tagLoving WivesDon't Ask, Don't Tell

Don't Ask, Don't Tell


Chapter 1

I did it. I provided the impetus that took our darkest desires out of their safe hiding places and made them part of our lives. I didn't realize what was going to happen. I never considered the possibility that things would go so far.

Suzanne and I have been married for twelve years. We are both successful in our careers. We have a nice place in a good neighborhood. Our ten year old daughter is an angel. Suze's job as a realtor gives her the flexibility to be active with our daughter's school and sports. It is, by the standard measures of our society, a very good life.

Suze is tall and trim with long shapely legs and what I've always thought of as a "great rack". She has striking auburn hair and a heart melting smile. She is always dressed nice but her clothes conceal the beauty within. She manages to stay one step up from frumpy by wearing classy but older style fashions. That never really bothered me because I got to see and play with what is under those conservative outfits.

Our sex life has always been nice. Once or twice a week we would cuddle up and make sweet love in the dark of the night. Sometimes we'd play and have some extra fun – oral sex or mutual masturbation, but mostly we had developed a comfortable routine that made sure we both reached our release.

Suze and I are both fairly passive people. Our neighbors would tell you we are the quiet ones at any neighborhood gathering. We don't impose ourselves on others around us. I'm very reserved and internal. Most people never have a clue about all the things going on inside my twisted little head. I am an IT auditor and spend a lot of my time looking at documentation and comparing it with implementations. Suze is a bit of an anomaly in the sales world – she is very reserved and a bit shy. It works for her because there are a lot of people that need to feel in charge when purchasing a house. She enables that feeling, which leaves them feeling pretty good. We both have found work that suits our personalities and supports a very nice lifestyle.

The problem s in this suburban success story started years back when I started reading the stories in the old alt.sex.stories newsgroup. At first I was kind of shocked by what I had found, but I found myself captivated by much of it. From there, I discovered some discussion boards that were pretty hot to read. For the next few years my secret habit was to go to my laptop in the home office, pull down and assemble newsgroup stories, and then read them and the new letters on my favorite discussion boards while Suze fixed dinner. After a while I found two or three great story sites – I didn't have to mess with the assembly of multipart stories or sort through the spam to get my fix.

My interests become more focused over time. At first I read just about everything I could. The breadth of what I found was fascinating. As I read more and more, I first became less tolerant of the poorly written stories I came across. Then I found myself attracted to certain topic areas. I found some of the mind control stories captured my imagination. I read a lot of them for about six months or so, but I started finding them repetitious and my interests moved on. Some of the incest stories were well written and interesting for a little bit, but the topic area didn't really give me much of a kick. Then I found some stories about husbands discovering that their wife was having sex with others. Those stories packed a real punch for me. Before long, I was almost exclusively reading about hotwives, cheating wives, cuckold husbands, exhibitionist wives, and swinging. I found most of the variations at least interesting, and some left me almost ready to cum in my pants. Some of the stories by (Dark Wanderer, KK...) were like electricity to my brain.

At first they were just stories about other people to me. But as I read more and more of them, they started being the kickoff for fantasies of things that could happen to Suze and me. I would daydream about coming home and finding evidence of my wife having had sex with someone during the day. When we would make love I imagined watching her going down on her lover as I pushed myself into her. It became a powerful fantasy. Up to that stage of things, I guess it was relatively harmless. A little fantasy that charged my libido a bit was all it was.

I decided that it would be fun to stretch our sexual wings a little. I didn't really want to include others directly in our sex life, I just wanted to have Suzanne dress a bit sexy and go out on the town with me one night. I thought that I would get a kick out of seeing other men lusting after my pretty wife. I also thought it would do her self-confidence and self-image a world of good to dress nice and be seen. I started putting my plan into place the week before our anniversary.

I called my mother-in-law and arranged for her to pick up our daughter on Friday afternoon and keep her over the weekend. Then I made dinner reservations at a very exclusive restaurant in the city. We live in a small town outside of a large city and don't go into the city often. I thought the excuse of our anniversary justified the extra drive and dress up.

I went and did a little shopping. I ordered an entire outfit for Suze from an online lingerie store. They have stores in the shopping malls, but I just couldn't bring myself to go in and try to pick out scanty underwear in person. I ordered a basic black dress that was classy and sexy without being sleazy. It was mush sexier than anything I'd ever seen Suze in, but it wasn't so revealing or naughty that anyone would think it inappropriate. To go with it I got her a lacy bra, thong underwear, and thigh high stockings – all in black. The stockings held themselves up without a garter and looked super hot on the model on the website. I also got her some nice black open toed shoes that weren't too high of a heel, but they were higher and dressier than anything Suzanne had in her closet.

On the morning of our anniversary I waited until our daughter left for school and then gathered Suze in my arms and kissed her deeply. "Happy anniversary, baby," I said as I rubbed her back and bottom, "I have a surprise for you."

"What are you up to?" she asked as I led her back to the bedroom.

"I've made plans for us today. I have arranged for us to have the weekend alone – your Mom is pitching in there. I've also arranged for you to have today off from work with your boss."

"So that's why they were acting so funny at the office yesterday!" she exclaimed. "So what are we doing today/"

"Well, I'm going to work. But you, my love, have a full day of relaxation and makeover at the spa and beauty salon." I handed her a pass to an exclusive woman's day spa that was reputed to do miracle makeovers.

"Rich! Can we afford that?"

"Yep. We certainly can. I've been saving a little from my lunch money for a few months. It is all paid for. You get the whole works: massage, skin treatments, hair, makeup, clothing advice. It's like being on one of those makeover shows on TV without having to be gawked at by an audience."

That got me another kiss.

"Following your makeover, a limo will pick you up at the spa and take you to the uptown Hilton. There, on the concierge floor you can spend some time in a beautiful with a view of the mountains and relax for a little while before meeting me down in the bar at 7:00. We'll have time for a drink there before our dinner reservations at Mannies. After our dinner we are off to the famous Johnnies Lounge for a drink and a dance before we head back to our luxurious suite at the Hilton."

Suze was flabbergasted. "Oh Rich, that sounds so nice! What brought this on? You aren't taking me out in public to dump me, are you mister?" she asked playfully.

"Nope. I love you and don't ever quite show you well enough just how important you are to me. I thought that this anniversary gift might make up for the times I've left my shorts balled up in my pants in the dirty clothes."

Suzanne laughed. "It might make up for that, but what are you going to do about leaving the toilet seat up last night?"

"Hmmm, I'll have to try to work something out with you once we get to the suite tonight," I replied. Then I kissed the tip of her nose and headed to work.

At lunch I went over to the Hilton and checked in. I made sure they would get Suzanne in and taken care of when she arrived. Then I laid her new outfit out on the bed along with some flowers. Everything was going great. I knew that the hotel bar would be crowded with visiting businessmen who would be lusting after my sexy wife. Both the restaurant and the club we were going to after dinner were popular hotspots for people to hook up. Many men would be looking at my sexy wife. The dress I got her would be just short enough that she would be showing much more thigh than ever before. My guess was that she would slip up a few times and probably give someone a peek up her dress or down the top. I was really excited by the prospect of what was going to happen.

At five after seven I called Suzanne's cell phone. When she answered, I could hear the voices and sounds of the hotel bar in the background. I told her I was running just a bit late, but that I would be there soon.

"Please hurry," was her response, "I love what you've done for me today, but I'm not comfortable here in this outfit you got for me."

"Oh honey, I'm sure that you look fantastic. Relax and have a drink. I'll be there within a half hour." As I said that I was standing out in the lobby and could see her at one of the tall chairs in the bar. She was gorgeous. The makeover was worth every penny. Her hair and makeup were awesome. My Suzanne looked like a model sitting there in the bar.

I could see men looking at her. They would glance at her then do a quick double-take when they realized what they had just seen. I watched a couple of businessmen point her out to their buddies. She was under surveillance from all sides. I was thrilled that my plan was going so well.

After a few minutes, I saw a gentleman in a nice suit take a seat next to Suze and order a drink. He didn't look at or acknowledge Suzanne at all. I crossed my fingers and hoped that the guy would strike up a conversation with her. When the bartender set the drink down, it tipped and spilled across the bar top. Suze was looking the other direction when this happened and didn't see the drink heading across the bar top about to spill on her dress. The guy snatched up a pile of napkins and blotted up the drink before the bartender could move. Suze caught the movement out of the corner of her eye and jumped back.

She realized that the stranger next to her had averted a disaster. I could see her thanking him. Her hand went to his arm as she spoke to him. I watched transfixed for the next twenty minutes as my wife and this man talked and drank. They brought their heads close to be heard without shouting in the crowded bar. I wondered if he could see her black bra under the dress when she leaned towards him to speak. He bought her a refill on her drink and, to my surprise, she drank it quickly.

Finally, I could delay no longer. I walked in to the bar and came up behind her. I put my hands on her shoulders and said, "You look fantastic, angel. I'm sorry I'm late."

She kissed my cheek. "Thanks for a great day! I've been chatting with John here while I waited for you," she said as she turned to introduce me to the guy that had been quick with the napkins. Up close I could see he was a little older than us. He had a very polished, expensive look about him. His suit was perfect. His tie had a perfect knot. His hair was razor cut and perfectly styled. I felt that he had a commanding presence even before I heard his deep voice say, "Suzanne has been telling me about the wonderful anniversary you are giving her."

I smiled shyly and said, "She deserves it." Suze blushed.

John rumbled a laugh. "I'm sure she does."

We said goodbye and headed out. Suze was still blushing as we walked out of the bar. "You really look great," I said. "How was the spa?"

"Oh. They were wonderful. I like what they did with my hair. But the makeup may be a bit too much for me."

"No. I think it's great. You are beautiful and it lets it show even more." I replied.

"And the clothes they recommended for me!" she giggled. "They were as bad as this dress."

"Bad? Don't you like it?" I asked.

"It is nice, but pretty revealing. It isn't what I'm comfortable with."

I looked over at her. We were standing at a crosswalk in front of the hotel. The restaurant was across the street. I noticed that her nipples were pretty visible through the dress.

"I think it is great. Your legs are gorgeous! And I like the "high beams" there," I gushed, nodding at the way her nipples showed through the dress.

She crossed her arms over her chest. "You are so sweet. I appreciate you buying this for me. I know I dress pretty conservatively, but this is...it's not really me. I know you didn't realize it, but I can't wear the bra you bought me with this dress. The straps would show."

I did a double take. Sure enough my shy conservative wife's breasts were only hidden by the thin fabric of her dress. "I'm sorry. I didn't know. If you are too uncomfortable, we can go back to the room and have room service..."

"No. I decided earlier that I'll just have to be someone else tonight. I'll just have to be someone that can do this. I can do that much considering everything you've done. I don't want to mess up your plans," she said quietly.

'If she only knew what my real plans were,' I thought. I had wanted to show her off and see other men lust after her. She would curl up and die at the though.

As we entered the elevator I said, "If you are game, I am too. We'll just break through the discomfort and have some fun."

Dinner was great. Suze had a fair amount of wine with the meal. We talked and laughed like we hadn't in years. As the meal was winding down I took the next step.

"You know, we have let ourselves become pretty dull people," I said as I poured her more wine. "I was struck by how little excitement we have in our lives."

"Excitement? Like what?" she asked.

"Well...I started thinking about this when I saw you at the hotel bar. You were sitting there in a pretty dress looking alive and desirable. Most nights we would be curled up watching something off of the DVR. Living vicariously through the tube." There, I thought. Just the right tone.

"I guess I know what you are saying. It was scary but kind of exciting to be there like that. I could see some of the men there looking at me like they wanted to see more. Then John bought me a drink and started talking to me. I knew he was looking at my chest and legs. I was surprised that my reaction wasn't disgust. It was pretty thrilling. A heck of a lot more thrilling that watching the latest episode of "Lost" or "Desperate Housewives". Maybe we have become too predictable." Suze never looked up from her wine glass as she spoke, "I'm just not that comfortable making the decisions on what to do to change things. I'm not the leader type. Neither are you really. We both let the world happen to us, mostly, don't we?"

"Maybe we should both try to be a little less passive," I replied. "We are breaking out of the mold today, I mean, look at you – dressed like a brazen hussy."

She laughed with me. Then she shyly looked over the top of her wineglass and said, "Maybe more of a hussy than you know. I think John got a peek down my top earlier."

A tazer would have had less impact on me. "Wha...I mean...well...how..." I was flabbergasted. She had responded almost too well to my suggestion that our lives were a bit dull. She instantly seemed to connect a statement on the general dullness of our lives with sex. She had skipped three steps ahead on me..

"Rich! Don't be mad. I didn't mean for it to happen." She had misunderstood my surprise.

"No, I'm not at all upset. You just surprised me, that's all. He didn't do anything inappropriate, did he?" I asked.

"No, he was a perfect gentleman. While we were sitting there chatting, I heard someone say the name Rich. I twisted in my seat to see if it was someone talking to you. It wasn't', but when I turned like that in this dress, well...it kinda pulled open. I'm sure John got an eyeful of my left boob. We both acted like nothing happened, except that I blushed and stammered a bit."

"Well," I said. "No harm, no foul. Besides, a little excitement like that is just what I was talking about." I sounded cool, but inside I was all over the map. My plan had worked! My wife had flashed a guy, albeit accidentally. Plus, she wasn't turned off or upset about it. I was half hard thinking about him seeing her beautiful breast.

"Yeah, more fun that being stuck on the couch watching bad TV again." She winked at me. "I'll have to keep this dress handy. We can go out like this once in a while."

"Yes!!!" I stood and shouted with my arms raised...Not really - the shouting and celebrating were all done on the inside. Actually, I just smiled and said, "I think that could be a lot of fun."

As we were leaving the restaurant, I asked, "Back to the hotel, or on to the club? It's your call my love." I had seen men lusting after her and didn't want to push her any farther than I already had. My little fantasies were plenty satisfied for the evening.

"No, not the hotel. Let's go have a little fun," she said.

Fifteen minutes later I was the proud escort of the loveliest lady in the club. The lights were low and the music was playing without being too loud or crazy. Enough couples were dancing that we wouldn't feel conspicuous taking a spin, at the same time it wasn't so crowded that you would be bumping in to people. In all, it was a very nice "grown-up" club.

We settled in at a table off to the side of the dance floor and ordered drinks. I was about to ask Suzanne to dance when someone walked up to the table.

"Well, hello you two. Still having a nice anniversary outing?" asked John. I was struck again by his voice and presence.

I was frozen in place for a second. Here was the guy that saw down my wife's top. He had seen her breast while sitting next to her at the hotel bar. I felt a thrill run through me at the thought. My cock lurched in my pants.

Suze leaned forward and touched his arm. "Hi John. Yes, we are having a great evening. What are you doing here?"

"I was sitting in that little hotel room thinking about the nice club you told me Rich was taking you to and decided I couldn't stay cooped up any longer. I decided to drop in here and at least be around other people for a little bit," he explained. Turning to me he said, "Not that I plan on crashing your evening together. I just wanted to say hello and maybe take one turn on the dance floor with your wife."

"Uhhh...Sure," I said. Wow. I was close to speechless at the situation.

My brain flashed up all the stories I had read over the last couple of years as I watched them dance. My fantasies about seeing Suze in bed with other men suddenly seemed much more real. My dick was hard and I was close to hyperventilating.

John never did anything inappropriate on the dance floor. He didn't drag Suze off to a dark corner and screw her; he didn't slowly raise her dress and show her ass off. In fact, his hands never strayed. He never so much as brushed his body close to hers. They stayed out for two songs and then came back to the table.

As they sat, Suze said, "John, please stay for a drink with us. I promise it is okay with us. Isn't it honey?"

I said, "Sure, come on and chat a bit."

John said, "If you are sure?" as he slid into the seat across from Suze and I.

Suze was sitting with her leg against mine and I dropped my hand to her thigh as John ordered his drink. She felt warm and the stocking felt slick and sexy to my hand.

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