tagGay MaleDonny Ch. 01

Donny Ch. 01


Interestingly enough, I met him through Literotica.

He and I had both been submitting stories for awhile. His were more man on man than mine; mine were primarily about my wife, who I adored, (at the time). We have since divorced. I have always been a bit excited about the idea of two men together, being sexy and sucking cock. Some of my stories were about just that. My descriptions of how much fun it was and my intimate descriptions of how much I enjoyed exploring another man's cock and balls, giving pleasure, really delving into the sensuality of it.

Donny had written reviews on the site, admiring my detailed descriptions and that fact that he noticed how turned on I was by the subject of size. I wrote back that I was turned on by size, but that size wasn't the only exciting factor. It was often simply being in a particular place, in a particular mindset, with a particular person that really triggered my fantasies.

Donny's stories were mostly gay and mostly revolved around being taken for the first time and trying things for the first time, which I found very erotic. Descriptions of a man's first time being nude with another man, touching , exploring, sucking cock for the very first time I found very hot.

We continued to review and respond to each other's writing, with very positive feedback. I sent him my email in one particular review and he replied. We began to email directly and through our correspondence discovered that we lived just a few towns apart. We decided to meet for coffee.

Donny was a pretty quiet guy, fairly tall, shy, kind of soft and squishy. We chatted about our lives and I learned that he lived with his invalid mother and had for many years. He had very few relationships in his life and none for about 2 years. I was shocked as I can't live without contact for very long at all. I enjoy just getting out with people, dancing and going places. He hadn't done anything in a long time. He worked part-time at the local post office sorting dead mail. He admitted that he wasn't very good with people.

We began a friendship of sorts, mostly through email, but having coffee occasionally. After a few months he admitted that his mother gave him a very hard time about dating. He never went out with girls and admitted that the few times with women they had not worked out. The few men that he had been with were likewise short-lived. When I asked him, he admitted to enjoying men more. When I asked him what he liked he told me, quietly and nervously that he enjoyed giving head to guys, without reciprocation.

I have heard that this is a common enough thing, but never understood why he wouldn't enjoy getting head in return. He turned very sheepish at this point and I dropped it. The subject came up a few more times, without much new info. Another month passed and he read a story of mine about meeting a guy with a huge cock and finding it very exciting. He emailed me that he thought that was very sexy. The following week he invited me to his house.

I arrived at the complex where the house, that he shared with his mother, was located. It was an older neighborhood with some amazing houses, in a gated community. I parked by the communal pool and he walked out to meet me. He had two coffee cups and suggested that we sit in the clubhouse by the pool. He told me that his mother made having people over impossible, as she was always getting into it with him in front of his friends. He unlocked the clubhouse and we went in. He locked the door behind us, but didn't turn on the lights. We entered another room, used as a kind of lounge I guess, that had no windows.

He told me that he was on the board of the HOA and did a lot of their IT stuff, and that no one ever came to the clubhouse; that it just went to waste. People did walk by occasionally, so he didn't want to sit where people might see in. We sat and sipped our coffee and chatted a bit. Donny was obviously very nervous. I asked him why.

"Why are you so nervous?"

"I don't know. I just really like your stories." He told me quietly.

"Yeah? What do you like about them?"

"You're so descriptive. You write like you really did what you're describing and that you really enjoyed it."

I told him that most of the time that was true, but that some of the time it was just imagination. He mentioned my recent story about meeting the guy with the huge cock.

"Was that story true?" he asked.

"Actually", I told him, "that story wasn't real, but it sounds really exciting." He told me that he thought so too. "You like 'big cock' stories?" I asked.

"I liked yours." I asked him why. "Well, 'cause you made it sound really exciting and like something you enjoyed." I told him that I thought that I would enjoy that. He asked why.

"Well, I don't know really. It just excites me to think of seeing a really huge cock, of holding it gently, watching it grow bigger and harder, getting really huge in my hand, feeling it so warm, just being so big." He was squirming a bit. "I think a penis can be very beautiful, and a big penis is even more so." I told him that he looked really nervous and asked him why. He sipped his coffee and tried to put his thoughts together. I could practically see his mind working.

"I just..." he started. "I just have had a tough time with people." He could see that I was confused, but just waited. "I've had both men and ... women especially ..." he trailed off again. "It's kind of embarrassing." I told him not to worry, to take his time, that it looked like he had something to tell me, but that I was in no rush.

"I have kind of a big cock." He said quietly at last, looking relieved to have said it, but not sure how I would react. I felt my eyebrows lift questioningly.

"Isn't that a good thing?" I asked.

"Well ... It's really big." Now I was intrigued. "Like ... too big." He was nodding and looking really worried about my reaction.

"Too big?" I asked, taken aback. "Is there such a thing?"

He told me that, apparently, there was. All of the women he had been with, you could count them on one hand, and most of the men, were turned off by his size. A few guys had been really into it, but in creepy ways; fetish kind of things.

"You just sounded ..." he hesitated, "I don't know ...kind of different." We sat there in silence for a bit.

"Well you know," I said quietly, "now I am just too intrigued." I smiled gently. "I think I really want to see it. Show me 'Too Big'" He looked terrified. "I admit that this is kind of exciting. Actually," I corrected myself, " no, it is very exciting!" He looked about ready to run out of the room. It was apparent that he had been in this same position before, and the reaction he got before from people was obviously not good. I could tell that he was taking a real chance again, out on a limb here, facing rejection all over again.

"I can't imagine," I told him, "how big a cock would have to be before I would think it was too big." He sat woodenly. His time had come. "Would you be more comfortable if I showed you mine first?" He relaxed noticeably and simply nodded.

I set down my coffee cup and stood. I took off my jacket and tossed it over a chair. I looked him in the eye and said,

"Clearly, you can tell that I'm not shy." I said, smiling. I undid my belt, and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. I pulled them open showing him that I was wearing no underwear. The root of my cock was visible to him and the bulge that was formed in my jeans was almost obscene.

He licked his lips as he watched the opening in my pants. His eyes didn't move or even blink as I lowered them, slowly, slowly. More of my cock was becoming visible. His breathing had become a bit ragged. Finally the entire length of me jumped out, and it bobbed and weaved freely. He jerked a bit as it came bouncing into view and he just stared. I began to move my hips, making my erection bob a bit more. I was completely hard.

"How's that look?" I finally asked, breaking the silence. His broad smile and nodding head told me that he was pleased.

"Wow!" was all he said, before tearing his eyes away to look up into mine. "Really nice!" he panted. "Really, really nice. I love it!" he was grinning now. "Can I ...?" he questioned looked back up to me. I smiled and nodded.

He gently reached out, and with a curved finger, ran his digit down the length of my cock. It jerked a bit. Cupping his fingers, he stroked his fingertips along the underside of my shaft.

"Oohhhhh!" he moaned as he tickled the length of me and then over my tight balls. "I love it!" I moved a bit closer to him, gently placing my hand on his head.

"Kiss it for me." I told him as I moved to his lips. He did. He kissed the tip again and again and swirled his tongue over the tip.

I moved back and sat down.

"Your turn." I told him. He immediately got that same troubled look on his face. "Don't be shy." I whispered. "Show me. Show me that big, beautiful, sexy cock." I was smiling broadly at him. "I want to see that gorgeous penis. Show me. Pull it out and show me what you have."

He stood up, on shaky legs. He took his jacket off too. He pulled his shirt over his head. He had a nice broad chest and was a bit soft and meaty, but nothing that couldn't be whipped into shape in no time. He opened his pants and pulled them down. He was wearing stretchy-type boxers, but with very long legs. I could see the bulge of his cock in there as he moved a bit. It was long. It was really long! He stood up with his tight boxers still on. The bulge of his massive tool clearly visible. It was nearly to his knee! The thickness was also astonishing. I looked up at him and he looked like he was ready to run for the door.

I smiled at him.

"Wow!" I told him, smiling broadly. I looked again to his mammoth cock. "Wow! Wow!" I reached out and beckoned him closer. He shuffled a bit, but came closer to me. "Oh, Donny. You are amazing!" I reached out and took hold of his hips, pulling his closer and right in front of me. With my right hand I wrapped my fingers around the bulge in his underwear and felt the thickness of his huge cock. It felt like a handrail. "Oh, you're incredible!" as I stroked down the length of him. I got to the head and caressed the ridge of the huge head. It was the size of an orange, and laying right next to his kneecap. The huge head looked like a second kneecap.

I reached up and began peeling off his shorts. I had never even dreamed of a cock this big. It was massive, enormous, unbelievable!! I later measured him to be 16" long, but my first real look at it, when his shorts came off, I could swear it was longer. I never took my eyes from it, as I helped him out of his shorts. He was completely nude now. I used both hands to gently lift it up to get a better look.

"Oh, Donny! I love it! You are incredible! You cock is exquisite!" I lifted it to my face and cradled it against my cheek. It was so warm and smooth. I looked up into his eyes, into a look that was filled with such a mix of emotions, fear, excitement, expectation, happiness. "Oh baby! It's fantastic! I love it!" I began placing soft kisses all along the huge shaft. "Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm" I was moaning excitedly as I kissed it all over, down the length to the head. "So fucking beautiful!!" I began kissing the head over and over.

Donny's eyes were glued to me as I soaked his cock with wet kisses and licks. He stood there, hands at his sides just watching me go wild on this enormous penis. I slid one hand down the shaft and cupped the biggest pair of balls imaginable. I immediately thought of how much cum he must produce from such a huge pair. I helped him sit back into his chair, spread his legs wide, got down on my knees and continued kissing and licking the massive shaft.

"I can see where some people might be put off," I told him, "I absolutely love it though! I love your huge cock. You have a huge cock and it is exquisite!" I was getting him so wet with saliva that my hands could both stroke up and down smoothly. "Mmmm Mmmm Mmm!" I hummed as I kissed all around the huge head. "I'm not sure how much I can suck, but let me try." I told him.

It was a struggle but I could open up wide enough to fit the head in my mouth. I looked into his eyes as I tongued the head. His eyes had that faraway, dreamy look.

"Does that feel good?" I asked him.

"Oh, Steven! It's heaven! It feels so good!" I stuffed that fat head back into my mouth and pushed some of the shaft in too. My tongue was going wild. My hands never stopped stroking down the shaft, over his balls and back up again, and again. "Oh fuck! I'm going to cum too soon!" he whispered, his hips coming up off the chair.

"No!" I told him. "Not too soon! Do it! Cum for me! Cum in me! Feed me that sweet cream!" He was starting to flow heavily already. The taste of him was luscious! I held the head in my mouth, tongue lashing back and forth.

His ejaculation was unbelievable!! I wasn't nearly prepared for the flood and force of his amazing orgasm! I choked terribly on the first huge squirt of his cum into my throat! I pulled off choking and sputtering, gasping for air as his huge penis continued to squirt thick, heavy, warm, creamy ropes of cum all over me. It covered my face and hair, dripped onto my chest. Blindly I held the huge cock in my left hand and reached down with my right and took hold of his balls and gently squeezed and kneaded. They filled my palm.

"Yeah, baby! Shoot me. Yeah shoot me full!" I sounded like I had a mouthful of pudding, which I guess I did. It was incredible!!

I stuffed the fat head back into my mouth as the last dribbles of his cum flowed onto my tongue. I just held him there, tenderly swabbing the tip with my tongue, as my hands continued to gently but firmly jack him off into my mouth. He collapsed heavily into the chair, but I followed, not letting that incredible head slip from my sucking lips.

My hands wandered all over his crotch and thighs, all of which were completely covered in slippery cum. I pulled his exquisite meat out of my mouth and pulled his lips to mine to share the overflowing mouthful of his cum. Our tongues washed all over each other, licking, tasting, drinking his sweet cream. He held my head and licked my face clean of his own cum. It was amazingly sweet. There was a saltiness to him, (there always is), but his was delicious!!

I suddenly realized, or remembered that I was more erect and turned on than maybe ever before. I shot to my feet right in front of him, grabbed his head and fucked his mouth with passion. His hands found my butt, the backs of my thighs, my hips and simply held me, letting me fuck his throat. He took every inch on my cock, to his tonsils and then all the way down. I shot into his throat so quickly, neither of us was ready. He gagged a bit himself but managed to catch all my cum without missing a drop. He Hoovered my penis until I had to back away, too sensitive to continue.

I backed up unsteadily and flopped into my own chair. We sat there panting watching each other. He slowly developed the look that said he was waiting for the inevitable freak-out, like all his partners had done in the past. I just sat there smiling. As I sat there, naked, semi-hard, awash in his cum, I threaded my fingers together, placed my hands on top of my head and grinned at him.

"Well, that was fun!" His apprehensive look faded, then he too smiled. Donny," I told him, "your cock is an incredible turn-on! I love it! I can't wait to suck you again." He smiled and shook his head.

"God, you're amazing!" he told me.

"No. That would be you. You and my new favorite penis!"

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