid down her throat.

Donna moaned loudly and gripped Jackie's hair tightly with her hands to push her personal little pussy licker deeper into her needy hole. All that's spanking had made Donna extremely wet and she knew she would come very quickly. But there was no reason not to enjoy her bitch's tongue inside her while it lasted.

"That's it you cunt greedy little lesbo, eat my fucking beautiful pussy! Eat my pussy, eat it like the muff-diving lezzie bitch you are!" Donna growled, thrusting herself up into Jackie's face in an attempt to get more of her tongue into her pussy. "You fucking need pussy don't you bitch! I bet you'd die from starvation if I didn't allow you the privilege of lapping my cunt! You were born to eat pussy Jackie, and it's only natural to you to have your tongue buried in some girl's pussy. And you know what my little rug muncher, you were born to eat my pussy! Your natural place in life is with your face buried in my pussy and your tongue up my cunt! Isn't it bitch?"

"Yes mistress!" came the muffled reply of Jackie, never letting her mouth leave its proper place.

Donna continued to call the brunette disrespectful names, and Jackie continued to eat her mistress's pussy until inevitably the redhead could take it no more and came hard, filling Jackie's mouth with her cum. Having her mistress's delicious cum in her mouth and not swallowing it was the hardest thing Jackie had ever done in her life. But her mistress had ordered her to spit into the cup and as much as not being able to swallow her mistress's cream hurt Jackie, the idea of disobeying her was worse. Not because of the spankings that had been promised on her already sore ass if she didn't, but because she just couldn't bear the thought of disobeying the woman she loved, her wonderful mistress Donna Pinciotti.

So, like the obedient little bitch she was, Jackie spat Donna's sweet juices into the cup before returning her mouth to where she belonged.

The girls repeated this, Jackie eating Donna to orgasm and then spitting into the cup until it was completely full. When Jackie was sure that the cup could contain no more of her mistress's precious liquid she drove into Donna's centre, pushing her face as deep into the juicy hole as possible. She had been eager before, but now she was ecstatic. Because this time, she would be able to swallow her mistress's wonderful gift down her unworthy throat and into her belly.

Donna smiled at her slut's eagerness, and rewarded her by pushing her face further into her cunt and filling her mouth with the girl cream she craved. Jackie's eyes fluttered as she was finally able to let her mistress's cum slide down her worthless throat and mark her insides. She was like a drug addict getting its fix. And that's what she was, and addict. She was addicted to Donna Pinciotti's girl cum and she just couldn't live without it.

"Mmmmm, very good slut. Now kneel in front of me and close your eyes. It's time for your reward." said Donna, forcefully pulling the pussy hungry girl off her cunt, standing up, and walking to where she put her bag down.

Jackie did as she was told. Sounds fill the room until eventually Donna said, "Ok my pretty little slut, you can open your eyes now."

When Jackie opened her eyes she gasped in surprise. There in front of her stood her beautiful mistress, naked except for the 10 inched strap on dildo buckled around her waist. The sight of this beautiful woman in front of her with a massive phallic object between her legs was terrifying, and yet strangely erotic.

"Well Jackie, my sweet little bitch, we both know how good of a cunt licker you are, now let's see how good a cock sucker you are!"

Taking the hint Jackie, a little hesitantly, opened her mouth and to the head and the first few inches of the massive dildo into her mouth. Closing her lips around the shaft, Jackie began bobbing her head on her mistress poll, taking as much of it as she could. Both her previous boyfriend and her current boyfriend were big so she was a well practice cock sucker. Although her previous lovers weren't quite as well endowed as her mistress, and even with them she couldn't take them all into her mouth. But Jackie tried with every ounce of her being to take her mistress cock. By relaxing her throat muscles Jackie was able to swallow 2/3 of the shaft, her drool dripping from her mouth coating the rest of the dildo in her saliva.

Donna felt so proud of her bitch. She hadn't expected her to be able to take this much cock in her mouth. Jackie was obviously a better cock sucker than she thought. Donna reached down and lovingly stroked Jackie's hair when a thought occurred to her.

"You like sucking on my big, fat dick don't you Jackie?" Donna laughed.

"Mmmmm." Jackie moaned around the cock in her mouth.

"I bet if I had a real dick your cock sucker lips would feel good around it. I wonder if Eric would like your cock sucker lips around his dick!" Donna said thoughtfully, "Would you put your cock sucker lips around my boyfriend's dick and suck him off if I told you to slut?"

Another muffled reply came from Donna's groin area.

"Don't speak with your mouth full slut! Take your cock hungry lips off my dick and address your mistress properly bitch!" Donna yelled, angered by her bitch's insolence.

"I'm sorry mistress, yes I would put my cock sucker lips around your boyfriend's dick and suck him off if you told me too."

"You'd suck off who if I told you too?"

"Your boyfriend... Eric... I'd suck him off if you told me too mistress."

"And what about Kelso? Would you suck his dick if I told you too?"

"Yes mistress, I'd suck Michael's dick if you told me too."

"Would you suck Fez's dick?"

"Ewww... I mean yes mistress I'd suck Fez's dick!"

"Would you fuck them if I told you too?"

Jackie took a breath and said, "Mistress, I would do anything for you. I would suck each of the guys cocks one by one in Eric's basement if it pleased you mistress. I would let them all gang bang me if it pleased you mistress! There is nothing, no perverted, or degrading act on this earth that I wouldn't do for you if it pleased you mistress Donna."

"Be careful Jackie, I might just take you up on that offer."

"Please do mistress, I would love the opportunity to prove that I would do anything for you!"

Donna gave a warm smile to her submissive little bitch before saying, "Ok slut, now I want you to lick my cock. And make sure the base is nice and slippery, I don't want to hurt my bitch when I fuck her slutty little cunt with my big dick."

Jackie got the message and lovingly licked all over the shaft, paying close attention to the base and tip.

When Donna was satisfied she told Jackie, "Lay down on the middle of the bed and spread your legs."

Jackie did as she was told and Donna crawled in between her wide spread thighs and press the tip of her dildo at the entrance to Jackie's moist hole.

Sensing Jackie's fear of taking such a large object inside her Donna looked into her bitch's eyes and said, "Jackie in a second I want you to beg me to put my dick inside you. When you do if I see too much fear or doubt in your eyes then we won't do this. Your my bitch, but I don't want to hurt you or do anything to you that you're not ready for. You mean the world to me, and I don't want to lose you. You understand that, right? So Jackie, my own personal little bitch, do you want me to put my dick inside you?"

Jackie's hearts swelled. She couldn't believe how lucky she was, her wonderful mistress was giving her a chance to back out if she was afraid. Jackie felt like she didn't deserve the choice, but she soon realised there was none. The idea of not having her mistress's dick inside her became unbearable and Jackie had to have it. In that moment all her worries and doubts faded away and were replaced by pure lust.

"Mistress, I beg you with all my worthless heart to put your beautiful dick inside my unworthy cunt and fuck your bitch's stupid brains out. I need to have you inside me mistress, I need to be complete again. Please put your beautiful dick inside me so I can be complete again. I'm only complete when your inside me. Please mistress Donna, put your beautiful dick inside your own personal little bitch's wretched cunt and complete her again."

The love and the need radiating from her bitch's eyes broke Donna's heart. Leaning down she kissed Jackie gently on the lips before whispering, "I love you Jackie."

"I love you too mistress Donna." Jackie whispered back before letting out a sharp gasp as her mistress's cock stretched her pussy lips slowly open to receive its head.

When the head was fully inside Jackie's love hole Donna gave her bitch a few seconds to recover from the initial penetration. The redhead stared into her slut's eyes and waited until she had relaxed enough to take more. When Donna believed her bitch was ready she began to push a few more inches inside her until she stiffened up than Donna gave her a few seconds to rest again before pushing forward. Donna repeated this process until eventually, to her amazement, she had buried the whole of her huge 10 inch strap on dildo inside Jackie's cunt.

"Oh my God Jackie, my sweet little slut, I'm so proud of you! I can't believe you took every single inch of this big cock! Can you feel it Jackie, can you feel it inside you. It's me Jackie, I'm inside you, your mistress is inside you!"

"Oh mistress, I can feel it, I can feel you inside me! I feel so full, so complete! I've never felt so complete in my life! Please mistress, fuck me, fuck me with your big hard cock!"

"I will my little cock hungry lesbian whore, we just need to wait for your slutty little dyke cunt to adjust to my size!"

"No, please mistress, I need you to fuck me now!"

"Are you sure your ready?"

"Yes, yes, yes, just please mistress, fuck me!"

"Ok slut, wrap your legs around me and I'll start fucking your brains out until you are nothing more than my mindless lezzie slut!"

I already am your mindless lezzie slut, thought Jackie as she eagerly wrapped her legs around her mistress crossing her ankles around her butt. When she did Donna slowly pulled out of her just a few inches creating a feeling of horrible emptiness, before pushing her way back inside, creating sheer bliss in Jackie's mind.

Donna moved slowly inside Jackie, staring into her eyes marvelling at the sites she saw their. She couldn't not think about how beautiful Jackie looked her eyes glazed over in pleasure, staring up at her with her eyes filled with love and lust. She couldn't resist leaning down to give Jackie a long passionate kiss, her tongue penetrating her mouth as her strap on penetrated her pussy.

It all made Jackie feel so wonderfully submissive. The feeling of being mounted and penetrated by another woman, someone of her own sex, was so wonderfully perverted. It was such a turn on for her. She desperately wanted to show this woman, her wonderful mistress Donna Pinciotti, that she was her complete and utter bitch by cumming hard from being fucked by her, and Jackie knew it was just a matter of time before she came.

It all made Donna feel so wonderfully dominant. The feeling of power she got from mounting another woman and taking her in this way made her feel so hot. She was determined to show this woman, her sweet little bitch Jackie Burkhardt, that she could be the dominant mistress she so obviously needed in her life by fucking her until she came.

Donna had been increasing her thrusts slowly until she had worked up a steady rhythm inside Jackie. But as much as she tried to stop herself Donna was becoming mad with lust. She soon got carried away and began pounding Jackie's pussy like a mad woman. Rather than complain Jackie thrust her hips up to meet Donna's penetration and beg for more.

"You fucking love it don't you Jackie! You fucking love my big fat cock inside your dyke pussy, fucking your stupid little lezzie brains out! Answer me bitch, do you fucking love my big fat cock inside your dyke pussy, fucking your stupid little lezzie brains out!" Donna growls, pounding into Jackie's cunt.

"Yes, yes, yes, mistress I love your big fat cock inside my dyke pussy, fucking my stupid little lezzie brains out!" Jackie cried in ecstasy as her mistress drove into her.

"And do you know why your little dyke pussy loves my cock so much? It's because it's a girl cock, and since you've got a little queer cunt it naturally prefers girl cock's to guys cock's. You can't help it! It's just who you are! You're a submissive little queer girl who loves to spread her legs for more dominant women with nice big girl cock's strapped around their waists! And do you know what else, I think your lezzie little cunt is recognising me as it's mistress! I think your whole body is submitting to me, which I guess is only natural for a carpet cleaning, submissive dyke bitch like you! Isn't it Jackie?"

"Yes mistress, it's only natural that my body should be submitting to you! I'm a little queer girl who loves nice big girl cock's fucking her wretched lezzie cunt! Please mistress give me what I crave, give me your big beautiful girl cock! I need your big beautiful girl cock! Fuck me with your big beautiful girl cock mistress Donna!"

"You want it, fucking take it bitch! Take my big beautiful girl cock in your slutty little lesbian cunt my rug munching little bitch! Take your mistresses big beautiful girl cock like the little lesbian slut you are! Take it, fucking take it!"

Jackie didn't know what had gotten into Donna, but she liked it. Her cunt was running like a river which was more than ready for the hard pounding her mistress was now giving it. Jackie felt that she was very lucky that her previous boyfriends had been big, because they had stretched her out in preparation for her mistress's wonderfully huge dildo. In that moment Stephen Hyde was very lucky that Jackie loved him, because if she didn't she might have sworn off men if it meant that she could forever know what it was like to have her wonderful mistress inside her.

Donna just couldn't help herself. The pervy guy at the sex store where Donna had got the strap on from had said that the base would press against her clit which would give her pleasure, and eventually make her come. She didn't believe him at the time but right now as that base was driving into her clit and the perversion of fucking a member of her own sex like this caught up with her Donna could only agree. She also promised herself she'd spend as much time inside her sweet little bitch as possible.

"Look at me Jackie, look into my eyes." Donna said. When Jackie was looking deep into her eyes Donna said, "Do you remember that cup I asked you to fill with my girl cum? Well the balls to this dildo can be filled with liquid which can be shot out of it when someone squeezes on them. Can you guess what liquid is inside my dildo's balls Jackie? It's my cum Jackie, and when I cum I'm going to squeeze these balls and fill you with my cum! I'm going to mark your insides Jackie, mark them as mine! I've already cum inside that sweet mouth of yours and we both know that it's mine, and now I'm going to mark your cunt! Would you like that Jackie, would you like me to mark your cunt as mine?"

"Oh yes mistress!" Jackie whimpered.

"Then begged me slut, begged me to mark your cunt as mine!" Donna demanded.

"Please, please, please mistress mark my cunt! Fill it full with all of your cum and mark it as yours mistress! We both know that I already belong to you, so let's make it official! Please mistress Donna, fill my worthless cunt with your wonderful cream and mark it as yours!" Jackie screamed, pleading for her mistress's cream.

She soon got it.

Her words drove Donna crazy and the redhead began slamming inside her with so much force it almost broke the bed. Writhing beneath her the brunette was easily sent over the edge, her pussy walls contracting around the invading shaft as she was rocked by a powerful orgasm. That orgasm was soon followed by another, and another, and another.

Before she had started having sex with her mistress Jackie didn't know it was possible to have multiple orgasms. So when she experienced them for the first time she was completely unprepared. Each one of the multiple orgasms were far more powerful than any other orgasm she'd ever had in her short life so far. They blew her mind, almost leaving her in a vegetable state of pleasure.

The pressure on her clit, Jackie's words, and the sheer perverted pleasure of it all caught up with Donna and she came pounding into Jackie's pussy. At the moment of her climax Donna squeezed her fake balls, completing her promise and filling her sluts insides with her cream, marking Jackie's cunt as her property.

Jackie broke down and cried. The feeling of her powerful orgasms were enough to shatter her mind, but the added feeling of her mistress coming inside her, her juice being pushed deep within her, sent her over the edge and her mind melted into mush.

Ultimately both girls collapsed onto each other, puffing and panting wrapped in each other's arms. After a long rest Donna slowly pulled out much to the brunette's disappointment.

"Get on all fours on the bed!" Donna growled, her passion taking over.

Jackie did as she was told immediately, eager for more fucking. Donna went over to the nightstand, grabbed the cup and filled the remainder of her cum into the dildo's balls. She then walked back over to where Jackie was so vulnerably displayed.

Donna knelt down to study Jackie's well fucked pussy watching as a mixture of hers and the brunette's cum was oozing out of it. But her attention was focused upwards to the tiny brown pucker above Jackie's love hole. Donna was unsure whether this plan of hers was a good idea or not, but she was now insane with lust and determined not to leave this bed until she had taken Jackie in every possible way.

Jackie gasped in surprise when she felt her mistress's tongue sliding over her virgin butt-hole, circling the edges before pushing its way inside her rectum. Her juices had been leaking from her pussy onto her little cherry ass-hole and had managed to lubricate her there are little. Both Jackie's previous and current boyfriends had tried to convince her to take it in the butt, but she had always refused. Up the butt girls were sluts and anal sex was disgusting. That's what Jackie had always said to them. But then again, she had always said that lesbian sex was disgusting and now she was having kinky lesbian sex with her best friend. She had been wrong about lesbian sex, could she be wrong about anal sex? Of course it didn't really matter, as far as Jackie was concerned if her wonderful mistress, who had given her so much pleasure, wanted to sodomise her with her strap on she would bend over and spread her cheeks like the good little submissive bitch she was.

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