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Donna's Friend


"Seriously?" Donna said. "You'd be okay with that?"

She lay on her back in our hotel bedroom and stretched her sizeable black body, widening the gap between her legs as she thought about it. Donna was my fuck buddy. We had met through a sex dating site and in addition to having fantastic sex, we were on the same wavelength, we had similar views on a lot of things and plenty in common.

The first thing we had in common was what I spelled out in my profile: I wanted a girl who liked having her arse licked. You can just leave it and take your chances on the first meeting, or you can stipulate what it is you want, and although that might limit the number of responses, at least it limits it to the good ones.

Donna was a nice girl. If you've never met someone from a sex site you might find that a hard description to accept, but you would be surprised. Actively seeking to build up their sex life doesn't make a man or a woman a monster, a sex fiend or anything else. It's like being a chess enthusiast and therefore seeking out people to play with. You could introduce them to your mother or the people at work; you wouldn't have to worry that they would whip out their bishop and dare you to try to checkmate them.

Donna was extremely discreet, very wary of giving out photographs of herself and determined to keep her home out of it. We met at hotels and I had no idea where she lived. We would text each other and talk about what we were having for dinner, watching on TV, reading in the papers. Just normal friend stuff. The only difference was that when we did get together, sex was top of the agenda, and we didn't need to pussyfoot around the issue. If she walked through the door and I immediately pulled her knickers down and rammed my tongue into her nether regions, she wasn't going to complain.

What we had been discussing on this occasion was a threesome. Us and another guy. It's a very common female fantasy and I wanted to help her experience it. We had talked about a MFF but decided MMF would be easier to arrange. And she knew a likely candidate to join us. His name was Arvind and he was a Trinidadian Indian. We were in Trinidad, although I was based in nearby Tobago and would come over for the night specifically to have sex with Donna. Get a last-minute bargain at a good hotel, have a drink before and a meal afterwards. Happydays.

"Yes," I repeated. "Why not?"

"You wouldn't mind seeing him fuck me?" she asked.

"We're not married," I reminded her. "We're not even exclusive."

"We're just making each other happy and having a good time ourselves," she said on my behalf."


We lay there for a few moments, thinking about it some more. What if Arvind and I had some sort of contact? It was almost inevitable that we would touch, so what if it sparked something off?

"You wouldn't think any the less of me if we ended up sucking each other?" I suggested.

"I want you to," she replied, sealing the subject for good. "You think that might happen?"

What appears next is something that went through my mind but I didn't say it. "To be honest, I have always wanted to lick an Indian guy's arse." I didn't say it because I didn't know if I would have the guts when it came down to it. It was true, though.

We met a week later. Donna had excitedly kept me up to date with developments. Arvind was still around. He would like to see her again. He was okay with a threesome. Then he was quite keen, then he was pushing for a date.

We met at the Marriott, in the bar. We had a beer each and chatted awkwardly. Arvind was in his thirties, taller and slimmer than me, and had hairy arms and chest. I couldn't help imagining him fucking Donna. She hadn't gone into great detail except to say he had fucked her with a condom, she had come and he had taken the thing off and come on her chest.

After five minutes Donna stood up.

"Shall we?" she said in a tone that anyone could hear and not get excited about. We trooped off to the lift and sailed up to my room.

You don't know the protocol of these things. You don't know if there is a protocol. What I wanted to ensure that there was no competitiveness, no imposed hierarchy.

Donna being the good girl she is, started to undress and we followed suit. I watched as Arvind watched as her lovely big breasts appeared, and she slid her thong down over her dark, shiny thighs.

I noticed Arvind's body, too. He was hairy all over and his hardon was ready and waiting as he climbed onto the bed with Donna. I was deliberately lagging behind and told them to get started.

"I'll be there in a minute," I said. "You..."

Arvind lay on top of Donna and they kissed. Her hands were all over her back and his were between her legs.

"Come on," she urged me. "Where are you?"

I lay beside her so she had one of us on either side, and she automatically took a cock in each hand.

"Wow, my lovely boys," she said happily. "You," she said to me, "can lick me and you," to Arvind, "get up here so I can suck you.

I licked her pussy, which was well and truly on the boil already. I slurped her juices with the loud, accidental noise that can be embarrassing, but Donna was also making meal of the penis in her mouth.

"I want to see you two fuck," I said, and they both mumbled okay. Arvind slid down her body and plunged his cock into her. I felt none of us was really behaving naturally, but it was an early stage and at least there were two erections and a slippery cunt, so everyone seemed to be in the mood.

As Arvind fucked Donna she reached out a hand and put a finger in my mouth. I sucked it and I felt neither of us really knew why, but it was communication. She might not have my dick inside her but she was still with me in part. I licked the palm of her hand and she arched it, so it was like licking a cleft. We both knew what this meant.

Soon Arvind was overcome by the excitement of the occasion and ejaculated inside her. We had all been checked over for health and had agreed not to use condoms - a big decision that I felt said a lot about maturity and responsibility.

So now I was in bed with a woman who was full of another man's semen. I passed him some tissues and he wiped her up, then fell on his back at her side.

Donna rolled onto her stomach, got up on her knees and, cheeky and confident, said to Arvind,

"Josh likes to lick my ass."

I got in there and showed Arvind how an expert rims a woman. I licked her with passionate abandon and she trembled and moaned.

Then I became aware of the other man moving, but with my face between the woman's buttocks I wasn't sure what he was doing. Then he appeared between my knees, sliding up the bed, and sucked my cock.

This was something I hadn't experienced before, but I had to admit he was as pretty good at it.

His head must have been touching Donna's legs too, because she became animated.

"Harder, Josh. Deeper. Longer." I licked her ass for all I was worth and she shuddered as she came.

So they had both come, which just left me simmering. And when you're simmering, you're extra adventurous. I whispered in Donna's ear.

"How about if I lick his ass?"

"I would love that," she said. Then she spoke to him.

"Arvind, just kneel there." He got into position. "Have you ever had your ass licked?" she asked him, and he shook his head. "Well Josh is going to do that to you."

Arvind gave a shy smile as I got behind him. I looked at his muscular buttocks and his dark, armoured-looking ball bag. And I stared into his wicked, mysterious cleft.

I placed my hands on his hips and put my tongue between his cheeks. He smelled and tasted different; a little spicy, like he had been eating something with cumin, perhaps. But I wasn't there for a cookery show. I put my tongue as far into his crack as I could and he bucked with a surge of delight. I licked him excitedly and I felt Donna take his rapidly-recovering cock and begin to jerk him. I licked his ass and loved it. He loved it. Donna loved it.

"I'm gonna come," he said. "Who wants it?"

"I want it," I said. "In my mouth." Donna got out of the way and I got underneath this masculine Indian man. I admired the pubic hair all over his torso and I felt his buttocks and ran my fingers into his crack and put my fingers to my nose to savour his aroma. My doing this tipped him over the edge again and he came in my mouth, squeezing out a second delivery of spunk that crept onto my tongue as he spasmed above me.

Donna pushed Arvind off me and climbed quickly onto me, ramming her crotch down onto my cock and bouncing up and down like a woman possessed. Within seconds I gushed into her, my spunk delirious and desperate to get out of me and into someone else.

When I had finished pumping and squeezing, Donna lifted herself off me and sat on Arvind's face, her pussy dripping my semen into his mouth.

It was the start of a thrilling series of meets between the three of us. With Donna's coaching and encouragement Arvind and I became ass bandits, licking and fucking each other's asses and coming everywhere we could think of. We even set up secret meets of our own, just me and him, soiling each other with our bodily fluids and electrifying each other with our sordid, animal desires.

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