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Hi everyone!

Since I am a big fan of Literotica, I thought I would submit my first story. I hope you all enjoy.

I look forward to your feedback.



Charley stood in the closet. Looking for the eight thousands dresses she had to wear for McKenzie's wedding. Technically it was only three, but with final costs it was way too much for ONE wedding.

"Where the hell are they? I know... I put them here somewhere," she whispered as she rumbled through many shirts, pants, and tons of other dresses. She stopped when she stumbled over his white collared shirt. It seemed to be the shirt she always wore after nights of passionate rough lovemaking or when he was away on business.

Her eyes swelled as she smelled him on the sleeves, circling the buttons and rubbing the collar against her face. Gosh she missed him so much.

"What are you doing here," a stern, husky voice snapped her out of her thoughts.

Charley quickly wiped her tears without him seeing, put the shirt back and turned to face him, hoping he wouldn't see her redden eyes.

"Oh, hey Chris. I am just picking up the dresses for Kenzie's wedding and then I will be out of your hair. I just can't find them."

She couldn't help but stare at his large 6'5 muscular frame. God he was beautiful, but she could see their separation was having a toll on him too. His warm blue eyes were now dark, nearly black. His normally buzz cut dark blonde hair was growing and falling shaggy in his eyes. His normally tanned skinned was pale, like he hadn't been outside. Yea, he was missing her too.

"I put 'em in the other room, seems our dog Cesar likes to chew on things other than shoes."

"Okay. I'll get them and I will get out of your hair."

As she walked away, he couldn't help but to look at his beautiful wife.

None of his friends thought he would ever date a black girl let alone marry one. But to Chris she wasn't just any black girl. She was a goddess, 5'8 with long legs with thick calves, juicy thighs, big 38DD breasts and a round ass that flared out from her hips. She had looks that could kill, but it was those eyes and that smile that took his breath away. He even loved waking up to her black natural curls (or the occasional matted fro) framing her sleeping face.

Yea, he couldn't help but to stare as she walked passed him, thinking of what he would and SHOULD do to her. He wanted to throw her against the wall, kissing and biting her neck, grinding his hard-on against her mound, slipping fingers inside her wet pussy making her cum on his fingers only to have her lick them off.

He saw her coming towards him and he slowly moved towards her with the dresses.

"Got it. I am going to--" she said but was cut off when she saw him so close.

"Have...have you eaten?"

"Huh? His closeness was making her dizzy. Her skin was hot and she couldn't concentrate. She was thinking that he should bend her over on all fours and pound away, stroking her clit. She nearly moaned out loud before she heard him speak.

"Would like to have dinner tonight or do you have to work?" knowing work was the reason for their split.

"No it's fine," she said with a bit of excitement in her eyes. She hadn't told him that she had quit her job the day he kicked her out. "Who's cooking?" she finally looked up at him.

With a sneaky smile he said, "me" and he turned to walk to the kitchen. Charley couldn't help but follow with a smile.

Charley watched Chris prepare dinner. Gosh screw hunger; she was horny and ready to eat him. For him to hate cooking, he sure was on his Chef Gordon Ramsey moving pots and making an aroma to die for. It had been 3 months since they had sex and she couldn't handle this show he was putting on. She wasn't a fan of masturbation, but she was surely going to reconsider after tonight.

"Last time I checked you hated cooking."

"I had to learn to like it," he turned to look at her "I don't have anyone to cook for me." His last statement felt like a bullet. He didn't mean to be so blunt with her; it just came out.

Before she could respond, "Dinner is served." He smiled. Hopefully easing the mood from the last comment. He had prepared a simple Chicken and Rice, her favorite.

They ate in silence for the first few minutes, and then she finally asked how his day was going. A couple more glasses of wine later the two were intertwined in meaningful conversations about everything except the reasons for their separation. They talked and laughed as if they were together again.

Charley was getting comfortable as she helped him with the dishes. She had taken off her heels and let her hair down. Her natural curls fell on the sides of her face. As she rambled about non-sense, Chris couldn't help but to stare at her. Oh he was going to have her. TONIGHT.

"Finished" her words knocked him back into reality.


"1:30.... its really late. Chris I am going to go." Grabbing her shoes to walk to the front door. "Thanks for dinner. Sorry I didn't call to let you know I was coming by," she said with her back facing him.


"Yea", her back still to him as she put on her shoes and juggled her purse and the dresses while opening the door.

"Stay here tonight, it's too late plus it's raining." He said softly inching closer to her as he spoke those words slowly. She could feel the whisper of his words on her neck.

"Chris, it's okay. I stay five min—"

Before she could finish, Chris had grabbed her arm, turned and pushed her against the door, allowing the contents in her hands fall to the floor.

"That wasn't a question." Was the last thing she heard before he violently pressing his lips to hers.

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by OGHMNW01/15/19


Great first story! It’s very Romantic and they need to Communicate with each other to remove the rift between them. They still love each other and have feelings. A night together may help to start themore...

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by spchless08/01/18

Finished or Nah?!

Either way, I like it! You can leave as is, it’s innocent and sexy!! Great job!

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