tagFirst TimeDonovan Chronicles: Awakening Ch. 02

Donovan Chronicles: Awakening Ch. 02


This is a continuation of the story revolving around a young man named Donovan and the people he meets and experiences he has along the way. For those new to this story you can pick up from this chapter as I have done my best to keep many important details present.


Donovan woke up the next morning and the events that took place the previous night seemed to be a dream but the tiredness of his eyes quickly reminded him it was not. He could smell the aroma of breakfast foods permeating his room; tip toeing around his nose as if only to tease him by what was not in his grasp. Reaching down to grab his shirt, the clock on his nightstand revealed his ability to slumber as its digital face confirmed he slept in late. Pulling the shirt over his head, the sweet smell of Vicky's lingering perfume ushered away what his stomach was craving. He walked out of his room and moved down the hall, the sound of incoherent voices had him nervous of the conversations that may have been taking place.

As he entered the kitchen, he saw Gale and Vicky sitting on bar stools that surrounded the counter as it raised from the floor in the middle of the room. Gale, while holding a coffee mug in her hands slowly brought it up to her lips, carefully sipping it as the steam arose and swirled around her head. Vicky was sitting across from her resting her elbow on the table as her hand cradled her chin. He could see Vicky picking at her food, similar to how he remembered doing the same thing to the peas his mother used to put on his plate when he was much younger.

"Well good morning Donovan, I hope Mike's bed was comfortable enough for you last night" Gale said cheerfully. "Come, come, have a seat. Vicky and I were just enjoying a couple of homemade waffles, would you like some?" she politely asked.

"Uh, yeah, sure why not, thanks" he responded while trying to catch a glimpse of Vicky's eyes. He reached the counter and took a seat on the outside edge, Vicky to his left and Gale's empty plate to his right. Vicky still hadn't looked up at him yet, still picking at her food, using her fork to push her strawberries to the corner of the plate as if they were cattle and she a farm hand.

"Here you go dear. I hope you like strawberries. It's the only fruit we keep in the house. James is too picky about fruit, I'll tell yah" Gale said, as the smile never left her face. Donovan grabbed his fork and began to cut away a piece of his breakfast when Vicky finally looked up at him. He wasn't sure what to expect. Would she smile at him as if nothing happened last night, would she look at him with pity because of his breakdown, or would she look at him passionately as he had hoped?

The look on her face confused Donovan. It was a look that had a little bit of anger, a dash of sadness, and a hint of solitude to it. Donovan thought to himself "well, at least she doesn't hate me, or, at least I don't think she does anyways." Donovan began to speak when Gale interrupted him, "Vicky seems to have come down with a case of the whispers this morning." Donovan's look at her could only be one of confusion, "a case of the whispers?" he asked. Gale giggled to herself before answering, "I think she's horse dear, she might be coming down with something; you two better keep your distance if you don't want to come down with one of our North Carolina colds, they getcha."

Vicky's look towards Donovan changed, the dash of sadness still showed, but the hint of solitude didn't, but anger; yeah, anger was there. His insides twisted like a tourniquet as a knot formed in his stomach; he no longer felt like eating, he actually started to feel nauseous. It's obvious Vicky was mad at him and he felt shitty that he probably ruined the relationship, the one he was forming in his mind at least.

Gale took her coffee cup as she stood, grabbed Vicky's plate and placed it on her own; the sound of flatware and ceramic resonated as they collided. While heading towards the sink she said, "Well, I gotta go to work you two. I'll be home late tonight b'cause Cousin Martha is having us girls over for a bridge party". The excitement on her face brought a giggle out of Donovan; her wide smile and cheerful jester was something he only saw in movies.

Donovan started to eat as the knot in his stomach slowly faded. He could hear the sound of the door closing behind Gale, and the emptiness of the house amplified the sounds of his fork as it scraped his plate. Vicky stood up from her stool and grabbed Donovan by the hand, leading him into the living room across the hall. She led him to a couch on the outside of the room, her body positioned itself next to his as the cushions embraced her. She began to speak but all Donovan could hear was the raspy sounds of her voice as it strained on her vocal chords. With a slight cough and a hard swallow, her confidence grew and she began to speak again.

"Donny, you were too forceful with me last night. If I wasn't drunk, I wouldn't have taken you deep like that, and even if I was going to, I would be much more careful because of your size." Donovan was taken back, as the only thing he could remember at first was the mention of his size; the last thing he would've done is considered himself hung.

"My size?" Donovan asked, as he looked into her eyes.

"Yeah, you're a little bigger than the guys I've been with and it hurt my throat, that's why I can't talk today" she whispered back, the strain of her talking looked uncomfortable.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't know; I've never had a blowjob before and nobody ever said I was big. You seemed so into it, but maybe I went overboard," he said while he contemplated her excuse for being horse. He wanted to mention all the screaming and yelling she did at the party all night, but if she insisted it was because of him, well, he didn't want to upset her by disagreeing with her. Plus it was a good ego boost if she believed it to be true anyways, what guy doesn't like a compliment like that..

"Your first blowjob; are you serious? Oh my God Donovan I didn't know" she responded, the look of anger and frustration wiped from her face; as the look of pride and sadness replaced it.

"Um, yeah; I mean I've fooled around a bit with my ex-girlfriends and all, but, shit, I got--, I'm sorry". He answered back; slightly embarrassed that he let slip about his inexperience.

"Wait, Donovan, tell me the truth; are you a virgin?" Her eyes looked into his with a slight twinkle as she thought she knew the answer to this question too.

Donovan didn't answer. He brought his lips into his mouth and bit down on them, as his face became flushed, he couldn't bring himself to look her in the eyes. He started to look nervous and Vicky could read his body gestures like a book.

"Holy shit Donovan, you mean you've never--," Vicky placed her head in her hands, at a loss for words, as Donovan could do nothing more than look around the room feeling embarrassed and ashamed.

The silence only lasted for a moment when Vicky lifted her head and moved across the couch closer to him. She turned her body so she was now facing him with her leg folded on the couch in front of her and she asked, "Can I be your first?"

The abruptness of the question startled him for a moment; the idea of her asking to be his first was turned around in his head for a brief second. At first he wanted to say no, as if he was asking her to lose her virginity to him, but his mind corrected itself to the real question that was asked.

"Yeah, yeah I would like us to" he responded, the feeling of embarrassment slowly left him as the feeling of anticipation overwhelmed him.

"I'm going to teach you so much, your girlfriends are gonna love me for it" she said with gusto.

Donovan's feelings were hurt slightly; "Was she only willing to have sex with me for sport, did she not like me the way I was starting to like her" he asked himself.

"By the time I'm through with you, you'll be lucky if I don't keep you for myself" she said, with just as much gumption. The last part stuck with Donovan. It was all he needed to hear to feel better about the arrangement. Her intentions were not to just use him and throw him away; it sounded to him like she wanted to be with him but maybe she was afraid all he wanted was sex from her.

"You're not going to tell Carla about this too are you" he asked with his eyebrow raised.

"Tell Carla, why would I tell Car, oh; yeah, about the party" she grabbed Donovan's hands in her own and rested them on her knee.

"Carla wants you, so does Becky; I told them I saw you in the shower. Don't worry I didn't mention you doing, you know with yourself" she let out a slight giggle. To explain herself; she continued. "We were talking about you and they said you had a nice body, and I was like 'I know I saw him in the shower' and that's when they started laughing and pointing at you. I knew you wanted me when you stared at me in my room. You didn't think I didn't notice did you?" she asked with a big smile on her face.

"Awe come on; I wasn't touching myself in the shower; you're never going to let that go are you" he asked playfully, yet serious at the same time.

"Look, if I told Carla what you were packin', and that you were a virgin, she'd beat down this door and rape you, just to spite me" Vicky said while she clinched Donovan's hand.

Donovan liked his ego being bolstered, so he played along, "Yeah, but she'd have to beat you and Becky off of me with a stick first"

"You little shit, don't get cocky; just because I wanna fuck you and stuff doesn't mean you get to be all high and mighty. Besides, I ain't telling Carla shit, and you better not either."

The conversation came to an abrupt end when James opened the front door; Vicky quickly repositioned herself on the couch as Donovan stood up and walked towards him. "Hey Mr. Vitter, I was just about to head to the garage and grab my things" Donovan said as he reached for the door.

"Great timing then; well then, what are we doing waiting here for? Let's go" James responded excitingly. James must have thought it would be easier to unload all of these boxes without having to move through the small doorway as the garage door was wide open. As they entered the garage the smell grass clippings and gasoline was overpowering to him, his eyes closed briefly as that scent was the same here as it was back in Ohio. Looking around quickly he could see two old kid bicycles hanging from wooden posts that line the unpainted walls. Old chalk outlines of smiley faces and fighter planes still remained visible as they were proudly displayed on the far wall with both Vicky's and Mike's name above them. Other smaller boxes lined that wall with Mike's name in black marker femininely scribbled all over them.

His attention went back to the task at hand as James reached in front of him to grab a box. "Alright, let's go, I only have about an hour and we should spend some time catching up" James said as he grabbed it. Donovan could see his boxes piled neatly, forming columns of brown cardboard that towered everything else in sight as James movement brought his attention to them. Donovan followed suit by grabbing a box himself; leaving out the garage door and into the house as his head looked behind him at the contents of their garage. "So what do you do Mr. Vitter; I mean, where do you work" Donovan asked politely.

"Please, just call me James. We don't need to be that formal. I'm a professor at the local college" James replied politely with a smile on his face.

James' answer helped Donovan understand his working hours, and why he had to go back to school the first night he arrived there. They put the first set of boxes down in Donovan's bedroom, they neatly arranged them so they themselves could form towers. James seemed to be moving rapidly and Donovan wasn't sure why he was in such a hurry. Each time Donovan went back into the garage he tried to study the boxes that lined them; wondering what contents would Mike leave behind that his parents would not throw away. They moved through the house quickly; grabbing boxes and stacking them until the last one was positioned carefully on the then leaning mass of cardboard.

"You can store these in Mike's old closet if you like. Gale and I went through it before you got here and made sure it was empty enough to store your things" James said as he swung the closet door open eagerly, as if only to brag about that accomplishment.

"Cool, thanks, I wasn't sure where I was going to put all of it when I saw my room last night" Donovan said as he peered into the closet, examining its crevices quickly before James hid it away from his view. Donovan began thinking about the boxes in the garage and his now empty closet; he felt guilty that they were forced to move their sons belongings to a lifeless garage just so he would have a place to store his things. Donovan began to leave the room when James interrupted him.

"Hey, let's sit down and have a talk, we have a lot to catch up on. How was the party with Vicky last night?" James asked.

"Um, ok; nothing too crazy, just a regular party" Donovan responded, feeling slightly guilty to what he did with his daughter the night before.

"That's good, Vicky can be quite a handful, but her heart's always been in the right place, even when her mouth gets her in trouble" James said.

Donovan couldn't help but laugh inside. The visions of what her mouth was doing last night certainly made that statement true. "Yeah, I like her, she's been very friendly with me since I got here, she has some interesting friends too, even if they are Tar Heels" he said with a laugh.

As James' tone got more serious Donovan thought it was something he said about the Tar Heels, but the look in his eyes however suggested it might be something more. "Donovan, you probably have a lot of questions, and you probably want to know why your parents sent you to live with us, instead of your Aunt Kristin. I'm afraid I might have some awkward news for you and if you want to leave, I'll see to it that you can get your money next year, even if you don't live with us anymore."

Donovan's pulse started to race, guessing that whatever bomb James was about to drop on him was going to be huge; his heart felt like it was an alien ready to jump from his chest. "Um, ok, what's wrong?"

"Donovan, your mother was a star student of mine; that's how we met. She was very eager to learn and eventually my feelings for her, and hers for me, well, they kind of developed into something more". Donovan didn't like where this conversation was going, and he began to speak when James interrupted him. "Donovan, I'm your father. I'm so sorry you have to find out like this, I thought your parents were going to tell you sooner." His statement took Donovan back; he replayed what James said in his head to make sure he heard him correctly. "I think they thought you would never need to know. It wasn't until a lawyer contacted me explaining the contents of their will that I figured it out" James said as he put his arm around Donovan.

The shock of it all was too much for him, and he didn't quite know what to make of it; his mind tried to come to grips that his father, Elliot, was not his real dad. He questioned if the things Elliot did for him and with him mattered less because he wasn't his biological father. The thought of him yelling at him when he got in trouble made him question his father's love for him, wondering if he would have been just as hard on him if he was born from Elliot's seed. He often wondered why Elliot and himself didn't share the many characteristics he thought he would grow into. His father had such a hairy chest, a larger nose and smaller ears as compared to him; he thought his father was attractive enough but he never really saw much of himself in him growing up.

James didn't say another word; he just looked at Donovan and could see his confused green eyes staring back at him. His heart was heavy as he noticed tears that formed in Donovan's eyes caused the light to bounce off as he tried to look away. "We're here for you Donovan, we knew this day could come; we were just hoping it would be under better circumstances" James said trying to settle Donovan down. "If there is anything you need us to do, anything you would rather us do; please let us know."

"Why didn't you marry my mother, how did she end up with my dad" Donovan asked with a slight inflection in his voice.

"Your mother and Elliot were dating, I was married to Gale; and, well, things got really complicated from that point on" James responded. "But, that doesn't mean that I never cared for your mother; I cared for her deeply and it hurt me when Elliot and her decided to move to Ohio after you were born. They used to bring you up to see us regularly, and while you played on the beach, we used to talk about when we were going to tell you." James said softly.

"I've always loved you Donovan, I kept a spot in my heart for you, hoping that one day we would meet, hoping you would know by looking at me that I was your father." James said as he strained to maintain his composure. "I never wanted you to leave; I sent you birthday cards and imagined what it must have been like to be Elliot; to have you as my son. I don't want to replace Elliot Donovan; I just hope that someday, you can look up to me as you did to him."

Donovan just sat on his bed speechless. He didn't even know what to say at that point; he couldn't possibly be told any more news that would make him feel any worse than he did at that very moment. He stared in silence, trying to soak in all that James had told him, coming to grips with the secret his parents held from him for so long. He wanted to comfort James, he wanted to open a part of him up to him but was conflicted, torn between the feeling of betraying the memory of his dead father and embracing the love of his newly found birth parent.

Just as he was about to make peace with it, to try and accept it and move on, Vicky walked into the room. "Hey Dad, want Pizza tonight; Mom's not coming home till late?" Donovan's jaw hit the floor, it was then, just then when she said "Dad" that he felt like he was going to paint the walls with his breakfast.

"Donovan, you ok; you feeling all right, do you need a glass of water or something," James asked as he saw him getting pale.

"No, no I don't need a glass of water, I just, I just need some time alone for a minute" Donovan said politely while his stomach twisted and turned inside of him making him feel woozy. The only thoughts running through his mind right then were of him and Vicky the night before and her calling James Dad; the same Dad that is technically his Dad too. The room started to spin as Donovan's eyes slowly blinked themselves closed. James couldn't do much to help him, he just had to sit back and watch as Donovan passed out right there in the room.

By the time Donovan awoke, the sun was barely peeking through the trees and the shining streetlights confirmed that the day was half over. He rolled himself out of bed, his stomach still feeling ill; the recognizable sensation drove him towards the bathroom. Making his way down the hall he approached Vicky's room, glanced inside it quickly but she was not in it, he couldn't have been happier. Every place he went in that house, the kitchen, the bathroom and even his very own bedroom he was happy that Vicky was not in them.

His mind kept playing the scene over and over again. "Hey Dad want pizza, hey dad, dad" he could barely keep himself together, the shame, the guilt; the ridicule of what they had done frustrated him. He needed to tell Vicky; he had to tell Vicky before she tried something with him, before she...kissed him again. The thought of them kissing brought a familiar feeling to his mouth, the inescapable indication that his stomach contents were about to be removed. He did his best to focus on large objects; anything he could set his eyes onto that would keep him from feeling dizzy; keep the kitchen from spinning.

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