tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDonna's Bitch Ch. 08

Donna's Bitch Ch. 08


Laurie Forman was in the basement of her home doing her laundry. It was the exact same basement where her brother and his stupid friends used to hang out together, but she had put a stop to that.

Laurie loved to cause pain and misery and there had been a lot of pain and misery around here lately.

Thanks to Laurie her brother had locked himself inside his room, Hyde had left and no one knew where he was and Kelso and Fez hadn't been allowed back into the house. Hell, thanks to Laurie even that disgusting pig man Bob Pinciotti hadn't been seen or heard from around here lately.

For Laurie life was great, but little did she know that was about to change...

"Hello Laurie."

Laurie was startled and turned around to see her brothers now ex-girlfriend Donna Pinciotti.

"Donna," Laurie said smiling, "I didn't hear you come in."

"I used the key Eric gave me." Donna said.

"Oh, is that right." Laurie said, "I'm surprised Daddy didn't change the locks yet."

"So am I." Donna said, desperately trying to control her emotions. She wanted so badly just to knock the smile off Laurie's face. But that wasn't the plan, "So, I was having a few friends round for a party and wondered if you'd like to come."

Laurie was somewhat taken aback by this, but she soon recovered from her shock.

"I'm surprised you have any friends left." Laurie said cruelly before pausing to think for a moment. She certainly wasn't expecting this, but she was somewhat curious to see where it would go, "Will there be free booze?"

"Sure." Donna said.

"Then I'll be there at eight." Laurie said, turning to continue doing her laundry.

"The party starts at seven." Donna said.

"Then I'll be there at nine." Laurie said, not bothering to turn around.

Donna had an incredible urge to teach Laurie a lesson there and then, but Red was probably upstairs and if he was she wouldn't get very far before he came to the rescue of his precious daughter. Donna had always liked Red in a kind of 'I can respect you but you scare the crap out of me' kind of way but she wished he would see his daughter for what she truly was. There was always the chance that Red wasn't in but even if he wasn't there was always the chance that Kitty or even worse Eric would show up, and she couldn't let that happen. Next time she saw Eric she wanted it to be on good terms and somehow she didn't think Eric walking in on her with Laurie would be a good idea. So Donna suppressed her desire and left the Forman house. It was almost time for some payback and she had to go and prepare.


Before knocking on the door of the Pinciotti household Laurie stopped to think for a minute.

There were no cars parked outside and there was a suspicious absence of any loud music coming from the house. The whole thing reeked of some sort of trap but Laurie wasn't worried. She seriously doubted that those little dykes Donna and Jackie were going to do anything to her and even if they did she was pretty sure she could take them.

So Laurie knocked on the door and not long afterwards Donna opened it and welcomed her in.

"So, let me guess," Laurie said as she stepped inside, "You invited the whole school and no one showed up."

"No," Donna said, locking the door and then turning to Laurie, "I only invited one person and they showed up right on time."

The girls stared at each other for a moment before Laurie laughed and said, "So, I'm here... what are you going to do?"

Donna slowly walked up to Laurie until they were face to face, "Follow me and find out."

The redhead then walk past Laurie and through the door to the main room.

Laurie paused for a moment but followed, still interested to see where all this was going.

The blonde followed Donna into her bedroom, like a lamb to the slaughter. As planned Donna's bitch Jackie Burkhart was sitting on the floor, her head bowed as her mistress entered the room. In front of Jackie there were three bottles of vodka and three glasses. Walking up to her bitch Donna ruffled Jackie's hair as a reward for being an obedient little pet before sitting down next to the enslaved brunette.

Looking down at the scene Laurie began to laugh out loud.

"What the hell is this?" Laurie cackled, "You two muff divers trying to get me drunk so you can eat my pussy? Are you that cunt hungry?"

"The thought never crossed our minds." Donna said, gritting her teeth and lying through them.

"Then what is all this about then?" Laurie said, still chuckling.

"To thank you." Donna said simply.

"Thank me." Laurie said, obviously confused by that statement, "Thank me for what?"

"For helping us break up with our boyfriends." said Donna, "You see we were trying to think up ways to break up with them for weeks. We were going to try their regular 'we can still be friends' bull shit, but the truth is after talking about it we think we're probably better off without them and thanks to you Eric and Hyde will probably never speak to us again."

"Especially not after walking in on you with Kelso," Laurie laughed again, "But I didn't tell Eric anything about you little rug munchers."

"Sure you didn't." Donna said, as she poured a glass and held it up to the blonde, "Now, are you sure you don't want a drink?"

The bitchy blonde arrogantly shrugged, sat down with Donna and Jackie and began to drink. She was still suspicious of the other girls hospitality, especially after what she had done to them, but she wasn't too worried. She was fairly certain that Donna was all talk, and as for Jackie, well she was just a push over.

Of course what the blonde didn't know, what she couldn't have known, was that she was the only one really drinking tonight.

Before Laurie's arrival Donna had obtained three bottles of vodka but had emptied the contents of two of them down the drain and filled them with water. It was from these bottles that she and Jackie were drinking from. Laurie of course was drinking from the only bottle to contain real alcohol.

The girls sat there for the next hour talking about all sorts of things, starting with quite mundane things like shopping and shoes before ultimately moving on to things of a more sexual nature as they continue to drink.

After only a few drinks Laurie soon loosened up, which certainly didn't come as a surprise to Donna or Jackie. What did somewhat surprise them was just how graphically Laurie described her many, many conquests once they had got her on the subject.

"Wow, 14 inches," Donna said, after the blonde had finished her second 'so I'm in the guise locker room' story, "really?"

"Really," Laurie grinned, "I have to say out of all of the guys on the football team Gary was definitely my favourite... or was it Greg... or Grant... I'm pretty sure it began with a G... or an S..."

"Anyway," Donna said, eager to move on, "How many guys have you actually slept with?"

"A lot." Laurie shrugged.

"That's what I thought..." Donna said, as she looked Laurie up and down, "ever considered being with a girl?"

"Ewww no," Laurie said, "That's disgusting. And wrong."

"Wrong?" Donna said raising her eyebrow.

"Yes Donna wrong," said Laurie, "It's against society and God. But don't worry Donna, I'll pray for your dyke soul."

Donna had to fight herself to keep from laughing. Considering her sexual exploits Laurie was the last person who should be preaching moral values.

"So, you don't like Jackie and I being together, because you think it's wrong?" Donna asked, trying to get back to the point.

"That's right."

"Is that why you told everyone about us?"

"I didn't tell anyone anything."

"That's not what Fez said."

There was silence for a few moments before Laurie smirked, "You know what? Yeah I did it, I told everyone about you disgusting little dykes. And I'd do it again too."

"But why? What did you have to gain?"

"Nothing. I did it because it was fun." Laurie said, before leaning in to Donna, "You should've been there when I told Eric. The look on his face was priceless. The look on all their faces was priceless. Accidentally seeing you dykes was the best thing ever."

"Enjoyed watching us did you?"

"Hardly," Laurie snorted, "It was disgusting. The only reason I stayed to watch was because I couldn't take my eyes off how ghastly it was.

"You stayed and watched us?"

"... Yes but I didn't enjoy it."

"I'm sure you didn't."

"Hey, hey, hey, I didn't. I'm not like you disgusting little dykes. You all make me sick."

"So you don't regret telling on us?"

"Regret it! Are you kidding? Why should I regret it?" Laurie cackled, "It was so easy, and so fun. If I could do it all over again I would. The only thing I would change is that I would be there when my dear brother saw his precious Donna in bed with another guy, and another girl."

At this point Laurie was laughing out loud but what Donna said next wiped the smile off her face.

"Good." Donna said slowly getting to her feet.

"Good... what do you mean by that?" Laurie said.

"I mean it's good you don't regret it Laurie," Donna said, coming to stand directly in front of the blonde, "because I'm certainly not going to regret this."

What happened next seem to be in slow motion.

Even though she could physically see the slap coming Laurie felt rooted to the spot and could do nothing to stop it. She just wasn't expecting this from Donna. She also wasn't expecting the slap to be that hard.

Donna put all her strength and her hatred for this girl into that one slap which connected beautifully right across the blonde's face.

Donna was on Laurie in a second. She pinned the bitchy blonde to the ground using her own body weight to keep her in place as she grabbed both her arms and pulled them behind her back. Laurie struggled but it was no use. The blonde wasn't much of a fighter even before she had started drinking and the redhead had been wrestling her male friends for as long as she could remember and the slutty blonde was no match for her.

Jackie was by Donna's side a second later, handing her mistress the handcuffs she had been hiding just like they planned. The brunette watched as her dominating girlfriend easily secured the handcuffs, trapping Laurie's arms behind her back.

Standing up Donna grabbed Laurie by the hair and began to drag her towards the bed.

"What are you doing, get the fuck off me!" Laurie screamed angrily as Donna almost pulled her hair out.

Donna ignored Laurie as she pinned the blonde to her bed, in much the same way she had done to Jackie all those weeks ago. It seemed like a lifetime ago now and it made Donna physically sick that she was going to have to sully the memory of how she and her sweet little bitch got together, but she and Jackie had agreed this was the best way to teach Laurie a lesson.

"Are you fucking deaf, I said get the fuck off me you stupid dyke!" Laurie screamed again, but this time there was definitely some fear in her voice.

"I don't think so." Donna said coldly as she began to remove Laurie's jeans.

"Oh my God, somebody help me, this fucking dyke is trying to rape me!" Laurie screamed at the top of her voice.

"First of all we're the only ones here you stupid bitch," Donna said with an evil smile on her face as she pulled down Laurie's jeans to reveal a lack of underwear and a nice firm, tight ass, "and as for raping you, well all in good time."

Laurie screamed out for help again but the words became lost in a painful cry as the first strike of Donna's hand connected with her ass.

The first blow was quickly followed by the second, and the third, and the fourth, and so on. Only this time there would be no numbers, no keeping score, no end in sight. Donna was going to spank Laurie until her hand hurt.

And that's exactly what she did.

One blow followed by another in a seemingly endless spanking which made Laurie scream until she could scream no more. At first those screams were angry and full of hate but they soon deteriorated into fear and pain which ultimately led to Laurie begging Donna for mercy. The blonde promised Donna almost anything if she would just stop her assault but the redhead paid no attention. Eventually Laurie just lay there defeated and whimpering as Donna gave her the spanking of a lifetime.

Donna took great joy in beating Laurie's ass into a light pink and then soon afterwards a dark pink and then finally to a darkening red. The redhead had found spanking Jackie's cute little butt very therapeutic in recent weeks and Donna found this just as if not more therapeutic. She had no sympathy for Laurie whatsoever and it showed.

After what felt like a lifetime Donna stopped spanking Laurie, allowing the blonde a few moments to actually believe her ordeal was over before turning to the enslaved brunette.

"Would you like a go Jackie?"

"Me?" Jackie said in obvious surprise. This was not part of the plan, but was this something her mistress was asking if she'd like to do or was this something her mistress wanted her to do. Just in case it was the latter Jackie said, "Ok."

Kneeling behind Laurie, next to her mistress, Jackie reached out and brought her hand down against the blonde's already beaten red buttocks.

Her mistress was unimpressed.

"Harder!" Was her simple command.

Jackie tried again.


And again.


And again.


And again.

"Come on Jackie," Donna said, clearly not happy with her bitch's efforts, "Remember what this bitch did to us? Remember how she made us suffer? How she made our friends and family suffer? How since we've known her she's been making everybody around her suffer for no other reason than it amuses her. Think about it Jackie, think about all the suffering she's caused you and the people you love. And then spank her."

Donna's words awoke something deep inside Jackie. Something dark. Something primal. Something that made the brunette viciously bring her hand down again and again and again against the soft flesh of the blonde's ass cheeks with a force which surprised Donna, Laurie and even Jackie herself. But it shouldn't have. She was merely making Laurie pay for all the suffering she had caused her, her friends, her family, and most importantly of all her wonderful mistress Donna.

Donna had been surprised at the force in which her bitch beat Laurie's ass, but she had to admit she was also very proud. Her girl had even managed to make Laurie, who she was sure she had beaten into submission, make another desperate attempt to escape which of course had been thwarted easily by the redhead who was still holding her down with her left hand.

When she got tired of watching Donna joined Jackie in the beating of Laurie's ass which by now was a dark angry red. Every time Donna bought her hand down upon Laurie's backside Jackie would raise her hand up ready to strike and vice versa.

The spanking seem to go on forever. Donna and Jackie spanked Laurie until their hands stung and their arms ached. When they started to double team her Laurie had originally started a fresh round of screaming and crying but she soon ran out of energy again and lay back excepting this horrible and, in her mind, undeserved punishment. She continued to quietly whimper, but her sobs were less about the fact that she was getting spanked and more about what the spanking was making her feel.

When Donna decided enough was enough she finally stopped spanking Laurie. Jackie continued the spanking for a couple of strikes, but a quick glance from her mistress soon put a stop to that. There plan had gone perfectly so far, but now it was time to see just how far they could push this thing.

Donna was about to reach down for Laurie's pussy for the moment of truth when she and Jackie noticed something. Smiling widely to herself the redhead reached out and cupped the blonde's pussy just to make sure she was right, and she was.

"Oh my fucking God, you're soaking!" Donna laughed as Laurie wept with shame, "You got off at being spanked. By girls no less. Tell me Jackie, what kind of girl gets off at being spanked by other girls?"

"Perverts mistress," Jackie said, "Filthy, disgusting, perverts."


"Dykes mistress?"

"That's right Jackie, dykes get off at being spanked by other girls." Donna said, beginning to slide her fingers up and down Laurie's wet slit, "Are you a dyke Laurie?"

"No." Laurie whimpered meekly, the usually bitchy blonde a shadow of her former self.

"No? That's not what your pussy is saying. Your pussy says your a little dyke that wants me to fuck you. That means one of your holes are lying." Donna said, turning to her pet, "Which of her holes do you think is lying Jackie?"

"Her mouth mistress," Jackie said, "Her mouth is a liar."

"You hear that Laurie? My bitch thinks your mouth is a liar." Donna said, turning back to the blonde, "Is she right Laurie? Is your mouth a liar?"

"No," Laurie said weakly.

"Oh, so if I do this," Donna said, running her finger over Laurie's clit, "It will have little or no effect on you, right?"

Donna's last few words were drowned out by a loud moan from Laurie as she thrust her hips back against the redhead's digits.

"Interesting." said Donna, her fingers going back to playing with Laurie's pussy lips, "You say you're not a dyke, but you seem to love another girl playing with your pussy. So I wonder Laurie, are you sure you're not a dyke? Are you sure you're not a filthy, closet cunt eating, dyke who's just desperate for the touch of another woman? Are you sure you don't want me to just slide my pretty fingers into you and fuck your slutty little cunt? Are you sure..."

"Yes, yes, yes, alright, whatever, just do it, just shut up and do it!" Laurie pleaded, interrupting the redhead.

"Do what?" Donna teased, "Say it!"

"... Fuck me!" Laurie said gritting her teeth.

"I'm sorry Laurie, I didn't hear you. What was that again?"

"I said fuck me you stupid dyke!" Laurie snarled, "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck mmmmmmeeeeeeeeee!

Laurie's words dissolved into screams of pleasure as Donna granted her wish and buried two fingers up to the knuckles inside her needy pussy. Laurie continue to moan as Donna began to slowly move her fingers in and out of her, giving the blonde her first ever fucking at the hands of another girl.

Donna smiled to herself as she began to give the bitchy blonde exactly what she had asked for, sort of. Sure the blonde had asked to be fucked, and there was no doubt that's exactly what Donna was doing to her now, but there would be no satisfaction for Laurie, at least not until she had done something to earn it.

The submissive brunette was waiting patiently on her knees for further instructions from her mistress as she watched her fucked the bound blonde. In truth Jackie felt a little jealous, but she was also incredibly aroused by watching Eric Foreman's bitchy sister getting put in her place. She wanted very much to finger herself, or at least rub herself through her jeans, but her mistress had forbidden her to do so, and Jackie would never disobey her mistress.

Laurie couldn't believe how good this felt. Sure she had masturbated herself many times but that couldn't even compare to this. Donna's fingers seem to know her pussy better than she did herself, and they were certainly more knowledgeable than any guys who had fingered her in the past. Hell, those fingers were better than a lot of the guys she had been with in the past, period.

But there was a problem. The speed of Donna's fingers was all over the place. One moment the redhead would be slowly finger fucking her, then she would be pounding her pussy, and then she would go back to the slow fucking like nothing had ever happened. At first Laurie had preferred the slow fucking but now it was definitely the hard fucking she was craving. But Donna wasn't giving it to her. In fact Laurie got a sneaking suspicion that Donna was deliberately teasing her, fucking her but not allowing her to cum. Concentrating she realised she was correct when she felt Donna's skilled fingers deliberately avoiding her most sensitive areas despite the fact that the redhead knew very well by this point where they were. In an attempt to get what she wanted the blonde began to thrust herself back against the invading digits, but it was no use, the redhead had a firm grasp of her and she couldn't move nearly enough to get herself off.

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