tagGroup SexDon't Fight the Feeling

Don't Fight the Feeling


Once upon a time, the word "stewardess" was synonymous with "sexy." For the airlines and the customers, that was definitely a good thing. As for the girls, they eventually moved on to more stable work or settle down. That is, until the AFA-CWA screwed it all to hell. Now you can expect your "flight attendants" to be in their late forties or even fifties, wider in the hips than the carts they push, bitter from a life of serving TV dinners to cramped passengers, and then cleaning up the crumbs behind them.

Let's go back in time. The spring of 1979, and a special time in the life of one man. A male flight attendant.

He was just a man. He didn't have chiseled features or a body builder physique. Lewis Hart looked fairly average, at least, to other men. Nothing wrong with him, anyway. He had good teeth and dark, wavy hair. His shoulders were on the broad side, his hands were neither big nor small.

Women saw something else, however. They saw a desirable young man with the gleam of wit in his eye. To them, he was both approachable and too good to pass up. Maybe it was his flight attendant's uniform, but they would often fall for him on sight, daring to introduce themselves out of the blue if he ever stopped for a moment at the airport to buy a newspaper. When he waited on passengers, women would wait until he asked them if they wanted peanuts before asking his name. He fought to get through a pass down his aisle without being chatted up or handed a napkin with a phone number.

Lewis would joke about it with one of his fellow flight attendants. For the past two years he had known a bombshell of a stewardess named Cassandra Jorgensen. The two were very chummy. Cassandra or "Cassie" was as intimidating as Lewis was approachable. Her face belonged on the cover of magazines, her body belonged in porn. In uniform, her long legs were typically sheathed in white stockings. Her blue skirt seemed promise easy access to a wealth of sensual treasures, and she had unusually large breasts under her flight attendant's blouse. Cassie's small, cute lips and nose complemented her lovely blue eyes. Her face was framed by long blonde bangs.

Lewis understood that she was not interested without ever having to ask. Besides their being co-workers, he never felt her hit on him the way other women did. She did however let on about the guys she was attracted to -- usually black athletes. Lewis gave Cassie her space, and kept it professional but friendly.

After a few flights together they began to brag about their exploits and the dates they had coming up. She would habitually ask him "Well, how many?" Meaning, how many women made a pass at you on this particular flight. His record claim was twenty one, but the truth was he always lost count and gave a rough estimate.

Cassandra kept a little mystery about her, regarding her love life. Lewis knew that she was single. Eventually he learned that between LA, New York and Tokyo, the blonde vixen had her hands full juggling lovers and friends. She was always invited to exclusive parties.

Leonora Walters was nineteen years of age and the newest member of the 747's crew. She was assigned to a different section of the plane than Cassie and Lewis, dealing exclusively with coach passengers. Lewis spotted her right away and admired her from down the aisle while she bent over to collect pillows and prepare for boarding.

Leonora was thin, but shapely. She had gorgeous features which seemed to be a mix of different races, with deeply tan skin and dark, curly hair with a funky blend of yellow and orange highlights. Her big brown eyes were a lovely almond shape. Each time she bent over, her skirt tightened around her heart-shaped ass, and Lewis could see it was framed by a visible panty-line. He waited for her to bend over just to catch a glimpse of her sexy upper thighs.

Leonora caught Lewis watching her and smiled at him. He nodded and offered a friendly wave, then headed over to the front of the plane without looking back.

Cassie was in the fore service station putting everything in place.

"Have you seen the new girl?" Lewis asked in a hushed voice.

"Hmm? Oh yes. What a doll. Why?"

"Well, I hate to be a jerk and all, but man is she fine. I mean," he tilted his head and raised his eyebrows, "She may be a co-worker but I bet she would be happy to get to know me."

Cassie stifled a laugh.

"What's so funny?"

Cassie said nothing, just shook her head and smiled.

"You know something. You talked to her?"



"Let's just say she already has a date."

Although Cassie tried to be ambiguous, Lewis sensed the identity of the date immediately. It took him by surprise. Cassie never let on about being into women. Leonora, on the other hand, set his "gay-dar" off, just a bit though. His jaw dropped as the revelation sank in.

"Cassie, you?" Lewis couldn't believe it.

"I didn't say that," she protested.

"Oh, well I thought," Lewis paused, looking at the expression on the blonde's face. She was fighting to hide a grin. "No, it is you. You're--" he cut himself off, lowering his voice to a whisper, "a lesbian?"

"Bi," she replied, whispering. "Keep it a secret though. Hey, I've told you a few stories about some of my exploits. Remember three Knicks players in a limousine? Do you think I was making that stuff up?"

"Three of you and three girls, remember?"

"Those girls weren't that great. I was in the middle of the action, trust me. Three big black athletes. Mm!" she laughed.

"Heh, serves me right -- being white and not a jock."

"Aw, there there," Cassie mocked. "You'll do fine, I'm sure this plane will be loaded with chicks who want to get to know you better."


After a long flight, they arrived in the land of the Rising Sun. All of the crew were overdue for some sleep. Cassie walked up to Lewis.

"Did you get one?" she asked. "I saw you talking to one hottie up near the front for a while. I know you like big breasts," she added.

"She was married, kept trying to get away from her husband to talk to me."

"Trophy wife? She was in first class."

"Who cares, I'm not in the mood." After a pause, he tried to brighten up a bit and said "I saw you talking to the new girl though."

"Ooh, yeah." Cassie said. "I am so ready to get her back to the hotel."

"Did you find out if she was bisexual, by any chance?"

Cassie frowned. Leonora was new and interesting, but besides that she was just another fling. While she was not as emotionally tied to her as she was to her other lovers, Leonora also came without any of the baggage. She could be fun. Yet this was the closest she had ever seen Lewis to being smitten by a girl.

"Well she asked about you, actually. I guess she noticed you checking her out."

"She did?" Lewis' heart jumped into his throat.

"Yeah, and since you asked me about her, I mentioned that as well. Only fair."


"She was wondering what it is you were so interested in."

"Well, she's pretty hot, I guess I was just hoping to -- well, you know."

"I don't know, that's why I'm asking."

"She's hot. I want to bang her," he shrugged.

Cassie shook her head. Why did she think for even a moment that he would fall in love, she wondered to herself.

"You never can be up front about what you feel, can you?" she sighed.

"If I ever did, just do me a favor and shoot me, will ya?"

"I just might have to when I see you happy for a change."

"Being single is what makes me happy. For now, it makes no sense to change," Lewis said, in a low, matter-of-fact sort of way.

"Whatever, babe," Cassie sighed. "I asked because she wants you to come out with us and maybe hang out at the hotel restaurant. But I'm--"

"Well, that sounds great! So, I'll see you there?" he interrupted.

"Okay. We'll see you there."



Tokyo in the 70's was crowded but otherwise much like New York or LA. The hotels by the airport were of course highly westernized. When Lewis arrived at the restaurant bar, he saw no sign of either Leonora or Cassie. The bartender came up to him and asked, in perfect English, "What is your name, sir?"


"I have a message for you. It is from your lady friends. They said please go to room 1731."

Lewis thanked the man and headed to the elevators. He found the door, knocked, and waited. In moments, Cassie opened the door. Her blonde hair was down, and a little messy. She was dressed in a comfortable-looking set of silk shorts and a tank top that revealed an expanse of pale cleavage. "Come in, come in," she said.

"What happened to the restaurant?" Lewis asked, following Cassie.

"We were attracting a bit of male attention, let's just say that it was getting tedious," Cassie replied. "Lewis, Leonora. Leonora, Lewis." She giggled.

Leonora was still wearing her uniform, minus the jacket. She had been relaxing on the bed. She bounced up off of the bed and wrapped her arms around Lewis in a very friendly greeting.

"Hi," she said, pulling back from the embrace enough to look him in the eyes. Her voice was soft and musical. "We were wondering what was taking you so long."

"Well, I had to take a shower," he said.

"So what's the plan?" Lewis asked them.

"Well my dear," said Cassie, "You said you wanted to fuck, and that's exactly what you're going to do. Try to take turns, I am nobody's third wheel," she added.

"We still need to take a shower," Leonora said, letting go of the embrace. The two girls grinned at each other mischievously, then giggled and disappeared into the bathroom, leaving Lewis alone in the room. Lewis looked down at the bed -- the blankets already thrown aside, and a mirror on the night stand with traces of white dust on it.

"Cocaine?" he thought.

"Ahem, that means you too, Casanova," said Cassie, poking her head out of the bathroom door. She didn't have to ask twice. He quickly kicked off his shoes, pulled all of his clothes off, and headed in after them, his stiffening erection leading the way. He heard the water start and giggles coming from the bathroom.

Their eyes locked on his rigid cock first, and they both cooed with approval when they looked him up and down. Without a doubt, his manhood was above-average -- but not too big.

As he joined them under the hot waters, he realized with some awkwardness that he didn't know who to kiss first. He reasoned that since he and Cassie went way back, he ought to first pay attention to the new girl, Leonora.

His eyes closed when he tenderly kissed the curly-haired brunette. Cassie moved behind him, and he felt her fingers wrap around his throbbing cock. Leonora kissed back eagerly, pushing her tongue between his lips. It felt wonderful to feel Leonora's pink tongue pressing into his mouth while Cassie's soapy fingers stroked his shaft.

Hot water poured over his shoulders and streamed down Cassie's arm and onto his dick. She reached around with her other hand and poured a generous amount of silky conditioner into her palm, and then rubbed that onto him.

He pulled back from Lenora's kiss for a moment to take another look at her. Her face was exotic and cute at the same time. She was slender, yet plump in all the right places. Her boobs and her hips were round and inviting. He fondled her ample breasts and leaned in to kiss her. As he did so, he felt Cassie's lips brush against his balls.

He felt her sucking on his sac while her other hands stroked his shaft lubed-up shaft. It felt exquisite. He let his eyes close and hungrily kissed Leonora's cute little mouth. His eyes flew open when he felt Cassie's mouth envelop his cock, taking it to the back of her throat.

Cassie began sucking him like a pro, as he gazed into Leonora's seductive eyes. "You are so damn unbelievably sexy," he uttered. "I --" he trailed off, unable to think of the words to say that would not make him sound lovestruck.

Leonora smiled. "Your turn, Cassie," she called.

Cassie lovingly sucked his cock as she pulled herself off of his pulsating shaft. She looked up at Lewis, whose eyes lit up at the sight of her face and hair soaking wet, her cleavage a visual backdrop for his cock. He admired her magnificent figure as she stood, turned around, and stuck her perfect ass out at him.

Leonora caressed those two perfect ass cheeks and urged Lewis to fuck her. He sank his meat into her warm snatch and began thrusting. It felt silky and hot, and as he fucked her faster it took every ounce of control for him to not cum. Her breasts bounced as he pounded her from behind. Her perfect ass looked like a pornographic dream as sudsy water streamed over it. Her white skin had a hint of a tan, and no tan lines. His cock rammed into her again and again.

Next to her, Leonora looked the color of a hot cup of cocoa. She was watching them fuck just as intently as Lewis was watching, rubbing her clit in time with Lewis' thrusts. She kissed the blonde's shoulders and cheeks, and soon their lips were locked.

"Oh fuck -- I'm gonna cum, oh god." Watching the two kiss was too much for him.

The two girls broke their kiss. "Where do you want him to cum?" Cassie quickly asked.

"On our faces!" she quickly responded.

They dropped to their knees before him and opened their mouths for him. He grabbed his cock and began stroking furiously. They pressed their breasts together, Cassie's large white melons threatening to engulf Leonora's pert, chocolate-capped tits.

Leonora reached up to fondle his balls. That was all it took, and in a moment their faces were both covered in ribbons of cum. His cock spurted thick white ropes of jizz onto their cleavage as well, and it dripped down their bodies as they cooed in appreciation.

"Wow, you came buckets!" Lenora gasped, the cum dripping into her mouth as she talked.

"Fucking buckets!" Cassie agreed. She stood in the shower's path, trying to rinse all the cum out of her eyes and mouth.

"Mm, delicious!" Leonora said with a laugh, as she licked the salty sweet cum from her lips. She leaned forward to take his cock into her mouth once more.

Lewis was in heaven, his flagging cock was entirely inside of Leonora's mouth and she was sucking it like mad. He wasn't sure how much more he had in him. Then Cassie put her arms around him, letting her heavy breasts rest on his chest.

"I came twice already," she whispered into his ear. "It's Leonora's turn. Let's make her cum like a geyser."

At that, Lewis was hard again in just seconds.

Leonora gagged and pulled off of his cock. "Oh my god! He's hard again!"

"Should we really be surprised?" Cassie replied, looking at the sexy little tart kneeling in front of Lewis.

"Come on, Leonora, it's your turn," Lewis added. "Let us see you up here."

They got on either side of Leonora and began soaping her down from head to toe. Leonora reveled in the four-handed treatment, and sighed as the lovely strangers washed her. Dark and handsome paid extra attention to her breasts and thighs, while the statuesque blonde rubbed suds into her pussy and anus. Soon Leonora was so horny she was practically purring.

"Put that big dick inside of me," she gasped, turning her back to Lewis and pointing her ass out to him. He guided his rod into her tight wetness, and soon he was pounding in and out of her squelching snatch with all of his energy.

His cock filled every inch of her. With each forceful slam She moaned and bucked against him, and in minutes she was cumming with everything she had. She creamed all over his thick tool and grabbed on to Cassandra for balance. As her orgasm intensified, she finally reached out and pushed his hips back, to keep him from thrusting. She convulsed as the wave peaked and flowed through her.

They headed back to bed, crowding into the king size bed in a tangle of naked limbs. The girls had their hands all over his flaccid cock.

"I believe it is your turn," the curly-haired tart offered to the blonde.

"Ah, well let's see what Lewis thinks," Cassie replied, feeling Lewis' fading erection. "You tired, darling?"

"I -- I am a bit tired, yes," he confessed.

"Can we fix that?" Leonora asked.

"Mhmm, we sure can!" Before he knew it, Cassie had sprinkled some cocaine on her breast. "This will wake you up in a hurry. Come on, come on," she urged.

They had a zero-tolerance drug policy at work, but tests were quite infrequent and cocaine wasn't even tested for at the time. He snorted the powder right off of Cassie's right breast.

Things seemed to move in slow motion. He was licking Cassie's pussy, sucking on her clit. Then he swapped to Leonora's, tasting her sweet juices. Back and forth, he ate them out. He felt a mouth on his cock while he ate one of them out, and watched as they took turns eating each other out.

He felt himself hardening and looked down to see the dark one with her mouth enveloping his meat. She started to gag as it filled her throat and triggered a coughing spasm. For some reason this turned him on.

Before he knew it, Lewis felt warm breast flesh enfold his slick cock. He looked to see Cassie there, squeezing her breasts around his meat with both hands. She began stroking up and down on him, taking his cock head into her mouth with each downward thrust.

He tousled her blonde locks and held them behind her head so that he could watch her work. She tit-fucked him a little faster with her hair out of the way. She kept her mouth on as much of his cock as she could -- almost sucking it the entire time. Her sweet lips made a popping sound every now and again when they came off his tip. She could taste his precum and it was driving her mad with lust.

His mind focused on his cock in her mouth, her breasts bouncing up and down on the shaft. The rest was a blur. He had lost count of how many times he had cum that night, or where he had spilled those loads. He was getting ready to let fly right into her mouth when Leonora's voice chimed in.

"Hey Cassie.. two pussies, one dick. I know it's your turn but don't bring him off with your tits for Pete's sake."

Cassie stopped and blushed a little.

"Whoops, guess I got carried away," she replied, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

"There's more than enough of me to go around," Lewis reassured Leonora. "Your turn now," he told the kinky-haired teen.

"Can't wait. Stay right there, hot stuff." Leonora replied. She straddled his hips and guided his cock into her dripping mound. As she began to ride his meat, she leaned down over him, put her arms around his neck, and whispered into his ear. "It's fine if you want to cum inside of me. I want you to. Let me feel you shoot that big load deep inside my pussy."

He groaned with pleasure at the sound of those words. He wanted nothing more than to pump her full of his seed. The thought of doing that every day of the week seemed like an optimal living arrangement. He concentrated on her rhythm as she straddled him once more and bounced on his meat.

Cassie watched intently. The little minx's curly hair and full breasts bounced as she rode his staff. After a few minutes they switched to the missionary position, and Lewis took her for everything she had. As he folded her legs up over her head, Cassie interceded.

"Hey, check it out," she said, holding up a pair of pink plastic eggs with thin plastic wires attached. "Here, put these on her nipples, hold them there."

Lewis kept his meat inside Leonora's tight cunt. He held the toys against her nipples while Cassie taped them in place. Then Cassie reached for the control unit and turned it up to full.

"How's that?" Cassie asked. Leonora smiled and spread her legs. "It feels great, it's feeling warmer. Quick, fuck me!"

Lewis raised her slender legs up over her head and began driving his hips against her once more.

"Isn't she tight?" Cassie asked.

"Fuck!" he replied. Leonora's pussy was even tighter in this position. "I'm gonna cum soon!"

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