tagLoving WivesDon't Bet on It! Ch. 02

Don't Bet on It! Ch. 02


Angela's ass was stretched beyond what she thought she could take as Duke fucked her. She thought she would be split in two as his 11", beer can thick cock took the young wife's ass.

It was getting late, and he was the sixth man to fuck her that fateful night the casino knocked on their honeymoon suite door and demanded payment for the nearly $30,000 they owed.

Her husband Brad was still tied up. Forced to watch the his bride being gang-fucked, he felt humiliated and angry. His pants were pulled to his ankles and the men continued to laugh at his small dick, telling him that his wife deserved their bigger black dicks. "She'll never go back to your candy-ass dick. 'Once she goes black, she'll never go back,'" the men chanted in unison as Angela was getting her ass pounded by the biggest cock in the room.

Angela's body betrayed her as the men fucked her. She moaned and panted as she kept cumming from the mens thrusts. Brad's body betrayed him, too. In spite of it all, the sight and sounds of his beautiful wife's body being fucked over and over, her lily white skin against their black skin, their black dicks shooting their cum in his bride's white pussy, ass, and mouth.........well, it got to him. His dick was hard. He had already cum once and now he was hard again, harder than ever, even though he tried to will it not so.

Angela saw it. Her husband was harder than he had ever been before watching his new bride being fucked against her will by other men. He couldn't control his arrousal. He even came without touching his dick. Angela turned her face away from Brad, looked Duke in the eye and they kissed. When Duke began to cum, shooting deep in her ass, Angela shook and moaned with her own orgasm.

Each of the men took another turn with Angela before leaving. Brad was untied and taken to another room as the men left. Four ladies from the casino came up to the honeymoon suite and drew a bath for Angela. They bathed her in the large tub and then drained the water and filled the tub with bath oils. One of the women lit candles and set them around the tub. Two of the women joined Angela in the tub, one was white, the other black. They kissed and played with each other and gently carressed Angela.

The other two women changed the sheets. They would lovingly caress Angela when she was brought from the bath, kissing her all over. Angela was surprised when she felt an orgasm building from their ministrations. The five women slept together in the large bed, welcoming their new co-worker to Mr. Palmer's stable.

They all slept late the next morning. When they awoke, they began teaching Angela the skills and duties her new job demanded. "Whore Training 101" they called it. Angela learned that she would be expected to pleasure both men and women as she would supply their every whim and wish. She would sell her body to be used five to six days a week, always being allowed at least one day to relax and do as she pleased.

Never having been with a woman before, the ladies took great care to teach Angela just how each of them liked their pussies and asses eaten. Angela was restrained at first, but as each of the women sucked and licked Angela to orgasm heaven, she demonstrated that she had learned well as she brought each of the women to orgasm, one at a time.

Later that day Angela was dressed in an extremely short red latex skirt, black lace stretch top, and red high heels. Her nipples prominently stood out through the top, and without any bra and panties, she would be ready to easily service her tricks.

Angela was let out on a street corner. She had been instructed how to make eye contact, talk to the tricks, and then to go with them in their car, or if necessary take them to alleys or wherever she could find for a quickie.

Her first customer was an older man who took her to his house. One of the whores with her told her she knew him and assured her it was OK. He lived in a small ranch house not far away. She made him wear a condom as she lay naked on his bed. He kissed and slobbered all over her, but he "got his nut" quickly and took her back to her street corner. She had made $75. The ladies had told her that the average for street walking was $100, and as she got her "Ho on" she would graduate to having a room or taking outcalls where she could make up to $500 a trick.

Her first evening, Angela managed to hook 11 tricks and took in $1,150, all of which she handed to Duke. She learned that he was in charge of all Mr. Palmer's girls and that he and his friends also provided protection for them as needed.

Angela hadn't seen Brad since the first night when he was taken to another room. As she retired to her new quarters, a large dorm like room she shared with the four other ladies she had met, she wondered how his day had gone.

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