tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDonna's Bitch Ch. 04

Donna's Bitch Ch. 04


It was another typical day in Eric Foreman's basement. The gang was hanging out doing the thing they most like to do in the basement... watching TV. Well, maybe it was one of the things they most like to do in the basement.

The gang was all there... except for one...

"Where the hell is Fez?" asked Eric, as he looked around just noticing his foreign friend was gone.

"I think he said something about getting something to eat." said Hyde nonchalantly, not even bothering to look in Eric's general direction.

"All right, but he better not be looking through my sisters things again." grumbled Eric.

"Hay, remember that time we found him rubbing himself on Laurie's bed?" Kelso laughed.

"And that time we found him sniffing her underwear?" Hyde chuckled.

Guys seriously, cut it out!" yelled Eric. He hated it when they talked about his sister in this way. Eric hated Laurie with every fibre of his being, but the one thing he hated more than her was having his friends talk about her in a sexual way.

Donna sighed. Another typical day in Eric's basement indeed. Same thing over and over. When we these guys going to grow up.

She stood up and made her way over to the stairs. Before she even reached the first step Eric called out to her, "Where are you going?"

"I need to use the bathroom, if that's ok with you?" Donna said sarcastically.

"Oh great, I'll come with you." said Jackie jumping up.

"You want to come with me... to the bathroom?"

"Yes, I've got some things to talk to you about in private."

"Fine come on then." Donna sighed as she began to walk up the stairs.

"Hay, you girls take all the time you need to 'talk' in the bathroom." said Hyde, smiling at his own innuendo.

"Yeah, be sure to have a long hard 'talking' session." laughed Eric.

"Yeah, and while you're at it you guys could have sex!" Kelso said with his trademark big grin on his face. The grin was knocked off his face by the other two guys slapping back his head in punishment for his stupidity. "Owww, was that for?"

"For being a dumb ass!" said Hyde.

"Whatever, you guys are disgusting." said Donna, managing to reach the top of the stairs before they could see her smile.

"Yeah, disgusting." said Jackie who was also able to hide her smile as she followed her mistress up the stairs.


The second the bathroom door was closed the girl's fell into each other's arms. Donna kissed Jackie passionately, her hands running all over her body. But only a few seconds into the kiss there was a loud crashing sound. The girl's immediately broke apart and stared in the direction of the noise.

There, laying dazed in the bathroom tiled rubbing his head was their friend Fez.

Before he had the chance to say something Donna walked over to him and knelt down so that she could look him directly in the eye.

"Fez, look at me," said Donna who waited until Fez was giving her his full attention before continuing, "I want you to take a moment to think about this, really think about this. You could yell and scream and then tell everyone about what you just saw. But what do you gain from that Fez? For one thing it's our word against yours and our boyfriends are more likely to believe as than you. And even if they believe you chances are that they'll partially blame you if only because you were the one to tell them. But if you keep your mouth shut maybe we can come to some kind of arrangement..."

Fez lay there staring blankly for the longest of time. There was something captivating in Donna's eyes which made him wonder what she meant by 'arrangement'. Before he had a chance to ask about it there was a knock at the door.

"Is whoever is in their ok? I heard a crash?" came the voice of Eric's mother Kitty Foreman through the door.

"I'm fine," yelled Donna, "I just tripped."

"Oh do you want me to get some ointment or something?"

"No, I'll be fine, thank you."

"Ok than." Kitty said, as she walked away happily.

When she was gone, Donna turned back to Fez and said, "Come round my house tonight at nine. My dad will be leaving for his weekly card game and will probably let you in as he leaves. Tell him that I'm actually expecting you this time. If you don't tell anyone about what you saw and show up I promise that I'll make it worth it for you. Do you understand?"

When Fez nodded silently, Donna got up open the door to check that Kitty was gone and there was no one else there before escorting Fez out and closing the door behind him.


Jackie sat silently on the bed watching as her mistress reapplied her makeup and lipstick in preparation for whatever she had planned for their foreign friend.

After the incident with Fez the girls had waited in the bathroom for a short time before going back downstairs to Eric's basement to join the rest of the gang. They had sat there for a few hours acting as normal is possible. Luckily Eric, Kelso and Hyde hadn't really noticed that the other half of the group hadn't said that much for the rest of the evening.

In fact the girls hadn't spoken to each other since they had been discovered and it was really beginning to worry Jackie. She was also worried what her mistress had meant when she told Fez that she would 'make it worth it for him' if he was to keep quiet about the true nature of their relationship.

Unable to take the silence anymore Jackie blurted out, "Mistress... what are we going to do about Fez?"

Donna turned to her pet and said simply, "I'm going to convince him not to tell anyone about us."

"I know mistress... it's just... how are you planning to do that?" Jackie asked, afraid that she already knew the answer. When Donna looked away from her it told Jackie all she needed to know, "No mistress, you can't do that."

"I have to Jackie or Fez will tell everyone about us."

"But you can't do that to Eric. You love him and it would hurt you if you did that to him."

"Jackie, if I don't we'll be outed and we'll lose everything, and besides I've already been cheating on Eric for weeks now."

Donna instantly regretted saying those words when she saw the hurt look on her bitch's face. But it was true though, if Fez started telling people about what he saw she could lose Eric, and more importantly she could lose Jackie. Although it didn't come out the way she wanted it too. But the thing that bothered Donna the most was the fact that until she had said it she hadn't thought of being with Jackie as cheating on Eric. But now she had said that she'd was flooded by mixed feelings. She felt guilty for betraying her boyfriend, but she couldn't even pretend to regret a single moment of it.

Her mistress's words cut into Jackie like a knife wound. Was her mistress beginning to regret being with her? Would she leave her for that scrawny little man? Or worse, would she pretend like nothing had ever happened between them, like these last few wonderful weeks never happened? Why would her mistress say something like that if she truly loved her? What she beginning to think of her as a burden? Was she getting bored of her? Was her mistress going to abandon her, dump her as if she was garbage?

No, Jackie couldn't let that happen. She had to show her mistress that she was worth something. Maybe if she could prevent her from cheating on Eric than her mistress would keep her.

"Mistress, I agree that we should try and bribe Fez with something, but I don't see why we can't just give him money. I mean it's not like I don't have any or anything."

"Jackie, if we give Fez money he'll spend it quickly and within a week he will either get sloppy and accidentally tell someone or he'll get greedy and asked for more money. We need to give him some incentive to keep quiet for as long as possible. The best way to do that is if I have sex with him once and then plant the idea in his head that if he keeps quiet it might happen again." still saying that hurt in her pet eyes Donna then said, "Jackie, its Fez. I'll just give him a quick blow job and maybe let him spend a few minutes inside me and then it will be done and we can go back to the way things were before tonight."

Jackie took in what her mistress had to say, took a deep breath and said "You're right mistress, but you shouldn't be the one to do it. You love Eric too much, and besides, you're the mistress here and I'm the bitch so I should be the one to do it."

Donna stared at Jackie for a few moments before opening her mouth to speak. Before she got the chance their was a knock at the door.

"Hello... it's me... Fez... you said I should come here... now... Bob let me in... he's gone by the way... erm... is anyone there... hello..." the slightly muffled voice of Fez came through the door.

Donna wondered what she should do. She didn't want to cheat on Eric, but while she had no desire to see Jackie cheat on her boyfriend, it certainly wasn't the main reason why she didn't want Jackie to sleep with Fez. It barely came second. But before she got the chance to analyse it Jackie got up and opened the door to let Fez in.

"Hay Fez, come in, we were just talking about you."

"Thank you..." Fez said handing Jackie the flowers he had bought. Jackie put them to one side and watched to see what her mistress would do.

"Take a seat Fez." Donna said pointing to a chair that was set up in front of her bed. When Fez sat in the chair, Donna sat on the bed in front of him and motioned for Jackie to join her. When the girls sat comfortably in front of their foreign friend Donna said, "Ok Fez, here's the deal, Jackie and I are... together and we have no intention of stopping... being together. We are going to tell Eric and Hyde, just not yet. We know they're both your best friends so we have a compromise."

Donna turns to look at Jackie studying her face. She desperately looked for some sign that Jackie can do this, which would give her an excuse to do it instead, the brunette's face was a mask of unreadable calm.

Jackie assuming the way her mistress was looking at her was a sign that she should say something so she said, "Fez, my mistress Donna and I were talking and we agreed that I'll fuck you if you keep quiet."

"Really... ok!" Fez says excitedly.

"But if we do this then there is some rules you will need to abide by. First of all you do everything that my mistress Donna tells you to do without question ok?"


"And you can't ask or request any thing. You'll get what we give you and like it!" said Donna, taking over.


"And you can only cum three times."

"Ok... wait what?"

"Those are the rules. You get to cum three times and then you get out. I think that's more than generous considering the circumstances," Donna said, "after all its our word against yours and like I said before our boyfriends are more likely to believe us than you."

"Ok... but... then why bother with this?" Fez said, immediately regretting questioning his good fortune.

"Because Fez, we both love our boyfriends very much and we don't want them to get hurt. When we're ready to tell them we'll tell them, but we don't know when that will be. And when we do finally tell them we don't want them to be hearing about it for the second time. Can you imagine how it would look if you told them we were sleeping together and then we denied it only later to tell them that it was actually true? It would only make the situation worse than it already is and we don't want that. Do you want that Fez?"


"Good than are you going to agree to our terms?"


"Alright let's get started, take off your clothes."

Fez was a little reluctant at first to take off his things. He thought this might be some kind of trick. Maybe it was all set up and the other guys are going to jump out and take pictures of him naked. But when he finally pulled his pants down revealing his whole naked body there was no friends jumping out of him, no pictures, no joke. Just him standing naked in the middle of Donna's room. The fact that he was naked and the other two girls were fully close was a little unnerving.

"So... how are we going to...

Before Fez could finish his sentence Jackie grab the back of his head with both hands and pulled his head down to meet her lips in a passionate kiss. When she thrust her tongue into his mouth Jackie was surprised to find that Fez was actually a pretty good kisser. She found it particularly impressive because he was up against some pretty stiff competition. Both Michael and Stephen were excellent kissers and her mistress's lips were so soft she could get lost in them for hours.

Donna was filled with a mixture of emotions as she watched Jackie and Fez go at it. She and Jackie had always talked about sharing each other with other men, pacifically with their boyfriends, and it always got her hot and bothered. But now that it was happening it felt somehow different. It was hot, and Donna was feeling very aroused, but was also feeling something else... something that felt like... no that couldn't be it... could it... man those two are really going at it... what is this sex or a smooch-a-thon... "Ok Jackie that's enough, now start kissing down his neck."

Jackie did as she was told, breaking the lip lock to kiss down first Fez's neck then down his chest until she reached his fully erect cock. Fez had been in a constant state of arousal since he had seen Donna and Jackie kissing earlier and that combined with Jackie's soft lips all over his body had him ready for action. Jackie, who was now kneeling down in front of Fez, took his cock into her right hand and began to stroke it up and down. He let out a long sigh and she looked up into his eyes before she closed her lips around the head of his shaft and began to gently suck.

Jackie had always like giving blow jobs. She had been a enthusiastic cock sucker for both her current and her old boyfriend but since her mistress had bought that strap on Jackie had gone from being able to give good blow jobs, to being able to take more dick in and out of her mouth than a street hooker.

With practised ease Jackie lowered her head until Fez's cock hits the back of her throat then, relaxing her throat muscles Jackie lowered her head further until her chin was resting against Fez's balls, her nose buried in his pubic hair and she had the last few inches of her foreign friends cock inside her mouth. Fez's shaft was a respectable 7 inches long, but Jackie had been spending the last week learning how to deep throat her mistress's 10 inch dildo so the spoilt little rich girl had no problems taking every inch without choking.

Fez couldn't believe that Jackie had taken all of him inside her mouth. Fez's girlfriend Nina had recently broke up with him and he couldn't help make comparisons. Nina had been the only one ever to give him a blow job and she certainly hadn't taken him all the way like this. Of course what happened next completely blew the poor man's mind.

As she lowered her mouth on Fez's shaft Jackie had only been concentrating on relaxing her throat muscles, but now she had every single inch of his dick inside her mouth she began to suck on it with every ounce of energy she had.

A few years ago a lonely Fez had stuck his dick inside a vacuum cleaner. The highest setting on the turbo suck had absolutely nothing on Jackie's mouth.

Jackie began to move slowly off Fez's dick until their was only the head inside her mouth, then she slowly lowered her head again until it was completely buried inside her throat. She began to slowly increase her pace making sure massage his balls and of course to hungrily suck on the piece of man meat in her mouth. Loud sucking and slurping noises filled the room as she bobbed her head on the foreigners juicy cock.

Fez did all he could to prolong this blow job, but it was no use. His young body was in a constant state of arousal anyway and what he'd seen in the bathroom had been driving him crazy all day and now these wonderful lips moving up and down his shaft, those delicate hands cupping his balls sack and that warm wet sucking mouth sent him crashing over the edge. Screaming something in his native tongue Fez's balls tightened and he shot the first spurt of his cum into the back of Jackie's throat. Jackie, who was a cum guzzling slut for her boyfriends even before her mistress had got that squirting strap on, swallowed the first shot with ease. To get a better taste of her foreign friends cum, Jackie quickly pulled back until only the tip of the shaft was in her mouth. The next few blasts landed on her tongue and she savoured the taste before happily swallowing. She then milked the last few ounces of jizz from Fez's now shrinking cock before letting it fall from her lips.

Looking up at her dazed friend Jackie said "Thank you Fez, can I have another?"

Seeing the look on Fez's face Donna laughed and said, "I think you need to give Fez a chance to recover after that performance Jackie."

"Ohhh, I wanted more cum." Jackie said like the spoilt brat she truly was.

"I'll tell you what, walk over here, stripped for me and bend over my knee for your daily spanking and I might consider letting you have some of mine." said Donna smiling wickedly.

Not needing to be told twice Jackie sat up and started slowly stripping off her clothes, first her top, then her bra, then her shoes followed finally by her pants and panties. Fez gasped when he saw the tattoo on Jackie's ass cheeks. He got a better view of them as Jackie bent over Donna's knee who was now sitting on the bed.

"Do you like my little pets tattoo Fez?"

"It's... it's very nice." Fez said as the blood started rushing back to his penis.

"It is, isn't it." Donna said as she ran her hand over the soft flesh of Jackie's buttocks. "It never fails to turn me on looking at my bitch's sweet little butt, so soft, so spank-able, so mine. Look, it even has my name on it." with that Donna brought her hand down hard on Jackie's ass cheeks. The hard smacking sound and Jackie's little yelp of pain echoed throughout the room. "So Jackie my sweet little bitch, how many spanks do you think I should give you today?"

"As many as you think I need mistress." said Jackie submissively.

"Good girl, that's right, as many as I think you need. Well, let's see now..." Donna said thoughtfully as her hands shamelessly groped Jackie's butt cheeks. "You know Jackie, I think you've been a very good little bitch the last few days... except when you got us caught because of your lustful lezzie urges for my body! You know I should punish you harshly for that right?"

"Yes mistress, you should beat my worthless flesh until I'm black and blue." Jackie whimpered.

"Your right I should... but I won't... do you know why... it's because you have a loving and forgiving mistress who understands your unquenchable slutty lesbian need to worship my beautiful body. Because of this your mistress is willing to only give you 30 spanks, in addition to the 10 spanks for not calling me mistress of course, for your behaviour today. What do you say to that slut?"

"Oh thank you mistress, thank you for understanding my slutty lesbian needs. I'm so sorry that I'm a pussy craving dyke who can't control her slutty desires for your beautiful body."

"Oh believe me Jackie, when I'm done with your pretty little ass you'll be sorry, you'll be very very sorry. Now remember to count each of the spanks and thanked me for each and every one of them. And you better not embarrass me in front of a friend or I'll double the spanks, and use the crop instead. Is that clear slut?"

"Yes mistress, Owww one, thank you mistress... Owww two, thank you mistress... Owww three, thank you mistress... Owww four, thank you mistress... Owww five, thank you mistress..."

Fez was both frightened and aroused by the sight before him. He had worshipped both Donna and Jackie from afar for a long time now and now see them together in this way was an incredible turn on. Not to mention that it was Jackie, who even though was incredibly attractive was also incredibly spoilt, who was submitting. But the force of Donna's blows seemed incredibly harsh and Fez worried about the nature of their relationship. When most people met him their original opinions of him was that he was weird, but anyone who took the time to get to know him knew that at heart Fez was a nice guy, he was just an incredibly horny nice guy. So naturally he was concerned for his friend, but Jackie wasn't complaining, in fact she seemed to be raising her ass to meet each of the spanks.

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