tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDon't Make Decisions in Anger

Don't Make Decisions in Anger


Melody slammed down the phone. "Motherfucker!" She exclaimed out loud. Luckily she was on her own and she didn't have to explain herself to her Mum or Dad. "How could he do that to me? Why did he have to lie, to string me along? That bastard! I'll show him!"

Melody wasn't usually in the habit of talking to herself but she was so incensed by what her boyfriend had done and how he'd betrayed her that she was acting totally out of character, which is what led to the situations she found herself in later that night...

Melody speed dialled her best friend. "Hey, Yush! I need to get out and get pissed and dance till I drop. Are you up for it?" Of course Yush was up for it. She was the original party animal. No questions and no explanations. If there was a party she was there.

9.00pm found Melody dressed to kill. Short black dress that came down to mid-thigh. 4 inch gold fuck-me high heels. Hair up exposing her long sensuous neck. Tiny purse for keys, cell phone and cash. She was hot and she knew it.

She stood waiting for Yush to arrive. Melody had put on her tiniest thong which she always wore when she wanted to imagine she was a slut. She was having second thoughts as it had already worked its way between her pussy lips and was beginning to stimulate her clitoris when Yush rocked up and dragged her out of the front door.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" Yush asked.

"I made a huge mistake with that asshole of a boyfriend and I just wanna get him out of my mind." Melody replied.

"Nuf said. Let's party till our brains leak out of our ears! Whooo!" Yush hollered careless of who heard her. Melody had to laugh.

They decided to go to their favourite nightclub where the music was loud and pumping. They had 3 quick tequilas and moved to the dance floor with the salt and lemon still on their lips. Melody spaced out for 15 minutes while the music and alcohol did its work and then she started to take note of her surrounds once more. The place was packed as usual and bodies were mingling and grinding against each other. She started to feel a bit wet as she always did dancing in the middle of the hot and sexy bodies.

Yush grabbed her hand and they went to the bar. 2 more tequilas and the inhibitions started to slip. Back to the dance floor. Yush leant across to Melody and shouted over the music. "Hey Girl. We're being checked out by those guys. What wankers! Let's cock tease them!" Melody nodded not really following. The tequilas were making her head spin a bit having drunk them too quickly.

Yush moved close behind Melody and matched her movements, only one centimetre between them. Yush placed her hands on Melody' hips pulling her butt hard against her groin, telling the guys they'd get nothing there tonight. Melody put her head back on Yush's shoulder understanding the play and laughed. "That'll teach them!' But before she could say anything else, Yush planted a big long kiss on her lips and moved one hand to cup her left breast.

Melody was taken aback. She wasn't into girls and didn't think Yush was but didn't want to embarrass her in front of all those people by rejecting her. She started to speak but was interrupted by another kiss with Yush's tongue working its way between her lips accompanied by her nipple being pinched. "Damn, that feels good but it's not right." She said to herself but did nothing to stop Yush from taking her other breast and pinching that nipple as well.

Melody broke the kiss and looked around quickly. No one seemed to be taking any notice except for the guys that they were teasing. The look on their faces was priceless! They looked like they were going to cum in their pants! "Yeh, now let's see who's got the power!" she said to herself. She put her hands behind her and grabbed Yush's ass, pulling her even closer. Melody's hands mauled Yush's ass, feeling the firm mounds beneath the thin material. Yush's hands were still all over Melody's tits and they certainly knew what they were doing. Melody' nipples were long and hard and feeling really sensitive.

"Right, two can play at this game!" Though Melody. She moved her hands down until they touched Yush's thighs and then slide them up to squeeze her naked cheeks. Melody could tell that her friend wasn't wearing any panties and that Yush's naked ass would be visible to everyone. The club was dark and packed so only a couple of lucky people caught the show, the poor guys they were mind-fucking among them.

If Melody thought that her play would distract Yush she was very much mistaken. Yush took one of Melody's hands and pushed it onto her pussy, holding it there while she continued to move around. Effectively using Melody' hand to masturbate. Melody had never touched a vagina other than her own and was torn between thinking that this had to stop and loving the totally smooth and silky texture of her friend's pubes. Yush stood straighter and at the same time pushed Melody' had down and Melody' fingers came into contact with the warm sticky wetness dripping out of her friend's pussy.

It seemed as thought she and Yush were the only two people in the room. Yush took Melody' hand and brought it to her lips licking the juice off the tips of her fingers while staring intently into her eyes. Yush put her arm round Melody' waist and led her to a small room off of the dance floor, closing the door behind them and adjusting the lights to a dim glow.

There was no need to talk. Everything seemed to be right and they both instinctively knew that words would break the mood and dispel the huge sexual energy pulsing between them. Their first kisses were light, gentle, no more than markers to identify the most sensual places on the lips, the neck, and the ears. They were barely touching yet each woman felt that their skin was on fire and knew that the other felt the same.

Neither had ever had sex with another woman but something was guiding their Sapphic explorations because every touch was ecstasy, every kiss better than the last. By unspoken agreement they started to remove each others clothes. Luckily neither was wearing very much because the need was becoming more urgent, the heat in their loins growing, the wetness coursing down their thighs.

In seconds they were both naked and they held each other tight, kissing, sucking on each others tongues and loving the way their bodies responded. Diamond nipples grazed, sending pulses of electricity straight down to clits.

This time Melody took the lead, her lips continuing their kissing down to Yush's breasts and taking the very tip between her teeth. Yush's breathing was heavier and she moaned softly. "I love that, please more." Melody sucked more breast into her mouth, her tongue rubbing across the nipple hard then softly. At the same time her hand slipped down between Yush's thighs and found the slippery entrance to her mound.

Yush's moans became louder which turned Melody on even more as she loved the sexual power she could exert. Melody used the whole palm of her hand to massage Mash's pubic area from her clit down round to her ass. Yush spread her legs as far as she could to give Melody maximum access, begging her in thought to enter her. Melody loved the wetness soaking her hand and dripping between her fingers but didn't want to waste any. She looked around for a table and backed her friend against it.

"Lay down." It was the first words they had spoken for what seemed an eternity. Yush lay back gratefully, a beatific smile on her face. Melody spread Yush's pussy lips and slide one finger in smiling at the moaning coming from her friend. She put in a second finger relishing the tightness, the heat, the liquid sex she was feeling.

Melody spread the pussy juice over Yush's breasts, her neck and her navel and proceeded to lick it off, taking her time and playing with the tits as she did so. But it wasn't enough. She needed to taste the nectar from the source and Yush was practically begging her for release. She knelt down and touched the tip of her tongue to Yush's clit. The reaction was nuclear! Yush screamed with pleasure and came, thrusting her pussy against Melody' mouth.

Melody loved the reaction she had evoked with just a touch and pushed her face hard into Yush, licking for all she was worth, wanting to get her tongue as far up her friend's pussy as physically possible while Yush seemed to be having a continuous orgasm.

Melody's tongue explored every centimetre of Yush's vagina, Loving every taste and texture and the shuddering and moaning as the orgasms continued unabated. Eventually Yush grabbed Melody' hair and pulled her up to cuddle and kiss and to say a breathless thank you. :"I've never had an experience like that before. It was fantastic. Mind blowing."

"Normally I'd take your word for it but tonight you're gonna have to show me." Melody was desperate for her own orgasms and couldn't wait another second. She moved up straddling Yush's face and ordered, "Eat me!"

Yush stuck out her tongue stiffly and Melody ground her twat up and down and around using the tongue as a small meat dildo. "God it feels good." She shouted. "Yeh, I'm cumming!" Dynamite exploded in her uterus making her eyes loose focus and her jaw drop. It wasn't just one but 3 or 4 and it was impossible to know where one ended and the next began. She continued to grind down loving the sensations.

Yush slapped her ass hard and Melody loved the slight pain among the pleasure. Another slap and a third, then nails digging into her butt cheeks. "Oh yeh, Yush, keep doing that I love it!" The slaps got weaker and less frequent and Melody' orgasmic fog cleared enough to realise that Yush couldn't breathe. Melody was about to lift off when she remembered reading that orgasms are much more intense when the person is being asphyxiated and so she leant backwards keeping her pussy on Yush's face and roughly finger-fucked Yush, fingers pumping in and out in a blur. She kept going for another 30 seconds until Yush bucked her hips one more time and then Melody got off and peered at her friend. "You ok?"

Yush didn't move for 20 seconds and just as Melody was going to slap her or apply CPR she took a huge breath and started panting like a sprinter. "Wow, what was that all about? That last orgasm just before I blacked out was incredible. The best so far. What the hell did you do?"

Melody grinned. "I'll tell you later."

They stood up and hugged, gradually relaxing from the highs they'd experienced. Everything still felt natural and right with no hint of awkwardness that often arises when friends become lovers.

They started to pick their clothes up when the door behind them crashed open and 6 guys walked in. "Get the fuck out of here!" shouted Melody covering herself with her dress and seeing Yush doing the same. The guys just laughed.

"I told you they'd gone off for a quickie, didn't I?" One of the guys said to his mates.

"I'll scream if you come another step closer." Warned Yush.

"Go ahead. No one will hear anything with that noise out there." Taunted one of the others.

The guys closed the door and moved towards the girls who looked at each other, fear written across their faces. They knew that there didn't look like there was much they could do against 6 big men.

The smallest one came up to Yush and reached to pull her clothes down. Yush resisted and the guy slapped her face. "We can do this the easy way and all have some fun or the hard way. You'll still get fucked either way. Up to you."

Yush looked at Melody and back at the runt and said "Go fuck yourself, wanker!" She braced herself for another slap but the guy just laughed.

"Come on guys, help yourself to a piece." The guys split up into 2 groups of three and each group surrounded one girl separating them and making them more vulnerable. Two guys grabbed Yush's arms and the other pulled her clothes away exposing her small firm tits, the nipples still hard from Melody's touch. One guy reached over and pinched one of the nipples hard making Yush squeal with pain and tears started to form in her eyes. She tried to squirm and kick out but that just earned her another slap on the face and another on her ass.

The runt stepped closer, forced her legs apart and placed his hand flat onto her pussy. "Hey, guys. She's soaking! She's really looking forward to this!" They laughed again.

Melody watched all this, her heart sinking, knowing that the guys round her were going to start doing the same to her. She tried a different approach. She threw the clothes on the floor and said "Ok. I want the guy with the biggest meat to fuck me hard now. Come on show me what you've got."

"Okaay! I knew she was aching for it the moment I say her." Crowed one and the guys dropped their pants to free their cocks. Melody took this momentary confusion to push past and rush for the door hoping that they wouldn't be able to run with their pants down but just as she got close to the door her hair was grabbed from behind and she was wrenched backwards so hard fell on to her back. The guy that had tackled her literally dragged her back to the table, caveman style. The pain made her cry out but he ignored it.

He pulled her up and pushed her against the table. "Ok guys, bend her over. Time for some discipline." They bent her over the table and each one gave her 3 hard slaps on each ass cheek until the tears were flowing freely down her face. "Now co-operate or it'll get much worse."

Melody looked over to Yush pinned between her three guys and their eyes met. They nodded knowing that there was nothing they could do and trying to give each other silent support.

Melody was pulled up and the guys surrounded her. Two of the guys bent down and sucked her tits and the other started to play with her pussy, alternating between rubbing with his whole hand and then using only the slightest touch of one finger to trace her slit without any attempt to enter her.

Yush looked at her friend and back at her captors. They were being much rougher, lead by the runt. He had wasted no time in shoving 2 fingers up her. Luckily she was still very wet or it would have been really painful. One guy was mauling her tits; pinching, biting and pulling on the nipples and the other kissed her neck and tried to kiss her on the lips. She moved her head but he just took her face between his hands and pushed his lips to hers. She could smell all the alcohol on his breath and it almost made her gag. He managed to get his tongue between her lips and fucked her mouth with it. "No technique." She thought to herself, surprised by how calm she was feeling. She started to detach herself, trying to let her mind wander while the guys ravaged her body.

Melody was having a different experience. The guys around her were actually being gentle, as long as they weren't crossed, and they almost seemed to be trying to turn her on. The problem was that her body was starting to respond. She hated the way that her pussy started to get wet again and felt like she was betraying her friend by enjoying it but try as she might she was getting turned on. She felt doubly guilty because she knew that part of her arousal was seeing her friend being abused next to her. She'd always had a dirty secret, that she was turned on by the idea of being raped and had downloaded a couple of rape videos and fingered herself to great orgasms watching them.

"Let's do a tightness test." Shouted one guy. The girls were pushed onto their backs onto the table, side by side. The guys stripped off and Melody took the chance to whisper to her friend, "Just let it go, there's nothing we can do." Yush nodded still trying to detach her mind from her body.

Two guys held the girls down and two other stood between their legs, dicks rigid. They leant in, positioning their dicks at the entrance to the pussies on offer and pushed it. The girls were tight but also very wet and the guys penetrated them easily. They rocked back and forth a couple of times until their balls slapped against the girls' asses and then stopped.

"I'd give this one, 8 out of 10."

"Same here said his friend." They withdrew and were replaced by the next pair. This went on until each guy had entered each girl once. "They are about the same. Really fucking great!" The guys laughed again. Melody was getting so worked up that she hated it each time each guy pulled out. She struggled not to put her legs round them to urge them to stay and to fuck her hard and fast. She dug her nails into the palms of her hands and tried not to moan. Yush just laid there, seemingly impervious to what was happening.

The first two guys were back at their positions. "This is it bitches! Show time!" They shoved their cocks in and started pumping hard. It looked like a competition to see whose ass could move fastest but the guys weren't looking at each other, they were intent on what they were doing.

The guy doing Melody took one breast in his mouth and sucked the nipples hard, bringing it back to full hardness. A moan, no louder than a whisper escaped her lips but it was enough for the guy to hear. He kept pounding her but moved his lips to hers and kissed her passionately, sucking on her tongue just the way she loved it. He whispered into her ear "You love it don't you?" She shook her head and bit her lip. "Yes you do you slut! You're my slut. Mine and my mates and we're going to fuck you till you can't walk. Tell me you want it." She shook her head again. "Tell me, slut!"

She continued to resist but the sensation was growing in her cunt and she could feel her orgasm building. She was just about to cum when the guy pounding her pulled out and came all over her tits. She almost cried with frustration. "I do love looking at a nice pearl necklace." He said, shaking the drips off. He wiped the last residue onto her lips and it was all she could do not to open her mouth and suck him in.

The second guy entered her and started to fuck with long hard stroked and she couldn't contain herself any longer. The orgasm hit her and she moaned out loud and bucked her hips, trying to get as much cock into her pussy as possible. The guy stopped but she grabbed his ass and wrapped her legs round him urging him on. "You don't want me to stop do you?" She shook her head again, but this time in agreement. "Tell me. What do you want?"

She couldn't help it. "I want your cock." She panted. "All your cocks. Give it to me!"

The guy lunged savagely and resumed his thrusting. He scooped his mate's cum onto his fingers and touched them to her lips. She opened her mouth and sucked greedily on his fingers till they were clean. The third guys moved closer and offered her his dick. She turned her head and stuck out her tongue, licking the helmet and tasting the pre-cum. It was mustier for some reason then the first load but she didn't care. The guy pushed his cock in and started to fuck her face. She moaned loudly round his cock. "Yeh, baby. It's so good!"

Yush was oblivious to this, even to the guy rutting on top of her. He jerked forward and shot his cum into her but she felt nothing. "Who's for sloppy seconds?" He asked, grinning. The next guy took over and slammed his meat into her as hard as he could, hoping to get some reaction but nothing. He tried biting her tits and slapped her but nothing could get through the defences she'd put up.

"Hey, this bitch is unconscious!" He yelled. He looked over to Melody writhing under the fucking she was receiving and the way she was sucking his mate. "I want some of that'"

"You can as soon as we've finished."

The guy couldn't wait so continued to fuck the motionless Yush, cumming after a few more minutes. He pulled out with a plop and bent forward to spread her pussy lips to see the huge loads of cum flooding her pussy. He slipped his finger in and was delighted as the cum oozed out, dribbling down her ass.

"I'm not fucking that." Complained the third guy. "Flip her over, I'll fuck her ass.' They turned Yush onto her stomach and the guy spat onto his cock and then onto her ass. He put his dick onto her sphincter and started to push. Not enough lube. He tried again but eventually he got so frustrated that he took some of the cum from her thigh and used that to lube her ass. He tried again and managed to get the head of his cock in.

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