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Don't Pick on the Less Sexy


Their names were cute together which was only fitting because they were such a cute couple: Eric and Erica. Almost the same name, the same height, even their faces looked similar - his a masculine version of hers. Both were slim and attractive. Her hair was only slightly longer than his, and they had a running joke that they were twins separated at birth. They were madly in love, married, and very happy overall.

Except for one thing. Actually, two things. Erica had a beautiful face and gorgeous hair, but her breasts were tiny, and her body was not as curvy as it could be. She was not even a full AA cup, which bothered her so much that, increasingly, she could not bear to let Eric see her naked. While it did not bother Eric, it was depressing Erica more and more, and for this reason was ruining their sex life. One day Erica confessed to Eric, "I know how the greatest pleasure in life is to look at, fondle, and make love with a woman who has large tits. I used to date women before we were married, and always made love to women who were larger chested than I am - although this label applies to basically every woman on the planet. So I want to give you this pleasure."

This revelation had a huge effect on Eric. He knew that Erica was bisexual, but her saying that "the greatest pleasure in life is to look at, fondle, and make love with a woman who has large tits" made him realize what he had long suspected - that she liked women more than she liked men. This must be why they had such a poor sex life.

But Eric momentarily put those thoughts to one side and replied that he did not care about her breast size, that he liked women who were flat chested as much as he liked women with large breasts.

Eric and Erica went back and forth on the issue of large v. small breasts but, regardless, Erica felt terrible every time Eric played with or sucked her breasts or saw her naked. Her fear of inadequacy was affecting their love life more and more. She rarely came any more when they made love, and in large part because of this she only wanted to make love at most once a month. And eventually, not at all.

But then she saw the new breast enlarging/feminizing pill on eBay. She went to Eric and said "You say that you love my body, but since I am bi I know the awesome pleasure from making love to a woman with large breasts. I want to give that pleasure to you."

Eric protested yet again, but she ordered the pills anyway. The pills arrived soon and their instructions were as follows: "These pills will work on anyone. Take one a week for as long as you want your breasts to keep growing. They will grow as long as you take the pills, up until you reach your maximum genetic potential. They will also feminize your body by making your body more rounded and making you lose excess hair. The pace and extent of the changes will vary, however. Some weeks you will change a lot, but other weeks you will not change at all. If your body has not changed for two weeks, this means that you have already reached your maximum genetic potential. These pills will have no other effects on your genitals or on your sexual performance or desire."

Eric didn't really believe that the pills would work, but was impressed that Erica would take them in a (misguided) attempt to make him happy. But mostly he was worried that Erica's bisexual tendencies could one day end their otherwise idyllic marriage. So he said to her, "Fair is fair - Since you are doing this for me, I'll do it for you. If the pills work - which I doubt - then I will grow breasts for you to play with. I'm sure not expecting to grow true girl-sized breasts, but maybe I will get a little something up there, or maybe my nipples will get a bit larger or more sensitive. Even slightly more sensitive nipples would be great, and even ¼ inches up there would be neat for me to have, and for you to play with."

Erica grabbed him and kissed him hard. They made love for the first time in months, and she came for the first time in many, many months. The pills arrived soon, and on Sunday they each took one.

After 1 week. They compared notes on the effects of the pills after 1 week. Erica stripped in front of their full length mirror, but was saddened to see that there had been no changes at all for her.

However, when Eric stripped, they saw that he had started to loose much of his body hair, and he recounted that he only had to shave every third day. He felt tingling in his breasts. His nipples had started to expand outward, grow larger in diameter, and become more sensitive. Originally they had been as large as a dime, but now they were as large as a nickel! No question that they had changed. His body also had started to become slightly curvy and his bottom started to become a bit softer and more rounded. They viewed him in their large floor length mirror and were sure that they could see the changes.

They both were overjoyed and they embraced- the pills were working! Their plan was working! This excited them because they could only imagine the improvements that were to come. Eric was then long overdue for a haircut but decided that his hair should be allowed to grow. "Eric my love - you are becoming a tiny bit of a girl for me. That is the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me." They made love more passionately than they ever had done before.

After week 2: Erica noticed some tingling in her breasts, but no notable change in the size of her nipples, breasts, hips, or anything else. But they both were overjoyed because now they knew that the pills would work on her as well.

Eric's changes, however, proceeded at an accelerated pace. His nipples became much more girl-like; now they were quarter sized, larger than any normal guy nipples could be. They were without a doubt girl nipples! And they stuck out more than any guy nipples ever stuck out. He could not wear a T shirt any more! They felt so much better when Erica sucked them (their sex life was going great!), giving him sensations that he had never experienced before.

Eric's breasts became softer and slightly puffy. When he stripped in front of their full length mirror they clearly could see that his rear had started to get significantly rounder, his body curvier. His voice was pitched higher and he only needed to shave once that week. Overall he looked half way between a girl and a guy (except for his girl nipples and also his cock, of course). Some parts of his body were still guyish in contours, but his breasts and nipples were definitely not those of a guy.

Erica exclaimed: "I'm so happy for you. For us, since I get to enjoy your improving body. From now on you should wear one of my bras and also some sexy panties. This will be so great. Your body looks fantastic - your chest is so sexy, and I love how your rear is getting cuter every day. And your face is more delicate, pretty, and girlish. " Eric beamed with happiness - In truth he did not really need to wear a bra now - but of course Erica didn't really have to wear one either. And, besides, his nipples were sticking out; he either could put band aids on them to cover them, wear a sweater, or wear a bra. But he loved the thought of wearing her bra, and thought that panties were sexier than his male underwear.

Then they made love, even more passionately than the last time. Eric had wondered whether his cock would be affected by the pills, but it was as potent as ever. And the sexual situation was so thrilling - being on top of his wife while she sucked his girlish nipples! - that he was even able to get it up a second time.

After 3 weeks. Erica's breasts finally started to grow slightly, and she filled a full AA cup. While an AA cup is nothing that most women would brag about, it was progress considering how she had been almost completely flat before taking the pills. Her hips also started to get a touch more well rounded.

As before, Eric's changes were much more profound. His male body hair had completely fallen out, and what hair remained was that of a girl. He stopped needing to shave completely. His figure became noticeably rounded: he put on a pair of Erica's pants and they fit him better than his pants did. His nipples had expanded so that they were the size of half dollars - definite girl nipples, no doubt about it. Their sensitivity had increased 10 fold. His breasts has grown so much that he really needed to wear an AA cup, even if it was not as full an AA cup as Erica needed. As they examined his naked body they agreed that - except for his cock - he definitely looked more like a girl with a boyish figure than a guy. He also sounded more like a girl than a guy.

Erica looked at Eric with satisfaction and pleasure. "Eric, you are now officially a girl. You look great, my beautiful, tiny titted lover. In fact, you look so great that I'm going to call you my wife, my sexy feminine wife, from now on." Eric smiled with pleasure.

But then Erica added: "From now on I am going to call you Erica, not Eric. But since you are so flat chested compared to me, I am going to call you "flat Erica". From now on your sexiness will be judged totally on a female scale. And keep in mind that I've got the largest breasts in this house and the curviest hips, which means that I am the sexy one. So when we make love, remember that I am so much more feminine than you are, my girlfriend, my wife. As we make love I might touch your tiny tits a little bit, but you have to worship my larger tits."

"Repeat after me, "Erica, I envy your breasts, your nipples. I wish that my tits and nipples were as large as yours, my skin was as soft and rounded as yours. I wish I was a much of a girl as you were. I am inferior, too much like an unsexy man." Grimacing, "flat Erica" did as she ordered.

Then, on Erica's orders, "flat Erica" went down on Erica, and Erica came more times and stronger than she had ever come in the past. But flat Erica could not even get an erection, and was then deeply depressed.

After 4 weeks. That Sunday evening they met in front of the mirror, and Erica stripped and did the ritual measuring. Her breasts had increased to a full A cup! While an A cup would not thrill most women, Erica was ecstatic. "I'm so sexy. A sex goddess. From now on you will worship my body - from now on you will eat me whenever I want and play with my breasts whenever I want. But since you are only an inferior flat chested girl - "flat Erica" with a cock - you will serve me. After you strip, you will have to beg to make love with me, you unsexy girl, you. Say "Erica - please let this unworthy small nippled flat chested mannish girl have the privilege of serving you. You are the sexy one, I am, compared to you, not really a woman, but I am also not a man. I am not sexy at all."

Eric reeled at this. What had he gotten himself into? He had been hoping to please Erica's bisexual side, improve his love life and save his marriage. But this was terrible. Stoically, he refused to show how humiliated he felt, and gamely stripped.

They both gasped. His body was now a carbon copy of hers (except for his cock, which quickly became quite erect)! They both stood before the large floor length mirror. There was not a hairs - or anything else, for that matter - worth of difference between them (except that he had a cock and she had a pussy). Their nipples and breasts were identical, their faces were equally feminine and virtually identical. In fact, every part of their bodies was identical in terms of femininity except for his cock and her pussy, and her hair was only slightly longer than his. If you covered his cock you could not tell which leg, back, rear, nipple belonged to whom. They were identical twins (except that one had an erect cock and the other a wet pussy).

Erica was stunned. "I think that my breasts are slightly larger than yours. And so are my nipples..." But her voice trailed off because she knew that it wasn't true. Then Eric turned 90 degrees so that he faced her. He stepped towards her so that his breasts touched hers, his erect nipples mashed into hers, and his cock touched her pussy. His mouth was only a few inches from hers as he said in his completely female voice: "From now on we make love as equals. As sexy equals. You will suck my breasts as long as I will suck yours." And they did make love. His erection was as strong as ever and he came explosively, more powerfully than he had ever come before. But Erica did not come at all.

After week 5. When the time came for their weekly measuring Erica excitedly took off her clothing, looked in the mirror and measured. Nothing. No changes at all. Still an A cup size, still moderately large nipples, still much more feminine than she had been a month ago. But no change at all from the previous week in her bottom or anywhere else. Now it was his turn.

Eric took off his shirt and bra and they both gasped. His breasts were at least a full B cup! Almost a C cup! With nipples the size of silver dollars! He grinned and finished stripping completely. They stared at each other in the mirror. There was no doubt that Eric's breasts were much larger than Erica's. So were his nipples - and they stood out much further than hers. His cock was also erect, as was her clit. (Neither had changed size - her clit was ½ inch long while his cock was 6 inches long.) And he was much rounder, curvier than she was.

Eric turned to Erica, who had tears in her eyes. She said: "Eric - now you are the sexy one in the family." He beamed, and replied. "From now on please call me "sexy Erica" and I will call you "Eric", because you are the masculine one, relatively speaking. He stood chest to chest with her and poked her A cup size breasts with his B/C cup sized breasts, poked her moderately sized nipples with his very large and very erect nipples, and poked her ½ inch sized clit with his 6 inch cock. Eric said, "Any questions, fellow?" She meekly shook her head "no".

Sexy Erica got on top of "Eric" and made love like a madwoman. It was no surprise that he came titanically. The surprise was that she came with an intensity that she had never shown before. After lying in each others' arms for a while, Erica (now called Eric) thought to herself that she wanted to pretend to be the man. She got on top of him, exclaimed that she was now a man, and made love to him again, and they came both even more intensely than either of them ever had come in their lives.

After week 6. When the time came for their weekly measuring, Erica said she was too busy. But Eric stared at her until she reluctantly took off her shirt and bra. She was still a full A cup size. Much larger than before they started to take the pills, but no change at all from the last week. She grimaced. Two weeks without a change - this meant that she would change no more. She looked at Eric and they both knew what was going to happen when he stripped.

Eric had become a D cup. He had the figure of a bombshell. A true sex goddess, a 1/1000. And his face was virtually identical to hers, except that it was much prettier and more feminine. He kissed her, and his cock and her clit became hard as steel rods. They made love the likes of which they had never done before. She got her fondest wish - of making love to a large breasted sex goddess. And he got to be the sex goddess. His nipples and breasts got so much sucking that he almost came even before he penetrated her. But since he was a sex goddess with a cock, he did enter her, and came blissfully, as did she.

After they had finished, Erica stared at him: "That was the best sex of my life. But you are so feminine you make me feel like a man." Eric replied: "Admit it - you love being the man. You should wear my old guy underwear from now on. No bra. No makeup or jewelry. Dress like a man. Act like a man. And your name will be Eric from now on."

The new Eric hung her head in shame, and nodded. That was indeed what she wanted. She cut her hair into a man's style, stopped wearing jewelry and makeup, and started to wear loose, thick men's clothing - with no bra and with boxer underwear. She even learned to urinate standing up, after a lot of practice.

When they went out in public "sexy Erica" used the ladies room and "Eric" used the men's room. He attracted no attention in the ladies room of course because the stalls were individual so none of the women could see that he had a cock - except that every woman in it was jealous of his looks. But she always attracted stares in the men's room. She got stares both when she entered and also when she urinated while standing. Because even though, compared to the ultra-sexy Erica she was indeed only a man, relatively speaking, to the outside world, despite her clothing and haircut, she was still a very attractive woman. An attractive woman who for some reason dressed and acted like a man.

Moral of the story: Don't pick on those less sexy than you!

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