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Don't Endanger Our Marriage


My name is Julie, I am 42 years old, happily married and have three children by my first and only husband. He is Steve, also 42 years old. Steve may be just an ordinary man to most women, but then I am a pretty ordinary woman. He is 5'10", I am 5'4". He keeps trim and I am proud to be only 125 pounds. My biggest disappointment growing up was the lack of development of my breasts, they never grew past 34-A. Steve always told me he loved me the way I am and my breasts are plenty big for him, besides he would rather look into my blue eyes than stare at my breasts. After the way he acted when I nursed our children, I have come to believe him and at least they are still firm.

Last year our oldest daughter, Rebecca, turned 18 and finished high school. She finished her first year of college, and being away from home, in May. Becky is a lovely young lady who takes after me in the looks and development department, although she is a B cup. Her long blonde hair and blue eyes set off her long legs and bubbly personality.

As school was ending Becky came to us with the idea of a week at Lake Havasu in Arizona with three of her friends. Knowing something about the spring break activities that go on down there, we were not in the least thrilled with the idea. In talking with the families of the other three girls, it turned out they were not all that in favor of the four girls going off like that either. It way my husband who suggested I go along as their chaperone. Although I was reluctant, he insisted after a long hard tax season (I am a certified public accountant), I was entitled to some real rest and the warm weather of Arizona would be a nice change from the cold and rain of Washington.

The result was by the end of April we had reservations for flights to Las Vegas, motel rooms and rental car for the week of May 12th. We would be flying down on Sunday and back the following Saturday.

My daughter's classes were over by the first weekend of May and she was home, changed and definitely more mature. She was excited about the trip and wanted to go shopping for "necessary" clothing for the trip, especially new swim suits. So, her first Saturday home we were at the mall so she could be properly outfitted as a college girl at the lake. I was shocked at the little bikinis she was trending toward and dictated there would be no thongs. I was even more shocked when she pushed me into trying on a few and pushed me into buying two that covered less than my bras and bikini panties. We also bought sun dresses, shorts, skirts, tops and sandals for the trip.

I was not sure how Steve would view the bikinis Becky talked me into buying, but when I modeled them for him he told me I looked great and the teenage boys would be panting after me at the lake. It wasn't long before I was back out of my bikini thoroughly enjoying my husband's attention as he made love to me.

A week later I was packing for the trip. I had my new bikinis in along with two older ones, including a one piece. As I was packing my lingerie Steve noticed I seemed to be packing the plainer ones and told me to be more daring. Not only was I likely to flirt, according to him, there was no telling when the wind might whip up my dress and I might be embarrassed by too plain panties. I had no interest in flashing my panties to anyone but I put in more sexy underthings, including panty and bra sets and bikini panties.

That night after Steve made love to me he told me to have fun and enjoy the time away. I asked what he meant. Steve told me he knew there would be attractive men there and I should feel free to flirt with them and enjoy their attention. I was surprised by this and asked him if he didn't worry. Steve told me he trusted me and knew I would not do anything that would endanger our marriage. I accepted this and was soon asleep in his arms.

In the morning Steve pleased me by making love to me again and then we were off to the airport so Becky and I could meet one of her friends for our flight to Las Vegas. Her other two friends were flying in from San Francisco and we were to meet at the Las Vegas airport. Steve kissed me before we went into the security line and told me to have lots of fun, call him daily and know that he trusted me.

The weather in Las Vegas was great and we were soon headed south in our loaded SUV. I loved the desert, it is so different from Washington. We stopped in Searchlight to stretch and use the ladies room and the light breeze felt so good as it blew my light skirt against my legs. We made it on down to Lake Havasu City after a short stop in Bullhead City and went directly to see London Bridge and get an idea of what the area was like. We then checked into our rooms, two rooms for the girls and a room for me, before changing into swimsuits and heading to London Bridge Beach along the canal.

The weather was so warm even though it was already 5:30 and the water felt good as we waded

around, enjoyed the sun and the girls began some serious flirting. There were lots of boats beached all along the canal with loud music and wild kids. We quickly came across a group of college boys there with one young man's uncle. The uncle, Greg, lived at Phoenix, has a boat at Lake Havasu and had invited his nephew and friends to the lake after a long cold winter in Minnesota. Greg was 46 and his wife had died the previous fall of breast cancer that had spread to her lungs. It was not long before we were on Greg's boat and out on the lake. Greg has one of those party barge boats with both sleeping area and a head with a shower and toilet in a addition to a small galley area. Ten people on the boat was not crowded at all and we had a good time swimming, sunning, flirting and eating hot dogs, potato salad and chips.

It gets dark earlier in Arizona than in Washington and by 9:00 we were back at our motel with the girls excitedly talking about their plans for meeting the boys at the house boat the next morning. After ushering the girls into their rooms I settled in my room and called Steve to report in. Steve wanted to know all about our flight, the drive, how the weather was and everything else we had done. I told Steve about Greg and the boys and how the girls were all agreed they needed to see more of them. Steve asked me about Greg and I told him about his wife dying, the boat and how much I enjoyed getting to steer the boat. Steve told me it all sounded like a lot of fun and to have fun out on the lake. Soon I showered, got ready for bed and settled down to read before going to sleep. The steamy western romance novel I had chosen kept my mind going back and forth between Steven and Greg.

I should say more about Greg. I told you he is 46. He has light brown hair, is slim, brown eyes and is an electrical engineer. His son is grown and has moved to the LA area. Steve is clear he does not see enough of him. He is also disappointed that his son has dropped out of college and doesn't seem to have any goals. He talks a lot about the importance of all the kids finishing college. He had rented a house up the hill in Lake Havasu City for the week.

Monday morning I got up by 8:30. I got the girls out of bed and we went down and enjoyed the complimentary motel breakfast. Then we got dressed for the day on the water and set out for the marina where Greg had told us we could find his house boat moored. I wore a new sun dress and had my one piece swimsuit in a bag along with my towel and other necessary supplies. On the way we stopped for Gatoraide, bottled water, chips and some beer and wine. I was not sure what was appropriate but I had noticed Greg had IPA and Mike's in his refrigerator on the boat so I bought both, along with some white zinfandel.

The guys were all there looking impatient by the time we arrived and we soon headed out onto the lake. The temperature was already almost 100 degrees and Greg told us the expected high would be 106 or so. The kids were all warned to be careful about drinking and all of us were told to make sure we had enough water. Greg let me steer again and was next to me sometimes bumping into me as small waves from other boats rocked our boat.

We found a cove to anchor at and soon the kids were in the water having fun. Becky was after me to get in the water too so I finally put on my swimsuit and joined them. Beck expressed her disappointment that I had not worn one of my new bikinis. The girls were showing so much skin very little was left to the imagination and I felt a little out of place. However, when I came out of the cabin after changing Greg whistled so I felt like I was dressed appropriately for my age. Steve often tells me I have the body of a much younger girl. I was careful to not get too much sun during the day and the water felt good compared to the heat.

At the end of the day on the water, we got back to the marina by 7:00 and the boys asked the girls to go out to dinner with them. I changed back into my dress and asked Greg to drive me back to the motel. Instead Greg suggested dinner together. I excused myself and went a little ways away and called Steve. I told him about Greg inviting me to dinner and expressed reluctance to go as I did not want to give him the wrong idea. Steve told me to go ahead and go to dinner with Greg, pointing out that Greg was probably missing female companionship since losing his wife. I asked Steve if he was really okay with me going out on what amounted to a date with another man. Steve told me again he trusted me and knew I would not endanger our marriage. I told Steve I loved him and I would call when I got back to me room. Steve told me to have a good time and be nice to Greg.

Dinner with Greg was very nice. Afterwards we went for a long walk on the island. Walking across London Bridge seemed special as I looked down at the water in the canal. The light evening breeze felt so good because it was still quite warm out. I allowed Greg to take my hand as we walked and talked. There is a small seawall along the canal and we hopped down from there so we could walk in the sand and water while I carried my sandals. It all felt so good and when we got back to almost under the bridge Greg pulled me around and kissed me. I was surprised but liked it and found myself kissing him back. I was flattered when I realized the effect I was having on his level of arousal and felt it against my belly. Still, this was not what I wanted and I told Greg I needed to get back to my motel. Greg took me back to my room and walked me to the door where he kissed me again before I told him good night and closed the door.

It was past 10:30 when I called Steve to check in. Steve immediately asked how my date was. I thought of how nice Greg's kisses had felt and told him I had a good time. Steve asked if Greg did anything and I told him I had let Greg kiss me. Steve surprised me again by telling me that was fine. I asked him if he wasn't jealous or upset or anything and Steve told me again he knew no matter what I did, he knew I would not endanger our marriage. I had to ask Steve again if he wasn't jealous and he told me no, have a good time and be nice to Greg.

I had heard from my daughter and knew the girls did not plan to be back before midnight so I showered, got ready for bed and settled down with my novel. I could not help thinking of Greg as a read a steamy scene in the novel and ended up bringing myself to a climax.

Tuesday we were back at the houseboat with the boys and of course, Greg. My daughter finally got me to wear one of the new bikinis. I felt practically naked as I came out of the cabin after changing but Greg made me feel good when he told me how good I looked as he looked me up and down. The way he looked at me embarrassed me, but I also liked it, it made me feel like a high school girl again. I noticed the girls all seemed to be paired up with a boy and saw Becky was spending all of her time in the company of Andrew.

The day was spent out swimming, sunning, eating chips and hamburgers, drinking some beer and getting sunburned. By the end of the day my shoulders, back, legs and the tops of my breasts were all feeling very warm and I knew I had gotten way too much sun. It was the worst in the areas the one piece suit had covered the day before.

The girls took off with the boys again and Greg took me out to dinner. After dinner we once again went for a walk. This time we just walked the mainland side of Lake Havasu City and talked of life, movies, books and whatever else came to mind as Greg held my hand and sometimes put his arm around me. We stopped at a park along the water's edge and sat in the grass to enjoy the evening. Greg was kissing me again and I was returning his kisses. Soon I was on my back on the grass as Greg kissed me and touched me in places that felt good. However, as his hand moved up my skirt and began to stroke my inner thighs I sat up and told him I needed to get back to the motel. I thanked Greg for a very nice evening and let him kiss me again. His kiss was much longer than the evening before and I didn't stop him as his hands wandered over the outside of my clothing.

I walked Greg back down to his car and I was surprised when my daughter and her friend Andrew came out of her room as Greg was leaving. Becky did not see me. She was only wearing a short night shirt of the kind I know she likes to sleep in and as she kissed Andrew good night her night shirt rose up and I saw him pull her into him with his hands on her panty clad bottom. I waited for her to return to her room then went up to talk to her. The bed was a mess and Becky was defensive right away. I asked her where her roommate, Sarah, was and she told me she was still out with her new boyfriend. Becky telling me she is grown up and can make her own decisions did not help any. All I could think to say was I hoped the girls were being careful. Some chaperone I turned out to be.

I called Steve to report on my day. Steve pointed out it was almost midnight and asked what I had been doing. I told him about dinner with Greg and then about having to talk to Becky about boys. I didn't go into any details about my talk with Becky but I think Steve pretty well got the idea of what was going on. Then Steve asked about my evening with Greg. I told him about dinner and walking again. I was silent for a while and Steve asked me if I was kissing him again. I was silent again and Steve asked me if there was more than kissing. I didn't answer, and Steve told me it was okay, he knew I would not do anything that would endanger our marriage. I asked him again if he was angry or jealous. Steve said, "No, I trust you. Have a good time and be nice to Greg." I told Steve about my sunburn and he told me to be more careful and take care of myself. Then I asked Steve how far would be too far with Greg. He asked me how far we had gone. I told him some touching on Greg's part. All Steve said was, "Julie, I trust you. I know you love me and I love you. No matter what, I know you will not endanger our marriage. Have fun and be nice to Greg."

On Wednesday morning the redder areas of my sunburn were quite uncomfortable. I decided on a loose sun dress and hipster panties with matching bra. Both the straps of my bra and the elastic of my panties were over sunburned areas and that did not help matters any. When the girls finally got up they talked about going to a ghost town called Oatman and a park near Kingman that was in the mountains and would be cooler. I decided I would rather just hang around, feel sorry for myself and get some laundry done. They would be gone all day.

The boys arrived to get the girls without Greg. They took one of Greg's cars and my rental and loaded up to go. I went back to my room to get the wash. I had gotten laundry from everyone so I had plenty to do. As I was gathering things together Greg called. When I told him I was doing the wash he suggested I bring the laundry over to his house and use the washer and dryer there. I objected that I did not have a car but he insisted on coming over to get me.

Greg was there within ten minutes and greeted me with a kiss. When we go to the house he helped me carry stuff in and I got the first load of wash in and going. I then mentioned to Greg how sore my burn was. He told me he had noticed my shoulders were a little red and I told him it was much worse in the areas the one piece swim suit had covered and the bikini bared. Greg told me he had a magic formula sunburn treatment that would make it much better. I asked him what it was and he told me a mixture of vitamin E capsules and hand lotion with Aloe Vera. I told him to get it.

I quickly noticed there was no way I was going to get the oil and lotion on my back but Greg was all chivalry as he offered to apply it. I wasn't at all sure about this. However, my bra and panties actually covered quite a bit more than my bikini so I asked him where we should go. He suggested the bedroom but I thought the living room floor with me laying on a beach towel would be a better idea. I felt funny taking my dress off in front of him but got down on the towel face down. Greg took his shirt off and started cutting vitamin E capsules open and squeezing them out on my back. It felt very good as he worked the lotion and oil into my back. I realized I needed the area under my bra straps done and reached back and unfastened my bra. His hands really wandered over my back and sometimes he touched the sides of my breasts as he worked.

As Greg worked his way down my back he finally go to the top of my panties. Without me saying anything he pulled the upper part down to expose all of the burned area. I could tell I was getting wet as he worked all that area that would normally be covered by panties.

Next Greg started working on my upper legs. This was getting me more exciting as he hands went between my legs and sometimes brushed against the gusset area of my panties. Soon there was another problem, the lower part of my panties covered more than the bikini had. I was pretty turned on and really liking Greg's touch plus the lotion was very soothing on my burned skin. I rolled over letting my bra fall off and slid my panties off before quickly turning back over with my legs tightly together. No man other than my husband and my doctor had ever seen me naked since I was about six.

Finally Greg was done with my back. The washer buzzed that is was done and I got up, wrapped the towel around my body and went in to transfer clothes to the dryer and get the next load started. Since this load was lights I asked Greg to bring my panties and bra and threw them in. When I finished Greg held me and kissed me and told me I looked good dressed in nothing but a beach towel. My hands on his bare back, his bare legs against mine, his kisses on my lips and his arousal against my belly all felt very good.

We returned to the living room and Greg asked if I was ready to have my front done, or was I going to do it myself. I knew I should have done it myself but I was feeling very good and did not want his ministrations to stop. I took off the towel, laid it out and lay down on my back. Greg started on my shoulders then moved down to the burned areas of my upper breasts. My nipples were fine, but I did not object as he rubbed lotion on them too. He worked his way down my belly and all the area down to my pubic hair.

As Greg started working on my upper legs I opened my legs a little. This area was not very red, but his touch felt so good and my clit was beginning to tingle every time he got anywhere near there. I opened my legs more and enjoyed Greg's touch which began to brush against my labia and even my clit.

Then Greg stood up and took off his shorts and briefs before laying down on top of me and kissing me. He kissed my breasts and moved between my legs as I spread them. I could feel his hardness against my clit and the slippery feeling as the shaft rubbed between my labia. I was thinking I can't do this, I have to stop this but had no control over my body as he slid into me. It felt so good I let out a moan as I felt his balls against my bottom.

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