tagBDSMDon't Be Late...

Don't Be Late...


I'm soooo late... Looking at the dashboard clock, 6:27pm. Yep, I'm running late. I pull on to my street and the kids are having their usual street hockey game against their parents. I pull into my driveway and His car is there already. Oh this is not good. I turn off my car and take a deep breath. I open my car door and step out into my driveway. I smile and wave to the kids and their parents having a good time out in the street. I grab my bag and make my way to the front door. As I get closer I can hear music playing throughout the house, sounds like you found my playlist on Amazon, upbeat dance music, all different genres.

I open the door and the aroma of whatever you are cooking practically throws me up against the door. I kick off my shoes, hang up my jacket, drop my bag to the floor, and place keys on the hook. "I'm home..." I yell out. I make my way down the hallway to the kitchen. But you aren't in the kitchen...

Instead, the kitchen is cleaned up and the end of the counter has been set up with a nice bunch of dark red star lilies, few dark red candles and a note...

"Go upstairs. Change out of your scrubs. Change into your robe. Join me out on the patio." Oh boy, what do you have planned Sir? So like a good girl, I turn on my heel and head upstairs to do as directed.

As I start to strip out of my scrubs, I see that my dark red cotton, thigh-length robe has been laid out, as well as my collar. And is laying next to another note...

"No underwear. No bra. Totally naked and open under your robe. Put your collar on. Time is ticking and I am waiting." I contemplate for a few seconds about what repercussions might happen if I were to leave my bra and panties on. Hmmm. On second thought... I strip completely down to bare skin and pull on my robe. I pause to look at myself in the mirror. The dark red robe is so abstract against my pale skin. I quickly take down my ponytail, fluff my hair a few times and then pull all of it back, including my bangs, into a simple messy bun. I know how much you like being able to see me and my eyes without my bangs in my face.

I make my way to you. I pause at the sliding glass door. I can see you sitting there with your back to the door. Both of our plates are on the patio table, you've gotten yourself a small glass of something, unsure as I don't drink. You've also poured me a glass of water. A few candles just to give off a soft glow and to keep the bugs away. I step out onto patio and start walking to you. I am literally right behind you when I whisper, "Good evening Sir. I'm sorry that I'm late and that I didn't message you to let you know."

"Don't worry about that right now little pixie, you will make up for that very soon. Come sit and eat before our dinner is completely cold." You reply as you place a pillow on the ground at your feet. I don't even have to be told that you want me to sit at your feet as I eat. I go to sit on the pillow and get comfortable. Right before I reach for the glass of water, you reach up and take out my hair and start to run your fingers through my hair.

You grab a chunk of my hair and pull, causing me head to arch backward, exposing my neck and making me vulnerable and excited at your touch. You lean forward and kiss me. You push further with your tongue, deepening our kiss, causing my blood to boil and my skin to tingle. You take your free hand and bring it up to my right breast, grabbing it, a handful perfect size for your hands, causing further excitement and arousal within me, nipples perking right up.

You abruptly pull away. I'm panting at the rush. "Let's eat pixie. I have many things planned for tonight, to start with your punishment for being late." I look up at you about to protest, but I stop knowing that I don't need to dig myself into a deeper hole. "Yes Sir." It's all my brain can come up with after that quick moment of passion. So we eat our dinner, exchanging conversation about our day, a caress here and a caress there. After our dinner is complete we take our dishes back into the kitchen, setting them into the sink clean off later I assume.

You reach into the kitchen drawer and pull out my leash. I shudder out a breath as you attach the leash to my collar and start to lead me down the hallway back to our bedroom. As we enter our bedroom I automatically go the the edge of the bed and kneel on the floor next to the bed. Hands fidgeting in my lap. Head bowed down and eyes lowered as you go to the closet and start to take out what you plan to use tonight. I hear you pulling things out and laying them on the desk.

You walk over to me and tug the leash upwards, signaling that it's time for me to rise up. And so I do. I look up at you. I look into your eyes, instantly melting into a puddle as your eyes pierce through me. You unclip the leash and toss it off to the side. "We won't be needing that tonight." You run the palms of your hands up and down my my arms. You grip my deltoid muscles hard, stirring the pot of arousal even more. You dive into another deep kiss, just to get my head all warm and fuzzy. As we kiss you undo the tie in my robe, opening up and falling to the floor in a crumple. You stop our kiss and start to glide your finger tips over my skin, which erupts into goosebumps all over.

You turn me to face the bed, bend me over, turning my ass to up into the air. You glide your fingers up from my ankles, slowly going up to my pussy, and before you even get touch my pussy, you feel all the moisture that has been dripping and sticking to the surrounding skin. "Oh my little pixie. What do we have here?" You can hear the chuckle in your tone, as well as how pleased you are that I am wet. "I do appreciate how ready you are, but your punishment needs to come first. Count for me." Before I even have time to register what you are asking me to do, I slap my ass hard. The sting is instant and the heat just a second later. I'm pretty sure you left a hand print. "One..."

"Good girl..."

We repeat this process ten times. Ten hard, stingy spanks. Normally I would enjoy my spankings, but not these ones. You've put more force in tonight, getting the message across that you did not like worrying about me because I was late and didn't message you so. Note to self, message Sir if going to be late.

You turn me around, back to facing you. The heat radiating from my butt. You take my wrists and go for my cuffs, which you have laid out on the bed. You take your time buckling the cuffs to my wrists and my ankles. Next, you reach for the spreader bar, pushing my ankles away from each other, making my stance wider and more secure. Soft clicks, a tug here and another tug there, letting me know that you must have something genius or evil planned to bring out the spreader bar.

You turn my body so that the back of my legs are touching the side of the bed. You step on the spreader bar with just a little weight and push me backwards. I lay there looking up at you, my legs hanging off the bed. You walk over to the desk, leaving me on the bed waiting. My heart races with anticipation, curious as to what you have planned. I want to get up and see what you are doing, but I don't dare. With my ass as stingy and hot as it is, I know better to move without your say so. So I wait patiently, my mind racing.

"Turn off your brain pixie. You don't need to be over-thinking again. Trust me and let go." You say to me as you return to the bed. I see that you grabbed rope, a lot of rope. Without even thinking I offer up my cuffed wrists to you. You smile down at me, giving my goosebumps, the glint in your eyes almost sinister. You take the rope and start to weave armbinder corset weave, pulling my arms together, making separation impossible.

You walk over to the post of my head board with more rope, securing the rope to the headboard. You give it a few good tugs to secure the knots to make sure the rope will hold. You take the other end of the rope and start to attach it to my right ankle cuff. Before tying off, you unclip the spreader bar and pull hard on the rope. My right leg jerking up in an instant, a gasp escapes me at the sudden pull of the rope. You secure the rope so the my leg is extended but not painfully, just enough to know that You mean business! You look down at me and smile. That smile that tells me that you are in charge and I am not, that I am Your submissive. You walk over to my left leg after taking a minute to grab more rope. You tie the same knot to the bed post next to my left leg. You attach the rope to my left ankle cuff. You pull the rope slowly, spreading my left leg apart. You tie off the rope once my legs are spread so wide that there is no chance of pulling my legs together, exposing my wet pussy.

You take a step backward and admire your handiwork. "Well pixie, are you ready to have some fun?" You smile and there is a glint in your eyes. That sadistic glint that you are going to make it hurt and make it feel good at the same time. I take a deep breath, "yes, Sir".

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