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Don't Fall In Love


(Author's Note: This story was inspired by the movie Strangers with Linda Fiorentino. Also, for those interested, I'm working on the final chapter of Backfires, but not sure when it will be done. Finally, this is a cuckold story involving a conflicted husband and wife – if that's not your thing, you won't enjoy reading this.)

Don't Fall in Love

Chapter 1

The bartender flirts with me as she serves up my beer. She's maybe 25, a little on the chubby side, but cute. I know I could pick her up if I wanted. That's why I'm here at this bar, for a no commitment one-night stand. But there are prettier girls floating around this meat market, so I nod thanks to the bartender and give her a ten for the $6 beer, and then look away, making it clear I'm not interested.

I see a few pretty college girls look my way. I'm pretty good looking, so usually it's not hard for me to pick up girls. But they don't strike my interest. I don't know why I'm being so selective tonight. I'm between girlfriends and I haven't got laid in a couple weeks, so I'm just looking for a fun loving girl who wants a fun romp in the bed.

I'm starting to reconsider the cute bartender when a blonde slides into the stool next to me. I give her a quick up and down. Pretty face, blonde hair over her shoulders, wearing a classy designer outfit that shows a lot of leg. Her legs are pretty amazing. Long and slim and shapely.

She's older than me – early 40s maybe? I'm only 25, just graduated from law school and studying for the bar exam. She's a looker, that's for sure. She doesn't look my way. In fact, she looks distracted. She's not wearing a wedding ring, so she's probably waiting for her boyfriend. There's no way a girl as pretty as her doesn't have a boyfriend.

Still, I give it a shot. She's worth it, very pretty, even though she looks flat chested. I'm a leg man anyway, and boy does she have great legs.

I finish my beer and call over the chummy bartender. "Another Corona," I say to her. Then I catch the pretty blonde's eye. "Can I get you something?"

The blonde looks down her nose at me, like she's bored and knows she's out of my league. Probably she gets hit on all the time. Then she looks AT me. At my face, a quick look at my chest. Like I said, I'm pretty good looking. She gives a little "whatever" shrug, and then says "A chardonnay, please."

"Are you here alone?" I ask as the bartender leaves, looking disappointed.

The blonde gives me a tired "is that your best pickup line" look. "Would I be letting you buy me a drink if I was with someone?"

I smile. Okay, she's busting my chops, but I've always been attracted to that bitchy attitude. I try to look innocent. "Sorry, I don't usually talk to strange girls in bars."

The irony of my reply gets to her, and she smiles. The fact is, I'm a player, and this blonde probably recognized me as a player the moment she laid eyes on me.

Like I said, she's a pretty girl, and her smile makes her even prettier. She's got one of those smiles that make you want to do nice things for her, to get her to smile. But the smile quickly disappears and she looks the other way, distracted again. I steal a closer look at her left hand and see a thin tan line around her ring finger. Okay, I get it now. She's recently divorced, and she came here out of loneliness, or maybe she's like me and she's horny and wants an evening of no commitment sex.

I know it's forward, but I reach out and place my hand on her knee. It's been a long day and I don't have the patience for a long seduction. Either she'll go home with me or not. If not, then I want to find out fast so I can move on to the next girl to get my rocks off (and I've always got the cute bartender as a fallback).

I half expect her to slap my face; if she does, I'll know I read her wrong. If I'm right and she's a horny divorcee, she'll give me a sultry bedroom eyes look as an invitation to take her home. But I don't get either of those. Instead, after I place my hand on her knee, she slowly looks back at me, not looking mad or excited. Instead, she looks kind of melancholy and says, without any emotion, "Okay, let's go."

Thirty minutes later we're in my apartment. As soon as I close the door I pull her into my arms and kiss her. I start slow and soft, running my fingertips along her neck, her cheeks, along her ear. Then I press my tongue into her mouth, finding and softly caressing her tongue.

The blonde's not instigating anything. It's not like she's being passive – she's responding to what I'm doing, and returning my kisses. But she's letting me take the lead, I'm the driver and she's along for the ride.

That doesn't sit well with me. I want her so hot she's attacking me, ripping my clothes off. Fortunately I'm in no rush. I work on her, and we make out for a long time, standing there next to the door, her back up against the wall and me leaning into her.

Eventually she starts getting into it, getting aroused. She begins running her hands through my hair as we continue kissing, pressing her body against mine.

That's when I finally allow my hands to wander down her body. Up until then I'd just been stroking her neck and face. Now my hands travel down her back, softly stroking and caressing. I'm surprised when I don't feel a bra strap. She's an older lady and obviously very classy, yet she goes braless? Then, as my fingers pass over the waist of her expensive skirt and onto her ass cheeks, I immediately feel the straps of a garter belt. Now, in my experience, the only time a girl wears a garter belt to a bar is when she's looking to get laid. So, the garter belt plus no bra confirms it for me, when this chick walked into the bar she intended to go home with some dude. So I was right about her. But still, it doesn't all add up, because she doesn't come across as hot-to-trot.

I reach between our bodies and cup her tits. They're small mounds in my hands. I feel hard eraser size nipples. She groans when I rub her nipples between my thumb and finger. At this point, I've got her so turned on she grinds her crotch against my hard-on. I reach down under her skirt. After finding her braless and wearing a garter belt, it doesn't surprise me to find she's gone commando. I rub a finger between her pussy lips and she moans into my mouth.

I'm ready for more serious action, and I know she is too. I sit down on the sofa and roughly pull her down to her knees between my spread legs. She knows what to do. She runs her hands up my thighs, then cups my crotch. She unbuckles my belt, and unzips my pants. She gets closer so her head hovers above the big tent my cock makes in my shorts.

She carefully pulls my shorts down and my cock springs out. She takes hold of it –she needs both hands – and looks up at me with heavy lidded bedroom eyes. She whispers in a husky voice "god you're big." She licks my shaft up and down, then opens her lips wide and takes me into her mouth.

Let me tell you, I've gotten a lot of blowjobs in my 25 years. I know that sounds like bragging, but it's true. What can I say, I'm a good looking guy, I keep in shape, and I know how to talk to girls. Most important, I've got a big cock. I know girls say size doesn't matter, but they're lying, either to you or to themselves. Girls also talk, a lot more than men. I've had lots of girls tell me (as they're on their knees between my legs) that they had to try to me out after so-and-so told them how big I was. I call it referral fucks, and I've had a lot of referrals.

So I know what I'm talking about. And what I'm saying is, this blonde knows how to give good head. She bobs up and down on my cock, her small hands around my shaft moving up and down with her head. She knows exactly the right pressure to stroke and suck me. Then she pulls me out of her mouth and licks me up and down, venturing down over my balls. She hears me moan and takes a moment to pull my shoes, socks, pants and shorts completely off. She unbuttons my shirt and I toss it to the floor. She looks me up and down, from my chiseled chest to my muscular legs, and I can tell she's impressed. Then she runs her nails lightly over my chest, and I can't help moaning. Her nails continue over my stomach and down my thighs, and I'm groaning and practically writhing on the sofa. Man she's got a good touch!

She gives me a crooked smile. She knows she's got me. She grabs my calves behind my knees and pulls me forward so my ass is on the edge of the sofa. Then she licks me up and down again, then takes me into her mouth, her blonde hair bouncing as she bobs on my cock and strokes my shaft with her hands like before. While sucking me she moves one of her hands under me and lightly tickles the underside of my balls. I'm moaning and groaning and then, with her head still bobbing on my cock, she takes both hands and begins caressing the back of my thighs and ass. Feeling the caress of her fingertips and manicured nails is like bolts of pleasure! She's fucking driving me crazy!

Then she pulls away again and looks at me, again with that crooked teasing smile. She knows how good she is, and how I've never gotten head like this before. She unbuttons her blouse and pulls it off, and I get my first look at her tits. I like what I see. Small but shapely, with a perkiness that belies her age. There's no sag at all, and combined with her flat stomach, I'm pretty sure this chick has never had kids.

She approaches my cock again, but this time she doesn't take me into her mouth. Instead, she licks around my cock head and down my shaft. She continues over my balls, and then delves lower, and before I know it she's licking my sandbar, and then again she starts running her fingertips and nails up and down the back of my thighs and calves. I'm moaning and writhing on the sofa, my head rolling back, she's driving me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!!

I can't stand it anymore! I abruptly pull her off me. I stand up, lifting her off the floor. In my passion I must look deranged, as I see fear cross her face. I throw her down onto the sofa and pull off her skirt. I look down and see a sexy pussy, completely bare except for a small trimmed bush just above her clit. I roughly push her legs apart and get between them. Then I take hold of both her wrists with one hand and roughly push her arms over her head.

"You fucking tease! You're going to get it now bitch!" I growl. I'm usually not rough with chicks, but this cougar is bringing out the worse in me. There's fear in her face, but also – excitement? Yes, that's what I see. For the first time all night, the melancholy and distraction are gone, replaced by excitement.

Still holding her wrists with one hand, I use my other to position my cock at her pussy lips. With my feet braced against the arm of the sofa, I thrust into her pussy, getting half my shaft into her with that one thrust. She screams in pain and cries "You bastard!"

At that moment I don't give a fuck if it hurts, she's gotten me too riled up. I start stroking her, with each inward thrust pushing deeper into her. Feeling how tight she is, I know for certain no spoiled brats ever came out of her pussy.

Pretty soon I'm balls deep in her, and I'm long stroking her, jackhammering into her. I squeeze her tits hard abusing her body further, and she cries out in pain again. I mute her cry by planting my lips on hers, thrusting my tongue down her throat.

Usually I can last a long time but I feel my orgasm just around the corner. She sees it my face and hears it in my grunts, and with alarm cries "Don't you cum in me!"

I let her wrists go and put her legs over my shoulders. This lets me fuck her even deeper, harder and faster, and on top of that I like the way her nylons feel on my shoulders. She grabs my arms, holding on for dear life as I pound her hard, over and over, relentlessly. She's moaning, about to climax. When she cums, her pussy contracts around my cock like a soft tight glove. The sensation is too much and I cum too, ejaculating once, twice and then three times, shooting a huge load into her pussy.

After our orgasms, I let her legs fall off my shoulders and we pant into the other's face, catching our breath. She pushes against me and I roll off, my cock sliding out of her pussy. My cock is covered in milky white sperm. Looking alarmed, she looks between her legs and sees my seed seeping out of her pussy. "I told you to pull out," she says coldly, and then she goes into the bathroom shutting the door behind her.

I start feeling bad. Normally I'm not that rough, and I pull out if the chick wants me to pull out. Looking back, I'm surprised she didn't ask me to wear a condom, but to be fair I know I didn't give her much chance to ask.

I figure she's cleaning up and dressing to leave, so I'm surprised when she comes out of the bathroom still naked. I get my first really good look at her. Pretty face, lush blonde hair, petite slim body, perky tits, flat stomach, long legs. She's got some lines in her pretty face, and her eyes reveal her age, which I again figure to be about 40 or 41. But she's a very hot forty-something, especially standing there in nothing but a garter belt, silky stockings and high heels. Also, it looks to me like she brushed her hair and put on new lipstick. I glance down and see her pussy lips are red and swollen, but clean of my cum.

She just stands there, looking at me but not saying anything. I can't read her face. I feel my cock stir. I wouldn't mind another go with this hottie. Still feeling bad and unsure of what to do next, I say "sorry about being so rough before."

I know immediately I've said something wrong as she looks away. "It happens," she says dismissively. Coldly like I'm not even there, she steps into her skirt and puts on her blouse, then heads for the door.

I'm surprised by her sudden mood change and blurt out. "Can I call you?"

She looks at me, the melancholy on her face again. Why do I feel like I've disappointed her in some way? She smiles, but I feel like it's forced. She letting me down gently. "I had fun, but it's probably best if we keep this to just tonight," she said. Then moments later she's gone. Only later do I realize she never told me her name.

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