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Don't Bother


He had, as promised, bought that damn motorcycle the moment he was able to. And to celebrate it, he hit the road all by himself, since apparently there were no volunteers to go with him.

He had ended up in the Midwest, not very sure of his current location, but he had asked around and they had suggested a bar with live music of all genres. He arrived and he saw her, sitting with a "don't bother me" expression on her face. And that's what he was aiming for.

He sat next to her but didn't make a move. He wasn't after that.

"Well, when are you going to do it?"

"Hey. Do what?"

"Do the whole act of appearing not interested but, after giving it supposed serious thought, hit on me," she wasn't being a complete bitch, rather it seemed like a legitimate question.

He looked her up and down. Her eyes were that flexible color that changed according to what she wore. Expressive. Then again, the angle of the seat had prevented him from noticing the rack. Not exaggerated, but fucking tempting. He cursed mentally because he ogled a second.

"Nah, I saw your stance and thought I could imitate you, having nobody bothering me would be nice," he said, managing to look into her eyes. She saw the ring on his finger glinting with the same honesty his eyes had, so it suddenly became an actual conversation.

"Julie," she offered her hand.

"Key," he grinned. "Obviously not my real name, but I don't think I'd turn around if my father came up here and called me by my name. Even he calls me like this. Also, I'm a bit of an ass and all that."

The lack of need to impress made the conversation flow nicely to any topic, when things came to sex, it didn't feel stilted. It was just how the talk flowed.

"I get young guys hitting on me all the time -I'm past my mid 20s- but they say it's because 'older women are hot'," she was saying after a few minutes.

"Well, if you're in high school, anyone over 25 is a great learning experience ...and I would've sworn you were younger, anyway," he admitted.

"I live in a college town and work with a lot of undergrads, so by young I mean 18-22. Flatterer," she had already explained she came to that place to avoid people from work. "Up close I definitely am at least mid 20s. Wrinkle cream is my friend."

"Oh. I told you that, even while being an asshole, I can be charming. The best part, though, is that I'm a terrible liar, so you can safely assume honestly I think you're good looking," he shrugged.

They didn't realize when the whole thing devolved into a far more graphic tale.

"...I know that more guys are into seeing their cum everywhere than girls are into having cum everywhere," she talked so naturally, once would've thought she was explaining how supermarket coupons worked.

"I like cumming inside rather than on someone. I get this primal 'mine now' sensation that I can't get any other way," he agreed. Either they were oblivious, or they feigned not noticing the rising sexual tension.

"Exactly. Cum belongs inside me. I don't really know how else to explain it. There's this possessiveness that just drives me crazy!"

"There's this... caveman feeling, I suppose. If I cum inside you, you're MINE. And I like that," he gulped down his virgin drink, so he actually couldn't blame alcohol for the way he began flirting with her.

Then again, it was obvious, from the remarks she made and the way she isolated pieces of conversation to analyze details, that she was smart. He found himself doing that smirk of his subtly but more often. He felt it on his face but couldn't stop himself.

When she learned he was into personal image, she made a quick consultation and she was complaining about something on her appearance, when he interrupted her.

"Those eyes, though."


"Sexy as fuck, ma'am. Thanks accepted."

She laughed before saying, "you're ridiculous. I'm not used to compliments. I don't know how to react to them."

"And there I thought my compliment had been a little aggressive. But that's kinda how I do compliments. Blunt, a little elaborate on words and still managing to use an inappropriate word or two."

"I kind of like it. I'm just trying to figure out how to take it."

Before he could even stop himself from saying it out loud, he suggested, "from behind?"

The tension skyrocketed with that. She tried to downplay it with a small comment about she knew he'd take that road the moment the words escaped her mouth.

"Do you mind taking a pic with me?"

She was puzzled but accepted. He whipped out his phone and aimed towards them. Just to test him, she placed her hand a little above on his leg, not enough to put it blatantly on his crotch, but the suggestion obvious.

She felt him tense up nicely, rather than awkwardly. His breath faltered for a second. The picture was taken and he wrote something. Almost immediately, hours phone vibrated and he smirked, putting it away immediately.

"You're not showing me off before smuggling my organs, are you?"

"Oh, there's things I wanted to do to you. But I needed approval," he showed her his ring. He tapped it with his finger a few times and whispered, "she says it's OK."

"And who said I'm interested?" Julie was leaning into him more than before and obviously teasing him.

Then again, 40 minutes later they were in his hotel room. They had allowed the tension to rise so much, they had begun making out in the middle of the bar until the received more than enough cat calls.

Reluctantly, they let go off each other and made it back. As he undressed her, his eyes opened up a few times, discovering tattoos and piercings, but his expression was one of approval.

Finally, he got rid of her bra and attacked the breasts unjustly hidden before. Nibbling, sucking, licking until she pushed him away. They made out almost savagely, the tone being set quickly.

She wanted it rough and he could definitely deliver. He bent her over a classy-looking piece of furniture, pressed his dick against her labia...and stopped. The talk had all been cool but he had to ask.


She looked back and kept herself silent for a few seconds. Only to move his hips back slowly and begin to take his cock inside of her, "I'm not supposed to do this. I don't do this."

He gripped her hips and helped her with the movement, sinking inside her unprotected depths, "I know. I shouldn't do this."

"You'll pull out, right?" Julie was already moving her hips forward and back, taking his bare cock inside her. She knew it was wrong. Beyond the fact that she didn't really know him...

"Yeah," they both knew he'd try, but there'd be no guarantees as lust clouded his expression and they started to fuck selfishly. Each pursuing their own orgasm, and still managing to make the other moan as they knew that deep inside, they had a few shared kinks.

His thrusts became short and to the point. She began to push harder against him, relishing the feeling of their hips meeting and his condom-less cock moving in and out of her. Her moans soon synced to their meeting hips, short and firm in their constant form.

She felt him grow thicker and his rhythm faltered for a second.

"Don't cum in me," she reminded him, then added, "I'm not protected."

"Aw, fuck," he groaned and slammed himself furiously against her, drawing a short yell of pleasure out of her.

He pulled out and she moaned in frustration.

"Oh, so you do want it..."

"No, I..."

He pushed her and rolled her over, diving between her legs and licking her, making her orgasm approach... then stopping when it came close. Before again licking her... and stopping. The third time, her fingernails dug on his back.

"Just let me cum, dammit."

He got on top of her, "look at it," he said.

She didn't need to ask what. She saw how his unprotected cock began to disappear inside of her. When he was all the way in, he bit her neck to keep himself from going too wild.

"I'm going to make you mine," he whispered.

She shuddered and tried to protest, but she felt it. He moved his hips in a most firm, decided manner. Instead, she moaned. He rolled themselves so she'd be on top for a second, and all she did was kiss him as she rode his cock, knowing pretty well there was nothing preventing him from cumming inside her, and she deepened the kiss.

If there had been onlookers, they'd look as if sharing a kiss of passion. But it was an understanding. He was willing to give her exactly what she needed because he needed it too.

He gave her every opportunity to dismount him, instead, she rode his unclad cock with slow determination, wanting his seed despite what she said.

As if having proven his point, Key rolled her around and began to fuck her, he was above her and her hands roamed over him. He lifted one of her legs and spanked her. That made her gasp and it was evident. She liked it.

"You can't cum in me," she repeated. "I could get pregnant."

"Oh, fuck," he groaned, with renewed satisfaction.

She had read him right. He placed himself better and initiated a slow, firm power fuck. He'd go from crown only to balls deep in a consistent way and she'd whimper every time their bodies were fully joined. Every now and then he'd punctuate a thrust with a spank that grew harsher every time.

One of her hands searched and found the back of his neck. He turned around slightly and bit down on her forearm. She knew he was getting near and her face went up, burrowing inside the pillows.

"No," his hand took her chin and directed her face, "I want you to look at me when I cum inside you."

That did it. She began to cum immediately. Her body began tensing and her pussy started the task of milking him. She moved her face slightly and took one of his fingers in her mouth, giving it an emulated blowjob.

"Fuck. Oh, fuck."

She thought she was having a good orgasm, but seeing his expression transition from aggressive to slightly boyish as his body tensed... she got a new high, she knew what was coming.

"Don't..." Julie attempted to play the reluctant party part, but her legs were firmly wrapped around his hips still, and her free hand had gone down his butt, pushing him as deep as he could go.

He groaned and she yelped when she felt the first rope of thick cum inside her. They held on so tight to each other as their hips met each other and didn't separate, they almost hurt the other. But as they looked deep into each other's eyes, they could feel him filling her depths with hot cum.

"Fuck..." Key wasn't that eloquent, but there wasn't a lot to be said. Only to be felt.

They rode their orgasms to completion in that same firm, slow way.

"Told you I'd make you mine," he whispered against her ear. When he collapsed, she expected him to roll away. Instead, he held her, his cock inside of her still, "I rarely get to cuddle. Sorry, but I'm taking it out on you."

She didn't know what to say to that, so she let herself be caressed for a while.

Julie managed to get him hard again, that time, they dropped all pretenses and fucked vigorously, wildly, both screaming obscenities in pleasure as he filled her a second time.

Deep in the night, in the moonlit room, she stood up, looked at him and sneaked out of bed. Immediately, he sat up.

"Were you about to disappear on me?"

"Um. Yes?"

"I won't make you stay, but you should know I'm hard. And I want you. I won't be gentle, though."

She studied him. Looking up, as if disbelieving what she was doing, she began losing her clothes as she approached the bed yet again. He smirked.

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