tagIncest/TabooDonny Ch. 04

Donny Ch. 04


Kat was panting hard from her orgasm, as was Donny who was still gently thrusting his massive cock into my mouth, though not nearly as deep as he had a moment ago. My knees were getting sore from kneeling on the tile, and felt the creamy load Donny had just spurted into me running at the corners of my mouth. I withdrew his thick penis and ran my tongue around my lips to catch it all. I looked up to see Donny holding on to the walls of the shower just to remain standing.

"Oh Steven!" Kat gasped, from her seat near the tub. She was leaning back a bit, her legs still spread lewdly open, her gorgeous big tits heaving. "What a wonderful boy you are!" she looked to Donny. "Did that feel wonderful darling?" Donny was smiling and nodding at me. "Yeah? Did your friend Steven, give you such a lovely blowjob?"

"He sure did." Donny said happily to me. I was still holding his fat cock in my right hand and cupping huge tender balls in the other. "Wonderful, wonderful blowjob!!" He offered his hand and a stood up next to him, moving into the spray of the shower head, to wash my face. His hands caressed my back and butt. Kat sat there without moving and watched.

We shut of the water and got out, but before grabbing towels and drying each other, we kissed again and gently cradled each other's cocks.

"Oh! My beautiful boys! You two are so sexy together." I glanced over to see Kat return to gently finger fucking her pussy. "It is so beautiful to watch your lovemaking. God, I'm so turned on by all that beautiful hard cock!"

"Oh Mommy! I love to watch you do that." Donny said, riveted to the sight of his mother masturbating right in front of us. "You are so beautiful!"

"Yeah? Thank you sweetheart. You are so good to me." We continued to watch her gently diddling her pussy. "Sweetheart," Kat began, "could you help me up, honey?" she asked Donny. We both moved to her and helped her to her feet. "Such sweet, lovely boys." Once standing she put her arms around us and caressed our butts. "Sweet, studly boys." Donny smiled and leaned down to kiss her mouth. It was a deep French kiss that lingered for a while.

They shared a smile and then she turned to me. I kissed her as well. Neither of us closed our eyes and hers seemed to be smiling at me as we kissed deeply. Her tongue was awash in my mouth, soft and full. Parting, she said, "I wish I could join you two in the shower." Donny and I shared a grinning look.

"Oh Kat. Please do!" I told her. She thought about it briefly, smiling, and then moved towards the shower. Donny moved quickly to help her into the shower. He was lovingly attentive. They kissed deeply for a moment and then he held her arm as she made her way to the shower door and stepped over the curb. Once in the shower, she made her way to me and we hugged tightly. She looked up at me and we kissed, our tongues washing in and out of each other's mouths. Donny started the water.

I was becoming erect, yet again, and her hand wrapped around my cock. "Mmmmm such a yummy looking penis you have, Steven." She gazed down at it as she stroked the length. "It is so perfect, so strong and firm. Mmmm so nice and big. I wish I could have a cock like this to pleasure me." We stood quietly together "Such sweet, studly boys." She repeated. "How I wish I was 20 years younger." I asked her why. "In those days I was still pretty hot. I would love to be the kind of girl you two would want to fuck." I gazed at her gorgeous form, completely nude, unashamedly displayed; she was so sexy!

"Well, I don't know about 'those days' but you are very hot right now!" I told her. She simply smiled, not quite believing, yet looking a bit like she already knew this. "I, for one, would love to fuck you!" She was now caressing us both.

"How I wish that were true." She said wistfully. She gently stroked the length of my hardening shaft. "Mmmmm. That you would fuck me with this gorgeous penis.

"Anytime Kat." I told her. Donny moved right behind her, his huge cock no doubt pressed against her bottom.

"Yeah? You wouldn't mind letting me enjoy the pleasure of your hard young cock?" I smiled and shook my head. "Ooooh yeah? You wouldn't mind letting me kiss it and suck it?" I just grinned at her. "You would be willing to fuck my tight, wet pussy with this gorgeous cock?'Donny gently reached around her was holding her epic breasts up in both hands. They were incredible.

"Oh Kat. That would be the greatest thrill for me ... to fuck your tight, wet pussy ... with my gorgeous cock."

"What about ..." she moved to place her lips against my ear and whispered, "...my ass? Would you mind if I wanted you to use this huge, thick cock to fuck my tight little asshole? Hmmm? Would you mind holding me down and ramming this big fucking cock up my butt?"

"Oh my god Kat! It would be my pleasure!"She moaned aloud and turned her head to face Donny.

"What about you, sweetheart? Would you mind if I wanted Steven to make love to me?

"Only if I can watch and help."

"Mmmmmm you are such a sweet son. I love you baby." They kissed deeply, then she kissed me.

We found the soap and washed each other and her for a while, thrilling to the exquisite curves of her body. We were both hard as hell touching her.

Donny was standing behind her playing with her perfect tits as I knelt to soap and stroke her legs. They moved a bit so that he could push his massive cock between her legs. As he did so, a good portion of it appeared in the front of her. Her swollen pussy lips were slipping all over the length and thickness of his huge cock. About 6 inches were sticking out in front, making it look like it was her cock.

Kat reached down and took a hold of my head and guided my mouth to the tip. "Yes Steven. Suck me." She said. "Suck my cock lover." I did. She was pretending that it was her cock I was sucking. It sure looked like it. "Oh yeah! You love sucking cock, don't you?" I nodded. "Yes you do, I can tell. You love sucking a big hard gorgeous cock! Mmmm look at your sexy mouth all filled up with sweet penis." I continued to bob on it. "What about pussy though? Do you like eating pussy?" I pulled the huge head out of my mouth.

"I love to eat pussy, Kat. I would love to eat your pussy."

"Oh you naughty boy!" she teased. "You naughty, naughty boy. You go both ways?"

Donny moved back withdrawing his huge cock and I leaned in and stabbed my tongue between her thick swollen lips, lashing my tongue against her clit. I grabbed her hips and forced my mouth harder against her sex. "Oh yes! Oh I see, yes. You do like to eat pussy! Oh you beautiful, sexy, naughty boy!" She put one foot up on the bench and ground her pelvis into my mouth lewdly as I sucked her big fat clit, abusing it with my tongue.

"No!" she cried suddenly, her body stiffening. "You mustn't. This is so wrong." She pushed me back a bit and looking down at me with a horrified expression. She said, "But what if I wasn't willing? What if I'm resistant?" I looked to Donny trying to figure out this turn of events. He was grinning, looking at her, then waggled his eyebrows at me. "What if I thought this was incest, or that it was just not right to make love to my son's lover? You wouldn't ... force me ... would you?" I stood, towering over her. This was an interesting new spin on our adventure.

"Surely you wouldn't get us all excited like this and then just stop." indicating my hard cock.

"Oh, but it's so wrong, Steven. I don't think I can do this with you. Please don't make me do it."

"Why you little fucking tease." I told her with a stern look. "Look at me. Look at my hard cock. Look how excited you've made me and now you're not going to let me have you?"

"Oh please Steven. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry that I've turned you on and made your big beautiful cock so hard, so ready, but I couldn't. I just couldn't allow it. It's wrong.

I looked over her shoulder at Donny who had a burning intensity in his eyes. I understood that this was not the first time they had played this game. She wanted to be taken, by force, by both of us. "I don't give a shit if it's wrong. I want your mouth." I told her sternly. Kat gasped is horror.

"No! You wouldn't make me ... you wouldn't force me to ... Oh please! Please no! Don't force me to suck your cock. No, no, no. please don't make me take you in my little mouth. Look how big you are. You wouldn't fit. Your big thick cock wouldn't fit in my little mouth. Please don't force me to give you ... oral pleasure. That would be ... it would be ... rape!"

"No it's not rape is it? Not when you want it so bad, you little slut."

"How dare you call me that. Donny, say something. I'm your mother. Don't let him think he can just force me down and take me." She looked over her shoulder at him. They shared a long look. "NO! Not you too! Oh boys please, no! Donny, I'm your mother! You can't possibly be thinking of doing any of that to me, your own mother!" She looked down at his hands still holding her perfect big breasts.

"What are you doing? You're touching my breasts! You naughty, naughty boy, you shouldn't be doing that. I'm your mother!" She made no move to stop him, but just kept up the tirade. "Look at your hands. They are so completely filled with your mother's breasts, my big beautiful breasts. You're touching them and holding them. You mustn't."

He began to pinch her nipples. "Oh now really, Donny! Stop that at once. You're pinching my sensitive nipples. That is far too intimate an act for a son to be doing to his mother. Oh my goodness! Is that your cock I feel in my back?!" She gasped again in mock horror. "You feel so hard! How can you be so hard? I'm your poor old mother. That is so wrong. You feel so big against me, so hard against me. You wouldn't ..." She trailed off in mock horror again.

Donny pulled her arms back and I bent to suck her nipples. "Oh Steven! Please stop! This is wrong. This is non-consensual force. You are going to force me to have sex with you? I began to stroke my fingers over her pussy.

"Oh Kat, stop it. You love it, I can tell. Just feel how wet you are! You pussy is soaking wet."

"No! No! It's your fault. You're teasing me. I don't want it. I don't want you boys to fuck me in my wet pussy. I don't want you ramming those big cocks in me, forcing me to cum! It's so wrong. You must stop this!"

We shut off the water, helped her out of the shower. Dried ourselves and dried her body, feeling and groping every inch of her. Her tits were magnificent and I couldn't get enough of feeling them.

"Steven, now please. Stop feeling my big breasts, it's wrong, and you know it! No! Not my nipples. You are being so bad! This is so wrong. You're forcing me to enjoy the naughty sensation of your playing with my nipples. Oh my God! You are both so erect! Your big beautiful penises are so hard and full and thick and long and ... Ooooohhhhhhhhh noooooo!"

Donny and I had taken each of her hands and placed them on our cocks. "No! Don't make me feel them. They are so big. So hard! You wouldn't dare put these big cocks in my body, would you. Oh, please don't force them into me. Don't fuck me with these huge cocks. I can't take them. I'm too small! My little old lady pussy will be wrecked by these big beautiful cocks."

We pulled her out of the shower, dried her and escorted her to her bed and laid her back on it. "No, baby please!" She begged Donny. "You still have a chance to stop this rape. Don't force me to pleasure you with my body." Kat scooted back into the bed, finding a comfortable spot in the middle. I pulled her legs apart, splaying her swollen pussy lips wide apart. She was drooling from her pussy. It looked so delicious.

"NO! Oh my god! Don't do that! You can see me. You can see all of me. I'm totally exposed to you. My pussy is completely exposed! You mustn't!" I began to crawl between her thighs. She gasped again. She was so into this role play that even I was becoming convinced.

"Oh Kat!" I whispered. "Your pussy is so beautiful, so luscious, I just have to taste you."

"Oh you mustn't! Please don't lick my pussy. Please don't taste how wet I am. It's your fault that I'm so wet, You boys teased me and made me wet. Made my little pussy all wet and open. "

Donny was kneeling by her head playing with her nipples. "Oh Donny, sweetheart. You're my son. You can't be touching my big breasts like that. It's wrong. You're being mean to me by turning me on with your touch on my nipples. You could suck on these big tits all you wanted when you were a baby, but not now!! You nursed from these nipples for long wonderful hours when you were little, but now you're big, you're so big. Your cock is so big! You can't do this anymore. You can't suckle these gorgeous hard nipples into your mouth anymore; you can't work them with your tongue like when you were little. Oooooh like that!"

He worked himself a little closer, up on his knees. "No! You wouldn't dare ..." She said.

"Oh yes I would! I want some head." Kat was shaking her head. "Yes I want you to suck my cock, mother." I leaned in and licked her pussy.

"Ooohhhhhh!! You boys are so bad! Steven is eating me. He's tasting my wet pussy! Are you just going to kneel there and let him? Just kneel there ... with that ... big ... gorgeous cock in my face and let him taste how wet your mother is?"

"Come on Mom. Suck it!" was his response. "How dare ..." She opened her mouth to protest and he filled it with a third of his massive length. "Yeah suck that fucking cock! Work your tongue, slut! You know you love to get your mouth fucked". She was moaning around the thick shaft.

Her pussy was like the ripest summer peach. This woman was built for this exact purpose; SEX! She was the goddess of sex and I ate her out with an incredible passion. She was choking and gagging around her son's huge shaft. "Oh yeah, Mom! Suck it baby. No one sucks cock like my mother."

"Oh! You're so bad!" she said momentarily forcing him back. "You're raping your poor old mother's mouth. Raping it with the biggest cock in the world. Force feeding me that huge penis. Making me pleasure you. You are so bad!" He forced it back in. Donny held her head, fucking her mouth as I moved up in preparation for fucking her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmppfff" She screamed around a mouthful of his incredible dick. Her eyes were straining to roll around to see me. "Mmmmmmpppfff!" she wailed again as she felt the fat head of my cock against her opening.

"Noooooo!!! Please!" she screamed at me, when Donny released her from his dick. "Please don't put that sexy, big, hard fucking cock inside me. Don't rape me with that beauty between your legs. Your big cock will hurt me. Please don't ram it in my poor old pussy and out of me and make me cum. I don't want to cum all over that sexy big dick. Please don't fuck me, and fuck me, and fuck me, and fuck me! Plus I bet you want to flood the inside of my body with cum. Fill me with your huge cum load until it's squirting out of my tight little pussy! You are so bad to me.

"Not just me Kat." I whispered menacingly, "I AM going to fuck you, ram my big dick in you, pound your sweet pussy meat until I fill you to overflowing with my hot, creamy cum. Then," I gazed down into her dripping pussy, spread open as I held her ankles up and out to the sides, "I'm going to hold you down so that your son can fuck your pussy too!"

"No!" she wailed aghast, swiveling her head to stare up at Donny! He grinned menacingly at her.

"Oh yeah! Donny's gonna ram his monster cock all the way up inside your body. He really will rip you open and flood your insides. Hot creamy cum is going to dripping out of you for a week after tonight." Her eyes rolled to me and locked on me, as my cockhead nestled between her thick pussy lips. "He's going to fuck you ... just ... like ... THIS!!" I said and stuffed my cock all the way in, in one powerful thrust. She grunted with the impact as I hit home, with a sound that was at once reminiscent of being punched in the gut and being sexually fulfilled.

She began to protest when Donny grabbed her head and rammed his cock back into her mouth, shutting off the sound. She was moaning the sexiest sound I've ever heard as he stuffed her full of hard cock. I held mine in deep, hard against her cervix, as I watched him fucking her mouth. She was looking up into his eyes with a look that spoke of her incredible arousal.

I began to withdraw my penis, and her eyes flicked to me. As the head withdrew from her sweet lips, I held a moment and then jammed in back in full depth. Her eyes rolled closed. She was gasping and panting through her nose, as her tongue worked all over Donny's thick shaft. I rammed her again and then again.

"How's that pussy feel?" Donny asked me as he continued fucking Kat's mouth.

"Incredible! Oh Kat, you feel so good! You love getting fucked don't you?" She shook her head, still claiming to be unwilling, and maintaining the fantasy of being forced. "You love sucking your son's huge cock, don't you?" Again she shook her head, as if she was being raped by the both of us. "No? Are we being bad to you?" She nodded and mumbled around Donny's thick meat. "Are we forcing you to take our big cocks?" again she nodded.

Still holding her legs wide apart, wishbone-style, I rammed my hard cock into her hard and deep a half dozen times. Her gorgeous tits bounced beautifully. "I'm forcing you to love the feel of my hard cock fucking your wet pussy?" Again she simply nodded at me, her mouth completely full. "And Donny's forcing you to adore the feel of his fat cock in your mouth?"

"Yes he is!!" she stated forcefully when he slipped his wet cock out of her. "He's raping his own mother's mouth! Forcing me to suck it ... and suck it ... and suck it! Making me love the feel and taste of his sweet penis! It is so wrong!" she chided sternly. I had to admit that this fantasy was a wild turn on!

"And you," she continued, "Look at you! Holding me down, me a decent woman, a grandmother of three! Holding me down and forcing that hard cock, that sweet, beautiful hard cock up my tight vagina, totally against my will!! And I bet you'll force me to take all that hot cum in my pussy too!"

"Actually, no." I told her. I spread her open a bit more, pushing her legs back and withdrawing my cock as I did so. "Not in your pussy ..." Her eyes grew wide.

"You ... wouldn't ... dare!" she said, eyes blazing. Without touching my cock, I lined it up with her sexy asshole and pushed it straight in, all the way to my balls!

"Oohhhhhhhh! You bastard!! My ass?!" Now you're raping my tight little bottom?! Oohhhhhhhh!!!" She moaned loudly, losing her ability to maintain the fantasy. "Anal rape!" she whispered quietly. Donny's fingers moved to her nipples and he began to abuse them forcefully!

"Yes Kat! Your sweet ass! It's all mine now!" I hissed at her, giving her my most threatening glare. "Take all that cock, you prissy, frigid, grandma!! I'm raping your asshole with my fat cock! I'm gonna fill your tight ass with my cum, and you can't stop me! Your son is holding you down and forcing you to take it. He's letting me force my fat cock into your tight little asshole!!

I was hammering her ass now, fast and deep. "And now for my cum!" I hissed through clenched teeth, "Now your gonna get it, you sexy, beautiful, incredible bitch!!" I push her legs back so far that she could look down and actually see my shaft entering her ass. Her eyes glued to the sight. "Take it!" I yelled. "Take it ... TAKE IT!!!" I began to ejaculate powerfully into her, without slowing my driving thrusts. "Take my cum in your sweet, little asshole!"

Kat's head fell back and her eyes rolled up. Donny was yanking her tender tips. I reached down and took firm hold of her clit, between my thumb and forefinger and began to jack it off like a cock. She began to howl in a powerful orgasm. I fucked and fucked and fucked her, slowing my strokes until I at last came to a stop. "Ohhhh ohhhh ohhhhh!!" she was moaning loudly; really loudly.

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