tagIncest/TabooDon't Knock Me Up!!

Don't Knock Me Up!!


Harold Stone sat on his front porch swing sipping a mint julep and enjoying the peaceful Georgia afternoon as sunlight slid across the land. Harold was a moderately successful peach grower in a small town on southwestern Georgia. His fifteen hundred acres of peach trees straddled the Flint River near Camilla. The town was a few miles away and his house sat way back off the road in the middle of his orchard.

Just as he finished his drink, a bright pink Corvette slid to a halt in front of his porch. Out popped his niece, Audrey. He was always happy to see Audrey. Of all the nieces and nephews, she was his favorite. She bounded up the stairs onto the porch, plopped down on the swing beside him and gave him a big, wet smooch on the cheek.

"Hi Uncle Harry! If you don't mind, I'm here for the weekend!"

"You know you're welcome any time honey. Would you like something cold to drink?"

"I'll have what you're having," she replied.

"I'll go mix up a couple. Why don't you run your gear into the house while I mix?"

"Okay sweetie," she replied retrieving her small suitcase from the car.

By the time Harry brought the drinks out to the porch, she had settled in on the swing.

"I've missed you so much Uncle Harry, but there was my divorce and the lawyers and court and I just couldn't get away."

"Don't worry about it darlin'. You are here now and that's all that counts. Have you seen my new pool?"

"A pool!" she squealed, "Oh I wish I had known! I didn't bring a swimming suit. Rats!"

"Well, you could always skinny dip. We're a long way off the road and nobody ever comes down here."

"But Uncle, you'll see me in my altogether. I'm a big girl now, not like when I was in school."

Harry looked her over. She was five foot five and about a hundred and twenty pounds. Bright red hair, freckles and thirty six C boobs. Cuter than a bug's ear, she had it all. He wondered what kind of idiot she had married to let her get away.

"Honey, I've seen big girls before. You don't think I'm going to rape you, do you?"

"Oh no Uncle Harry. It's just that I'd be so embarrassed."

"I can tell that you don't have anything to be embarrassed about. What are you worried about? You are drop dead gorgeous. Don't be embarrassed on my account!"

"I'll think it over while I sip this julep. It's really good!"

"Well baby girl, are you hungry? I was about to fix some lunch."

"Great! What's cookin'?"

"I've got some fresh biscuits and some rabbit stew. Are you up for it?"

"Can I take a shower while you get it ready? I'm all sweaty from the road."

"Suit yourself Audrey. I've got some sweet tea and some peach pie for dessert."

"Wow! I won't be long," she said and she galloped into the farm house.

Harry smiled and picked up the glasses, took them to the kitchen and washed them. He seldom had company and he couldn't think of anyone he'd rather see. He took the biscuits out of the oven just as she appeared in the dinette. All she had on was her bra and panties.

"You're a little underdressed aren't you muffin?"

"I've been thinking over that skinny dipping thing and I'm practicing to see how it would feel to have you see me scantily clad."

"And how does it feel sweetheart?"

"Surprisingly good. I may run around like this all the time!"

"I swear girl, you may give me a heart attack. You are beautiful and well built too," Harry observed as he set the biscuits and stew on the table. He had a big pitcher of sweet tea.

"Uncle Harry, this is five star restaurant quality food. You should have been a chef!"

"Modesty prevents me from agreeing with you," Harry answered.

She giggled and tucked into the meal. Harry watched her as she devoured two bowls of stew and six biscuits.

"Damn baby, how long has it been since you ate?"

"A couple of days. I was really worried with that divorce crap. You may as well know I told everyone I was going to Atlanta. None of them know I'm here," she slyly winked at him.

"Do you want to skinny dip alone, or do you need some company?"

"Uncle Harry you know that skinny dipping alone is no fun. But if I do it, you have to do it too!"

"I'll be glad to swim with you, but when you see me, you may go screaming back to your mama."

"Oh Uncle Harry, don't exaggerate. My ex had a big one. I'm sure yours won't make me cringe in fear. Come on, let's go test out your new pool!"

Harry's new pool was huge. It was deep too. There was a diving board and a water slide. The water was crystal clear and bluish.

"OOooo!" she squealed as she stripped off her bra and panties. She dove right in and glided to the other side. She turned around. "Come on Uncle! Don't be shy. C'mon and swim with me!"

Harry stood on the pool apron and took his shorts off. Nine inches of soft cock flopped out against his leg.

"Holy shit!" she gasped. "You were right. I might go screaming to mama."

Harry dove in and glided over to her.

She peered through the water trying to get a close up look at Harry's pecker.

"Lookin' for fish?" Harry asked.

"I think I'm looking for bait. How is it that you don't have a farm full of women lurking about?"

"I go to a place in Atlanta every now and then. I don't need a herd of sluts screwing up my peace and quiet."

"Well, you let me right in and got me naked. What about that?"

"Are you a slut?"


"There you go."

Harry and Audrey played and splashed in the warm water Harry noticed that she 'accidentally' kept brushing up against him. After the fifth time, he cornered her in the shallow end. Spinning her around, he pressed his big cock against her belly.

"Is this what you're lookin, for darlin'?"

"I uh....well... I ....was just....uh...damn! You've caught me. Of course that's what I was looking for."

"So now that you've got it, what are you going to do with it?"

"Let's get out of the pool and I'll show you what I'm going to do with it."

Harry's cock only grew an inch from floppy to full hard, but it got a lot bigger around. She sat beside him on his bed and slowly reached for his dick. "Boy, it's a lot bigger than my ex. I've got to at least kiss it."

"Go ahead hon, you're driving this bus."

She grasped it firmly with both hands and lowered her lips to the head. She licked the end like a cat licking up milk and felt it swell a little more. Opening her mouth she inhaled as much of him as she could. When she had all she could take there was still room left for her hand. She ran her tongue around it and sucked hard on it. She kept sucking until her jaw got sore.

"Oh damn that's good," Harry moaned . Harry got between her legs and licked her twat allowing lots of saliva to drizzle onto her. He nipped at her clit and she screamed a little, pushing her hips into the air. He scooted up her body and rammed his tongue in her mouth. Just as she started sucking his tongue he jammed his cock into her entrance.

She looked into his eyes and said, "Fuck me Uncle. Right here, right now. Put that big ol' cock in me and fuck me hard!"

Harry slipped it on into her. She was puffing and panting trying to adjust. She felt him bottom out in her cunt. "Now Uncle, fuck me hard and deep!"

Harry pumped her fast and deep. She grunted every time he bottomed out.

"Uh,uh,uh,uh," she moaned.

"Oh god, you're so big. Stick it all the way in. I've never been this full."

She shook rapidly on his rod and then she came, screaming and crying, "More, more, more!"

He continued to fuck her hard. Soon she was ready to cum again. She felt him get erratic and start to shake.

"I'm not protected, don't cum in me Uncle."

"Too late!" he cried as he shot a tanker load of potent seed into her.

She loved the feeling of his warm juice squirting into her but she knew it was dangerous. He was still pumping in and out of her. Her senses had fled as she rushed toward another orgasm. He came when she came, depositing more of his seed deep inside her.

He rolled onto his side and watched as her pussy leaked his juice.

"I don't want to be pregnant! What'll I do if I'm knocked up?"

"You could stay here with me. I don't care if you're knocked up. I like babies. And, I may be falling in love with you."

"Oh! Uncle! Did you just say you love me?"

"Yup. I've always had a soft spot for you even when you were much younger. I never had any idea I could get into you like this!"

"Well, if that's the way it is, I may as well confess that I had hoped I could just lay some pussy on you for a few days. I had no idea you felt this way! As soon as you are ready, let's do it again. Don't knock me up. Knock me clean out of my socks!"

"You're gonna be my baby doll. I want you to stay. Have my baby and I'll love you forever."

"What about our relatives? What'll they say when they find out?"

"Fuck 'em. Let 'em get their own beautiful little pussy. You can be mine until you get tired of my miserable old body."

"You're not old Uncle Harry. You're just right for me. At least I know I won't have to deal with a two timing son of a bitch anymore. Now, let's stop talking about it. Go ahead. Knock me up!"

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