Don't Come


"Don't come," she orders, and I sigh audibly with frustration. I'm all for a bit of orgasm denial - the resulting climax can be spectacular, true, but also it's exhilarating to linger on the precipice, every fibre of my being exquisitely tense with need.

Her delicate, lingering, teasing kisses make me burn. Her mouth descends on my breast and I writhe in anticipation, thrusting my chest up to meet her. Her tongue circles my nipple for a cruel moment before her lips fasten securely about it, and I cry out as she sucks fiercely, her teeth grazing that so sensitive flesh.

Such torment I can endure with ease. There are days when she will tie me up, or down, and keep me feverish with desire for hours, until every muscle aches with exhaustion and my awareness of the world is reduced almost to the throbbing of my clit.

Today she is not so subtle. Her futa cock, so brutally hard, so wonderfully long, so astonishingly thick, fills me, stretches me, hammers against my womb's gate like a mediaeval battering ram, shaking my foundations. Each powerful thrust pushes me closer to the edge, to crossing the threshold that I am denied.

"Please," I whisper. Please let me come.

She laughs, and eases from me, the sudden emptiness almost a greater cruelty. Her cock glistens along its length, and I take it in my mouth as best I can, tasting her, tasting myself, running my lips along the underside of the shaft, my tongue seeking out the tender spots I know she loves, and at the base of that instrument of pleasure is the wellspring of her pussy that I drink from lovingly, penetrating with my fingers while she fucks my mouth briefly with her sweet, succulent clit that juts out so invitingly.

I return my attention to her cock, sucking on the soft, bulbous head and tonguing the tip as if seeking still more of her salty precum, though my mouth is already full of the taste of it. I wrap my breasts about the shaft, squeezing them to encourage her to fuck the tight channel I make, and it's not long before she does, tentative at first, but increasingly rough.

She holds my head with both hands, sharp fingernails digging into my scalp... short, sharp movements, a futile attempt to breach my throat with her magnificence... and with a feral cry she peaks, her stallion length a bronco bucking between my breasts and filling my mouth again and again with her thick, delicious futa cum.

I swallow what I can, but cum squeezes and squirts from my lips past the throbbing, spurting monster that stretches my jaw to the limit, and that copious cream pours down from my chin onto my breasts.

"Not fair," I sulk when my mouth is my own again.

"Don't worry, my love," she says, laughing, "there's plenty more to come." And indeed, her victorious cock is still erect and pulsing with urgent desire. She reaches down to massage my cum-drenched breasts, her fingers pinching and tugging at my nipples, forcing whimpers of complaint from me.

I place my hands over hers in a futile attempt to stop this torture. "Don't make me tie you up," she warns, and I force my arms away. It gets worse. She snatches up a chain from beside the bed, and captures my nipples with rubber-coated alligator clamps.

For a few seconds I am lost in the sensation of their intense pressure, seconds in which she rolls me over onto hands and knees and spanks me hard. "Naughty girl," she says, and spanks me again before driving her perfect cock deep into me again.

"Fuck!" I scream, overwhelmed by the assault on my senses, the dull ache in my nipples, the fierce heat in my cheeks, the phenomenal stretching of my human vagina by her futa cock... the friction exciting my clit... "Yes," I cry. "Yes, fuck me. Hard."

"Don't come," she reminds me, though she is quickly pounding me hard with long, deep thrusts and I doubt I have the strength to deny the orgasm building swiftly within me. My arms ache from merely holding myself still, and my breasts sway beneath me, the chain whipping wildly between my nipples.

"I'm close," I warn.

"Nearly there," she says. "Another thirty."

Thirty? Thirty what? Thrusts? Seconds? I don't know if I can last that long. I'm so close. Tense. Taut.


She removes the clamps, and... fuck! I can't hold...


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by Anonymous

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by AlinaX03/24/19

I was having fun with the 750 word limit - climaxing right at the end...

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by LUSTYWHEELS03/24/19


If she came she better be punished! more pls

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by AlinaX03/23/19

Thanks! I'm sure you will...

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by Floydman103/23/19


And I want to hear more from these two!

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