Don't Ever Give Up Ch. 05


"Cum for me, baby," Tim said. It wasn't so loud that the neighborhood would hear it, but it was loud enough to break through whatever noise Julia was likely hearing in her head. She opened her mouth then, and while it wasn't quite a scream, it was a shout that, if nothing else, probably woke up J.T. and Sheila downstairs.

She started babbling incoherently, as she often did when she had a strong orgasm. Tim thought he could make out his name somewhere in there, but he couldn't be sure. Either way, a few seconds later, the dam broke as Julia's pussy flooded with her juices. The instant liquid heat effect it had on Tim's dick was almost too much to handle, but, for reasons he didn't comprehend, he managed to hold out. Julia would have wanted him to cum, but he knew that wasn't the biggest orgasm she could have, and he wanted to send her back to sleep with a mammoth mind-blower.

He lessened his pace and his grip on her hips as she rode through that orgasm, either her third or fourth as near as Tim could tell. When she was through, her elbows slid off the railing as she collapsed onto the hot tub cover, forcing his dick out of her.

Despite the raging hard-on still waving lewdly in front of his body, Tim scooted off the hot tub and gently pulled Julia by her legs to the edge of the tub. Once she was close enough, he picked her up and carried her back to the chair. The chair was soaked, and the puddles of water were slightly cold on his back as he sat down on it. He arranged Julia into as comfortable a position as he could for both of them while she finished coming down off her high.

"Mmmm," she purred as she nestled her head into his shoulder. "Too long." Tim assumed she meant it had been too long since they'd had sex.

"Tell me about it," he replied. "I still have another few minutes to go."

Julia pulled back and looked at him, her eyes half-wide with a little bit of shock. "You didn't cum?"

"I didn't."


"I want to give you one more, way better than the one you just had," Tim said. "I will cum with you."

The fire that had been in Julia's eyes since she'd woken up was smoldering, but he saw it kick back to life a little bit. She used her tongue to leave a trail of saliva from his elbow, all the way up his arm, across his collarbone, his jaw and his cheek, before she finally reached his mouth. Even after however long they'd been going at it, the kiss was still as passionate as the first.

Temporarily satisfied with the kissing, Julia sat up on Tim's lap and grabbed his cock with her right hand. She squirmed around a little bit before Tim finally felt his cock slip back into her now-soaked pussy.

Shit, she feels so damn good, Tim thought to himself. He wanted to say it out loud, but Julia's eyes had locked on to his own, and they were sharing a look that told her everything she needed to know. She slowly rocked on top of his cock, occasionally lifting herself up with her hands on his chest and settling back down.

Tim knew this was Julia's favorite position, but it wasn't one they did very often. They didn't do it at all for the first year or so of their arrangement, but Julia had insisted one night, and he'd given in, but told her she had to stay upright, and that she couldn't lean over to lie on top of him. She asked why, but he refused to explain it, instead just asking for her to understand and accept it. Like everything else, she'd done just that.

Of course, Tim knew why.

Julia was quite the vision in front of him, with the rain finally letting up some and the moonlight clearly visible in the background. Her head was tossed backward slightly, her eyes were closed, and she cupped a breast in either hand as she gradually increased her pace on his dick. Tim knew it wouldn't be the same if he was anybody else, but he also knew that right now, Julia was in her own little world.

He was content to let her stay there for a few minutes, but when she started bouncing wildly up and down, he leaned forward and planted a kiss on her right nipple, letting his tongue drag under it as she softly moaned. He did the same to the left nipple, then bent down and dipped his tongue ever so briefly into her belly button. She shivered at that, which made Tim smile.

He would have kept going, but Julia didn't let him. Instead, she placed her hands on his shoulders, gently forcing him to lie back down on the flat chair. He thought she would sit back up, but instead, she stayed there, not lying down but instead, perched over top of him with her hands firmly on his shoulders. Her breasts swung like twin pendulums, just inches away from his tongue, and the intense gaze was back on her face. It was almost as if she'd decided to force the issue to see what Tim would do.

For the moment, Tim did nothing - except slowly start to panic. He was still out of danger for now, but Julia was inching closer and closer to a place he hadn't gone in more than three years.

Sure enough, she slid her hands off his shoulders, replacing them with her forearms, which dropped her a little closer to full contact. She never quit looking at his eyes, and she must have seen something she wasn't comfortable with, because Tim saw her face screw up a little bit. It vanished about as quickly as it got there, though. Tim didn't know what to think.

Finally, she slid her arms off his shoulders altogether, placing them on either side of his head. She was lying flat on top of him now, flexing her pussy muscles around his cock but unable to do a lot more than that. She moved a little to keep the friction, but was more focused on Tim's reaction.

For his part, Tim was convinced his brain was scrambled. He was looking at the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, but he was seeing someone else. This had been his and Leira's position. She'd lie on top of him, he'd start pistoning his hips upward, and it never took long for her to explode, pissing off the neighbors in the process. They did it nearly every time they had sex, and Tim couldn't think of that without thinking of her.

He was losing it. His mind was flailing, trying to hold on to something. His cock was still hard, but in a few seconds, it wouldn't be. This is exactly what I was afraid of, Tim thought-

"My ass, Tim."

Tim's eyes had gone back to their Marine Corps days, rapidly searching every square inch of the horizon for threats, but now they snapped back to Julia's face. He'd heard the words, but didn't understand.

"Grab my ass, baby," she added.

The haze was still there, but the primal part of Tim's brain - the part that wasn't stupid enough to turn down such a request - did as she asked, cupping a firm cheek in each hand. He squeezed slightly, causing a quiet moan to escape Julia's throat.

"Come back to me," she continued. "It's me. Nobody else."

Holy shit, Tim thought, she's in my mind. She knows exactly what I'm thinking.

And... she's still here.

Tim squeezed a little harder, and was rewarded with a louder moan from Julia. She leaned down and showered his face with kisses before pulling back to look at him again.

"Your cock feels so fucking good, Tim," she said. "So damn good."

She wiggled around a little more, keeping up some friction on his cock to keep him hard. God bless her, Tim thought - he had no idea how she stayed wet through that, but he could still feel her juices leaking out and running down his balls. It had been a while, but his hips still remembered how to do this. He started bucking a little bit, grabbing Julia's attention. She locked her eyes back onto his, and her face steeled up.

"Now," she said, somewhat sternly. "I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck ME."

Tim didn't dare take his eyes off hers, but his hips sprang into motion. He thrust his cock up into her tight tunnel a few times, and stopped to look at her. The stern glare hadn't lasted long - her smile was widening with every stroke.

The haze was lifting now. He'd meant everything he said earlier - he was over Leira, he didn't want her back, he needed Julia now, and that was all that mattered. The position had caught him off guard, and he'd had no choice but to go back - for a second.

But that was the past.

Now, it was time to dazzle Julia. It was time to fuck this woman like he'd never fucked her before - which was saying something.

Tim steeled his spine, and he hoped some of that steel made it into his eyes for Julia's benefit. He wrapped his arms around her lower back and pulled her as tightly to his body as he could without squeezing the oxygen out of her lungs. The look on her face told him she was surprised and she was caught off-guard. But Tim had seen this look before - mostly, she was just fucking turned on.

The rain helped him slide her forward on his chest, and he planted his feet on either side of the chair. He lifted his hips and ass off the chair and started hammering into Julia's pussy as hard as he could. Her eyes just got wider and wider.

Tim tilted his mouth up and caught Julia full on the lips, and she answered back by attacking him with her tongue while hanging on for dear life. He would have kept kissing her right through both of their orgasms, but Julia wasn't having it. She pulled away, their lips making an audible popping noise as the contact was broken. He heard and felt her take a huge gulp of air.

"Breathe, Julia," Tim said, whispering in her ear. "Breathe for me, while I shove this fucking cock into you. Breathe, while I slam my cock into that pretty, tight pussy of yours. I'm fucking you, Julia. And I'm not going to quit until you cum harder than you've ever cum in your fucking life. If it doesn't happen now, I'll keep fucking you. I'll fuck you all night, all day tomorrow, for as long as it takes. I don't care. You're going to pass out from being fucked so hard."

Now it was Tim's turn to babble incoherently. He kept talking, partly because he knew Julia loved dirty talk, and partly because finding the words took a tiny bit of the focus off his impending orgasm. Just like Julia, he hadn't gotten off since early last week. He didn't know if he could hold on much longer - he hoped like hell she was there.

"So, breathe, baby," Tim continued. "And now? CUM, JULIA! CUM ALL OVER MY COCK!" The first part had been a whisper - the second part was Tim's contribution to early-morning noise pollution. He was shouting at the top of his lungs.

Julia was no slouch in the noise department usually, but her strongest orgasms didn't elicit much in the way of vocals. No, when she came really hard, she inflicted pain. He was far enough out of the haze now to realize that Leira had been the same way, without taking a trip back. She bit hard enough to draw blood, and that's exactly what Julia was doing now. The high-pitched humming was back, but she was going Count Dracula on his shoulder.

"I feel you cumming, Jules," Tim said. "I'm almost-"

The words caught in Tim's throat as his orgasm slammed into him. His hips were thrusting furiously, he couldn't feel his legs, his shoulder was probably bleeding, and he didn't care about any of that. Jet after jet of cum erupted from his cock and deep into Julia's spasming pussy. With each thrust, he felt more weight coming off his shoulders - almost as if he was letting go of the past and the pain right along with this huge load of cum.

Julia never had a cooling down period. Instead, she did exactly what Tim had demanded. She was cumming on his cock, and then she collapsed, even before he was completely finished with his own orgasm. Tim could feel a mixture of his cum and her copious juices flowing out of her pussy and onto his legs. It felt slick, slimy and messy.

But mostly, it just felt right. Julia lying here with him outside in the middle of the night, with a light drizzle enveloping both of them, after what Tim knew was one of the most important evenings of his life... it just felt right. He couldn't explain it any other way.

He lay there with Julia on his chest for about five minutes, but she showed no signs of waking up. Her chest was still rising and falling, but she wasn't moving, and she wasn't conscious.

Tim somehow slid out from under her, his rapidly deflating cock slipping out of her pussy along the way. He reached down and gathered her up in his arms, and planted a soft kiss on her forehead before taking her inside the house, leaving their clothes on the deck.

He walked through the main room and down the hallway to the only guest bedroom on the third floor. He gently lay Julia down on the bed, then pulled the covers out from under her and tucked her in before walking around the other side and crawling in behind her.

Just as he was about to fall asleep, he felt Julia stir. She took his hand, which had been resting lightly on her right hip, and pulled it across her breasts. Tim clutched her left breast and pulled her tightly into his body.

"That was amazing," she said, finally.

"You're amazing," he replied. "And I'm sorry."

"Don't be," she said. "You were gone for a second there, but you came back."

"I'm not leaving again," he answered.

"I know," she said, effectively ending that line of conversation, which was just fine with Tim. They lay there quietly in the darkness for another few minutes.

"Do you want me to call them back and accept the job?" Julia asked some minutes later.

"Do you want to?" Tim said, without hesitating.


"You wouldn't lose me. My best friend owns airplanes. I'd come down once a week."

"I want you every day."

"Me, too," Tim said, and tried to find a way to pull her even closer. "It's your life and your career, Jules. I won't get in your way. You need to do what's best for you. That's what I was trying to say earlier, but it all came out wrong."

"You're what's best for me, Tim," she said, and rolled over in the bed to face him. "Southwest loves me, Tim. There will be other jobs. You can't leave in the middle of a season. I know you don't mind leaving this area, and I'm not tied to it, either. But I'm not leaving without you."

"Okay," Tim replied. He smiled, and she answered back with an even bigger smile.

"How did you find out, by the way?" she asked.

"About what?"


"Oh," Tim said. "One of your co-workers."

"What? Who?"

"Brandi, I think she said her name was," Tim continued. "She saw me at Starbucks in the airport, while I was waiting for you to get off work. She asked me if you were taking the job. I got her to tell me everything while making her think I already knew everything."

"Of course you did," Julia said, chuckling slightly.

"Don't be mad at her," Tim answered. "She just wanted to know if she should be expecting a raise, and she was afraid to ask you."

"It's okay," she replied.

"It was funny though," Tim said. "I told her we were just friends when she sat down, and when she was finished, she asked me out."

"She what?"

"Calm down, hon," Tim said, placing a hand on her shoulder. "I told her I had plans with you. She said something about us being just friends, and how it was bullshit."

Julia laughed.

"Everyone knew," Tim continued. "Even people I don't know knew. Everyone knew but me."

"You knew," she replied. "You just didn't let yourself admit it. You have now."

"I know," Tim said. "But it took a year and a half. All this time, we could have--"

Julia put a finger on Tim's lips and said, "Shh."

"You were worth the wait," she added. "Don't worry about the past. Just focus on the future."

Tim didn't have a reply to that.

"So, were you tempted?" Julia asked.

"To do what?"

"Go out with Brandi."

Hello, loaded question.

"Wait," Tim said. "You're pretty much my girlfriend now, right?"

"I'm not a fan of the 'pretty much' part, but besides that, yeah," she answered. "If you're okay with that."

Tim pondered it for a half-second. He was expecting red flags and warning bells in his mind - he got none.

"More than okay with it," he said. "But now that we're together, you can't ask me what I think about other women."

"We weren't together when she asked you."

"Doesn't matter."

"Oh, shut up, Tim," Julia said. "She's attractive, right?"

"Most men would not kick her out of bed, no," Tim said. "But no, I wasn't tempted. You heard me outside earlier. I haven't wanted anyone else for most of the past year. Certainly not now."

"I believe you," she said. "But... I think she's pretty hot."

Tim's jaw muscles took a vacation. "You what?"

Julia laughed hard. "We're both open-minded, right? Never know what might happen in the future..."

Tim leaned down to kiss her, and they made out for a few more minutes. It lacked some of the intensity of a few minutes prior, but none of the passion.

Julia drifted off to sleep first. Tim wasn't far behind her, but he fell asleep wondering what might lie ahead.

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