tagBDSMDon't Lie Ch. 01

Don't Lie Ch. 01


All I can say is don't lie to you wife. If I didn't I wouldn't be in the situation I found myself in. It really wasn't that big of a lie but it was enough as far as my wife was concerned.

It started a few weeks before we got married, five years ago. My wife Dawn decided that she wanted to tell me everything about her sex life before we got married. She said she didn't want anything to come up later that I could be angry about.

I knew Dawn was sexually active when I met her. She made no bones about it that she slept around and she loved doing it. If a guy turned her on and he was single and unattached she would screw him till his eyes bled. As she put it.

Dawn was built for screwing. She had a little tight body that looked better when she was on her back, though she looked good in any position. She stood five foot four in her stocking feet and weighed less then a hundred pounds. She had brown hair that didn't quite meet her shoulders and at times was a lot shorter depending on her mood when she went to have it cut. She had a cute little ass that seemed to always be wiggling regardless of what she was doing. And her tits though were only c cup, on her little body made them look even bigger.

She had the kind of body that you see on ice skaters. Smooth strong thin legs, a hard flat tummy. Strong thin arms and hands with long fingers and equally long nails. She was a fox all right and the best thing about her she was mine. Until she found out I lied to her.

Two weeks after I asked her to marry me Dawn came to me and said, "Rich you know I love you, but I can't marry you until we know everything about each other. I don't want you getting mad at me someday because you found out I did something that I didn't tell you about."

Dawn went on to tell me every thing she ever did with anyone else. From the time she was eleven and jerked off one of the neighborhood boys to the time she took on three guys because she wanted to know what a gang-bang felt like. She told me about three girlfriends she hung out with. When they were bored and horny they would do each other with dildoes and their tongues.

She talked for three hours about her sex life. Before she said, "There I've told you everything now you tell me everything."

Well I didn't have anywhere near the experiences that she had. I had three girlfriends my whole life before I met Dawn and she knew it. Hell she taught me more about sex in the year and a half that we knew each other than I knew before I met her.

When I told her she knew about the other girls she said, "No you have to tell me every thing. All the one night stands you had. Any other experiences you had. Even with other guys."

"I'm sorry honey but there was only the three and there were no guys," I told her and there the lie was told.

Dawn gave me a way out by saying, "Are you sure? I though every guy had a friend that they tried something with. You know you both take out your cocks and jerk off and before you know it your hand is on the other guys cock."

"No baby nothing like that at all," I told her, which was another lie.

I didn't want to lie to her I hated myself for it, but I felt I had no choice. You see I'm not like Dawn's other boyfriends. I'm only three inches taller than she is and I only weigh a hundred and twenty five pounds. I have fairly good looks though I'm no movie star.

Why Dawn went out with me to start with was beyond anything I could understand. Besides being beautiful Dawn is also smart. She has a high IQ that she never brags about and she can hold her own on any conversation. She reads constantly and is a whiz in science math and computers. I'm no dummy either. I have a hundred and forty-five IQ though on some subjects Dawn could put me to shame.

Why did Dawn agree to marry me and to even go out with me? She says it's because I respect her mind. I never treated her like a dumb girl or discounted what she said because she's a girl. If she was having a heated discussion with someone else I always took her side even when I knew she was wrong. That was the reasons she gave me when I had the courage to ask.

Two month after this discussion Dawn and I were married. It was a big church wedding that her father paid handsomely for. Dawn wore a white wedding dress that I'm sure cost a small fortune. I'm sure there were some that said she shouldn't wear white but what bride today could wear white. I didn't care what she wore it was the happiest day of my life.

I've been told by some of my friends that once the ring is on the finger the wife changes completely when it comes to sex and most other things. In Dawn's case it couldn't be further from the truth.

Before we were married Dawn wanted sex on a daily basis. After we were married she still wanted it on a daily basis and I made sure she got it. But it wasn't a one way street either. She would often do things that I would love and think nothing of her self. Like blowjobs She would give them to me and want nothing in return. She said she just enjoyed giving me pleasure. But she got plenty of pleasure too.

She loved sex whether it was doing it, reading about it or watching it. It was not uncommon for Dawn to come home from work with a porn video or two for us to watch. She even suggested that we get a big screen TV to watch them on.

On the Internet she found sites that had stories other readers submitted. She didn't care what the stories were about as long as it had sex in it. She read stories on lesbian sex, gay sex, couple sex, three somes and four somes. She read stories about transsexuals having sex with men as well as women. She read everything you could think of. She also went into chat rooms and talked about sex in there. But if any one even hinted at having cyber sex she cut them off explaining that she was married and she didn't cheat on her husband.

She never hid any of this from me. If I came into the room she let me read what she was reading and at times asked me to read something that she had found erotic. She was always open about her love for sex.

She even found sites that gave information on how to do certain things or better ways to perform. She would then teach me these things. One we both like was teaching me to last longer while I was fucking her. When we first met I was lucky to last five minutes. Now I can fuck like a porn star. I can last over an hour with out cuming. I may not have the equipment of a porn start but I can last like one.

She was also willing to change the way she dressed because I asked her to. Take stocking for example. One day while watching her putting on a pair of pantyhose I said I'd like to see her in stocking and a garter belt sometime. When she came home from work that day she had purchased several pairs of stockings and three garter belts. From that day on she has only wore stockings.

When she started wearing cotton panties and bras I told her I preferred satin and lace. She threw out the cotton ones and always wore satin and lace underwear. She also found out I like her better in underwear then naked because it made her look prettier. Now she'll run around the house in sexy underwear almost all the time.

She has to like something to wear it though if she doesn't like how it feels on her she won't wear it. I asked her to wear a corset once but she didn't like it so she never wore one again. She did start wearing bustier because they look like a corset but their not as restrictive.

But of cause this is a two way street. If she wanted me to wear something I have to at least try it before I can say I don't like it. Like men's satin briefs. I thought they were for sissies but she said she would like to see me wear them. She got me a few pair and I put them on. They weren't bad though I wouldn't want anyone to see me in them except Dawn. So now I wear them around the house but change into regular boxers when I go to work. Dawn thinks that's funny seeing no one would ever see me wearing them at work.

Our vacation-get-a-ways revolve a round one central theme. We go some where there is nude beaches or at the very least topless beaches. We also found that we love camping, for me its getting out in the outdoors but for Dawn it's a chance to go naked in the woods. We bought a four-wheel drive truck so we could get real deep into the wood where there isn't much chance of running into anyone. She especially likes it when its warm and there is a light rain so the ground is muddy. She really loves to fuck in the mud.

To Dawn there is a difference between fucking and making love. If at the end we're soaked with sweat and totally exhausted we just fucked. If were only breathing slightly hard we just made love. On the average we make love twice a week. The rest of the week we fuck our brains out, as she puts it.

For five years my life was perfect. I had a beautiful wife that took pride in her body and herself. She worked out to keep herself looking as good as the day we were married. She also made me work out so I stayed in good shape. Our sex life was fantastic and our careers were on track. We weren't making money hand over fist but we were doing very well and we didn't have to worry about much. My life fell apart the day Pete came into town.

Pete was an old friend of mine. When my parents found out that my mother was pregnant with me they bought a house out in the suburbs. It was a two story wood frame house with four bedrooms. Next door to our house was Pete's parent's house. Pete's mother gave birth to Pete a month and half before my mother gave birth to me. So in all actuality you could say we have been friends since the day I was born.

Our mothers did everything together seeing neither one of them worked. They both considered raising a child to be a full time job, I'm sure they were right. They did everything together from coffee in the morning to long walks in the afternoon. When we were older, Pete and I played together in one of our playpens while our mother talked or did whatever mothers do.

Pete and I were basically brothers, seeing neither one of us had a brother or a sister for that matter. After I was born my mother had complication and she had to have her uterus removed. Pete's mother wanted another child but she never got pregnant again. At the age of seven Pete and I became even closer after the death of his mother.

Pete's mother die from cancer that she didn't even know she had till it was too late to stop it. After her death Pete's father tried staying home with his son as much as possible, but his job wouldn't allow it.

Pete's dad worked for a heavy equipment manufacture. It was Pete's dad's job to install the equipment and train the people that were going to run it. He would be gone for two or three weeks at a time. It was not a good environment for a single dad, but the money he made was too good to pass up. He tried getting a nanny but that was like having your own kid and the nannies didn't like being tied down all the time.

My mother finally stepped in by telling Pete's dad that she would take care of Pete while his father was out of town. This way he was with someone he knew and he was close to home. His father didn't want to impose on my mother so after some negotiation it was agreed that my mother would be paid for her service. It actually worked out the best for everyone.

Half of Pete's things were moved into one of the bedrooms in my house and when his father had to leave town he would stay in the bedroom. Most of the time when we were young we would sleep in the same bed but after he was ten he stayed in his own room.

Pete and I went to the same schools from kindergarten right though high school. In high school he was very good in sports where I was good in the academics. He got a scholarship to play football at one collage and I got a scholarship to another. After he wasn't drafted to a NFL team he was signed to a team in Europe. That was why he wasn't my best man, he couldn't get away to come back for the wedding. This was the first time I'll see him in eight years.

When he called to tell me he was coming back home for good I was thrilled. I mean we were so close and he was like a brother to me. I thought this was going to be great. Little did I know my life was about to take a drastic turn.

I don't think Pete was in town an hour before he called me on the phone. Dawn was quite eager to meet him after all the stories I told her about him. So I invited him over for dinner the next day.

At four o'clock the next afternoon Pete arrived in a brand new pickup truck. For some reason I was surprised that he wasn't driving something sportier. When he got out of the truck I saw that his left leg was in a brace and he had to use crutches to get around.

I tried to help him up the stairs but he waved me off telling me, "It looks worse then it is." I smiled knowing Pete would always act like his injuries were minor.

Once he made it up the stairs I went to shake his hand but Pete pulled me into a bear hug that drove the air right out of me. While he hugged me he said, "Dam buddy I missed you."

Pete was bigger than I remembered. He stood six foot five and weighed around two hundred and seventy five pounds. From what I could feel of him from the hug it was solid muscle. He was always big for his age when he was younger and I see he didn't lose any of it since I last saw him. If anything he got bigger.

When he released me I said, "Come on in and meet my wife Dawn."

Pete chuckled and said, "If she looks anything like the picture you sent me it'll be my pleasure."

I knew Pete had an eye for the ladies and he always seem to have one or two hanging around him, but he was never serious about anyone that I knew of. Even in high school he only dated and never went steady with anyone.

When we walked in the house Dawn met us at the door so I made introductions, "Pete I would like you to meet my wife Dawn. Dawn honey if I ever had a brother it would Pete here."

Dawn held out her hand and said, "Pete I've so looked forward to meeting you. Rich has told me so much about you."

Pete took her hand and said, "Obviously he didn't tell you everything about me or you would be looking forward to it." They shook hands before Pete pulled her into a hug as well. I could see that Dawn was a little surprised by this, but she hugged him back.

When he released her she said. "Why don't you have a seat and I'll get some refreshments. Would a beer be alright?"

"Oh please anything as long as it's American and cold," Pete told her. Once she was out of the room he said, "Boy Rich you got the pick of the littler with that one. She's a stone fox."

"Thanks, but remember she's mine," I told him kiddingly.

Pete chuckled and said, "I never stole a girl from you and you know it."

"Maybe but you have been known to steal them from other guys," I told he.

"I never stole them. I just used them for a while," He told me with a laugh. He had a point he was never serious about any girl. He had a smile that could charm the panties off of any cheerleader but he always let them know he wasn't interest in anything serious.

"So what did you do this time," I asked pointing toward his left leg just as Dawn came back in with the beers.

After taking a beer from Dawn he said, "Thank you Dawn. About the knee I blew it out in the last game of the season. It ended my career this time."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Dawn told him sympathetically as she sat down next to me on sofa.

"Don't be it wasn't much of a career. I knew it was coming to an end. The money sucks and it hurt too much after every game. No I'm glad it's over," Pete told us though he really didn't sound too convincing. Then he smiled and said, "At lease it's not as bad as having two broken wrists at the same time."

Dawn gasped and asked, "My god how did that happen?"

"Didn't Rich tell you about how he saved my life?"

Dawn shook her head no before looking at me for conformation. "I didn't save his life he is exaggerating," I told her.

"The hell you didn't," Pete shouted. "The doctors even said if you didn't get out when you did I most likely wouldn't have survived. Dawn no matter what he says he saved my life and he'll never convince me or any one else otherwise."

"Tell me what happen," Dawn told Pete.

"Well it was the first snowfall of the season. The year before my father bought us both a snowmobile and taught how to ride them. When it snowed the first time we were both itching to get out in it so I asked my dad if we could go. Seeing he was out of town he told us to take it easy and to stay on the path. By the time we got the snowmobiles out to the state park it was getting late so we decide to hurry to get one run in before it got too dark to see."

Pete took a sip of his beer before continuing, "When we got into the woods it was dark and hard to see. The path wasn't well marked as no one had used it yet. When I came around a bend in the path I slammed into a boulder and was thrown from my snowmobile. Rich came around the bend and was going just slow enough to miss my scat and me. Thank god for that as he still had a good snowmobile. As soon as he tried to get me up we both realized that I had done something to my arms. I couldn't use them as they hurt to much."

By this point Dawn told us dinner was ready and we could continue story in the dining room. Pete continued his story as we ate. "When Rich saw I had broken something on my arms he found some of the fiberglass cowling from the scat and used it to make splints for my arms, Then he got me on his scat and drove us back to the truck then on to the hospital.

"By the time we got to the hospital I was already in shock and I don't remember what happen till the next day when the doctor told me I was lucky that Rich got me to a hospital instead of leaving me to get help. He said I wouldn't have lasted that long out there. Now you tell me do I owe him my life or not."

When Pete finished his story Dawn said, "I'd have to agree he did save your life. Rich why didn't you tell me?"

Pete chuckled and said, "Because he is modest. He really doesn't think he did anything that important. He's done a lot of things that he should be proud of but of cause he'll never mention them."

After dinner we stayed at the dinning room table and talked for a few hours about what we did when we were growing up. Toward the end of the night Dawn asked, "Are there any ladies in your life Pete."

Pete chuckled and said, "There have been tons but no one worth mentioning. I feel I have too much baggage to carry into a long term relationship and I'd hate it if she was to find out about it in wrong way."

"You have to do what Rich and I did. We told each other exactly what we did and with whom. This way even if someone says something, nothing can be said because you already know," Dawn told him.

I dreaded the next words out of Pete's mouth. "You told Rich everything and everyone you ever did and he told you everything?" He asked.

"Yep, though Rich's past wasn't near as long as mine. I mean three other girls hell I did more than that." I heard Pete gag at that remark. I thing she said it for the shock factor. She giggled and said, "I'm sorry did I shock you?"

Pete chuckled and said, "You didn't shock me because you did it, but because you just came out and said it. I mean we really don't know each other that well."

Dawn giggled and said, "When you get to know me you'll learn I'm not ashamed of anything I did. My husband knows about it and he still married me so I'm sure he accepts me for it. As for anyone else I really don't care, I did the things I did and I'm not sorry."

Pete chuckled shook his head and said, "Hell if I could find a girl like you I think I'd marry her too. I'd really like to continue this conversation but I really should be going."

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