tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDonna's Bitch Ch. 10

Donna's Bitch Ch. 10


"This is nice. Just you and me. Like old times." Eric Foreman had been repeating these words in some combination for what felt like an hour now as he and his girlfriend Donna tried to act casually while drinking the beers they had used fake IDs to obtain. Things had been awkward between them for a while now and no matter how hard he tried they just didn't seem to click as they used too, "Another beer?"

"We're fresh out." Donna said dryly.

"It's cool, I'll just get some more." Eric said, quickly getting up and heading back to the convenience store. The cashier working the till was new and didn't seem to care just how fake an ID looked. If he had he wouldn't have been selling beers to Eric who barely looked his actual age of 18, let alone 21.

Another advantage was the store was near a half decent park. Well, not so much a park as a small, slightly claustrophobic area with a couple of trees, a bench and not much else but it made a good spot for drinking out of the way, as long as there was only about two or three of you. Eric's usual group would barely all fit, but it wasn't like they were meeting regularly anymore.

Sighing to himself Eric turned the corner to see one of his old friends, Steven Hyde walking away from the convenience store, taking one of the beers from the six-pack he was holding, opening it up and taking a swig, "Hyde."

Noticing him Hyde grumbled, and then hesitantly greeted him, "Hey Foreman."

"Where you been man, we've been looking for you?" Eric asked.

"Just blowing off some steam." Hyde sighed.

"Oh, well, I know you've been out of the loop, but it's cool. Donna has this idea..." Eric began.

"Save it Foreman, I know." Hyde said, and then when Eric looked at him elaborated, "You think you were the only one Laurie told? Difference is I was actually subtle about it, and didn't make a scene. Besides, I ran into Jackie today and she filled me in on all the little blanks I had left, so I'm all caught up now."

"So you know..." Eric began, wanting to be sure.

"Our chicks left us for each other? Yeah, I know." Hyde interrupted.

"It's not like that." Eric protested.

"It is, or at least it will be." Hyde said, "Look Foreman, occasionally three or more strangers will come together and have sex with absolutely no strings. It's a beautiful thing when that happens, but that's not the situation. Our situation is the usual situation for threesomes, foursomes and whateversomes, and that's there's a couple, and then there's extra, and I got news for you Foreman, you and me, we're the extra."

"How could you possibly know that?" Eric asked.

"Because I spied on you, Donna and Jackie the other night, and trust me, you were the extra in that equation, and a pretty unwanted extra at that." Hyde said.

"You don't know what you're talking about." Eric said.

"Don't I?" Hyde asked.

"No." Eric said.

"Ok then smart guy, how come they weren't straight with us from the beginning? How come they snuck around behind our backs, doing whatever they had to so they could keep their little secret? I'll tell you why, because they only really want each other, that's why, but either they haven't figured it out yet or they're too chicken to admit it to themselves. Either way our relationships are over." Hyde said firmly, before then forcing a smile, "On the bright side it's nice to know you and I could get to have some fun in the meantime. Hell, considering how stubborn, dumb and blind to what is right in front of them they are we could probably ride this wave into years of getting hot sex out of both of them, but I don't know about you but while I feel emasculated for even thinking this I don't think that you or I could actually go through with doing that to them. It's just... not right and no amount of weed or alcohol has been able to change my mind, so I'm going to drink the rest of this beer, and then I'm going to slap some sense into them and point out this crazy foursome relationship just isn't going to work."

There was a coughing sound. Turning they saw Donna staring at them, "You know Eric, he's right. I love you, and I wanted the foursome relationship to work, but it's not even working with the three of us."

"So what are you saying?" Eric asked.

Donna sighed, "I love you, but I love Jackie more."

"So you really are leaving me... for her?" Eric said in disbelief.

"Yes." Donna said, "But I may have a way to soften the blow."


Walking in to the bedroom she shared with her bitch Donna spotted Jackie brushing her hair, for a moment the redhead reminded just how far they had come since she had first reluctantly allowed the brunette to move in with her, before she slowly walked over and pulled up a chair behind her.

"Hello Mistress." Jackie greeted softly, turning her head to look behind her at her lover.

"Hey Jackie." Donna said softly, pulling her pet into her arms and turning her head softly so she could gently kiss her.

The kiss lasted for a few minutes, remaining soft and sensual, until finally Jackie broke it and looked at her mistress apologetically, "I'm sorry Mistress, I ran into Steven today and he broke up with me. I tried to talk to him about the foursome relationship like you wanted, but he wasn't interested. He... he said it wouldn't work... and it wasn't really what I wanted."

"Is it?" Donna asked.

Jackie bit her lip, "I... I want whatever you want Mistress. I want to make you happy. Whatever it takes."

Donna smiled at the girl who only slightly resembled her once so selfish friend, "What if I told you that you're what makes me happy? That you're the one I want to be with?"

"Oh, I would love that Mistress... but you don't have too say that unless... unless it's what you really want." Jackie said.

"It is what I really want." Donna said, resting her forehead against Jackie's, "I... I was scared before, just to be with you... because... because you're a girl... and kinda spoiled. I thought I could be with Eric too, that it would make it easier, but it wasn't. I love him, I always will, but I love you more."

"I love you more too Mistress. I love you more than anything." Jackie said, tears of joy streaming down her face.

The two girls kissed again, Jackie turning her body around so they could more easily embrace. The kiss seemed to go on forever but in reality it was only brief, Donna breaking it not all that long after she had begun it and resting her forehead against Jackie's again, "Ok, so no boyfriends."

"No boyfriends." Jackie said dreamily.

"But no boyfriends doesn't necessarily have to mean no boys." Donna said.

"What do you mean Mistress?" Jackie asked in confusion.

"Jackie... I have another idea." Donna said, taking her girlfriend's hand in hers, "If you don't like it then we don't have to do it. And I don't want you to agree to it just to please me, ok? Promise me that you'll either agree to it because you want to do it or you'll refuse. I promise I won't be mad if you refuse, you just got to give me a straight answer, ok?"

"Ok, I promise." Jackie swore.

Donna smiled, "Ok... here's my new idea..."


"You're late."

When Michael Kelso and Fez arrived at the Foreman's basement the last person they expected to greet them as they walked in was Donna. Despite the very public recent drama and the fact that they had both had a threesome with both girls they were also both surprised to see Jackie casually sitting on Donna's lap like it was the most natural thing in the world.

"Yeah... erm... sorry..." Kelso started, before turning to Eric and Hyde who were sitting on the couch, "What's going on?"

"Have a seat, I'll explain everything." Donna said.

Looking back and forth between the girls and guys for a few moments Kelso and Fez shrugged and then did as they were told, casually sitting down on the couch in between Eric and Hyde who were sitting on the opposite ends.

There was a moment's pause and then Donna got up, her bitch helpfully getting up with her and then standing behind her as she had been instructed to previously.

After another pause Donna spoke, "I know things have been weird around here lately, but I think I speak for all of us when I say we want things to go back to the way they were. The six of us hanging out down here or wherever. Goofing around, having fun little adventures. Sitting around in The Circle together. But I get it, me and Jackie are the reason things are the way they are now. We cheated on our boyfriends with each other and with you two, and I'm so, so sorry Eric. There's no excuse for what I've done."

"I'm sorry too." Jackie chimed in, as rehearsed, "You were good to me Steven, better than Michael ever was. You deserve better, and I'll regret what I've done to you forever... but, I love Donna and I want to be with her."

"We don't expect either of you to forgive us, ever, but we thought you both deserved a public apology." Donna explained, taking Jackie's hand in hers, "Me and Jackie want to be a couple, but want to stay in this group while being together, and for our group to go back to the way it was. We know that's a lot to ask, which is why we have a proposal for all four of you. Let us hang out with you as a couple, doing everything we used to do together, and we'll be your conditional friends with benefits."

"Wait, what... you're saying if we start hanging out again you'll sleep with us!?" Kelso exclaimed.

"Only when we want it." Donna corrected.

"Oh man." Kelso said disappointedly, "That means we're never going to get any."

"Not true." Donna assured, "We'll have sex with you whenever we're in the mood, but that won't be all the time as we'll want to do other things."

"But you can help get us in the mood by buying us nice things." Jackie pointed out, "Jewellery would be nice."

Although he'd already heard the speech Hyde couldn't help commenting again, "Doesn't that seem like..."

"We'd be whores? No, because gifts do not guarantee sex." Donna pointed out, "It's more like a big relationship, but Jackie and I will be the only ones dating."

"Done." Kelso said.

"I'm in." Fez agreed.

"Just one more thing, whenever we have sex, I'm in charge." Donna said firmly, "You do what ever I say, when ever I say it, or the fun for you guys will be off for the night, maybe for good if you don't behave yourselves. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes." Fez agreed softly, feeling a little intimidated.

"Ok sure, whatever." Kelso shrugged.

"Kelso." Donna growled.

"What? I said ok." Kelso protested.

Donna smiled. If she hadn't known better she would have thought Kelso was being aloof rather than promising to play by her rules. As she knew better, and knew he was more likely to disobey orders out of sheer stupidity rather than any type of real rebellion against her or actually try and ruin things, the redhead simply said, "Fine, but just remember the consequences of not behaving yourself."

"Fine." Kelso shrugged.

"And, if you do something to piss me off I might just have to kick your ass." Donna threatened.

"Hey, I haven't even done anything yet... owww!" Kelso exclaimed as he was punched in the arm.

"Shut up Kelso, let's get on with this." Hyde said.

"So, you're ok with this?" Fez inquired.

Eric and Hyde both sighed before Eric said, "We both got this little speech before, they're just doing it for your benefit."

"And you guys agreed, right?" Kelso questioned.

"Hey, free sex. Who are we to argue?" Hyde shrugged.

"So... are we all in agreement? Good, then let's celebrate." Donna said, turning to Jackie and then pulling her into a deep kiss, the redhead checking that all eyes were on them before losing herself in the long, drawn out smooching session. Eventually, after several long minutes, Donna broke the kiss and smiled softly at her bitch.

Without needing to be told Jackie slowly pulled off her top and then slowly removed her mistress's top, Donna lifting her arms up to help her pet out before pulling her back into her for another long kiss. The process was repeated over and over, Jackie and Donna kissing each other in between taking off their clothes until they were completely naked in front of the guys who were suddenly finding their pants to be very constricting.

Once the girls' panties hit the floor Donna pulled Jackie into her arms again, this time for a kiss which lasted even longer than the others, Donna guiding the other girl's hands to her tits before reaching for Jackie's, the two girls beginning to gently caress each other's breasts, making sure to spend plenty of time on the nipples.

It wasn't long before Donna was sliding one of her hands down Jackie's flat stomach, waiting for Jackie's hand to copy hers so they could simultaneously slide their fingers over each other's pussy lips and then thrust inside each other's cunts, the two girls gently fucking each other for several minutes to get them in the mood for what was to come, and of course to give the guys a show.

After enjoying her bitch's fingers inside her for a while Donna decided it was time to move on and gently pushed down on the brunette's head, Jackie obediently falling to her knees before she crawled over to where the boys were sitting.

Kelso and Fez were already visually excited while Eric and Hyde looked just as excited in one area while they continued to look a little uncomfortable at what was about to happen. They had just said they were willing to give it a try though, so Jackie continued to obey her orders, reaching up and beginning to slide both her hands over the growing bulges in the boys' pants, starting with Kelso and Fez before reaching across either side to Eric and Hyde and offering them the same treatment.

After repeating this process for a short while Jackie unzipped Kelso and Hyde and then pulled out there almost fully erect cocks, her hands quickly wrapping round them and stroking them to their full potential. She then did the same with Eric and Fez before beginning to steadily jerk the guys off, rhythmically switching between them until suddenly and without warning she lent down and swallowed the head of Hyde's cock, using her hand to guide it into her mouth for a brief sucking before she switched her mouth to Fez who happened to be the other lucky guy receiving a hand job from her at the time.

Jackie began quickly switching from dick to dick, using her mouth separately from her hands so she could increase the pleasure, something the guys very much appreciated.

It was funny, not that long ago the one thing the group universally hated was Jackie's mouth. Now it might just be their favourite part of her.

That mouth felt like heaven on their cocks, so good they didn't really even care that their was always one guy left out, although that wasn't true for long...

"Scoot over slut." Donna ordered as she kneels down behind and slightly to the side of her pet.

"Yes Mistress." Jackie said, quickly moving so she was directly kneeling in front of her two ex-boyfriends, allowing Donna to move into position next to her so that the redhead was kneeling in front of her ex-boyfriend and their foreign friend.

Not wasting time Donna immediately grabbed onto both dicks in front of her and began stroking them up and down, only giving them each a few strokes before taking Eric's cock into her mouth. This had Eric understandably groaning in pleasure even harder than he had been before, his added enjoyment sadly short lived as Donna began going back and forth between him and Fez as Jackie did the same to Kelso and Hyde.

This constant short lived additional pleasure would have slightly annoyed the guys if it hadn't been getting better and better each time it happened as the two girls lowered their lips further down on the long sticks of flesh in front of them with every bob of their heads. Eventually the girls' chins were reaching their balls on every downward bob, their shafts sliding down the girls' throats as far as they could go, cocooning their cocks in wonderfully warm, wet flesh.

The experience was even more enjoyable than the other things they used to do when they were alone together in the basement, or any other places of convenience.

Clearly thinking about the same type of thing Donna removed Fez's cock from her mouth and with a grin said, "Hey guys, I have an idea... take off your clothes and go get some chairs so we can make a circle."

Quickly complying as they understandably wanted things to continue the guys quickly stripped, pushed the coffee table out of the way, pushed four chairs into a circle and sat down on them, Donna and Jackie kneeling down in the middle of it back to back so they could continue the fun.

At that moment all the guys had the same thought... now this, this was the best circle ever.

While the guys would have been understandably happy for this to go on all night Donna and Jackie weren't. This was fun and all, but it wasn't doing much for them, and their initial goal of making the guys' cocks hard and wet was already an astounding success.

The difference was that Jackie was waiting for her mistress's orders, while Donna wanted to move on but decided to spend a little longer sucking off the guys, not because she didn't want to move on to the fucking, but because she wanted to make sure the guys would have plenty of incentive to allow herself and Jackie to stay in the group as a couple while returning things to as close to normal as they possibly could ever be after everything that had happened.

With this in mind Donna continued to go back and forth between the guys, Jackie following her lead as they slowly made their way around and around the circle, taking each cock into their mouths in turn, making sure to take each dick balls deep down their throats and playing with those balls until it was all the guys could do to not cum on the spot.

It was at this point Donna pulled away and looked up at the guys, "Ok... are you guys ready to fuck?"

"Oh yeah." Was the general response in one form or another.

"Good. Eric, Fez, go back and sit on the couch." Donna commanded.

Eric and Fez considered asking why but instead wisely chose to go sit down and wait for further instruction. Instead of giving them instructions the girls simply kneeled down in front of them again and restarted sucking on their cocks. Eric and Fez would've liked something else, but the sensations of those soft, wet mouths sliding up and down their shafts made it difficult to complain, in fact after a few bobs of the girls' heads any thought Eric and Fez might have had about complaining was completely gone from their minds.

This left Kelso and Hyde standing around, a little unsure of what to do next, until Donna took her mouth off Eric's cock, turned her head and said, "Do I really have to tell you dill-holes what you're supposed to do next? Fuck us already."

Not needing to be told twice Hyde and Kelso got behind Donna and Jackie and pressed themselves to their wet openings. Both were able to enter easily due to the saliva coating their cocks and the natural wetness of the pussies they were penetrating. The difference was that Hyde slid slowly into Donna and gently began to fuck her while Kelso thrust himself inside Jackie and began to fuck his ex-girlfriend pretty quickly.

In his defence Kelso wasn't just going at his current speed because he was incredibly horny from the BJ, well it was partly that, but mostly it was because he knew Jackie was ready for it.

After dating Jackie on and off for years Kelso had picked up a lot about her. Sure he zoned out a lot when she talked and forgot half the things she said, but that was true of most people, and he made a real effort to remember at least half of what she said to try and prevent her yelling at him so much. It only occasionally worked, but while Kelso didn't pay that much attention to the things Jackie said, he paid a lot of attention to her body and knew exactly how to get her pussy nice, wet and ready for fucking, just the way he liked it.

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