tagGroup SexDon't Know What To Do...

Don't Know What To Do...


It was out of control.

The night had not gone to plan and I was panicking.

The deal was that she could flirt with another woman and if she got a snog then fine I could live with that.

But this was more than a snog, I was in the back of the cab with Sarah my girlfriend of two years and Hannah, our acquaintance of a little over an hour and they were both half naked and I didn't know what the hell to do.

I should explain. We had been in New York for two days after a late decision to get away and see if we could rescue our relationship.

You see I'd been naughty and I'd been caught and Sarah was in no mood to forgive and forget.

Back in London I'd drunkenly slept with a mutual friend.

I regretted it and Sarah knew I loved her but she was hurt and that's fair enough.

So now my credit card had to pay for New York and Sarah had to decide if I was worth another chance.

The first night we got drunk in the hotel bar, had some great sleepy sex and awoke on our first full day of the trip feeling pretty good.

First stop was MoMa and we stayed most of the day. Wasn't really my scene but I wasn't really allowed to make any decisions so that was that.

In the evening we caught the subway to Battery Park Gardens and settled down to dinner overlooking the harbour. Again the beer was flowing and we were having fun.

Until Sarah caught my eye staring a little too long at the waitress and then she started to talk.

It was so calm it was eerie and it was so intense it made me cry.

She loved me, she wanted to be with me but she couldn't trust me and she didn't know what to do.

I started to blub my excuses but knew as they left my lips they were pathetic.

Sarah told me that we both had to change, both had to be more honest and both had to learn that nothing could hurt us if we were.

Then she told me that looking at the waitress and imagining kissing her had soaked her pussy – and I dropped my fork in shock.

Luckily I managed to pick it up without the waitress coming over, couldn't have looked at her.

Sarah was smiling, was a long time since she'd shocked me and she was enjoying it.

Then she told me stories of lesbian romps with a college friend and that she thought that some female company was what she needed.

I came over all pretend self righteous and told her that if she was going to be kissing other girls then I wanted to watch. She accused me of being a perv and laughed.

So we left the restaurant and Sarah suggested we go on the pull. Only I owed her and I wasn't allowed so had to come along and be taunted.

We went into a lively gay bar and Sarah told me to go away, get lost in the shadows she called it. So I did and the view was fantastic.

Sarah looked amazing, her white blouse showing enough of her 32C breasts to get the girls interested and her short skirt, showing enough of the legs and bum that I loved so much to keep them interested.

Maybe it was because I was not allowed to be close to her but watching from this distance made me yearn to be near her, to touch her brown hair away from her face, oh Sarah what the fuck was happening.

I finished my beer and glancing back at Sarah disappeared to the loo, returning again to find my Sarah in a full on clinch with a tall Amazonian black girl. The girl looked all the more gorgeous for the fact that my girlfriend was cupping her large firm breasts and they were kissing frantically. Already this was going too far and my brain and cock were fighting a battle as to whether to stop Sarah.

Sarah and the girl broke off and started to talk. There hands still stroking each other. Then they laughed and Sarah pointed at me and they came over.

This is Hannah said Sarah, and this is my miserable excuse for a boyfriend.

I smiled thinly; I wasn't in control here and was beginning not to enjoy it.

"We're getting a cab." said Sarah.

Then she told me what was going to happen.

We were all going back to our hotel room. When we got there Sarah and Hannah were going to spend all night finding different ways of making each other cum.

I could join in if I wanted.

But if I did this would be the last night I would ever spend with Sarah.

This was my test, everyman's fantasy and I couldn't play, unless I gave up Sarah...

I was in the back of the cab with Sarah my girlfriend of two years and Hannah, our acquaintance of a little over an hour and they were both half naked and I didn't know what the hell to do...

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