tagRomanceDon't Ever Give Up Ch. 09

Don't Ever Give Up Ch. 09


Note: Special thanks go out to my two regular editors, LilTexasSexFiend and AnInsatiableReader, for making this infinitely better than it was when I first wrote it. As always, let me know what you think, through voting, comments or private feedback. All three works too! ;-)




Tim savored the view as he swung his SUV up the gravel path into his driveway. Spring was finally in full effect in central North Carolina, and that meant a full Sunday afternoon compliment of boaters and partiers on the lake behind his house. He loved this house, the view, and everything it meant about who he was, everything he'd had to accomplish to make it happen.

In some ways, it was a shame he'd be leaving it behind soon.

The garage door opened, and Tim couldn't help but chuckle. He'd been trying to buy Julia a new car since January. She needed no convincing that her Camry was a piece of shit on wheels and badly in need of replacing. Letting him buy the car for her, though... that had taken Tim plenty of convincing. When she'd finally acquiesced, Tim told her she could get anything she wanted, and prepared himself to spend a bunch of money on some foreign luxury car or an American psuedo-sports car.

Instead, she had chosen the beast Tim pulled up next to now, a dark green Dodge Ram -- loaded with every option imaginable and fine-tuned to guzzle more gas than a 747. Indeed, Julia was full of surprises -- just one of the many reasons Tim loved her.

He grabbed the bag off the passenger's seat of his Mariner and made his way into the house as quietly as possible. He and Julia had been at it all weekend, and since they both had Monday off, neither planned to stop anytime soon. The marathon had taken them all over the house, and their last session had ended in one of the guest rooms. Julia had fallen asleep right there on the bed and he'd taken advantage of that to run out and get what he needed. He didn't want to wake her up just yet.

Tim stopped in the game room downstairs and hid the bag in the cabinet with all the 360 and PS3 games. As much as Julia loved all things masculine, she'd never gotten into video games, so he doubted she'd find it there. He also checked his top desk drawer in his office, making sure all the paperwork he needed was there. He so hoped everything would work out like he'd planned.

Julia hadn't been out of his sight for more than an hour, and yet, Tim found himself missing her already. With everything set downstairs, he quickly but quietly ascended the staircase to the second floor and the guest room where he'd left Julia slumbering peacefully. He expected to see her lying on her back, her chest rising and falling gently, and he steeled himself to experience her beauty.

Tim didn't get what he expected.

Oh, what he saw froze in him place, all right, and his beautiful girlfriend was indeed lying on her back. Her chest wasn't rising and falling slowly, though - it was doing so erratically, matching the movement of her right arm between her legs. As she fingered herself, her left hand tweaked one of her nipples, and she moaned softly each time she hit some combination of the right spots. Her dark brown hair, which had grown out some since the new year began, fanned out on the pillow underneath her head.

Tim stepped back out of the doorway so she wouldn't spot him spying on her, but made sure he still had a good view. He'd never watched her do this - at least, not when he wasn't right there beside her doing the same thing - and he knew this was something he didn't want to miss.

"Oh, fuck," she cried out, now sliding three fingers in and out of her slick tunnel. Tim had managed to get three inside her on occasion, but it was also an extremely tight fit. So even though his fingers were larger, he figured she had to be stretching herself pretty good. She continued pumping them in and out of herself for a few more seconds, then focused her attention more on her clit as she inched closer to an orgasm.

Tim's cargo shorts suddenly became very tight, and he loosened his belt and unzipped his fly to give himself more room. Julia was writhing on the bed under the smooth manipulation of her own fingers, no doubt bringing herself right to the edge, only to back down for a few moments to cool off before repeating the process.

"Oh, fuck!" she repeated, now feverishly rubbing her clit. The way she was getting into this, how incredibly worked up she got -- it made Tim more horny than he had been in a long time, which was saying something.

She was positively gorgeous, but the longer he stood and watched the show, the less he felt like enjoying the view, and the more he wanted to get involved.

He finally pulled his cock from his boxers, and was just about to start jerking himself off when he heard Julia continue. "My fingers are nice, but I wish it was your tongue, baby."

Tim stopped and half-smiled. He should have known she saw him watching her from the hallway. He half-heartedly lamented the fact that he hadn't hidden himself better, because he was sure he really would have enjoyed the show Julia put on.

Of course, in exchange for missing the show, he got to do what Julia had asked. Pretty decent trade-off as far as Tim was concerned.

He quickly undressed, leaving his thrown-together ensemble of weekend clothes in a pile in the hallway, and made his way quietly to the bed. She obviously knew he was there, but she didn't open her eyes or make any move to acknowledge his presence as he moved toward her. Her legs were half hanging over the side of the bed, so he knelt down and spent a few seconds watching Julia's fingers work at close range.

Her scent was much more powerful close up, and he could hear the various noises she made -- the way her breath caught in her throat, her subtle and not so subtle moaning -- much more clearly. He marveled at her mostly bare pussy, following the single "landing strip" of hair from just south of her waist to her clit. He could see how wet she was, and he followed a single drop of moisture as it leaked from her pussy and added to the wet spot on his sheets.

There were just two senses left to satisfy, and when Tim could take it no longer, he slid his hands under Julia's ass cheeks and dove tongue-first into her pussy, grinning when she screamed at the sudden shock.

"TIM!!!!!" she shrieked. "OH MY GOD!!!"

She instinctively squeezed her legs together, locking her heels around Tim's upper back. He hadn't been planning on stopping anyway, but she was making absolutely sure of it.

"Holy fuck, that's just... I was just thinking about... OH!" Julia exclaimed. "Oh, fuck, lick my pussy, baby!"

Tim held her wrist in place, forcing her to continue rubbing her clit as he tongue fucked her pussy deeply. He knew his tongue wasn't all that long, but for some reason, he felt like he was hitting places with it tonight that he'd never reached before.

"Oh, God, if I'd known," Julia started, but then trailed off. It was like somewhere in her subconscious, she realized putting together coherent thoughts wasn't really worth the effort. "Known... all I had to... think of you and you'd be here..."

Tim ramped up the intensity with his tongue so she would stop talking. Not that he didn't love hearing her voice, but she'd caught him peeping fair and square, so there was no need to act otherwise. He really just wanted her to relax and enjoy the orgasm he was about to deliver.

Tim dug his fingers into Julia's pliable asscheeks, pulling her as hard into his face as he could. As his tongue continued its assault on her pussy, his nose brushed back and forth against her clit, fighting her fingers for the honor. It had been a day or so since Tim had shaved, so he figured she might be enjoying the stubble on his jaw rubbing that sensitive stretch of skin between her pussy and her ass.

Julia moved her hand away from her clit and grabbed Tim's hair instead. Tim also needed a haircut, and Julia was taking full advantage of the extra length. Tim responded by pulling his right hand back toward his body and sinking two fingers into her sopping pussy, which just added to her incoherent babbling. The juices from her excitement were enlarging the already-large wet spot on the bed, but enough of them were dripping down onto her ass that it gave Tim a mischievous idea of how to finish her off. He didn't use it all that often, but when Julia was in the right mood, it sent her spiraling off the charts.

He added his ring finger to the index and middle finger that were already sawing in and out of her pussy, figuring she was lubed up enough for the extra pressure. He pressed his right thumb hard over her clit and used his pinky to gather up a copious amount of her juices. He gently raked the tip of his pinky over her perfect pink rosebud, giving her a split-second warning before pushing it inside her.

Julia's eyes shot open and she looked at him in amazement, but he never gave her the chance to say anything. He fucked her with all four fingers and rubbed her clit furiously with his thumb. With no room for his tongue to contribute downstairs, he bit the soft part of her stomach, just beneath her belly button. Her fingers, tangled up in his hair, became almost painful -- almost.

It didn't take much longer for Tim to finish what Julia had started. She tensed up, and all the random words and noises stopped, replaced by a high-pitched humming, like a squeal trapped hopelessly between her vocal chords and her lips.

Her thighs really locked down on his upper back now, making it a little hard to breathe as Tim furiously fingered this beautiful woman to an explosive orgasm. Julia's pussy gushed, drowning his fingers with juices as her hips bucked against his assault. After a few seconds, he just pushed his fingers in as far as he could and held still while she handled the rest, rocking herself down off her high at her own pace. He simply stared into her eyes, slipping a little bit deeper in love with her as she slipped from her orgasmic perch.

It took a few more minutes after that for her to open her eyes and realize he was staring at her. She smiled as broadly as she could.

"That was amazing," she said. "Just... mind-blowing."

"It was pretty good from down here, too," he answered. "Let me go."

Julia blushed just a little and relaxed her grip around his torso.

"A little too tight?" she asked.

"No," Tim half-lied. "I just wanted to slide up next to you," he said, doing just that, "so I could do this."

Tim crawled up beside her, cupped one of her full breasts in his palm, and gave her a deep kiss, the kind where his tongue fought her tongue for the right to get down the other's throat. There were times when the intensity forced him to close his eyes, but he did his best to keep them open and look into hers. Tim wasn't so good with words when it came to emotions, so he hoped this would do the talking for him.

"Wow," she said. "That was nice."

"That's a word for it," Tim agreed.

"I remember when you used to do that, before you told me how you really felt," she said. "That was so unfair."

"It was," Tim said. "I hadn't told YOU how I felt yet. That didn't mean I wasn't already feeling it."

She simply smiled. They'd had this conversation once or twice -- she understood.

"That was just crazy though," she said, turning away from him and into a spoon position. "I was just thinking about how great it would feel for you to be licking my pussy instead of me using my fingers. I think I may have even said it out loud. And then... all the sudden, there you were."

Tim's face screwed up in confusion.

"You did say it," he replied. "I was standing in the hallway, you saw me, and then you said that. I figured that was your way of telling me to get over to the bed."

"You were there?" she exclaimed, turning her head back to look at him. "I didn't even know you were home!"

A smile slowly crept onto his face.

"I just assumed you'd seen me watching you in the hallway. I couldn't think of any other reason you'd say what you said."

"I have a very active imagination," she answered. "I was visualizing you down on your knees, in between my legs, using that magical tongue to take me places..." she trailed off. "And then you did."

"Damn," Tim said. "I could have stayed out there and watched your show a little longer."

"My show?" she asked, curiously. "Wait, how long were you out there?"

"Not long," Tim said. "Long enough to see that you were enjoying yourself, and long enough to see that I didn't want to miss it."

She chuckled, and Tim felt her neck flush against his chest. "Did you like what you saw?"

Tim laughed out loud and ground his rock-hard cock into her ass. "What do you think?"

Julia pushed her ass back against his crotch, drawing a groan from him. "I think... that I will keep that in mind for the future. But right now, there's something else I want to do for you."

Tim was about to ask when he felt Julia's hand grip his cock. She looked over her shoulder at him and licked her lips seductively.

"Is this for me?" she asked, clearly teasing him.

"No, but, nobody else is around," Tim joked. "So, I guess you'll do."

She rolled her eyes and laughed. "Uh huh," she said. "Shut up." Julia shifted her left leg forward slightly and positioned Tim's cock at her slick entrance. "Shut up and fuck me."

Tim had grown incredibly hard while he'd been eating Julia out, and he needed no further invitation. He took hold of her leg and speared into her with one thrust, her juices from earlier making it easy to sink most of the way in.

"Fuck!" she spat out. "So fucking full this way."

Tim really raised her leg up now, taking advantage of her flexibility to rest her leg across his left arm. Not only did it give him more leverage for fucking her, but it gave him unfettered access to her ample tits.

"Pinch them, Tim!" Julia cried out. A second later, she added a pleading, "Please?"

Tim grinned to himself. This was a game Julia liked to play sometimes. Tim would decide when she came, he'd be in the dominant positions, and she'd play the role of submissive down to the letter. But make no mistake; it was Julia's show now. Sometimes she just decided she wanted things a little bit rougher, and when that happened, she always dictated the pace of things.

Tim had just been gently caressing her breasts, but he gave her what she wanted, twisting and pulling her left nipple between his thumb and forefinger before moving to the other side.

"You like that, Julia?" Tim's question was purely rhetorical. Julia knew it, but she answered it anyway.

"Fuck yes," Julia replied. "I'd like it better if you gave it to me even harder."

Tim cut off the dialogue then and focused on slamming his hips into her ass as hard as he possibly could, drawing a slight whimper from her each time he made contact. His pace slowed way down, but he wasn't holding anything back each time he drove back inside of her.

His right hand was still playing with her tits, but she gripped his wrist and slowly moved it up towards her face. He thought she was going to start sucking on his fingers, but she stopped short of her mouth, leaving his hand resting on her neck.

"Squeeze me." She whispered it, but even with all the noise their hips were making, he still heard her loud and clear.

This was new territory for he and Julia. Oh, they'd gotten rough before, but what she was asking now required an extraordinary level of trust. For a split-second, Tim was just flattered she was willing to ask him to do it.

He tightened his fingers just a little, loosely wrapping them around her neck. It was just enough to give her the feeling of being choked but not nearly hard enough to impact the flow of blood or air. She hadn't told him to be gentle, but then, she hadn't needed to. Tim just instinctively knew this was what she wanted.

"Oh, God," Julia said, drawing laborious breaths now. "Never... done this... before."

"Nope, but we're about to," Tim replied. It seemed like an obvious thing to say, but Tim meant it as a way for her to bail out of it now if she wanted to.

"Yes, baby," she grunted out instead, ensuring Tim everything was fine. "Fuck me. Take me, Tim."

Tim obliged her, keeping up the slow-but heavy pace for a few minutes, then switching to fast, furious strokes that didn't quite reach as deep but created more friction. Every time he heard her moans get louder, he'd change the pace. He figured it'd be frustrating for her, but when she did finally cum, it'd be that much better.

He stopped mauling her tits and pushed himself away from her, switching from a traditional spoon to more of a perpendicular position. He pushed her bottom leg out a little bit so he didn't crush it with his body weight, and used the extra room to spank her ass. They were pretty light shots, but Tim knew as aroused as Julia was, her body would be feeling everything a little bit more.

"Ow!" she cried out, playing along with the game. "Fuck, that hurts so good, baby! Don't stop!"

Tim grinned and left a few more handprints on each cheek as he fucked her in this new position. He didn't have the kind of leverage he needed to really fuck her hard, but he made up for it by sliding his cock all the way out of her pussy, then forcefully driving it back in, over and over again.

Both cheeks were starting to get a little pink, so he stopped spanking her and turned his attention to the gap in between her cheeks. Not needing to be delicate and polished anymore, he spit on his fingers and began moistening up her asshole again.

"It's ready!" she shouted. "Just push it in!"

Tim knew it was ready, and knew his girlfriend really wanted it now... but he was going to make her wait. He kept toying with her rosebud, never actually putting a finger in. He rubbed the area beneath her asshole, and even slipped a finger inside her pussy, sharing the space with his cock.

Finally, he thrust his index finger into her asshole and feverishly finger-fucked her ass, increasing the intensity in her pussy as much as he could. Julia began punching the pillows and the mattress as he continued the pressure on both ends, and the blue streak that came out of her mouth now would have made the most hardcore Marines blush. For all Tim knew, he was blushing right now. Didn't know -- didn't care.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck--" she cried out, then suddenly stopped for a few fleeting seconds. All Tim could hear was his rapid breathing and the sound of his hips making constant contact with hers. Finally, the dam broke. "OH, FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!"

It was more of a long, drawn out grunt than a scream, and Tim could see her knuckles turning white from gripping the pillows so hard. It was sexy, it was gorgeous, but it was also carnal. He continued to fuck her through the wave, then slowly decreased his pace as she came down off it.

Tim hadn't come from this -- he was so focused on heightening her pleasure that he really hadn't paid attention to himself. But when Julia finally opened her mouth again, he thought he might explode right then and there.

"Tim," she said, "I want you to fuck my ass now."

Perhaps Tim shouldn't have been surprised, with all he'd done to her ass thus far, but he was. Julia wasn't shy about letting him play around back there, and she even encouraged him to do so from time to time. But actually fucking her in the ass... Tim guessed they maybe did that four or five times a year.

Still, something about gift horses and mouths was coming to mind. Tim wasted little time sliding his cock from Julia's pussy. He nudged her legs until she rolled over onto her stomach, and he pulled her hips backwards until her ass was sticking out.

"Ooh, you want me doggystyle, huh?" Julia asked. "You want to fuck my ass from behind, baby?"

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