Donna's Bitch Ch. 06


"Ow... thirty six, thank you mistress, ow... thirty seven, thank you mistress... ow thirty eight, thank you mistress... ow thirty nine, thank you mistress... ow forty, thank you mistress..."

"Very good Donna. Very, very good. Now let's move on to the cat." said Chloe, once again studying and being impressed by the redhead's work before picking up the next instrument of pain.

Wordlessly Donna exchanged the paddle for the cat o' nine tails and began to strike Jackie with it, carefully avoiding striking her with the tips of the tales.

"Ow... one, thank you mistress, ow... two, thank you mistress... ow three, thank you mistress... ow four, thank you mistress... ow five, thank you mistress..."

The dominating redhead was surprised how well she kept her cool as Jackie's ass slowly turned a rosy red under her spankings. Not only did Donna feel secure with the situation that was unfolding, she felt empowered and, strangely, at piece. Her pussy was dripping from anticipation about what was to come next but her mind was completely focused on the task at hand... using her just bought cat o' nine tails to punish Jackie's cute spank-able little behind.

Over the past few days Jackie had been spanked constantly but none of her previous punishments could compare to this. Well, that wasn't true, this was a lot less intimate than when she had been over her mistress Donna's knee but this felt far more... intense.

"Ow... sixteen, thank you mistress, ow... seventeen, thank you mistress... ow eighteen, thank you mistress... ow nineteen, thank you mistress... ow twenty, thank you mistress..."

Chloe licked her lips in sexual hunger. She was eager to move on to other things but at the same time she can be quite happy with living an eternity in this moment, a moment of such wonderful domination over another woman, seconds away from having nasty lesbian sex with at least one beautiful woman. It was moments like this that Chloe lived for.

Lana was enjoying this wonderful spanking but she too was longing for this session to be over so she could be allowed the privilege of tasting the delicacy that was a woman's pussy on her lips once again. Her mouth was craving cunt and her own little fuck hole was crying out to the attention of a woman's soft tongue... or finger... or fingers... or a nice hard strap on...

"Ow... thirty six, thank you mistress, ow... thirty seven, thank you mistress... ow thirty eight, thank you mistress... ow thirty nine, thank you mistress... ow forty, thank you mistress..."

By the time they were finished all four girls were breathing heavily, perspiration covering their bodies.

The room felt like it was about to explode with all the sexual tension however the experienced blonde was able to just about pull herself together, "Donna, help me untie our bitches."

Donna nodded, not seeing the two items Chloe picked up before they advanced upon their still bound bitches.

Chloe was the first to untie her bitch, removing her bounds and her blindfold before pulling Lana into her arms, pressing her breasts into her sore back and thrusting her soaking cunt against the brunette's freshly whipped ass. Lana moaned submissively as her mistress's hands slipped up her sides and cupped her breasts firmly.

Extremely turned on by this display Donna did the exact same thing with Jackie, her girl's moans causing the river of desire in between her legs to flow.

The redhead watched as Chloe pushed a few strands of Lana's hair out of the way and licked up the side of her neck before whispering huskily in her ear loud enough for the other two girls to hear, "I would dearly love to punish your sweet little titties with my whips... but you have tempted your mistress with your slut body so much that I can't help but want to fuck you. Make no mistake... you will be punished for this... and I will have some serious fun with your pretty little boobies... but for now this will have to do..."

Producing something the blonde had told Donna were called nipple clamps the experience mistress attached the clamps to each of her bitch's nipples. She had been expertly manipulating them into full hardness in preparation for this moment. Once she was done Chloe through the other set of nipple clamps to Donna who caught them with ease. Deciding to go with her instincts Donna attached the clamps to Jackie's nipples, her bitch's moans music to her ears. Once they were attached the redhead looked to the blonde for what to do next.

Grinning wickedly Chloe petted Lana like the faithful little pet she was before pushing her towards Donna and Jackie, "Very good, now Lana, I want you to go over there and kiss Donna's bitch as if you were in love with her!"

Lana obeyed wordlessly, walking slowly towards Jackie, her eyes locked on the other brunette's as she advanced on her.

Jackie felt like those eyes were burning a hole through her, and it excited her, but she didn't want to do this unless her mistress Donna wanted her to do it. Turning her head slightly so she could look into the redhead's eyes she searched her mistress's face for the slightest look of protest.

After a moment her mistress nodded in silent acceptance of what was about to happen and let go of her.

Her disappointment of losing her mistress's touch was short lived as she came face-to-face with Lana, the other brunette cupping her face in her hands and pulling her into a soft kiss.

Jackie was a little unsure how to respond first but she soon decided that the best way to please her mistress Donna was to obey the orders of both of the two dominant women. So as Lana's tongue entered her mouth Jackie eagerly accepted it and massaged it with her own. She closed her eyes and began to kiss Lana like she was in love with her, because, in her mind, with her eyes closed, she wasn't kissing Lana, she was kissing Donna, the woman she loved.

Little did she know that the other girl was kissing her with such passion because in Lana's mind she was also kissing the woman she loved. In her mind she was kissing her powerful mistress Chloe.

Donna was filled with a mixture of jealousy and arousal at the sight of her bitch kissing another woman, although she had to admit to herself that she was more aroused than jealous. Maybe it was the atmosphere in the room, maybe with the room itself, Donna didn't know, all she knew was something about the situation just felt so...

Once again she was awoken from her thoughts before she got a chance to overanalyse the situation by her fellow mistress.

"Awww, isn't that sweet... they're like two little lezzie's in love..." Chloe giggled as she walked around the kissing girls, "Don't they look beautiful Donna... don't our two little bitches look beautiful kissing each other like this?"

"... Yes... they sure do..." Donna said, unsuccessfully trying to hide the lust in her voice.

Chloe laughed and continue to observe the kissing girls.

"Yeah... two beautiful little bitches who just can't help themselves... they know it's wrong... but they don't care... it just feels so good..." Chloe slid her hand down her stomach, into her panties and began to rub herself as she watched, "Mmmm, watching two little lezzie's kiss always makes me so hot... but I know something we can make our bitches do that will make me even hotter..."

Chloe walked out of the room and returned momentarily with some large, soft looking towels and laid them on the floor.

She then turned back to the brunettes, "All right you little lesbo's, that's enough, break it up, it's time to move on to other things!"

Jackie and Lana immediately broke apart and waited for their next instructions.

Chloe smiled, revelling in her dominance, "Jackie, lay down on the towels, on your back."

Jackie obeyed without hesitation and Chloe turned to her bitch, "Lana, go kneel over Jackie so your knees are either side of her head and your pussy is right in front of her face."

Lana did as she was told, knowing from past experience that she should be kneeling over Jackie's face so she was facing towards the rest of the other brunettes body, so she could lean down for a 69 position if she was ordered too.

When the girls were in position Chloe said, "Ok, now Jackie, beg me for the privilege of eating my bitch's pussy!"

Not needing to be told twice Jackie begged, "Oh please mistress Chloe, may I be allowed the privilege of eating your bitch's pussy? Your bitch has such a beautiful pussy. It's so beautiful it makes my mouth water. I can't help it, I'm a little pussy loving lezzie who just can't get enough cunt! Please mistress Chloe... I want to eat your bitch's pussy! I need to eat your bitch's pussy! Please, I beg you mistress Chloe, allow me the privilege of sticking my cunt lapping tongue inside your beautiful bitch's pussy and eat it until she cums in my mouth!"

Chloe smiled and said, "Well, I guess I could allow you the privilege of eating my bitch's pussy... if your mistress Donna doesn't mind..."

Feeling like all eyes were suddenly upon her Donna said, "... Yeah... sure... why not..."

"Ok Lana, you can lower your slutty little pussy onto Jackie's cunt hungry lips now!" Chloe said after hearing what she wanted to hear.

Lana slowly lowered herself onto Jackie's face, being careful to keep most of her weight on her legs so as not to hurt the other brunette. As soon as her pussy lips came into contact with Jackie's mouth Lana let out a long, low moan. Jackie's soft tongue slid over her lips, teasing but never quite penetrating her.

The blonde and the redhead watched as Jackie began to lick her fellow brunette's pussy, the look on Lana's face expressing her feelings better than any words ever could.

After a brief pause Chloe said, "Lana, leaned down until your faces inches away from Jackie's cute little cunt."

The brunette wordlessly obeyed, her eyes leaving her mistress's only momentarily so she could lay her hands down either side of Jackie's legs to support some of her body weight.

"Good girl, now it's up to mistress Donna if you're allowed the honour of pleasuring her bitch with your little dyke tongue and since I know how much you crave any kind of cunt you can get your little lezzie mouth on I suggest you beg mistress Donna for the privilege of eating her bitch's pussy and make it good my sweet little rug muncher!" Chloe said, her hand buried in her panties, gently rubbing away at her clit.

"Oh mistress Donna please, I beg you, let me lick your bitch's sweet little pussy with my little dyke tongue!" Lana begged shamelessly, "I'm a cunt craving lesbo who needs to eat pussy and your bitch has one of the most beautiful little pussys I've ever seen! I'm practically drooling all over it I want it so bad! If you allow me the privilege of eating this beautiful little pussy I swear I'll eat it until your bitch cums all over my pretty little lezzie face! I want your bitch's cum on my pretty little lezzie face! I need your bitch's cum on my pretty little lezzie face! I need to make your bitch cum so I can have my pretty little lezzie face covered in girl cum! Please mistress Donna, I beg you, let me put my little rug munching mouth on your bitch's sweet little pussy and eat her out until she cums on my little dyke tongue and all over my pretty little lezzie face!"

With every fibre of her being burning with desire Donna nodded her head giving Lana the permission she desired.

It was true that her mistress Chloe was ordering her to perform oral sex on a girl she had only met a few minutes ago but the truth was that Lana had desired this girl since the moment she saw her. Jackie was hot, and her pussy really was beautiful. Over the past few years Lana had come to really appreciate the beauty of a woman's centre, the cute little entrance to what was pure woman. And the taste... just thinking about the taste made Lana wet. There could never be someone in her life that would mean more to her than her mistress Chloe, and there had never been a better taste than the delicacy that was her mistress Chloe's pussy, but if the submissive brunette was honest with herself she did love the taste of a fresh pussy... of a new pussy... and Jackie's certainly didn't disappoint.

Jackie let out a loud gasp as she felt the first swipe of Lana's oh so soft tongue caress her pussy lips. She had become so completely lost in eating the other brunettes pussy that she had forgotten how horny she was, how in need.

Since becoming Donna's bitch Jackie had become very selfless during sex, always worrying about her mistress's needs before her own. Her mistress had awoken a desire to please and to serve that Jackie never knew she had, but in a 69 she could explore this new need to please and receive pleasure at the same time.

Quickly reminding herself of the task in hand Jackie eagerly returned to eat Lana's delicious pussy, the two brunettes quickly become in sync with their tongues mirroring the movements of the others as they gently lick each other towards orgasm.

Donna was gently masturbating herself at the extreme erotic sight in front of her. She had become so completely entranced by the sight of these two beautiful young submissive women going down on each other that she did not see or hear the blonde slowly advance on her from behind until she felt one hand slide over her hand which was tweaking her nipples and another hand which slid into her panties joining her other hand in caressing her soaking wet love hole.

Donna could feel the blonde mistress's hot breath on her neck as she whispered in her ear, "They look so beautiful together don't they?"

Donna nodded silently in agreement, as if she spoke a word whatever wonderful spell that had been cast would be somehow broken.

"You know Donna..." Chloe said, as she intertwined her fingers with the redhead's and gently began caressing her new friends nipples and clit, "I can finger myself all day, but since I turned Lana into my little pussy craving dyke bitch I just haven't been able to cum from touching myself anymore. It's like that little muff divers cunt lapping tongue and rug munching mouth has ruined my pussy and now it won't settle for anything less than a girls tongue to bring it to orgasm."

At this point the blonde gently pulled Donna's hand out of her panties and brought them up to her lips. Staring into the redhead's eyes Chloe sucked her pussy juice off of her fingers before guiding the other girls hand into her own panties.

"What do you say Donna..." Chloe said, placing the redhead's hand over her pussy, "Do you want to help me out?"

Donna stood there for a moment, her mind racing before she turned around in Chloe's arms and pushed the blonde against the nearest wall. As soon as the other girls back was against the wall Donna slipped a finger into the blonde's cunt and began to gently fuck her.

"So, you want me to help you do you bitch?" Donna growled, her eyes burning with lust.

"Well... I just thought... you know... I do you... you do me..." the blonde said, for the first time unsure of herself. There was something deep in Donna's eyes which both frightened and aroused Chloe. It was some sort of dominant gleam that told the blonde that Donna was going to make a very good Dom... a very good Dom indeed.

Donna paused and thought for a moment.

"... all right..." the redhead said, as she dropped to her knees, pulled Chloe's pants and panties down around her ankles and buried her tongue as far as it would go into the blonde's pussy.

Chloe let out a long moan, grabbed onto Donna by her long red locks and pulled her face into her wet centre, "Oh fuck yes, that's right, just like that, eat my pussy, eat my fucking pussy you redheaded little dyke! Come on, eat me! Get your lezzie tongue into my beautiful cunt you little muff diver! Oh that's it you sweet little cunt lapper, right there, lick me right there, lick me right there with your sweet little dyke tongue you rug munching little lesbo! Oh my God!"

Chloe was surprised at Donna's ability to eat pussy. She had been eaten out by a lot of skilled carpet cleaners but there was only one who could lick her this good and that was her little bitch Lana. Since they had got together Lana had spent hours each day with her face buried in Chloe's cunt and although the brunette had taken to muff diving like a duck to water Chloe's bitch had now reached the stage now where she could have won a medal in pussy eating if such an event existed. Lana had what Chloe like to call a made for pussy eating mouth and it would appear that Donna's mouth was made for the exact same purpose. If Chloe wasn't so sure that the redhead was a Dom she may have tried to turn her into a bitch... her bitch.

The blonde's pussy juice tasted like the sweetest honey that Donna had ever tasted. She just couldn't get enough. It was so intoxicating it reminded her of her girl's mouth watering creamy cunt. Since getting together with Jackie the redhead had grown to love going down on her bitch. Jackie had such a delicious pussy, which was like the sweetest cream Donna had ever had, and this blonde was almost as tasty as her girl. If Donna wasn't so sure that the blonde was a Dom she may have tried to turn her into a bitch... her bitch.

As their mistresses became lost in each other Lana rolled them over so she and Jackie were on their sides as they continue to eat each other out.

Jackie was very grateful of this development. Her back and bottom was still very sore from the whipping they had taken and supporting her weight, and some of Lana's, had put unwanted pressure on her beaten flesh. She tried to refocus efforts onto eating Lana's sweet pussy, but Chloe's moans drew her attention and she looked up momentarily to see her mistress Donna going down on the blonde. The brunette couldn't help feeling a little jealous of Chloe for having her mistress's talented mouth on her pussy. She wanted that to be her cunt her mistress was eating but that was a little hypocritical considering she was munching on Lana's yummy rug.

The thought of Lana suddenly reminded Jackie she had a job she was supposed to be doing which was reinforced when she fell the other brunette's hand come to rest on the back of her head and push her face back into her cunt.

Refocusing her efforts Jackie began to eat Lana's pussy like her life depended on it, wrapping her mouth around her lips and sucking with the power of a vacuum cleaner.

Lana moaned into Jackie's pussy as the other brunette returned her attention to her needy hole.

Since becoming Chloe's bitch Lana had learned to re-evaluate her understanding of the word pleasure. Her mistress Chloe had done all sorts of weird and wonderful things to her, one of them being the joy of being eaten by another woman. She had been with a lot of girls since becoming the property of her mistress Chloe and all of them had made great little cunt lappers, but Jackie's muff diving skills were putting them all to shame. All of them except her mistress Chloe of course.

As the brunettes continued to eat each other out, Donna was really beginning to get down to some serious carpet munching.

She had meant to start off slowly with things like teasing Chloe's pussy lips and gently tongue fucking her but the redhead had soon found herself machine gunning her tongue through her love tunnel in an attempt to get as much of the yummy honey juice out of the blonde's wet hole as possible. Chloe's nectar was flowing thick and fast but Donna had her lips firmly wrapped around the blonde's centre so the only place that sweet honey could go was down her throat.

Donna's mouth seemed to be sucking the life out of her through her cunt and Chloe knew it wouldn't be long before she climaxed. To speed up the inevitable the blonde began thrusting her hips forward to meet the inward strokes of Donna's tongue, trying to get as much of it inside her as possible. She used her hand to guide Donna to the most sensitive places inside her pussy and the redhead seemed to hit every right spot at the exact time it needed to be hit. The little dyke was licking places inside her the blonde didn't even know about until she had turned Lana into her personal little pussy eater. Jackie was certainly one lucky little bitch. Of course right now Chloe was the lucky one.

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